Report: Arsenal call off pursuit of Kieran Tierney

kieran tierney arsenal

According to the Daily Record, Arsenal have chosen to end their pursuit of Kieran Tierney after Celtic rejected another bid for the left back.

The Gunners have spent much of this summer trying to persuade the Scottish champions to sell the 22 year old, initially offering £15m, then coming back with two increased offers, neither of which have been deemed acceptable.

Although it’s believed we met the £25m valuation, the way the deal was structured saw the Hoops turn down our bid, and it now appears as if we’ll be looking elsewhere for a left back.

Earlier this week Unai Emery spoke about how the club’s approach to deals this summer is to focus on their number one choice for a position, and when that is exhausted then they’ll move on to alternative options.

The news comes after reports that Dani Ceballos is expected to join from Real Madrid on a season long loan, and the William Saliba deal is expected to confirmed this week too.

Quite who we have our eyes on for left back remains to be seen, but no doubt some names will emerge soon.

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Not surprised really; nor am I too concerned. Would’ve liked to see Tierney at the Arsenal, but he seems to be quite injury prone; guess we’ll never know how he’d fit in.


I just feel Celtic Met the wrong guy at the park, maybe they think we are Manure who spends without thinking since there real manager left. There must still be a good lb somewhere we can unearth at a cheaper price unless the player decides to grab the bull by the horns and do a Kosielny.


Play Saka at left back.
See how it goes.
That is all.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Saps is sapping our hope for next season already.

Keeping it Monreal

Can we fast forward to the start of the season yet? I’m sooooooo bored of a typical arsenal summer


Can we fast forward to the end of the season? I’m so bored of a typical Arsenal season


(unless we have someone else lined up)


My only hope is that it’s a negotiating tactic by Sanllehi and team.

Dave M

What I don’t understand is, is there no mechanism for negotiation on football transfers?
1. Submit bid,
2. Answer: reject, we want more
3. Let two weeks pass
4. Submit new bid
5. Answer: reject, we want more
6. Wait two weeks… Etc.

Have these guys heard of the telephone? Meetings? Haggling over incentives is a pathetic way to miss your #1 target. Emery talked about targets, but the negotiation team seems to be scrapping that view over the structure of a deal? Football has truly gone mad…

Tankard Gooner

Sanlehi: Telephones… Vinai, write that down!


We’re so poor we had to revert back to sending faxes

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

Add £1.00




Good. Injury prone and overpriced. Move on.


I’m probably one of only a handful of people in England who still keeps an interest in the Scottish League (yes I am old and old school), but I am telling you Tierney is quality. Even top, top quality. I think we are prioritising here – it looks like we cannot afford to get everyone we want this summer, this smacks of us trying to get Zaha I think. I truly hope we do go back in for Tierney before he goes elsewhere, the guy would be great for us. Made of the right stuff too.


I support Celtic myself, Was at Park head when Aberdeen Beat Celtic 2-1 with VVD playing, he was head and shoulders above everyone else on that pitch and is now the best defender in world and Favorite for the Balon D’or The level of bigotry from arsenal fans is unbelievable, to say he’s over priced is retarded, 25 milion to improve your starting 11 with a young full back, who can run for days, has a great strike, is a leader is head and shoulders above what we have now, But 25 mil is too much cause he’s in the… Read more »


Vs Aberdeen…..


I fail to see your point? are you saying that because Aberdeen beat celtic that VVD isnt as good as I’ve made out?

Owen Wilson

You sold van Dijk for £13

Owen Wilson



i support arsenal as well, Great example of a club learning from its mistakes, we should follow the example


This sucks but what can we do if Celtic are being difficult? We need a defender but this Tierney business has gone silly so let’s call it off now. Fingers crossed for other solutions.

Dave M

I think there is one team being difficult here and it’s not céltic. They’ve stated a price we have not met multipke times and now we risk losing out not because we have met the overall value but because we want to tied up in drawn out and complicated incentives (if reports are to be believed). Pay the money, get your target, do it early so if it doesn’t work out or the price is high you have time to move on. Its funny how every year we spend months on a couple transfers (that usually fail) then get multiple… Read more »


Any clue why he hasn’t left before this summer?

I know he’s still young, but I would think he would have been gone sooner if he is this highly rated.


Partly because he is young, partly I think injuries, and largely because he is a local boy living the dream. Much like Jenkinson he grew up mad for Celtic in a Celtic mad family. He’s very happy where he is, winning trophies, getting champions league football, and still has plenty of years ahead of him to make a big move.


