Report: Arsenal preparing Everton deal?

everton soares

According to Marca, Arsenal are ramping up their efforts to land Brazilian winger, Everton Soares, for about €40 million.

Reports have claimed that Arsenal sent a medical team to Brazil to conduct preliminary examinations while the player himself has added fuel to the fire by sharing videos on social media of him taking English classes. He’s also spoken publicly about having an offer from a club.

Everton, 23, has been on the books at Gremio since 2012 and joined the Brazil national team set-up in 2018. He scored three goals for his country as they won the Copa America on home turf earlier this month.

Given the links with Ivan Perisic, Yannick Carrasco, Malcom, Wilfriend Zaha and alike, it’s pretty obvious that Unai Emery is eager to recruit a wide-attacker at some point.

Judging by the fact we actually bid for Zaha you’d imagine the Ivorian tops our wanted list, however, given our budget restrictions it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever get close to matching Crystal Palace’s valuation. With that in mind, it makes sense for us to be making more cost-efficient enquiries elsewhere.

Edu’s connections have likely opened the door to a conversation with Everton but we wouldn’t get too excited just yet. We reckon there will be a few more twists and turns on the transfer front before the transfer window closes in three weeks time.

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Why are all our transfers so drawn out this summer? Is it penny pinching on our behalf?

The Tierney, Saliba and Ceballos reported deals have been dragging on for ages now. It just invites counter offers like the spuds did for Saliba

ricky rick

I think it’s called negotiations. Trying to wring out maximum utility from a limited budget.


You are probably spot on. My issue with that approach is that the longer it goes on the selling club can get frustrated. Plus, are we not better getting the deals done and integrating the players before sooner rather than when the season is literally just about to start?

Spanish Gooner

Tbf with Saliba (loaning back for a year) and Tierney (will miss first couple of games through injury) it doesn’t matter about getting them over the line quickly

Philip Wood

And that approach works on quite a dated basis that the lower you go in at the cheaper deal you get done. In most cases going in too low ruins your chances of getting the best deal as it makes the other side even more insistent on getting good value…


It’s the price we pay for self-sustainability.


No the club chose not to sign exactly who they wanted on the first week of the window. Or maybe, these negotiations that us as fans have no idea or experience with, take time. These are multi million £ deals that require huge amounts of legal work and assessment, it not as simple as putting a bid in on FM and changing your wage budget to accommodate.

Benefit of the doubt until the window is over. The club is trying, let’s all calm down


Yep. That’s it in a globual.


Some transfer need to be done quickly others you may as well negotiate hard and long…..
Tierney – injured till mid August will miss start of the season,
Saliba going back on loan
Ceballos still on holiday after the youth tournament

Zaha/Everton in the same boat

Not sure i believe the £40M budget but its also clear we have wasted a small fortune on players like Mustafi, Perez et al combined with the wages i think we may have paid of the stadium debt but now we are paying the Ivan/Wenger debt.


What makes you think we have a lot of pennies to pinch in the first place? Read the report on the club’s finances by The Arsenal Supporter’s Club on their website. The financial situation is not good. Emary can increase his relatively small transfer fund through player sales, but nobody wants to buy the players we want to sell – and the players we want to sell don’t want to leave because their wages are too good! The Catch 22 of transfers. The truth is that we haven’t been able to offer “straightforward” deals for any of the players you… Read more »




I don’t think anyone is under any illusions that we have loads to spend. However, the Saliba deal seems like it was accepted over a week ago, and yet still it hasn’t been completed. Spurs tried nipping in when the manager and players were heading to the US. This deal is essentially a very small fee up front, doesn’t eat into this summer’s ‘war chest’, and gets paid off next season onwards The Ceballos loan is a few million Euro’s up front, and paying his wages – that shouldn’t take long to tie up Tierney is the only one that… Read more »


Saliba agreed to join Arsenal, by the way


So did Higuain…..


So did Higuain ?


I don’t know about any of Arsenal’s other deal, but with Ceballos, the deal is not as close or simple as they made it out to be. Zidane wants him but can’t guarantee him game time, Madrid have no cover whatsoever in his position ATM except for him. He definitely wants to play more but, unless Madrid can get someone in, or think they can make Isco (who is very much on the exit list) tick again; there’s no deal. Guy is rated highly at the Bernabeu


Well, you wrote: “Why are all our transfers so drawn out this summer? Is it penny pinching on our behalf?” – so you do, apparently.


