Thursday, September 29, 2022

Your periodic reminder about commenting on Arseblog News

Hey folks, a little bit of housekeeping regarding commenting here on Arseblog News.

The first thing I’ll says is that we absolutely welcome people’s comments and opinions on this site. It’s an important – and very often entertaining – part of this community. We want people to be able to express themselves, and for people to discuss and debate with them.

Whether it’s talking about a match, a player, the owner, the opposition, a player rating you don’t agree with, or anything else, your view is something we welcome.

If you haven’t already read, or are not familiar with our comment policy – please check it out now, and please adhere to it.

For the sake of making things really clear though, there are some things you definitely should not do.

  • Do not be racist
  • Do not be sexist
  • Do not be misogynistic
  • Do not be homophobic
  • Do not use the word ‘yid’ in any context
  • Do not discriminate based on anyone’s religion or sexuality
  • Do not make personal attacks on other commenters or authors on the site

Remember, this is a website for all Arsenal fans, wherever they come from, whatever they look like, whoever their God is or isn’t, and we will ensure that it remains that way. If your comments fall foul of our comment policy, we’ll put you in moderation. If they continue in that vein, we will not allow you to comment.

As a side issue: I am aware that some of you who don’t do anything to contravene the rules can get caught in the moderation queue. It’s hard to explain why that happens, but we try and release comments as quickly as we can and we apologise for the inconvenience. If you find that happening, please email us and we can look into it for you to try and find a solution.

Most of all though – and this is the golden rule – just don’t be an asshole. Don’t call people names because you disagree with their point of view. You can ignore them, give them the thumbs down, or debate with them, but try and interact with each other like you’re speaking face to face, rather than via the relative anonymity of the Internet. Speak to other people like you’d like to be spoken to yourself. We’re bombarded with assholes every day of the week via the news, let’s make this an asshole free zone as much as possible.

The world out there is crazy enough right now, and we all need somewhere to go to take our minds off all that awfulness. We’re determined to keep Arseblog News that kind of place. We’ve noticed a little rise in low-level nastiness on certain stories and we want to nip that in the bud as quickly as possible.

Finally, we need you guys to help out if and when somebody crosses the line. We can’t monitor all the comments all the time, so if you see somebody whose comment is one of the DO NOTS, please just let us know and we’ll take a look. We’ve added some functionality, a little flag icon which allows you to report comments which are contrary to our comment policy.

We do appreciate all your comments, the new season has begun well, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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“Golden rule – don’t be an asshole” should be just the one thing written in every religious texture.


Could be the only rule as well. Contains all the “DO NOTS” already.


The first. or maybe in the preamble


Assholes. Pffft – I can’t stand those guys. Jerks.


I’d swap it for the one about neighbours wives… my neighbour is punching well above his weigh the jammy git


Yeah! Or like Jim Jeffries puts it: “Try not to be a cunt..”


Reads article about comments getting out of hand – Immediately mentions religion. ?


Might be painfully obvious to everyone but me, but is there a “report this post” button anywhere?


Top right corner of your comment there is that flag (press on it and the options will appear)

Kartik Iyer

Maybe you mean “don’t be an Arsehole”..eehhh?


Don’t be an asshole can be very subjective and open to interpretation. Especially when discussing topics in text form were certain people’s tones can be taken out of context depending on what the reader understands.

Which is why I’m all for saying wtf you want so long as you’re not being racist and or inciting violence.

Martin L. E.

I dont believe that it is subjective and open to interpretation. Most rational normal people know when they cross that line.
And the ones who dont, well…theres a word for it, I just dont remember.


I think the main issue we have here are people that are lambasting the same player week in week out regardless of the performance and are building up a bit of a hate campaign. This has certainly shone through over the last week.

Strange how in the same period of time our former captain leaves and makes a mug of us on his new clubs promotional video. ‘Tis a strange world.


Good point


be Racy
be Sexy
be mr optimistic
be homosapien
use diy skills in a home context
discriminate based exclusively on planet of origin *
make compliments


As some one who has been caught in the awaiting moderation limbo hell… Can confirm after Emailing them, the arseblog team looked into the issue asap

Hopefully you guys see this comment, as it might be awaiting moderation lol…


haha that comment actually was awaiting moderation!!

Upamecano but downalego

Since I changed my username for the new season all my comments have been moderated, despite me being a really nice geezer ?

… Well, on here anyway, it’s not like you lot have seen my map of where all the bodies are or anything…?


I think the moderation software is just jealous of how amazingly good your new user name is.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Is that because you used the words “moderation” and “emailing” ?
Also, when I use words that are not regularly used here, the comment gets directly under moderation.

Upamecano but downalego

It could well be, Eternal. Certainly the ‘m’ word haha! Does feel like some just get randomly pulled though. Very frustrating when getting into a decent discussion only to have to wait up to 24hours for yours to appear, usually puts me off commenting for a few days as it’s felt like a royal waste of time.