Good point. I feel the injury proneness of him and that he plays in Scotland where he is only tested half a dozen games a season has kept the big clubs away. He will probably move to a mid table team in the end.


I can’t see how Arsenal are being difficult here. What if they don’t think Tierney is worth 25 or 30 mil? Same with Zaha, just because CP asks for 80 million it doesn’t mean he’s worth it. We can try to negotiate a deal we think suits for us and if not, we move on.

Dave M

If we don’t think tierny is worth 25-30mil and we were told céltics think he is, then why do we finally give up 2-3 months down the track when we could have offered all this in a couple of days and realised it wasn’t on… Now we move onto alternatives that’s aren’t our primary option that we have to rush through, pay more that they are really worth anyway… And what for? Because we hedged on another 1%er of getting a bargain deal on Tierney by paying hard to get that had worked maybe once in the history of football…… Read more »

Super Swede

It’s like wandering aimlessly round Ikea, writing a list, deciding what to buy. Then after hours of deliberation, find bargain corner, and buy a load of shit no one else wanted.

Dave M

A load of air no body wanted from an overpriced second hand store because you think retro is cool, but becomes dated again in before you can say “can we just have what we wanted in the first place?”


I think this is a huge cock up if we don’t sign Tierney in this window. He looks a quality player, with champions league experience and still very young. £25mill nowadays, is a bargain for him. I dread to think how much he will be in a season or 2. SSN are saying we offered £18mill upfront and £7mill based on incentives like champs league. I know we are trying to be smart with our money but I’m sure there is still a deal to be worked out here. Let’s hope this money from to Milan helps seal the deal.


From Bennacer to Milan**


How is it a cock up? It would’ve been a record transfer up there. Too big for their boots – and I like Celtic.


Just because it’s a record, it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. It would be a cock up as I don’t think we would be able to sign anyone else as good who would also be in the home grown rule, for that price. Liverpool signed AR for around £8mill 2 years ago. Tierney is 3 years younger and probably just as good or very close to him. I doubt Liverpool would accept anything less than 4 x that amount for him now. It Tierney was playing for Southampton, Everton or any Orem club, he would be be a £30mill plus player… Read more »

Goooooooner for life

It would be the smart thing to have other options lined up, so when your fist choice falls through you pursue the other, but from what I’ve see over the last decade, we’re Arsenal and this means we are just now gonna start looking for another LB and opening the links for negotiations. I’d be very surprised we get anything done to be honest.


What I fail to understand is how Arsenal has so so many who are aware of the methods and negotiations that Arsenal uses or misuses…yet with all of this awareness, none of us agree on how Arsenal negotiates and handles transfers. How do so many know so much about the same topic, yet none agree on the same topic? I guess that is what keeps the discussion interesting, comical, useful, useless etc. As an aside, perhaps we should, without reducing our time spent here of course, we should also follow some of the other team blogs since it seems they… Read more »

Dave M

Cut out the 2 week delay between bids… Had it ever worked? Bid, if its not enough discuss and negotiate, bid again, keep it up until its done or you reach your max. Little time is wasted… Move into next target with time to spare… Repeat process


David Alaba ?

Freddie's Kids

Halstenberg from RB Leipzig… You heard it here first.


Dont worry people, Emery told us we should be patient.


Dont worry people, Josh Kroenke told us to be excited.


just spend the whole budget on Koulibaly and call it a day ?


For someone who is one of the richest men in the US. He doesn’t half enjoy being thrifty. Celtic: We want $25 mil. Stan: Sure, here’s $15 mil Celtic. You are $10 mil short Stan: I will give it to you over the next five years in haggis vouchers? Celtic. Tempting, but no. We want our haggis now! Stan. Too bad, I could give you it all at once, but I just don’t want to. Let’s gets some other LB that nobody has heard and I will send out Josh to tell the fans that we should be excited about… Read more »

My Cousin Vinai

Sigh, this hasn’t nothing to do with Stan.
I swear sometimes it feels like people just use Stan or Mustafi names just for cheap vote ups.

This is Celtic overpricing a player and expecting us to comply. The worst thing is Arsenal should’ve made their final offer weeks ago to know whether they were serious or not and thus given themselves the time for other targets.

Might as well give Thompson the playtime.


In a league where Maguire is worth 80m and Wan Bissaka went for 50m ? Keiran Tierney is a snip at 25m, pay the money or stop wasting everyone’s time, as he’ll be worth at least twice that after one game no doubt.