And then we have the catch 22 on steroids in our our German creative genius, ever happy to stay and carry with pride the negotiation champion crown, don’t see anyone ever beating him to performance / wage ratio

Canuck Gunner

Alexis wins that easily

Drogheda Gunner

But why do we not have much money to spend? They just got the Adidas deal. How do West ham, Everton, wolves and Leicester seem to be able to spend more? I just don’t get it.


Is it penny-pinching? Yes.


No. See The Arsenal Supporter’s Trust report. We don’t have many pennies to pinch.


What is your understanding of the phrase penny pinching?


My understanding of penny pinching is someone who has lots of money but who either refuses to spend it, or buys things on the cheap.


*Every Summer,*

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Looks like his toupee shrank in the wash but that’s irrelevant, would be a great signing and half the price of Zaha. Maybe I sound impatient but really think it’s about time some of these transfers are finalised, I just can’t quite fully get carried away until we’ve got something concrete. ??


I believe that’s what outsmarting the market means.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Letting your toupee shrink in the wash is outsmarting the market? Wow, I know nothing about transfer markets!

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I accidentally tumble dried a merkin once, went a bit ‘Leo Sayer’. Could’ve fully covered a Dick Law. With a disguise like that, we could outsmart anything…!


“Looks like his toupee shrank in the wash ” – maybe Stan can lend him one of his, if he signs ?

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Haha Kroenke really does look like he wears a hairpiece! I’m not even convinced by his upper lip fringe that I assume is an homage to real moustaches.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Bit childish of a certain someone spamming me a bunch of downvotes in the last half hour. I know who it is, and it’s a bit sad a grudge has been held after what I thought was an amicable discussion the other day but hey ho, whatever floats your boat.


You can only downvote once…

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

You can but there’s ways round it by switching profile/altering your ip, it’s a common issue on a lot of message boards and comments sections. There’s a couple of users on here that do it to give themselves (and their profiles) more upvotes, and I have ‘upset’ them in the past by simply offering them some counter-points. It’s no biggy, I know that 99% of the commenters on this site are mature, decent folk. A big clue is when almost all your downvotes occur in a very short period. For instance for the first 4-5hours of this article being up… Read more »


Looks like a player that will excite. Let’s hope he is great and can cut it in the premier league. Fingers crossed.


I reckon this one is a done deal, keeping my positive hat on til the window shuts ?

Reality check

If it is a done deal then Iwobi needs to step up because they both play in the same position.


This chap’s got a touch of the Gervinhos in the forehead department.


Toupee or not toupee, that is question. Hopefully we get this done, I hear this guy is the real deal. Plus he looks like the best player in the history of the world on YouTube.


As long as he doesn’t have Gervinhos touch.


You mean fivehead


I’m still confused about all these players we’re close to signing, but we apparently cannot afford. I’ve seen that Saliba has been ‘confirmed’ in a few media outlets. That’s good, but doesn’t solve this season’s defensive issues. Getting Everton in is quite exciting, Ceballos on loan, Tierney… Zaha… I’d love them all to come and put on our fancy new kit. But where’s the money coming from? Maybe Kroenke has silently put his hand in his pockets?


Signings will not be all paid up front; installments, add-one, etc…


Add-ons *


How much fibre this week Andrew?

Dan nichols

Is buying a player called Everton actual proof that we only want to finish 7th every year.


Imagine if Everton bought him? It would almost be like having a manager called Arsene at Arsenal… oh wait.


Stephen Ireland playing for…. Ireland.


Mancini coaching Man City


Wolfgang Wolf coaching Wolfsburg

SB Still

Zaha is pushing for an exit, he probably knows Arsenal has are pursuing alternatives – maybe Everton?

Everton will cost less than Zaha but arguably maybe better than Zaha.

Let’s see.


I hope you’re right, but I can’t think of one Brazilian attacking player who has instantly adapted to the Prem apart from Juninho and that was when the standard was a lot lower.


Gabriel Jesus isn’t doing too badly!

My Cousin Vinai

Gabriel Jesus?

The mean, they’re all quite recent even.




Mirandinha. A long time ago admittedly


To be fair, the best ones have never really tended to come to England.

Freddie's Kids



I read that Palace are in for Jenkinson. There are times in life when you have to stick to your principles. I’d tell them to fuck right off.



