Report: Edu enquires after Brazil star Everton


Brazil international Everton Soares is the latest name to be linked with a move to the Emirates with Globo Esporte claiming Arsenal’s interest is being driven by Edu.

Our new technical director has obviously seen the Gremio striker at close quarters over the last few years with the 23-year-old scoring three times for Le Selecão in their recent Copa America triumph.

As you might expect, several other big-name clubs have also been tipped to sign the player in recent months, including Manchester City, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

The report claims that Gremio won’t accept anything less than €40 million for a player who has been on their books since he was 16. It’s also said that after a couple of big exits in recent years, including Arthur to Barcelona, they aren’t under any financial pressure to sell.

While the report claims Edu has made contact with Everton’s agent Gilmar Veloz – the type of detail that sounds promising on paper – it still seems pretty speculative at the moment.

Having already signed Gabriel Martinelli and with links to Gremio’s Argentine defender Walter Kannemann also doing the rounds, we’re probably just going to have to brace ourselves for a lot of stories linking us to South American players.

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We need defenders not freakin’ strikers – ?


Yes, quite right. If the humiliation towards the end of last season proved anything … it’s that! Trouble is, we obviously can’t afford the “top tier” defenders that we desperately need so have to scrabble about for “second tier” options, with the further disadvantage of having to negotiate extended installments, loan-backs etc. Not really a formula for getting the right people in, but there we are.


At 40m on a CB instead of yet another striker we’d hardly be scraping bottom of the barrel


He’s not a striker, he is a wide player and we need BOTH. Cback is priority rather than buying an unproven Saliba for 27m (rent him back out) and keeping koscielny injury prone and all for yet another season BUT wide player remains an issue not resolved for many seasons. We lack the sort of craft and trickery needed to break teams that sit deep and compact down. Which is why we end up going side to side (contrast City) This issue has been relevant even with Alexis but compounded by departures of Ox and Gnabry (and to some extent… Read more »


I think we have a huge problem attacking wise this season as well. Now that Ramsey is gone, no one apart from Laca and Auba look like they have a goal in them. Maybe they see goals from wide positions as a suitable alternative. Therefore the chase for Zaha and perhaps Everton makes sense.


We don’t have the money to spend 40m on a Cback let alone 27m in installments on one that gets loaned back out.

We don’t have the money for an 80m Zaha let alone 25m for a Lback we can wait to fix a season down.

People simply do not understand the real world.


It depends … remember we were fooled into paying £35 million for Mustafi. They’re still laughing about that in Valencia today. Enough said.

Arsenala Vista Baby

Our attacking force are packed with talent right now. Ozil aside, With Iwobi on the rise for Nigeria, and few youngsters promoted in Willock, Emile, & Eddie N with Auba & Laca are on their prime. Really, we need to put all the money on immediate, high quality defensive reinforcement. Leno acquisition was good business and We just one point off the top four last season. Just one point, that particular one point is the final piece.


Its clear that if we can scout some good defenders from south america we won’t need to spend $40 mil on a CB.

For example, villarreal had in order: gonzalo, godin, Musacchio, gabriel, and bailly all poached by big clubs, but all bought in for very reasonable fees.


We need quality wide players every bit as much as we need defenders

Our transfer targets should read in this order:
1. Left sided attacker
2. Left back
3. Right back
4. Right sided attacker
5. Attacking midfielder
6. Centre half
7. Centre half


Creatively we are just as bad as our defence. Shots, dribbles and chances created per 90 were the worst in the top six and have drastically dipped since wenger’s last season in charge. Credit to emery for being open minded and formulating a system that got the best out of our two strikers as they were literally our only hope.

Never Happen

I wouldn’t particularly agree with the
order but we could do with players in
all those positions. Not sure why so
many down votes. Are you an unpopular

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

But do we? The only way to take a team forward is through a big striker signing.

I mean, what did signing a record-breaking CB do for Liverpool? Nothing for nobody, that’s what.


As much as we have been deficit at the back (EVEN without Mustafi…see Wolves, Europa finals), we have been porous in midfield (even with Torreira) and we have been ponderous up front even with goals from Auba and Laca last season.

We also lack ability to penetrate deep seated defenses.

