Emery: More players will leave in the coming weeks


Unai Emery has confirmed that he expects more players to leave Arsenal in the coming month.

20 players have already left the club – some permanently, others on loan – ahead of the new season and with the transfer window still open for other clubs in Europe it looks like the clear-out process could run all the way to 2 September.

It’s widely believed that the Gunners will entertain offers for Shkodran Mustafi, Mohamed Elneny, Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan although it seems unlikely any will be forthcoming for the latter pair. Kelechi Nwakali is also up for grabs.

If he recovers from injury, Emile Smith Rowe could head out on loan to a club in Germany.

“We were changing players at the last moment,” reflected Emery in his first pre-game press conference of the new season. 

“We had with Laurent Koscielny the first captain but just five days ago he left. Other players were coming in, we finished our market but it is at the moment open in other countries.

“In the next 20-25 days some players will leave. It’s the reason, I want to close our squad clearly.”

While the coming weeks could be quite unsettling for a few players in our squad, it doesn’t look like we’re set to lose anyone we want to keep. That can’t really be said of other clubs around the league, so it looks like we’re quite well placed going into the new season.

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A nice return if we are able to move on at least two of Mhki Elneny and Mustafi


Hard to see Mkhi going now with Iwobi’s sudden departure. Maybe in January if one of the youngsters have stepped up in the meanwhile.


Elneny I’m sure has been informed that he’s surplus. But Mhki and Mustafi will be needed unfortunately. At least until Jan window.


We’ve bossed this window, All hail King Raul


Don Raul ??


Don King Raul


Don King Kong Raul


The One Who Knocks


Is it really 20 players gone already? Crikey.
Can’t have too many complaints about our summer activity, so far..

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Most released from academy. For me Koscielny, Iwobi, Nketiah, Bielik and those we already knew like Welbeck, Ramsey and Cech. Others are counted to increase the number.


I’ve got this nagging feeling that we’re gonna sell some of the better players. Torreira, Xhaka, Chambers, Nelson, Willock, Monreal/Kolasinac etc., and not Mhiki, Özil or Mustafi

Andre Santos' car keys

Torreira is persevering for now despite weather troubles and language troubles. Maybe if Franck Kessie had agreed to join Wolves then Milan would have cause to launch another bid but as we are now no. Xhaka is basically first in line to be the captain; regardless whether he’s up to deliver he will be relishing the responsibility. Kolasinac despite the recent endangerment of his position is still #1 left back right now. He has 8 weeks to audition before the new boy is even fit. Other four I see as being so secure there’s no need to clarify.

John Mponda



Surely Don Raul can get a decent penny for the likes of Elneny, Mustafi and kolasinac perhaps!

Dave M

Not sure I understand why anyone would want us to sell Kolasinac?! He is a good player, we need good players in our squad. He is still young (26) and can improve, we need young players with potential to improve in our squad. He gives us depth on the flank. We need depth on the flank. Sorry blogs, didn’t understand your notion to sell in the arsecast and still don’t now.


He’s a defender that can’t defend. That’s not going to improve.


He’s a wingback that can cause some real damage on the wing. Why keep him u ask? The heart of our defense is weak. I won’t want to play a back four at Anfield, but a back three with David Luiz in the centre flanked by Sokratis and Nacho, and Kola on the wing with AMN. That may work.

In lieu of really solid CBs, Kola has a future here and Emery/Raul will be stupid to get rid of him.

Peter Grimes

Totally agree.


Pretty handy in a pinch too.


I suspect it’s because he’s only a good player in a formation no one wants us to play (3 CBs). Better to get money for him than to keep trying to force it while we’ve got Monreal as backup.


But in a year’s time we won’t have Monreal and we’ll have to shell out for a back up left back anyway. Kola as a first choice LB/LWB looks ropey. But as back up? Looks fine to me!

Maul Person

Why settle? Why not get rid of now, use Monreal (sparingly), allow Tierney to solidify his status then buy a replacement for Kolasinac (or see if the academy has a player ready to step up) either in Jan or next summer?


We just sold the main left back academy prospect, so it seems clear that isn’t our plan.

Maul Person

That’s why I said “buy or promote”. But selling an academy prospect doesn’t mean Kolasinac is the answer. In all the time he’s been here, has he improved or shown he’s at that level?


Yes he’s improved loads and he’s a massive threat going forward for us…he and Iwobi combined quite well ladt season before our capitulation and he’s an obvious outlet for us on the left flank.


Cos that would be spending unnecessarily, why do we have to sell a good back up wing back/ left back who’s already settled in and then go for another barely a year from now whom we wouldn’t even be sure if he could settle??? Don’t seem logical to me at all!

Maul Person

He’s better in a back 5. Not Emery’s preferred formation
He’s not that good a defender
His wages for what he gives

For starters.

As an aside, I don’t understand this argument of players settling in. If you’re worried about players settling, why buy anyone at all? Why not just use academy players who know the club from ages ranging 9-15?!


Perhaps he doesn’t want to be a backup? From our point of view he’s one of the highest earners, and thus it would be a poor allocation of resources for a bench player.


