Arsenal made it two wins from two in the league this season with a 2-1 victory over a physical Burnley side.

The Gunners two strikers, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, grabbed the goals, but on his home debut loan signing Dani Ceballos really caught the eye with a man of the match performance.

Read the report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon. Please note: We still have to get some updated images and numbers for some of the squad, but we’ll sort that out soon.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Crash Fistfight

Not difficult to pick the MOTM here. I’m glad we “wasted £15m” on the Ceballos loan signing.


I for one didn’t like it.
Now I feel embarrassed


Takes a big man to admit it

Iron Ljung

I too had reservations – quite wrong I was! He was excellent today, took to the Premier League like a duck to water.

Mesut O’Neill

The £15m includes his wages. We paid about £4-5m for the actual loan fee.

Crash Fistfight

Wouldn’t that mean we’re paying him about £200k a week?

That figure of £15m is utter nonsense.


I really thought that Ramsey’s departure was going to leave a significant vacuum. Now that I’ve seen Ceballos that’s no longer the case.

Such a pity we couldn’t include an ‘option to buy’.

Let’s hope that no matter how well he does for us RM still won’t have room for him. That, or we can convince him to hang around for a proper long-term contract.


Ramsey’s departure would “leave a significant vacuum?” You’re having a laugh. We won’t miss him at all, mate.


Some of us will always miss a stand-up bloke, who had his leg broken for our club, never ever complained, worked his nuts off, and always showed only class in every way he represented us.
Something sadly lacking in your above comment. The Lane is just down the road mate….


There’s always an option to buy – it’s just the price we might not like. The better he does, the more expensive he’ll be – a wonderful dilemma 🙂


Do we have the option to buy him on this January


Not contractually, no. Odal means if we offer him and Real enough money theoretically that’s one option for us to TRY to buy. But we have no guarantees.


Mommy can we keep him?


It’s “mummy” in these here parts, sonny Jim!


Good performance I thought. Ceballos looked very decent; just what we need.


Please with the overall energy. The defense will get better especially when our first choice outside backs get back. Excellent strikes and a win that shows we can dig them out when required.


outside backs, thats the first time I read someone call fullbacks outside backs. make sense though

Gunner Comment

Full backs mate


Which semantically makes no sense, of course, as they’re rarely fully back.
But yes, they’re called fullbacks.

I believe it is a remnant of how teams lined up and played positions in days of yore.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Happy with the youngsters and new boys. Tiny bit worried about Pepe’s reluctance to pass after some dazzling foot work, but can’t be too mad with 3 points.



Is there a better 20yr old in the league that Guendouzi?

We need to tie him down ASAP


Signed a new and improved contract after the end of last season if I’m not mistaken ? Talks were certainly underway

Mentally Drained Gooner

I loved the win. Great start. Much required 3 points. But something seems to be missing

In Loving m'Emery

Torreira and Ceballos together, and Bellerin, that’s what we’re missing

Darren Jennings

Having seen a great deal of him. Tierney is the only thing missing.
This lad is the real deal.

Dave Cee

Agreed. But there were new partnerships all through the team. Will take a little time for the cohesion to come probably. At least the spirit looked right and you could see the individual quality

Mentally Drained Gooner

But next weekend is Liverpool. Although even they don’t seem bulletproof in defense I worry for our defense


I’d be worried in a 4 man defence but a back 3 worries me less. Think we might get something if we hit them on the counter given our pace. The only concern I’d have then is if God forbid we have a dc injury and he who must not be named appears.

Bobby Digital

I think what’s missing is a tighter defence. Allowing Burnley 18 shots on target is a bit of a worry. Top 5 teams could find the back of the net with some of those shots. But overall, it was a good performance especially by Dani (Carzola’s replacement that the team has been missing?), Willock (hybrid of Viera with Diaby’s control) and Douzy (great performance and seeing as he’s only 20, excited!). But Torreira will have to be included against the champions league winners. Long exciting season up ahead, especially when you consider Bellerin, Holding and Tierney are yet to come.… Read more »


A DM (Sangare) and a right footed left winger that can penetrate, dribble and fast ( Dani Olmo or Sophomore Jota)

Been long I felt this vibe

Cliff Bastin

Finally someone who calms everyone the fuck down when he receives the ball from the defence. Already preparing my heart for when his loan ends ☹


Good result and performance. Glad to see willock continue the good start and a great performance from ceballos, full of energy and quality. Thought the ratings for the defence were a bit generous. We struggled with the route 1 approach and lost a lot of aerial duels


We won’t play too many sides whose sole tactic is lumping the ball forward to the village blacksmith. I thought we managed so much better than we have in recent years. A significant step forward.


It is real hard to keep my feet on the ground right now. I am excited with this mix of experienced quality troops and young dynamic talents.