Rather than a lack of cojones, we actually lack technical ability these days.

Considering Wolves, Everton, Leicester even Palace chasing pack have all added highly technical players, we are looking in danger of being a very ordinary team.

Drogheda Gunner

For a change I agree with you, I think that’s why ozil looked so poor last year, having no wingers penetrating and that bit quality crossing/passing to are strickers

Drogheda Gunner

We need wingers badly too


The last time Everton scored for Arsenal was taking Theo off our hands for £20M.


We’d have nicked third place had Theo been here last season. His goals from the wing were sorely missed.


Same could be said about Welbeck. 3 major injuries really cost us.


Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Theo rarely scores at Everton.


He scored against Sp*rs, he has his priorities in order.


The fact that Walcott has done so little for Everton shows just how little we have missed him. How can you miss a guy who goes missing for whole games at a time? If his performances had been at the same level as his PR he’d still be with us @pand regularly playing for England. They weren’t and he’s not.

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Theo ‘they wanted it more than us’ Walcott.


Where do we stop with this “if-ing” about? Let’s all try and stick to “what is”, not “what if”. It wasn’t because we were missing Walcott, it was because the players, as a group or individually, weren’t committed enough to the Arsenal cause and/or good enough when it really mattered. When the going got tough, they went AWOL. It wasn’t good enough and we mustn’t fool ourselves into thinking it would have been different if only “x, y or z” was playing.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Koscielny being the captain shows the level of commitment and size of cojones our players have.


Jaysus, lad. Where do you come up with this drivel.
I sincerely hope you are drunk.

A Different George

When you finish one point behind, there are literally dozens of moments in a season that would have made a difference; people pick the one or two that “prove” what they want to prove. (When Man City won the Prem for the first time a few years back on goal difference with Aguero’s famous goal, no one remembered that Man United had lost their opening match, many months earlier, at newly-promoted Burnley.)


True enough, but in our case there IS one exact single thing we can point to that made all the difference in the world. Yes, the three season-ending injuries hurt, and yes, Emery’s lack of tactical nous hurt, and yes playing as eleven individuals instead of a team hurt – but the one critical event that changed everything was Aubameyang’s missed 89th minute penalty against Spurms. Score that, and we finish two points above them instead of one behind.

A Different George

Sure, but that’s my point–you can find a dozen other moments, some even in that same match. If the linesman gets the offside right, then there’s no foul on Kane, and Spurs never score at all.


This guy is very good. Better winger than Zaha IMO


I liked him in the Copa, but he barely has any experience at senior level. He will have to be Gabriel Jesus, Neymar level good to take a punt.


Never be able to afford someone like Neymar. Buying the best performing player at copa america for 40 mil is worth a punt


Not 40m but we should be prepared to pay 30m IMO for a winger. Defender maybe 20-28m Which takes us to 58m with a 40m budget plus 18-20m player sales (hopefully) CM is a concern as well but we have Granit, Torreira, Guendouzi so its more a depth issue (albeit we do need to add capability to carry the ball up field or protect it better) Unless we find the perfect candidate, I’d be happy with a Cebellos loan or Khedira/Matuidi both likely available could be brought in on short term either loan or one season contract. Revisit issue the… Read more »

Frank Castle

Been some reports saying Gremio can’t buy until they sell a player but who knows


Gremio will hold until last minute to see if Bayern or any other team like Juve, PSG, United will pay the price.

If not, they may be tempted to take a lesser offer from Arsenal.

Edu can leverage (soft lean like Per on Ozil) with his countrymen but most likely money talks.

Merlin’s Panini

I would quite like this to happen although it would also be funny if he signed for Liverpool. It would be a PR disaster. Probably why they’re not interested…


Or pr dream, how many times could they use Everton being a red to wind up their rivals


Are we sure Edu hasn’t just enquired for a job at Everton?