We have a season to teach him to defend. If we manage that before Monreal retires, we’re all set on LB.


I thought a lot of fans gave Arsene a lot of stick for sticking to just one formation and wouldn’t flex according to the opposition? Arsefans just make up your minds, will ya?!

Maul Person

We gave AW stick for being inflexible with rotating players not / more than formation.

Maul Person

And tactical nous…

Maul Person

He’s a defender who’s not very good at defending. I suspect it’s that.


Something tells me we might see Kola in a more advanced role on the left this season in away fixtures.

Maul Person

With the wing players we have? Why?


What wing players??? We got just Pepe and he’s most likely going to be played on the right as he’s played in Lille. Nelson don’t look so good defending and so probably wouldn’t be such a good option in away games. Outside these two who are the wing players you talking about? ?


Like you, I’m perplexed at the thought mate! ?


Why sell Kolasanic? Offers an alternative and creates goals also has that touch of nastiness which we need


Totally agree. Keep Kolasinac. Underrated imo.

Maul Person

And defensively? Like… the key part of his job as, you, know, a defensive player?

Forest gooner

Keep ozil and miki
Sell mustafi and elneny


Get shot of all four if poss and go big in January.


Keep Ozil. Sell miki, mustafi and elneny


Sell Özil above all else.

Spanish Gooner

My guess would be Elneny and either Mustafi with Monreal moving to 4th choice CB, or Nacho if we can’t find a buyer for Mustafi. Can’t see ESR leaving now that Iwobi has gone, as he will be targeting the former’s minutes this season.


would expect we keep nacho as he’s much more defensively sound than Saed, which matters if we’re going to play a back 4 this year as seems likely. we really wouldn’t get anything for him either so worth keeping him given our relative lack of depth at CB as well as saed can’t play CB.


I suspect it’s because he’s only a good player in a formation no one wants us to play (3 CBs). Better to get money for him than to keep trying to force it while we’ve got Monreal as backup.


I’ve posted this onto the wrong thread. Bring on the downvotes 🙂

A Different George

Monreal is six or seven years older than Kolasinac.


Definitely need to get shot of Mhiki, Elneny and Mustafi. I wonder whether one of our leftbacks will also get the chop. Kolasinac would bring some decent money in due to his attacking prowess being attractive to alot of clubs. But He’s also much younger than Monreal who has looked his age in the last 18 months.. We don’t really have an understudy to Tierney coming through the ranks as far as I’m aware, having sold Thompson a few days prior. Be interesting to see what happens either way!

Philip Wood

I can imagine Monreal and Kolasinac hanging around until January to be honest. With Tierney still out for a while it wouldn’t be wise to sell another LB and leave us with one fit option on either flank of the defence…


Agree with you here, Philip, as Tierney is out for a fair few weeks, we’ll need the cover at LB between now and his return to match fitness (it could be longer as he may take some time to learn Emery’s system, etc). With the sale of Iwobi, it also opens up a spot further forward on the left that could be filled by a group of players when required (Auba, Ceballos, Nelson, Saka, ESR, Ozil, Martinelli, even maybe Kola).


Totally agreed that we can’t risk offloading Kolasinac at this point. I wonder how he would do as a full-on winger. Not sure if he is a good enough passer, but he does have the crossing down. I bet he could score some goals too.


So spot on…! + we’re still kind of short in CB and Nacho can be deployed as that too.


We have Tolaji Bola at left back in our academy. Former England International at youth levels. Our LB prospects are good


Elneny is a decent player and as long as we’re not asking silly money he can and should move. Much as I dislike Ozil and think his attitude has – in the past 18 months – sucked, I think he might just galvanise himself. He certainly owes us – Big Time. The other two are harder to shift. But if they could move Mkhitaryan on a free, they should do so. He really contributes nothing and simply isn’t suited to this League. There might be a decent player in there given the right League – Turkey ? – and they… Read more »

Sir John King

An Armenian player is highly unlikely to be heading for Turkey for political reasons. But yes, he should be moved on.


Blaming Ozil’s ‘attitude’ seems a bit ridiculous to me. Sure, he underperformed last season, but it was on the back of a horrible WC where he was essentially blamed for all of Germany’s failings.
He looks, to me at least, as someone struggling with mental health issues after a very difficult summer.


The only thing he’s struggling with is the size of his weekly pay cheque. We’ve just had a good window. It doesn’t detract from the abysmal ending to last season and Ozil’s non performance in Baku said it all about his ‘effort’ or the lack of it. He was given the most ferocious barracking by the Arsenal contingent as he left the pitch. And it was deserved. The previous years WC is a bollix excuse. As if he is the first footballer to be criticised. That won’t wash. He needs to step up ib a big way – and I… Read more »

Gareth Piggott

Sell Xhaka and Mustafi!! Xhaka’s name has been left out of any speculation but the man is a liability.


Can someone explain to me why some fans wants Kolasinac out? He is one of the our most solid players imo.