However I wonder if we are a bit overboard for a 2-1 win over Burnley which could be relegated this season.

Public Elneny

Tbf I think Burnley look pretty decent this year – at least in that Stokey sort of way.

They were pretty lucky with their goal/our disallowed one. Most teams won’t put up so much of a challenge at the Emirates. We did well to get the win, and deserve it too

Afiyen gunner

Naaaaaa!!!!!! I don’t think so, Burnley is a very decent side and they just won their last match 3 – 0 against Southampton.

Dave Cee

Good result. Can see that there is real potential in this team when they all get properly match fit and on the same wavelength. Plenty of reasons for optimism.
Burnley are well on their way to being the new stoke for me tho, fouling, whinging grunts. At least we keep finding ways to beat them!

In Loving m'Emery



Barnes thought arsenal was moving the ball to his goal….
Great match buildup for loserpool ?

canon fodder

‘Loserpool’? The Champion’s League and Super Cup winners? Oh please grow up!


It’s only one game but I can see why Madrid didn’t wanna include a buy option at the end of Ceballos loan


Hopefully zidane has a great season and signs a new long term deal there


After the short amount of time I’ve seen him Ceballos is just pure quality. Going to enjoy it while we have him as Zidane is going to want him back for sure. Willock is class too. In fact , it’s just great enjoying this Arsenal team again. Bring on Liverpool.


Ceballos, but also Nacho, absolutely delightful today!


Is Ashley Barnes the second coming of Grant Holt?

Darren Jennings

I’m only thumbing you because there isn’t a ‘LOL


Barnes is a massive twat no doubt but my bonus rating is 1❤️/1❤️ for Dani’s celebration for Auba’s goal.
Passion! He’s a gooner! Sign him up permanently!


I did a double take the way the cameras panned to him instead of Auba, thought Dani had scored the way he celebrated!


Hahaha! Me too!

North Bank

That was passion in purity. I was sitting closest to where Ceballos celebrated. You could see his veins popping out of his neck and face… He is a Gooner!


Ceballos bonus point for celebrating his assist like a goal

Kiran Krishnamurthy

10/10 for surviving Mike Dean. Until next time Mike


Clearly it’s early in the season and Dean hasn’t yet reached his ‘I-must-be-the-centre-of-attention’ default performance. Lucky us.


Was it me or was he an utter cunt all game? Again.


NAh – that’s unfair… to cunts everywhere.

Adams Jnr

Loved the look of Ceballos – really reminded me of Santi with his quick feet and ability to play out of tight spaces


He’s like a combo of Santi, Cesc and Busquets


Without the whining and bitching of the latter, of course.

Kiran Krishnamurthy

Still not very sure if Emery is the man to get us playing that beautiful football again. Might just have to wait for the whole team to gel together and maybe we’ll find our style. 3 points are good though.

Arsenala Vista Baby

Don’t worry mate. You are going to be sure after a few more games. In the meantime, enjoy your clouds of uncertainty.

President Eckener

10/10 Arseblog, I’m just now recovering my breath after seeing Luiz’ pic. Well played.


Is there a more detestable footballer than Ashley Barnes? He doesn’t challenge any high-ball. Just jumps into the defenders!


Forever & always – one John Terry


We lo he’s English so he’s allowed to do it. Watch Kane every week. Does the same, never gets called.

Public Elneny

I was pleasantly surprised by Nacho. Tbh I thought he was finished at this level, but he contributed well going forward and was solid defensively


Amazing what he can do when he’s allowed to focus on his own role and not worry about covering for a porcelain central defence! Luiz’s calm authority clearly made a huge difference to Nacho’s being able to just play his natural game


We need to find a way to sign Ceballos permanently, other than that, we also have a bright future with Willock Guendouzi, and Torreira

Sir Wolcang

Ceballos was amazing and I think Luiz and Papa together makes the whole team feel more confident when we’re under attack. But Willock was quite decent two! He is not even 20 but the way he moves the ball and find spaces is really special! Also it seems like Guendouzi is stepping up his game this year!


In another post I said I was disappointed that Guendouzi never passes the ball forward, apparently I was wrong, but I still want him to make it more obvious that he can attack properly.
I think 7 for Pepe is low, he was very impressive with both his dribbling and his movement, he will become a big player for us! Now let’s hope Ceballos’s performance wasn’t a one off either and we can somehow miraculously keep him next summer.


Ceballos was great, Aubamayang is looking like Henri now but I thought Luis was just what we’ve lacked for many years.


