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Emery optimistic his strikers can play together

The question posed to Arsene Wenger was whether Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Lacazette could play up front alongside each other. Last season, under Unai Emery, they proved that they could.

This year, the question is whether the duo can also play alongside new signing Nicolas Pepe.

The £175 million strikeforce have only shared the pitch for 26 minutes so far this season but it looks very likely that they will be given a start together in the Premier League soon.

Up to now, Emery has resisted the temptation, mostly because Lacazette has been working his way back from an ankle problem and Pepe has had a stunted pre-season.

“Yes, but be calm,” replied Emery when asked about the possibility of fielding the trio. “My decision in each moment is thinking about how we are.

“For example, with Lacazette he had a problem with his ankle This week is the best week of the last three weeks. He’s getting better and feeling better with his ankle, it’s very positive.

“With Pepe, he came here later than the others but he is getting and feeling better in each match.

“Aubameyang is very important for us, he scores two goals in the first two matches, he had two or three good actions in Liverpool.

“The most important thing for me is to have chances and after with players like Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe, Micki, Reiss, Ceballos and Mesut we can score with different players.”

Ahead of Sunday’s North London derby, the boss wouldn’t be drawn on the specifics of his starting lineup but did play up the options at his disposal.

“I think they can start together and they can play also during the match as all three, it depends how we decide our gameplan. But I am very optimistic for that situation, but not also those three players, also Nelson, Mkhitaryan, Willock, Ozil.

“We need to be able to make the best decisions, but above all, to have different possibilities with the players.”

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The Champions League draw without Arsenal in it is like beans on toast without the beans.


Man City getting the carpet laid out for them, what a joke group. There will legit be tougher groups in Europa. I can’t help but feel that they will do anything to help Pep win a quadruple so they can generate a billion clicks with Greatest Team of All Time articles. /end of rant that has nothing to do with this article/


When you say “they”, do you mean the autonomous and biased nanites in the computer system, or do you mean the naughty goblins hiding under the stage pushing out the balls?


the balls can be given different weights…these are the same people who hold finals in ridiculous places for the money so you mock all you like. keep watching the balls so you dont see my hand – taking this fat wad of cheques ?


What about Liverpool? The jammy gits

Lord Bendnter

Yea, Arsenal vs Barca or Bayern would have been an intensely mouthwatering matchup

Thierry Bergkamp

We’ve seen enough of those over the years. Let’s get competitive in the league and, earn the right to be thinking of the big boys in Europe


… or the toast.

Then again, here’s hoping it’s Sp*rs that better resembles the singed sliced-bread edible come Sunday.


Why do we have toast?
For Beans.


Isn’t the entire “Champions’ League” competition format a complete joke? Two of the biggest, richest and best-supported teams in the entire world, Man United and Arsenal, are left out, while rubbish no-hopers like Genk, Club Brugge and Salzberg find themselves in the draw. And please don’t come up with that bollocks about “earning the right to play”: Liverpool are currently “Champions of Europe” despite not having won their domestic championship for three decades! Football fans around the world want to see the biggest and best teams in this competition, not tiny European minnows who will just turn up, get beat… Read more »

Winterburns right wand

So you don’t think Liverpool should be crowned Kings of Europe after their somewhat decent team did for spuds in the champions league final, but we should be in the draw for the next champions league?


No: I’m saying that the principle of earning your way into the competition is false. A true Champions League would only feature the champions of each country. The fifth best team in England is better than the first in say Belgium so let’s just include the best teams in Europe irrespective of nationality. That would make the competition far more competitive, and attractive.

Paul Roberts

So it would no longer be the “European Champions League” then Fats?? The new name could be “Fat’s Best Teams League” ?? You are one of a kind mate! ???


Champions League name itself is flawed. If they called the current CL something like UEFA Money League, then it makes more sense.

Paul Roberts

Inclusivity. Nowt wrong with that imo. Got enough top teams in it…


“Isn’t the entire “Champions’ League” competition format a complete joke?”

no. your shtick is the joke, but it is worn thinner than a micron.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Are you pushing for the super league of big and rich clubs?


The breakaway European Super League is imminent…..


We had every chance of getting into the CL last season but we couldn’t even beat Palace at home (and funnily enough United have just failed to do the same). You can’t blame the “format”, we can’t have any complaints at all (apart from about the disastrous EL final) .