The real problem here is Manure paying far too much for Wan Bissaka and the Scots using that as the sole comparison. On that basis the Corporal is worth £30m. Anyway, I think we need a right back as much as lb – AMN can’t do the job well enough.

I think the deal will get done if all we’re disagreeing on is the structure. Player’s agent needs to get it across the line.

Dan nichols

aaah so youre saying its mustafi’s fault???


The £ sign is just a bit to the left Even € will do if you’re any good at exchange rates


Thought we’d get this one over the line. Either Celtic are being incredibly inflexible or we’re offering a really unappealing payment structure. Like linking payments to champion League qualification or player appearances. If we miss out here, it doesn’t stop us requiring a new LB. Kola is still only good in the other two thirds of the pitch and Monreal is past his best, albeit a good squad player. I hope this is when we see a better oiled transfer machine. In the same way that interest in Zaha seemed to move to our second option in Everton, I hope… Read more »


How about that Brazilian guy? What was his name? Andre santos?


Mac Donalds wont release him from his contract.

Something to do with the structuring of the 5k release clause


You mean 5kg release clause?

Kroenke the Klown

He’s a good gay

Freddie’s bald spot

This Ceballo deal is underwhelming. Nothing good can come from this loan deal, especially if he takes the place of a starter or one of our academy graduates. If he performs he’ll go back to Madrid and we’ll be searching for replacement , if he doesn’t it will be a waste of money. Other than that Tierney tears can make an ocean!


If it works we get into the Champions League and then we can afford a permanent upgrade on Ramsey.

That money is crucial for our books and Financial Fair Play. THAT is why we can’t afford to splurge.


With Ramsey gone we need a replacement now. Ceballos can do a job for us this season which gives Arsenal time to come up with a suitable long term replacement. It’s not going to be easy to replace Ramsey and id much rather the club take the season to find the right player, rather than scrambling for a player in this window and ending up spending millions on a flop. This is a good approach to the situation

My Cousin Vinai

I know we all love transfers, but no one considered that this loan allows our academy prospects to develop into Ramsey replacements?


Yes. Willock is half a season away from potentially being a great player for us. Smith-Rowe is a phenomenal talent and weve just introduced 2 new midfielders on Pre season. Even AMN hasn’t decided what type of midfielder he wants to be.

Ceballos is the perfect signing so that we can resist relying on an inconsistent Ozil or purchasing an expensive stopgap, whilst giving the best chance to Academy prospects.

Coquelin's third leg

Consider. Ceballos arrives, and strikes up an instant rapport with Ector from London. He’s decent, but not great and shows flashes towards the end of the campaign as he adapts to English football, dragging us into 4th and a champions league spot. Real aren’t overly impressed and tell him he’s either going to warm benches or go out on loan again but they are willing to sell to the arse at a reasonable price. Both player and club jump at this, knowing that the last couple of weeks is the real Ceballos, and we can use the extra funds to… Read more »


Celtic are entitled to ask for what they want, hes their player and hes on a long term contract. I do think its sad for the player though, I think it would have been a great move for him and us. Tierney will end up in the EPL sooner or later but whether he gets a chance at a club like The Arsenal is another story. Anyway, if nothings doing then its best to move on whilst there is still time to fill what is definitely a problem area for us.

Keeping it Monreal

I’ve never understood the ‘feeling sorry’ for a player who signed a new contract. If you sign a new contract, you should expect to have difficulties then leaving next season. If you reckon you’ll want to leave in a seasons time just don’t sign a new contract for a year of higher pay!


I liked the idea of Tierney, he seemed highly rated but injury has dogged his career up till now.
Celtic want top dollar, Arsenal want to be more sensible than we’ve been in the recent past.
We tried, no deal, move on, it’s football.

Charlie Mclaren

Celtic should’ve accepted. When has a biggest ever player sale been for a full back ? I think they’ll look back and think that for a club like Celtic, who never got £25m for a player, the money is worth more than what they will get from the player.

Iron Ljung

This is a real shame. Tierney is a quality player and it would have been exciting to have a great young prospect like him at the Arsenal.


Vertonghen seems to be on his way from the spuds. Oh the laughs if we pinched him. Decent player too.


Olderweirdbloke has release clause figure that expires Thursday – let’s go for him!


Olderweirdbloke sounds alright to me. Perfect for our budget.


Danny Rose? …leaves the room. #COYG.


Why not. Better than our current Lb’s
…Follows him to the door


Ill tempered, vicious, loves to dive and crap.


Rose would be a fantastic addition to the team. Cheaper than Tierney too; he’s available for 20m.


He’s gonna sign for us 30M with 25upfront in Ca$h on deadline day.