Das Gooner

I read the speech bubble in the voice Andrew puts on when he reads #Sarriout tweets. Very entertaining.

#Lampardout 🙂




Lampard is working for me so far



Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Taking David Luiz from them was a brilliant thing to do.


So, for all of the above reasons, does this mean that John Terry is banned from this website?


I would hope so, although they will just be some among many. You could abandon all the above completely and still come up with a long list of reasons with little effort.


Yes JT contravenes all of the above


JT is a cun*


Wasn’t he already?


Can I call spud a shitty club, call John Terry names (asshole) and dislike Harry Maguire`s head? If I can do all of this here then I have NO problems


This article screams ‘SANTORI, stop writing rhetoric essays which make no sense from start to finish!’


Oh boy… Prepare yourself for an essay ?


Santori is erm, shall we say generous with his words?

But he’s a gent, never gets abusive or unpleasant and doesn’t even react to all the criticism he gets. Don’t think any of this refers to him


That makes sense too. Cheers for the clarification


I avoided mentioning him for that specific reason.
His tenacity is endearing though.
And very much a part of the arseblog community.


Man, I love those. Never read them, yet would be sad if they weren’t here.


Spot on.

Arseblog is the few minutes a day of my life that steer clear of the vile abusive hatred that is found elsewhere on the internet and the world. It has no place on here.

Stay classy, and always continue to laugh at Sp*rs, Arseblog.


This is the world we now live in. Not so long ago it would have been inconceivable that some of the comments we now see regularly would ever dared be posted. The club had an ethos unique enough to make us all proud. And part of that pride was implicit ethical conduct. Now we have reprobates and populists in high office and fringe commentators able to pen fictions and bile with apparent impunity. Problems might always have been with us, but they knew their boundaries. Now they’ve been given licence to see the light of day and sunshine doesn’t cut… Read more »


Populists = democracy

Or it’s an insult if your Tony Blair and you don’t get what you want


Hope Arseblog can also allow our honest comments about the attitude of Mesut Ozil. The guy only runs PR to stay relevant at Arsenal. The trend looks far too similar


Great example actually – your comment breaks no rules, and people can show their disapproval of it by downvoting. System working well I’d say.


Blogs – please add a report post button. I don’t actually know how I’d let you know about a bad comment at the moment…


“Don’t write a blog of your own as a comment.”


You are all wrong and deludid. Mustafi is a top class defender.


Unless you are Rambling Pete. What happened to him?

McDougall of Adam

Been reading and listening for years and literally just realised comments existed! Good God! Or just good! No judgement! Not a biblical day of judgement anyway!! More Arsenal entertainment for me! Allelujah!!


and dont trying to make scapegoats between our players…

The Spoon

It’s a sad world we live in when you have to have to tell people this stuff. Humans got this far by working together, now we are all t**ts to each other. The Internet has created a new breed of sad horrible individuals, or at least let them have a platform they can be brave on.


Good. Noted

My Cousin Vinai

FFS blogs can’t believe you gave Ramsey an 8 again, he was invisible. Obviously your bloody favourite.

Goonerooni 48

Thank you for this post Blogs. It is most welcome.


I was caught in the moderation queue. I think it was because I used the word “good” in the same sentence as “Mustafi” (although I’m sure that I hadn’t connected the two in any way).


Gotta hand it to the Arseblog crew, the running of this site is masterful.

Don’t mind getting caught in moderation every so often, as longs it keeps this space free of asshole-ery


I’m still amazed, and saddened that in this multicultural society we live this has to be set on a periodic reminder!

Martin L. E.

Im not. You should see the comments section in the news sites around here…
More and more news outlets are closing them down.
Arseblog comments section is actually the most classy and reasonable comments section I know of.
Just goes to show we got class! (I can brag of us because I dont see all the messages that get deleted! Hehe)

Wenger In N Out

Can i still call Mourinho a twat from time to time?


Mourinho a twat from time to time? Isn’t he one all the time?


Arseblog news is a relatively asshole free space but I get that we can’t rest on our oars.
For every law there’s an exception though and John Terry is still a cunt.


Could our supporters stop using the 5th banned word in that very amusing chant/song please.


OK noted

Sussex Goon

I love everyone if they’re a Gooner. Except maybe Osama Bin Ladin as he was bad, very very bad.

Good Ebening I will Espain

What if I’m a respectful Arsehat?


Can you explain what you mean by Misogynistic and the extent to which it isn’t covered by the “do not be sexist” rule? If misogyny is defined as “woman hating” why do you not have a rule against “man hating”? Also, why do you you call out homophobia separately? Surely this is covered by the stricture against discriminating based on sexuality.

I appreciate and agree with the sentiment but if you are asking posters to be measured in tbeir comments you need to make sure you get your language right too.

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