Those are big words. And just as I’d read them, I thought “well, he kinda is, isn’t he” – looks so relaxed, does the simple, intelligent things…


No-one will ever, ever look quite like Henry


on current goal-scoring pace, he is looking 4 goals better actually

My Cousin Vinai

Ceb gets all the praise and rightfully so,
However special shout out to Luiz. Rasping pass across or box aside, which had my heart in my mouth, it’s great to have a physically imposing CB who marshalled the back four; organising them and ordering them about. Haven’t had that since Per, and it’s something we’ve sorely lacked.


Well now I miss the mertesacker bfg


Really good performances all round.

Luiz makes us better. Ceballos makes us better. By all accounts Tierney is an upgrade. And although we haven’t seen the best of Pepe yet, the glimpses we had today are more than promising.

Win lose or draw, this season is our most exciting for ages.

'L' incoming

With some very targeted outgoing buisness this Trasfer window can get as perfect as can be facturing in the loanee on board and the state left from a string of bad windows.


Good home performance if still somewhat shaky at the back (as expected) 1) Leno – Maybe needed to come out more for crosses as we struggled for aerial authority off set pieces and corners. 2) Monreal – Did decent going forward, unlucky he was offside for the disallowed but there you go with VAR, Linesman was sharp. 3) SideShowBob – Love the picture. First game so needs to be put in context but that goal conceded, he lost track of Barnes and was too far forward. If it was Mustafi…but older…. 4) Sokratis – Fairly solid performance but we struggled… Read more »


Ceb and willock play like that every week Ozil has played his last game.

I agree about Leno. He did not look good coming out for high balls.


Where did the Maitland-Niles mark come from, about the only thing he did right was put his shirt on the right way round. His winger was Burnley’s danger and AMN managed to give him 15 yards to weave his magic, plus various miscontrols and wasted passes and attempts. He must concentrate better!


I kind of agree, both AMN and Bellerin tend to give attackers SO much room on the cut-back. Way, way too much time to pick out a cross or shoot. It’s so weird that they both do it. If you look at that Pikku guy on Norwich for instance (4 goals in 2 games), if he gets space like that, he will score. Not to mention Mane, Aguero, Sterling, Kane, etc, etc etc. I do wish our marking were tighter and we made it more uncomfortable for attackers. We allow teams to take way too many shots, even if they… Read more »


I wish we could also vote MOTM.
Great result. COYG.


I wish the manager was rated too. Today, I thought the insertion of Kolasinac to give us a back three was really smart. It seemed to help keep it tight in the back. We needed both Laca and Auba in the starting lineup and we got them. I don’t know what the issue was, but I thought Burnley was getting too much space too often to put in crosses. Emery’s confidence in Willock and Nelson is paying dividends already, and this playing time will make them even better. Was it Barnes or Wood that planted a knee in Guendouzi’s back?… Read more »


Also, how beautifully satisfying was Luiz’ hip check on Barnes? Time to open up a poll. Who will receive more yellow cards by the end of the season? Luiz, Xhaka or Sokratis?


As I said Luiz is a dodgy fucker… but he’s OUR dodgy fucker now.


And by God we’ve needed one for a while


Man I can’t stop gushing over Ceballos. Such great close control. Precisely what we’ve needed in midfield since Cazorla.


I wish we could keep cabellos already…

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Minus points for lineo quick to flag and Mike Dean who books Auba for being 8 yards from free kick and lets heavy challenges go unpunished from Burnley’s thugs.


Impressive Dan

Kroenke the Klown

Excellent addition to the blog pictures with Luiz as sideshow Bob, you just need to make Guendouzi sideshow Cecil, Mustafi as Hank Scorpio, Leno as Ranier wolfcastle, Bellerin as senor Ding Dong and Silent Stan as Mr Burns (preferably in disguise as Mr Snrub wuth a moustache) for us to achieve peak 90’s

Stateside gooner

This is a game that we needed to win and did. Great 2nd half. New signings were a joy to watch. In the last few years these were the type of games we would draw at home or lose on a late set piece. Let’s keep the momentum going and hopefully Ozil can gel with his new mates.

Stateside gooner

Pepe showed glimpses of a player that could take us to the top. Love the new blood!


Thought Willock and Guendouzi formed a really solid midfield base. Xhaxa should be worried. Luiz was good and Ceballos was all over the pitch. Brilliant energy levels. Pepe had some silky touches and he showed he is already understanding our play


What a performance by our trio in the middle. Hard to believe they are all so young. Such confidence on the ball and showing for the ball, really exciting to watch the fluidity and technical ability of the three. Just wish there was some way we could make Ceballos’s loan permanent.


Waiting Pepe to bond into the team and arsenal will be untouchable! It’s many years since we had good options in the midfield and flanks. #4reverarsenal


Hope we will sign him….with him we will not miss Ramsey

Joe D

Mwaaah. Is it just me that can only see a grey box instead of the ratings?!