Keep dreaming.

We don’t have the money.

40m (plus maybe 20-25m on sales if we are lucky…we have a poor record here)

And you want to spread the money thin buying in areas that are not priority.

Prefer we concentrate the spend in just two positions but bring in real quality instead of promise and players that won’t feature next season.


I hope not. Not because I don’t want us to sign him, I think he’d be great here. But if we pay over his valuation and spend the entire summer to do so, not letting him settle before the season etc, then that will just be plain bad business.

I’d love if we could get him, but best way is to be decisive, set an upper limit on the valuation and negotiate up to it. If no dice, then walk away (if possible making other club look unreasonable in press). We must have a secondary target in mind!


God point. Except he’s recovering from injury. I also wonder if this is why we are mucking about. He probably won’t start the season anyway, and it doesn’t look like anyone else is in for him. So, haggle to the very end.


*God is Good.


Celtic playing hardball on a player that could get crocked again this season and then his chances and value get flushed.


Why do we want to play hardball on a player that can get crocked then?


We don’t, it seems.

If he’s happy staying, and they want to keep him, they’ve made the right move. If he wants to move beyond Celtic and they want to turn profit, they may not have.


Good news. Don’t understand why we need to visit this at this stage. As mentioned we have a rather LIMITED budget. The last thing we need is to spread our investments thin bring in quantity over quality or neglect certain areas. As I mentioned I feel the prevailing thought in the club was to skimp on Cback, extend Koscielny one more season (never mind waning ability and availability), and buy the shiny new Cback (Purely on potential) in Saliba on installments then add a Lback. That would have been a lazy way. With Koscielny taking himself out of the equation,… Read more »


Can Dani Alves play LB? He’s on a free ?


Would be classic Arsenal. Get one of the best right backs in the world and play him out of position at left back


Should be looking at either of RB Liepzig’s Upamecano or Ibrahima Kayote. Both 20yrs so still young BUT critical difference :

BOTH have played way more football than Saliba. Liepzig let in just 29 goals all season!

With Saliba, you are looking at statistics over a much smaller range of features.

Also potentially Adama Soumano the captain at Lille OSC.

Or maybe (slim chance) if Raul can call in his favours at Barca, get us Umtiti. They have Lenglet, Tobido and Pique now. They may be tempted to let go of Umtiti.


Feel Monreal should get one of the captain’s armbands.

Personally I’d give it to Granit and Sokratis (captains) plus Leno and Monreal (Vice Captains).

Prefer the captaincy to be players in the more defensive end of things so we have people to organize us in that phase of the game.

Naturally they must up their game if given captaincy. There should be some accountability.


Pay the 25mil and get this done already,Tierney is a quality LB and we don’t have one of those at the moment, so for me it’s a no brainer!


I hope we have an alternative in mind or this is a negotiating tactic. We would be leaving ourselves with too much to do in the next two summers otherwise. If we fix LB now, we can look towards refreshing CB next time. Monreal will barely survive this season, and we are not sure about Kolasinac’s future, Maitland-Niles at RB or Chambers/Mustafi at CB.

Same Wenger

I think we made a decent attempt and offered a fair deal for a player that won’t be available for the start of the season. If Celtic wants to play hardball, it’s there choice but I’m not that upset and ready to move on. I’ll be upset if we don’t sign a quality CB who can win aerial duels. With Giroud gone, we lack height and can’t seem to defend or score from corners.


baffed that we are reportedly willing to spend way overs on a player in zaha we could probably get an equivalent for more cheaply elsewhere but call off Tierney interest over how we pay the amount we want to pay.. if this is true.. mind blown.


Kieran Tierney is far more experienced than Wan Basaka,is a better defender than Andrew Robertson and has played over 40 Games at European Level. He is not injury prone as some seem to be suggesting as he’s averaged 42=games per Season over the past four Seasons. Having just turned 22 last month this is heavy work load for such a young player. His current injury issues were due in part to the excessive amount of games he’s been asked to play at his age and development. Bearing in mind he’s been deployed as a Wingback for most of these games… Read more »


Tierney is worth the chase. But Celtic being Celtic over this. Go back in on deadline day, increase last bid by a smidgeon and test their resolve…do it again in January if that fails…left back is not a major hot spot for us this season like center half is…


My feeling on this is that if we’d been more decisive in our approach early on, we could have had him for what was pretty much our valuation.
Selling a 22-year old with such extensive experience for 25 million when nobody seems to spend less than 40 million for anybody would kind of make Celtic look like mugs.
It wouldn’t surprise me if their valuation would have increased as time has passed. Our penny-pinching fails again.