Because there is no pleasing some people

Kwame Ampadu Down

Or maybe Rayk-47, some people just don’t happen to think he’s that good ?


I think he was God awful last year. Almost every game he’d be put through into the kinds of position most full backs can only dream of, only to drill the pass straight into the first defender or the ‘keeper. He may have got 5 assists or whatever it was but could and should have had at least double that. Perfectly good back up option but a way away from being good enough as a starter, for me.


Uhm, I was of the belief that we got Tierney as the first choice n so kola’s backup…dunno where ur arguing first teamer from mate!


Truly bizarre. He’s serviceable as a backup and is quite good in a back 5.

If we trust our season to Tierney’s pubis and Monreal playing 20 or more games, I’d go so far as to say we’re not serious about top 4.

Maul Person

Why would you want a player who is only good in a formation the coach doesn’t favour…?


Emery seems open to varying his tactics, which I think is good. Modern, even (though that word gets thrown around way too much).

I’m not sure why some fans are dead set that you have to pick a system (generally 4 at the back) and stick with it.

Maul Person

The comment I made wasn’t about Emery changing tactics; it was about Kola being a player suited to one system that Emery doesn’ fancy as his preferred system. The direct comment Emery made is on one of these Arseblog News articles.


I get what youre saying, but players tend to prefer a settled system.
Most successful teams in the world game have a formation that they stick to

Maul Person

They do, absolutely. And they have players that fully compliment those systems, don’t they?


Finally, i can sleep well knowing our club will be managed well by Raul, Vini and Edu. We got to support the club better this season. COYG


If we lost Ozil and Miki…we’re virtually no better off than we were last season.

Maul Person

I suspect that, IF we lose any of these two, it’ll just be Mkhitaryan. Ozil’s not going anywhere.


Great work from the transfer team. Really illustrates how badly we have operated in previous markets. Significant as well that Kia Jorabchian has links to the Arsenal hierarchy. I think I’m right in saying he is Edu’s manager as well. For years we have been far too snooty when it comes to using agents because of the Rune Hauge George Graham bung. Credit where credit is due, Raul has done a great job. All be famine or feast come 3.30 on Sunday afternoon. ‘Twas ever thus.


Mustafi + Elneny look like players that numerically we can afford to let go of.

Tierney being injured means we can’t afford to let go of Kolasinac or Monreal

I think Ozil is most likely to go to the MLS in January.

And whilst selling Mkhitaryan would leave us short on numbers and experience, surely any decent bid, Would have to be considered?

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Willock+ Nelson start on Sunday


Although I would love to see Mustafi and Elneny leave, I feel we could use them in the Caraboa cup or against the smaller teams in the Europa league. The first team players would get some rest at least.


Fingers crossed.


Ozil will not be leaving! He will shine this season ??


Was he asked about iwobi and why we chose to sell him?


Great window i agree but we do still seem a bit light out wide tbh

Mesut O’Neill

Kelechi Nwakali Has already left, no?


I believe Nwakali already left…


I thought Nwakali had already gone to somewhere in Spain?

Abdulaziz Salyani

Kolasinac is on a hefty salary, about 110k per week. That’s the reason why..

Abdulaziz Salyani

Same applies to mkhitaryan, ozil and mustafi. Selling these 4 players will reduce our wage bill by 750k per week. That’s 39million pounds a year. In 4 years its 156million pounds. Y not invest 156million pounds in 4 good young players???


Don’t think we are appreciating the need for depth sufficiently 1)Mustafi or Chambers. With band aid David Luiz(side show bob) in, one of Chambers and Mustafi will be moved. Whilst many view Mustafi as calamitous, his faults are exaggerated. That said, he has a penchant for too many lapses in concentration. However if you really look at pre-season, Chambers has not been necessarily that much better.Whilst better with concentration, he has been positionally suspect for a number of goals. I suspect who leaves will depend on size of offer and if Chambers wants to challenge from 4th pick. However being… Read more »


If it’s trimming the wage bill (which still needs big cuts), then – hopefully – it’s goodbye Ozil and Mustafi although we have several other under-performing, over-paid players. However, offloading any of them is problematic because we’re not the only ones who know that! The salary issue really is a scandal and it’s one that’s firmly down to the previous management team. Of the players you’ve listed, I think the most likely to be shifted (although not necessarily in the next few weeks) are probably Elneny – who attracted some attention in the recent window – and Mkhitaryan, who was… Read more »


Trim your posts [email protected]


Xhaka been named as one of the captains so he aint going,, so that’s pissed me off, I wanted him gone

Maul Person

As we well know, captains tend to leave. You might get your wish.


Does anyone think that the recent Özil / Kolasinac issue might change our plans regarding sales? As in: One or both might now proactively wish to leave the club because they want to continue their careers in another country. I am aware that they can only do so if the club allows them to move, but I doubt that it makes sense to keep a potentially scared player. Furthermore I had the impression that even before this issue we would think about letting any of them go in case the right offer comes along and the player himself wanted to… Read more »


Buh-bye, Shkodran. Don’t let the door hit you your ass on the way out.