In fairness, as of today Crystal Palace was the last team to beat Liverpool at Anfield in the league and the last team to beat ManCity at Etihad in the league. The last team to beat MANU at OT in the league and the last team to beat Arsenal at Emirates in the league.
Not a bad effort from the Palace lads.

Crash Fistfight

Newcastle is the last team to beat Sp*rs at home, teehee.


That is a top top fact

SB Still

After the first few games, I’m looking forward to see Willock progress this season. He hasn’t looked out of place in that midfield.

I hope he is one of famed internal solutions, for sorting out our midfield, to support our obviously awesome frontline.

pierre lacapeppe

Sure, but that means you will have to dismiss 3 other capable guys at CAM: Mikhi, Ozil, Ceballos. (assuming pepe, laca, and auba take the front three spots).

Monsieur Bellerin

Just about to say too. It’s amazing that Willock is being talked about in the same capacity as Ozil/Micki/Ceballos/Pepe. Of course he’s not at that level but all down to his hard work this pre season.

Here’s hoping he has a belter season for us.


He’s looked class. And you’re right, the greatest compliment I could give him is that he looks like he’s played that position for us for years.

Lord Bendnter

I must say once again, we should have kept Eddie. I think he would have done good filling in for Lacazette

Paul Roberts

Must you? He’s doing rather well where he is no? ?


I didn’t realise Eddie was a dentist too ?

Paul Roberts

Sorry how did this turn into Champions League and baked beans? ?


My bad. Well, because the article is a non-story, and was submitted whilst the Champions League draw was taking place. And a front three of Aubameyang, Lacazette, and Pepe is Champions League quality (defence is maybe still Europa League though). And I didn’t actually say baked beans; fried Mexican taco beans work just as well.

Paul Roberts


Man Manny

Let’s test run that three-pronged assault weapon at the Emirates on Sunday.
With the ammunition suppliers from midfield, if it clicks, we could hit more than four this time.


Off topic, but I just saw that Nico Yennaris became a Chinese citizen (through his mother) and is playing for their national team now. Good on him! I wish him all the best. (He’s only 26, too. Makes you feel really, really old.)


Seems many who were shooting their mouths off about Lacazette not starting against Liverpool, were shooting their mouths off without knowing the full picture….

I love Emery’s directness, and he definitely doesn’t have any favourites….

On a separate note, this weeks Arsecast was the best I’ve listened too, well worth a listen, Gunnerblog tearing apart Arseblog’s viewpoint one blow at a time, it was brutal, but thoroughly enjoyable still ?

Olivije Žirod

For anyone who follows a little knew that he was injured as there were rumours on the evening before the game. The real issue was if he was fit to play why only bringing him on so late when didn’t matter anymore.


But if he wasn’t fit he wouldn’t be on the bench surely


I think we are all optimistic that we can play them together, the only question is if Emery has the balls to do it.


I’m slightly more concerned if a young DM, an unpredictable Greek, an even more unpredictable Brazilian and a guy who is already dreaming of Sangria and Paella can play together.

alex lacapeppe

i like how ozil is always the last name he mentions

Paul Roberts

In relation to the actual Arsenal post I am incredibly excited to hear Emery say we can play the front three together!! In relation to the Champions League and beans meandering has anyone considered a tin of beans and sausages on toast? ?

Thierry Bergkamp

Emery better start them all on Sunday!!


I suspect he will. North London derby, at home, disappointing result last week, Emery has to be aggressive and go for it.


So in other words, Laca will be benched

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Rubbish coach.. Can’t be trusted… are gradually killing my joy for arsenal Emery.. With your addicted inclusion of xhaka

And i suppose you’re the one who is addicted to the idea of ten Hag?

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Erik ten hag prove me right one day and show how good he is


Think Willock is the surprise package so far.
We know he has potential but he has so far shows guts and work rate to match


Don’t particularly like Tim Stillman analysis. I don’t think we are signing David Luiz for exquisite passing. We should be signing a defender first and foremost not another liability but older. In any case Mustafi use to put out deep passes from the back too. The whole play out the back strategy IMO is deeply flawed. Not bc it does not work on occasion but it is far too predictable when done all the time. And it played directly into the strengths and appetite of Liverpool. Playing around near our goal not only means less chance scoring a goal on… Read more »


Inserting much at the end of a sentence much do much for your self esteem much ? Much ?

Jean Ralphio

So Lacazette’s ankle is why he didn’t start against Liverpool?

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