Dennis Elbow



This new tactic on the transfermarket is a bit jibberish and to late… after a month with completly utter failure to sign a player that will instantly impact the starting XI, we’ve come to a point were we(from Arsenal-camp) are spreading rumours about us as an «attractive» club – linking us with a variety of players such as Everton and Pepe. Meanwhile we struggle to even keep our own squad happy (Kosc, Bielik, Nelson). I dont think we are in any position to negotatiate any transfer sum as most clubs understands that we are in deep shit and will try… Read more »


Would rather we got this dude than us throwing crazy money at Zaha. Head and shoulders above him imo. Thank goodness the zaha chase came to naught. Glad Edu is on board finally. Don’t trust sanhelli and unai not to make a clusterfuck of the window on their own.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

With more money even me can buy Everton from Gremio after they have rejected Edu’s bid. It is all about money for players and clubs not contacts and reputation.


I’d love this signing. Looks a genuine wide player to me which we’ve not had for such a long time.

Skip To My Lou

How I would Everton to score the winning goal for us at Goodison.


Well I really liked Silvinho, I also liked both Gilberto Silva and Edu, Vivas was ok, not brilliant but a decent squad man, Alexis was brilliant initially although it went sour, I also rate Torrieira highly , so in general, when we’ve gone for established South American’s, we’ve got value for money, so if Edu can bring in a few more, at sensible prices and with valid passports then I won’t complain…

Crash Fistfight

Bit odd to lump all players from a continent together, but at least that’s a positive.


How you just gonna go and forget Andre Santos like that my gay?

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)



Report: putting Report in front of an article headline does not add any credibility to the article.


Any takers for scuttlebutt? I think it hits the appropriate tone

Scuttlebutt: Dani Alves to become a Gunner this week

A Different George

How about “fantasy?” Fantasy: Arsenal announce signing of de Ligt from Ajax for 40 million plus Josh Kronke.


What we should be doing is helping Ajax to off load De Ligt (preferably to Barca) by offering them either of Bielik, Mavropanos or Chambers either on loan or a low price.

Then get Barca to send Umtiti our way.

Raul apparently has some Barca connections?


Although there are lot of ‘poos’ up there but i really hope Edu can seal his first deal at Arsenal.

Everton Soares impressed me so much in Copa America. I would rather have him than overrated Zaha. There are rumours that Aletico Madrid is willing to pay 35 mil for his signature. We have to act fast!

Come on Edu! Make us proud!


Yes if he can make this happen, I’d say it was worth appointing him to some nebulous role under the thumb of Raul.

Otherwise bringing in some purported next best thing from fourth tier Brazilian football isn’t so convincing.


Three weeks and three days to rebuild a poor Arsenal side.
Emery out by Christmas….


Freddie In

Crash Fistfight

1, 2, Freddie’s coming for you…

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

I’m actually surprised at the quoted £40M. I was expecting much more than that. He’s half a Zaha.


Half the price for twice the player, that’s outsmarting the market!


That’s about the going price.

The only outsmarting is the stupidity in believing Zaha is actually worth 80m.

Ziyech, Carrasco were rumoured just over 30m

Neres and Everton boys from Brazil slightly higher at 40m mark.

There’s also of curse other options.

Its in our favour but we must hold nerve and also decide when to pull trigger because big fish like RM, Barca and Athletico have committed money in this area but there are other players who can cut us off still.


usually south american team sell player cheaper becuase they are short in money and a decent offer would do


“The South American Revolution has begun at Arsenal!”

*waits until transfer deadline*
*Arsenal sign Dani Alves and for some reason Anderson, the old United midfielder*

[much quieter]

“The South American Revolution is taking shape…..zzzzzzzzzzzzz”


Brazilian players probably priced high. Looking for a lucrative move to a Spanish club But RM bought Hazard, Barca Greizzman, Athletico Joao Felix. Which means other than Bayern, PSG, Juve, UK clubs, the options have narrowed a bit. I’m not sure how much pull Edu has at all apart from flying the same flag but it could be useful to lean on the player should Everton still be available end of window. As mentioned there are lots of options for us in market and the price will come down if we wait, just depends on who Unai really wants. This… Read more »

Érlick Badú

“A Seleção”



Sorry couldn’t resist 😉


Please can we sign this guy?
He’ll pay for himself through shirt sales alone


Sign this guy? Don’t sign this guy? I don’t know.

But what I do know is if we don’t have at least 2 new faces by the Emirates Cup in 2 weeks time I will be turning up with a #KroenkeOut Banner.