Cultured determination

Tell them 40m + zaha for jenks


Those cunts on the west side of the capital had a bunch of Brazilians who made a sport of tearing us a new one not so long ago.




I bet he can score some headers with that fivehead. Everton on an Arsenal shirt, that will be random


It will be great to get this over the line. But whether we sign Everton or splash the cash on Zaha, I just want us to get it right. It’s easy to want finalised transfers NOW but our ‘rivals’ are in the same spot. Manure and Sp*rs are desperately trying to sell deadwood and make good value for money purchases. Everton and West Ham are slightly inflating the market because they need anyone with more quality. We need to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes as other years – transfers for the sake of it. Patience (Saliba/Tierney) is better… Read more »


I seem to recall that Kolasnic was on free, so the only mistake we made was with wages (which I do not believe are that high). Regarding Mustafi, I would like to know the real story behind that transfer.


I don’t believe it myself. Gremio want around 40 million but they only own 50% of his rights so Arsenal would have to stump up another 40 million on top to the other 3 parties that have an interest. It’s never going to happen.


I’m not so sure that’s exactly how it works.


That’s definitely not how it works lol. If Gremio does that, they’re way out of their mind.


Ziyech is better than Everton.Its better to buy Ziyech for few more million dollars….


Ziyech is more of a #8, not a winger


We could do with an 8…


This is a re-hash of fairly old news, isn’t it? There were reports some days ago about Arsenal’s interest, followed by others saying – a tad prematurely as it turned out – that the deal was all but done. My understanding is that Arsenal made an offer but the delay was (is?) because of the balance between what’s paid up front, and what’s paid in add-ons later, to his club. The almost automatic reaction by some Gooners as if potential moves are actually done and dusted often looks like the triumph of expectation over reality. It ain’t over until the… Read more »


I don’t get it: we read ad nauseam articles about our fantastic young guys, who are mainly attacking players, and Lundberg and integrating them and blablabla… and all the club is linked to… attacking players?!


Apart from Tierney and Saliba

Merlin's Panini

um, what about Saliba, Tierney, Kannemann, Zagadou…

Kwame Ampadu Down

It’s not remotely complicated. We desperately need a wide player. (at least one) The young players can/will integrate more but we need someone who can be a starter straight away.

Mr. Johansson

Lundberg should immediately stop integrating the young guys and let Ljungberg do his job.

Merlin's Panini

I’m all for this. He had better sort out that dodgy barnet though. Nearly as bad a Chamakh.


Every time I see a headline like that I envision us buying everton the club, it’s one way of preventing a rival overtaking us

SB Still

In the same way can we look for a Liverpool too. Everton on the left wing and Liverpool on the right or in defence!


A guy with that haircut cannot have good decision-making skills. Buyer beware…


The real Ronaldo had a very questionable do and he did alright for himself…

The Spoon

Won’t be all feel silly when we start the season with Zaha and Everton flanking laca and auba against Newcastle ?


Then we’d better add 5-6 top quality defenders to line up behind them..


I think the Zaha deal was only going to work for us if we could unload players on Palace to get the net price down to our budget (to buy a 80m player for 40m).

This Everton deal seems much more like the fee we could spend here and definitely appears to be likelier to succeed.

Tony Adams Nose

I hear that Palace want Jenks so a deal for Zaha might be being worked out that way. However, don’t believe anything until you see the player on the home page of with the shirt on. Journo click bait and agent rumoring is rife!


Palace reportedly value Jenks at £5m.
I hope the response to this is very pithy with much finger-pointing or he’s used as a counterweight to buy Zaha.

The Spoon

Should stick a cheeky 40m bid for Neymar, obviously PSG don’t want to sell to Barca!


Given the state of the finances, it’s more likely we’d put in a bid of £1, and forget the £40 million this time.


Ironically, we seem to have captured Everton, and Everton is reportedly interested in Zaha. WIERD.


Ah but who is Zaha interested in




Going by his YouTube compilation, he looks way better at 40 mil than Zaha at 80. Plus he’s much younger.

My Cousin Vinai

Said it before and I’ll say it again; if the transfer is stressing you out, you’re putting too much weight into transfers.

Look towards the development of our youth and suddenly the window becomes more fun, along with the season.


Well, we could certainly do with a bit of fun in an otherwise frustrating Summer window. We really need to bring in players with some experience and introduce our good, young, players when they’re ready. Getting the former is probably less certain than the latter at the moment though.


