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Video: Dani Ceballos v Burnley – August 17th 2019

Not sure who made this, but it’s a nic compilation of Dani Ceballos’ performance against Burnley in the 2-1 win at the Emirates earlier today.


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D1 x

It sad his a loan and the better his performance the more Madrid will want to keep him, just sad


Seriously?? An individual performance like that and you can’t just enjoy it?? If you’re watching football through such a negative lense I’d suggest finding a new hobby mate…

Paul Roberts

I bet you are fun at parties??


Don’t be sad because it will end. Be happy because it happened.


Wonderfully put my friend ?


Who knows. Of the fans get behind him and he enjoys his time in London, and we get CL football next year, maybe he’ll consider staying on. Of course Madrid can refuse but if the player really wants to stay that would help any negotiation for a potential purchase.
Probably we’d need Zidane to keep his job too since I understand they didn’t quite see eye to eye.


Is it me or does it seem like it’s more common for players to permanently move to their loan clubs at the end of season? I mean you’ve got Tielemans, and umm, that one guy. Ok maybe not that many, but it’s possible!

D1 x

Okay I am happy! Give me a break , I just really want him to grow with this crope of talented players , that’s all!!


What a performance! Skill, determination, vision, class. As with others, he’s gonna take time to adapt to the physicality of the game here… which means he’s just gonna get better 🙂 Midfield of him, Gwen and Willock looked class. Will mesut and xhaka get back in the team for next week??


Good point. Although there were glimpses of their rawness here and there.
Both Ozil and Xhaka will definitely go out of their comfort zone

Kran Stoenke

Guendouzi and willock don’t offer much in terms of creativity and arsenal constantly got dominated in midfield and didn’t manage to keep any meaningful possession there. They were both tidy and didn’t make mistakes but either need to learn to play a long ball or, switch play, just make things happen instead of looking clueless when they move forward and crab passing.


Wow did you watch a different match? Our midfield (all 3) were the platform for our victory.
Sure Dani C. was the star, but the others worked really well too. I didn’t see the cluelessness, negativity or ‘being constantly dominated’ that you mention.
I’m pretty sure if Joe and Matteo had been so poor we would have lost the game!




His passing, his industry, his shot, his dribbling abilities, his crossing, damn! We are looking at a special player.

I really hope he goes ahead to fulfill what is clearly a massive potential.


Controversial take, but he’s not a “special” player. Don’t misunderstand me, he’s a brilliant footballer, who doesn’t enjoy watching players who are technically very sound, have some flair and are combative (Nelson is in the same mould, he was unlucky not to be on the score sheet today that boy will catch fire soon). But I think if you watch the top midfielders in Europe right now, you’ll see that those attributes are kind of just the “minimum” expectation. To be “special” you then need to go on and do what guys like Bernardo and David Silva, De Bruyne, Modric,… Read more »

Kran Stoenke

The same person who claims ceballos isn’t special has the odacity to say “Nelson will catch fire soon” after such a dire anonymous performance vs the likes of fooking Burnley lmao. Ceballos the player of the u21wc and Nelson in the same mould give me a break, I know it’s only gljt opinion but gosh mate, that’s a terrible opinion if I’ve seen any


Hahaha wtf, Odacity? Looks like someones heard a new word on Tele, thought it sounded cool and smart and now you’re overly keen to use it eh? Where’s the audacity (correct spelling btw champ) in suggesting a guy who had a well taken goal chalked off for Monreal being a foots breadth offside will soon score or assist? And again with using words when you’ve clearly got a tenuous grasp at best on their meanings; what about that performance from Nelson was either dire or anonymous? Using overly dramatic words doesn’t add any validity to your point. It actually just… Read more »


Haha calm down no need to dig him out, Champ.

As per the original comment I agree he seems to be a special player. I don’t think he has to be one of the best in the world in his position (a la David and Bernardo Silva, Modric, De Bruyne etc) to qualify for that title. Promising signs from the first game, clearly a lot of potential. He may get to that aforementioned category of world beaters at some stage but no one can judge for better or better worse after one game.


Just as an aside – De Bruyne is from another planet. His passing yesterday seemed impossible. Just when he has an injury year and you kind of forget about him, he goes and has that kind of performance. Sorry, just unapologetically in love with KDB. The man is a football genius in truest sense of the word.

Paul Roberts

What a first start for the Arsenal!! What a player!


That’s what I call FUCKIN Excellent


no option to buy is there??

Paul Roberts

We could offer him Ozil’s wages next season??


