Emery: Ozil and Kolasinac 100% ready mentally to play


Although some midweek illness casts doubt over Mesut Ozil’s participation for Saturday’s Premier League clash with Burnley, Unai Emery says the German and Sead Kolasinac are 100% mentally ready to play for the club again.

The duo were left out of last weekend’s 1-0 win over Newcastle because of ongoing concerns over their safety. However, after two men were arrested during the week, both returned to training and the Spaniard has no concerns about their ability to play if selected.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s first home game of the season, Emery was asked if they were mentally read to play, replying, “100 per cent. We think their mentality is good and their focus is with us. My focus is to be positive and I want to help them to live with normality.

“They came back to train with us on Tuesday. We had it off but they came back to start training. Mesut didn’t train yesterday with illness but he trained today.

“They are both good options, I will take the decision if they can be with us on Saturday, we will wait for tomorrow.

“I am pleased they are back, of course. For us, for me first they are a person, then a player. We continued in our way with all the players. When they are training consistently, it is good news for us because they can help us.

“It is positive that they are with us now. The club is working and helping them about their security. I am helping with them to focus on training and preparation.

“At the moment they are calm and the club is working with them.”

The fact they are in consideration suggests that some positive developments have been made to the overall situation, and that’s good news for the players and their families.

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Giuseppe Hovno

Fantastic new hope that’s the end of this nightmare


Would love to see Mesut with our new front three.

Pepe Le Piaow

Not sure we could play all four of them without losing balance or Ozil having to up his defensive work-rate and effectiveness significantly.


Agreed, with a front 3 like that you’d want more meat in midfield, a 433 makes more sense.

Olivije žirod

Midtable mentality.


Didn’t realize Man City and Liverpool were going to end up midtable ?

David C

Something like this for the game?

AMN Chambers Papa Monreal
Torreira Guen
Pepe Ozil Auba


Ozil in pre-season had definitely improved his defensive work rate.


david luiz should walk straight into our starting lineup. Need to get them in sync before pool and sp*rs game.

Tankard Gooner

Honestly mate, the exact lineup I want to see. Ceballos comes on later, he’ll need the minutes too.


Great lineup, pretty much what it’ll be I think. Except Ceballos may be further along in his fitness than Torreira. I also wonder if Ozil will start after reports he’s been sick. I see Ceballos starting either ahead of Ozil or Torreira


Sick note ozil

Mesut O’Neill

First day back to training & the guy is sick, couldn’t make it up.

The guy is a liability that is not worth our time & significant amount of money.

Pepe Le Pew

The romanticism around Ozil’s contribution, performances and ability baffles me. Is it short term memory or his marketing team is that good or is it pity for his misadventure? Happy for the person to be finally safe and sound but cannot wait to see the football player go to DC. Wish you well buddy but this is not working. It’s not you, it’s me…


If they can get through the sh*t they have been through then playing any football team is easy for them.


Let’s hope so.


Alhamdulilah you guys are safe.. Lets get 3 points against Burnley to build some momentum.


Very good news. I like how Emery stated that they are people first and players second, applause applause Emery. Too many think ‘professional footballers’ are just robots who need to just play regardless of circumstance.


Yes, that’s a fair point. There’s also a general image of the higher levels of the professional game is of very highly paid, almost pampered, players. Tabloid stories of huge houses, expensive cars, splashing the cash, or whatever, do give a particular public impression. When there’s bad news or tragedy, this impression can “blunt” what would be a “normal” reaction. Unfortunately, I don’t think that there’s much that can be done, but Arsenal have taken a sensible approach.

Flavoured Rice

Ozil illness again? He must have the immune system of a new born. Or could it be that the rumours of back problems are true? Either way, good to have everybody back soon and see them mesh with the new recruits.

I’ve a good feeling about this season !


“They came back to train with us on Tuesday. We had it off but they came back to start training. Mesut didn’t train yesterday with illness but he trained today.

I’m happy for the safety of both players but ffs ozil missed training yesterday due to illness , how weak is his immune system


I may be being ridiculously naïve or hopelessly optimistic, but I just have a gut feeling that Ozil is going to tear it up this season.


We hear it every season.


Funny that, Arsenal fans rooting for an Arsenal player!

If that concept is that unfamiliar to you, you may want to have a think of how you can “tear it up” as a supporter this season instead of being so negative 🙂


Ozil is back for the home game against lower league opposition. cough. ahem. sorry.


Yes of course the whole story of their security fears was totally made up. You should be sorry


Fuck off

Dave M

Not really sure why anyone down-voted that fuk-off…well-warranted


I’m certainly not a fan of Ozil, but I think that’s OTT. What about Kolasinac?


““They came back to train with us on Tuesday. We had it off”

Surely what they get up to behind closed doors should be kept secret?


I think we should be told. I feel a tabloid story coming on …

Tankard Gooner

I can see the headline: Ozil and Kolasinac draw moped gang to Colney on day off, SAS squad makes short work.


I read this with a basic fnarrr-type humorous response, then actually pictured emery saying it and lost a solid ten minutes laughing.


I hope that they’re both over the incidents. It’s also fortunate timing given the mounting injury list. In addition to Burnley, we’ve got two big tests coming up shortly with Liverpool and Spu*s so the more senior, experienced, players that become available now the better.


Ozil is also fuss and no play.. useless

Teryima Adi

Praise God they are safe, they and their entire family.


Lets get them on. With Iwobi gone, Nelson new to the right, would be great to develop and understanding between kolasinac and the youngster. All our best moves came out of left for a reason with iwobi AND Kolasinac last season. Now we have opportunity to add a Nelson-Kolasinac combination or Kolasinac-Tierney. And balance out on the right with Pepe-AMN eventually Pepe-Bellerin. There is also opportunity for Auba and young Martinelli out wide but the latter is even more raw and the striker we will need to rotate up top bc if one of Laca or Auba go out injuredor… Read more »

Tankard Gooner

Santori mate, couldn’t agree more about Ozil and what he brings to the table right now. Something tells me with the possibility of both auba and pepe on the wings might give ozil a chance to thrive. If we have a decently fast back four and two DMs parked in front of them, that should compensate on the press if ozil is still lacking in that respect (i thought there was some marked improvement in that aspect in preseason). With both bellerin and tierny integrating as our full backs and holding coming back in some weeks time gives me hope… Read more »

Tankard Gooner

What, now you’re moderating me for agreeing with Santori? That’s a little harsh on him…

Dave M

Like we discussed the other day…can’t freaking wait to see Ozil playing with a trio up front of Auba/Laca/Pepe…[drools a little]

Paul Roberts

He loves a bestie does our Mesut I wonder if Flam has been in touch? I hope so…


Good news. Hope that’s the end of it for them


I’m so glad they’re back


Came to the comments section just to read all the Ozil I’ll again jokes


Ill..damn autocorrect