Willock, John Jules, Eddie, Saka and Burton all had pretty good showings against Bayern – I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them.


I think we looked good against Bayern. Young players certainly gave a good account as you said. Of them, Nketiah looks ready to play a role for us. He has an innate instinct for where the goal is. Nelson I’d like to see on the wings even with Iwobi and new winger. Plenty of pace and guile. Willock is certainly now a way better option then keeping Elneny from off the bench. And it means if we get Cebellos, we can use the Spaniard higher up. Burton I think we should put out on a strong loan along with Mavropanos… Read more »


Hat tip to that username.


A real player who will actually play? Well I never…fame at last!

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

We try to get a derivative of “Suarez” eh? Hope he is as good or better than Luis than Denis


The player we bring in on loan maybe Cebellos

Which is fine because we have an improved Granit, Torreira second season and GUendouzi who will also improve to add plus Willock is looking great utility for us beyond a limited Elneny who frankly needs to be sold.

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

You really like to cultivate dislikes, aren’t you?


What are the odds HH is behind this?


Would be a much better option than Zaha, who is way too dear for us and is also too prone to blowing hot and cold.

But we’ll see if we land him ?


There are A LOT of other options

Ziyech rumoured at a mere 22m offered to us by Overmars.

Fekir’s price may have come down with the temperemental Aulas wanting to sell to spite Liverpool.

Thauvin at Marseille still a very good player.

Neres at Ajax also a good young player within reach.

Carrasco a dark horse prob a last option but maybe a bit difficult now.

All these players highly technical (certainly way better than the limited Scottish dwarf Fraser) and certainly cheaper than the over priced Zaha.

Ya gooner

Great news, gwarn Edu!


What news? The article says: “Edu’s connections have likely opened the door to a conversation with Everton but we wouldn’t get too excited just yet”. The key phrases are there if you look.


Were is the poo?


And the beef.

Dat guy

Don’t rate him at all. Let the youth play man!


Then you didn’t watch the Copa America; he was one of the outstanding performers.


As mentioned 30-35m is going price for a creative winger in market. Some maybe priced slightly higher at 40m others maybe you can knock off to 25m at end of window but we have to also weigh against opportunity cost (in case someone grabs the player we prefer) There’s plenty of choice in market then to be hung up with a hard on for Zaha. And price will come down with apex predators in market committing to Joao Felix (Athletico), Hazard (RM), Greizzman (Barca) spending substantial amounts. Aside from Everton, Ziyech was rumoured to be offered to us for a… Read more »


I’ve mentioned many times as well too many people do not understand transfer and markets in general. It is normal for our efforts to conclude usually toward very end of window. Too many people have no clue on how markets work and conclude (bc they are prey to the media) that Wenger panic bought players. Mostly we have to remember, we are not the top predator in market. In fact there are now frankly 10 clubs ahead of us either in spending power (willingness to spend) and allure. RM, Barca, Athletico, Juve, Bayern, PSG, City, Chelsea, Liverpool, United (i’ll stop… Read more »


Beggars are no choosers but still, 80 mil for zaha is to much, even Middlesbrough would hesitate


Meanwhile, somebody’s gonna snipe Tierney out from under us because of our crummy offers; and he’s more important right than a winger. Maddening how we can’t get that one done.


Yeah, how insulting we offered what they asked.


Preparing a bid? Mental!!! Baffling!!!! Our transfer bids..or preparing of transfer bids crack me up, fucking laughing stock!


With the downside of losing kosh our so called captain I can see some blue sky on the horizon regarding transfers and the shape of our squad this season, tierney, cebellos, everton & martinelli with saliba coming next season isnt a bad bit of business we also have bellerin and holding back soon plus gendousi completing his 1st year in team and with nekita and willock adding to get in the side we now have powerful young additions to our experianced members of our 1st 11 we are looking on paper dynamic, let’s hope the powers that be get the… Read more »


On a separate front, the Arsenal old boy Bennacer was awarded Best Player of the African Cup of Nations…he’s off to AC Milan but I think he could have been Ramsey’s replacement.


according to some reports this deal was almost done
but the fact that there was no mention of a possible £40M purchase on sky sports at all suggests its absolute rubbish to me. unfortunately tho as l would rather take a chance on him than buy zaha!!