Good if they’ve actually made a decision, but they should have done it weeks ago. Why did we wait two weeks between each bid? Wasted a month for no reason.


Central defence, not left back, is Arsenal’s biggest problem. This hole must be plugged before we think of wide atackers, midfielders or side backs.

Nick Moir

Totally agree, CB was and is our weakest position, even more so with the Kos situation. Great news that we’re about to get Saliba but what about a CB that can play next season!!? Nacho man and Mustafi were so bad the other night in a back 3!!

Don Cazorleone

Is Emery hoping to bring in a left back so he can play Nacho at cb for a year until Saliba arrives?

Billy Bob

Yeah lets hope the player we got our eye on is not injury prone like Tierney!!! Not sure what the excitement was about being that we could do with more robust players!!!

Pradeep Kachhala



According to the press, spurs are confident of getting Ryan Sessignon this week for £25m…… Are we gonna make it the hat trick?


Wouldn’t read too much into it. Celtic can’t afford to turn down £25m. Sounds a lot like keeping “no deal” on the table to me. Sorry.


I’d love to have Sessegnon if not Tierney but looks like he is Spud bound. I don’t think Tierney is overpriced for a class lb who has 4/5 years left on his contract. If he was in the prem already, he would be worth a lot more. Bar being a good player, this would be a good investment, unless we Arsenal it and let him leave for free!

Fart Overjars

Well done! Secobd signing of the summer done and a key position acquired.

Job done


What we’re seeing is an example of the results of the financial constraint that the club is working under. Stretching out repayment instalments, loans, add-ons, loan-backs etc. etc. are all basically trying to do a lot with a little. Selling clubs aren’t so happy with this – as Celtic weren’t – so I expect that we’ll see other targets slip away before the window closes. The question is how far down Emery’s Summer target list do we go before getting deals done – and what does that say about the quality of those players?

Good Ebening

Arsenal doing transfer business:

‘Hi, how much for Tierney?’
‘£25 million’
‘I’ll give you £15’
‘No I said £25’
‘Ok, £25 million but we will pay in installments’
‘No we want £25 million up front’
‘Ok bye then!’

Another team doing transfer business:

‘Hi, how much for Tierney?’
‘£25 million’
‘Ok here’s £25 million’


He’s injured at the moment anyway. Let’s get for Sessegnon from Fulham, he can play left back and left midfield.


Much liked the top-knotted, monkey boy when he was at 5pur2, Sessegnon is no left back. Probably not even as good as Koala-snatch at defending.


I think it’s a cash problem. We just can’t pay 25m upfront for Tierney while pursuing someone like Zaha. Find it a little odd that we are not prioritising our defence… Is it possible we are not going to sign anybody in defence? Unai talked about turning Kolasinac into a LB and Maitland-Niles into a RB. And it does not seem we are looking for another CB. Wouldn’t be too surprised if we started into the season with a central defence of Sokratis and Mustafi. Ahhhhhh


Kolasinac is forcing us to play 3 at the back. They should get a left back this window to keep Kolasinac out to the bench. It is concerning if Tierney is not coming and he was our first choice left-back we were hoping for. Really hope we got better targets to pursue. I feel left back position is even more of an urgency than centre back. Just because we don’t have bodies at left back, and at present moment we do for centre back (can’t say for the quality of it). Even considering Kolasinac as a backup risks us playing… Read more »


Well, that what happens when you don’t qualify for the CL three season in a row and then offer 7 mil out of the 25 depending on qualifying for CL :\


The reason why i feel disappointed in Raul Sanllehi is he wasn’t able to push away Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi, Jenkinson, El Nanny to raise our f*cking limited budget.

I believe we could have signed “The new Robertson” for around 20 mil if Sanllehi had offered 20 mil at the beginning. 15 mil for the first bid is way too low and kinda disrespectful to Celtic. Again, the problem is we don’t have that kind of financial power to sign him fast.

Oh well, we just have to look for somewhere else.

This transfer season is a failure for Sanllehi.

Merlin's Panini

Well, that’s pretty pathetic. The dallying over this deal has gone on so long nearly all the summer has been wasted. There had better be a decent back up option, unless we’re going to persevere with Kolasinac and a creaking Monreal at left back. I do think central midfield and central defence are more important for us to recruit in, but left back is a position that we could really do with improving on. I was well up for us signing Tierney. With Sp*rs trying to get rid of Danny Rose I wouldn’t be surprised if they went in for… Read more »