If player likes it here, he will make the move happen. If he has his heart set on Madrid, then its his club.

He could want to move and be the main man with us, rather be a bench option in a stacked Madrid midfield.

Donald's Trump

Is RM midfield stacked? They’re all in their 30s


This player will be worth buying at any price next season. He has a class shirt, likes the love of fans. London > Madrid. We might just be able to get him. If not, what a stellar season he will have for us, and get us into Champions League for sure.



It Is What It Is

Yeeeeeeess, because the Arsenal are in London. Duuuh


London>Madrid means London is more than Madrid, ie London is better than Madrid


Although maybe you realised that but disagree?


Do you realize he’s Spanish


So is Bellerin and he’s got part cockney accent.


He may be Spanish but he has Arsenal DNA now.


Such a good player I wish we had an option to buy at the end of his loan deal.

Merlin’s Panini

Well, although there isn’t one in the contract, if we make the Champions League at the end of this season we might put ourselves in a position where we can afford him and where he might be interested in joining permanently. He’ll have had an enjoyable year and that might make him want more. If Zidane still doesn’t fancy him (and he does seem to be quite stubborn about the players he likes) it might all work out very well for us. If we don’t get him at the end he could at least go down as the best loan… Read more »

Fart Overjars

The prospect of dani and ozil linking up is making me salivate like a dirty dog.

Given balance seems to be a slight concern do we think this might be a bit fanciful? Two attacking midfielders would put a lot of pressure on the other to cover the space and protect the defence.

Saying that danis workrate off the ball was terrific to see today

Paul Roberts

I think Ozil is not getting back into this team.

Fart Overjars

Do you say that because of the other options in midfield or because of his links away with the club?

Id be sad to see him go given the possibility of link ups with the new guys


For once, I would like to see how Ozil play feeding the PAL upfront.


Absolutely. Ozil ahead of Ceballos and Torreira would be the closest we’ve had to what was a promising mix of Ozil, Cazorla and Coq. I’m excited.
Queue a confirmed move for Ozil to DC Utd!!


Cue …

Paul Roberts

Better options in the middle mate.


Yeah I don’t think so either, there’s too much going against him and I think he’d just make us too soft in midfield. Rather, I think Emery will experiment with adding Torreira in the mix to give us more steel.


A pleasure to watch today, had me on my feet when he was taken off. We’ve got some really exciting ingredients in the mix for this season, we could be properly shit hot going forward once everyone settles in ??


What a player….hes like Ramsey on steriods! If we leave Europe in October, take his passport so he cant leave the UK. Easy……?




Has a little bit of Carzola in him. What a guy!


Not Santi but who is. Fantastic Full debut. Great technical ability but i loved his fight and energy. He looks lightweight but he gets stuck in more than most


Wow, very impressive, we’ve missed those skills. How CSC we manipulate a way for him to stay?


Wow, I can’t recall such an eye-opening performance by an Arsenal midfielder, let alone on his full debut! It’s fitting we’ve given him Santi’s song. Silky technique, high work rate, good vision, decent shot, nice corners, pressing. Baller. More please. It was nice to see him get a well deserved ovation.

PS The lad is a quick learner too. He’s now avoiding the intial goal celebration huddle forever ?


Hes got everything just like Vieria when he played. Hes way better than Ramsey. Wow…..


What a pair of magic feet. The boy put on a showcase today. Looked like the Energizer Bunny out there.


He played a great game yesterday. Very Cazorla-esque. Which is quite the compliment.


Actually a combo of Cazorlas skills and Ramseys engine


That touch on 1.53!!!!


Santi Cazorla reincarnated <3 <3 #pleasedontleaveus


He’s falling in love with London 😉


From what I understand he doesn’t have the best relationship with Zidane (true of a lot of Madrid players actually). And Madrid still very much want Pogba, if not this summer then next. So, maybe I’m just trying to convince myself here, but maybe, just maybe we could get a Cebellos deal over the line. You just never, ever know…


I’d like to see a crack down on professional fouls. I don’t mind them, they form part of the game but yellow cards have to come out for all this holding and grabbing. When you have a player like Ceballos, it is bad for the game (even for FIFA’s precious “product”) to stop exiting play and quick feet with a hug or grab every time.


Who knows who Madrid will want to sign next summer and balancing their books by selling Ceballos might be part of what they plan to do?

He’s isn’t going to come cheap and we probably couldn’t have afforded a permanent deal this past window, so we’re having a test drive and so far it’s going great.

See where we are in January perhaps?

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