Going in at half-time 2-1 down, it felt bad but a decent fight back in the second period saw Arsenal take a point against the old enemy at home today.

Goals from Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang helped offset more individual mistakes/stupidity which continue to cost us goals. We’ve conceded 6 goals in 4 games, and we really need to start to improve on this because you can’t win games of this difficulty if you give the opposition gifts.

Read the report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.


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i wanted to hope. i wanted to believe the pundits. but no. side show might just be a downgrade on mustafi. d’oh.


No one is a down grade on Mustafi. That said Xhaka is becoming as much of a liability.


From the bbc
“Since his Premier League debut in August 2016, no player has conceded more penalties in the competition than the five by Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka.”

Becoming? Is I think

Michael Bolton Wanderers

He’s actually conceded more penalties than mustafi.. Oh Captain my Captain




That doesn’t include the other half a dozen goals he gives away with his brainfart ball losses.

And to anyone who thinks Xhaka can compare favorably or even similarly to Arteta, or Henderson, or Alonso, get a fucking grip. He’s a European Charlie Adam with all his teeth still, he’s not some mercurial deep lying playmaker, he’s a clodding hatchet man with a decent left foot; Charlie Adam.


He cost more than Kante…..


That’s got nothing to do with anything. They play different roles.


Xhaka is practically Mustafi in midfield.


Mustafi 2.0


Xhaka is the midfield mustafi

My Cousin Vinai

In a game where he once again was our best defender?
Maybe it’s time for blogs to start questioning Sokratis legitimacy as a starter, as I’ve suspected will happen this season. Is he really better than Chambers? Not so sure.

SB Still

I think his handbags near the touch line, late in the 2nd half, when we had them on the ropes broke up the pressure.

Tony Adams Nose

You’re correct and Atkinson fell for it.


I don’t agree. First, the pressure eased up because we didn’t have the legs at the end. Players were sapped from the effort. How many moves did Miki waste? Alexis would have sunk at least half of those cutting in from the left.

Second. We were soft throughout and were getting bundled off the ball easily. I like it when our players square up. There’s a culture of raising arms and pleading to the ref in this team which I don’t particularly like. This is a derby and Papa had a point to prove after his first half mistake.


Sokratis remains our best central defender. He is a very good tackler and interceptor. He is also very quick, in a defense that lacks speed. Today was the first error I can recall from him that cost us a goal against.

Dave Cee

If Sokratis is our best defender then we are in for a long season. He is impulsive and reckless and a red card or penalty waiting to happen. I like his shithousery to an extent but I.d rather see Chambers given a chance.


That’s hogwash. Papa is twice as good as Chambers. I don’t playing him next to Luiz makes sense though.

Make Arsenal Great Again

This is all I know, the defending for the first goal is absolutely stupid from both central defenders. They displayed a shocking lack of situational awareness. The second Holding is healthy enough to play, he needs to go straight into the starting line up. I don’t care which one of Sokratis or Luiz sits.

Mayor McCheese

What did Side Show do wrong today?

100% tackle rate!

My Cousin Vinai

Somehow part of blame for an error wholly owned by Sokratis. Almost feels like…he isn’t liked by blogs.


I really like Blog’s musings but it is interesting to see the extent to which he influences the readers in terms of his views of certain players.


exactly what averts me more and more from being a regular at this blog. just dare and say anything against his opinion and you’ll be downvoted.
just have a look at kolašinac. poor guy is not the greatest left back/winger but he’s made no mistakes against sp*rs. was stormibg on the left side and even provided goalworthy pass at the 54th secnd of the game and he got graded 4 from blogs. laughing my arse of.

pierre lacapeppe

he had a mustafi moment for the first spurs goal, repeating the same mistake he did when defending Salah in previous game.

North Bank

Pierre. Kolasinac didn’t play against Liverpool. Monreal did!
But hey ho. Fickle fans with fickle memories.
Have their favourites to praise and favourites to pick on.
No one picks on certain favourites

Glen Helders left foot

The first goal was very poor from Sokratis but Leno was attrocious, should of pushed it further wide then looked like he’d cement in his pants trying to get back up


on TV it looked as if Sikratis was going for commanding header wich granit totaly misread. so both goals were mistakes of Xhaka

Fireman Sam

Luiz was shit for the first spuds goal. Watch it again and see his positioning, his immediate reaction and his half-arsed pace to chase back.

Dave Cee

Sokratis had no business being anywhere near that header. He probably distracted Xhaka as well as leaving himself totally out of position. Dreadful defending from an experienced international. And tops it off by just letting Eriksen jog off him for a tap in


I also think xhaka is the one to blame for the first goal. Papa was going for the header and got distracted by xhaka making a half attempt to win the ball and ended putting papa off. Xhaka too slow for the deep lying/holding role. He should have been taken off asap

North Bank

Anthony. Okay Xhaka distracted Sokratis for the header (allegedly), but was it Xhaka that told him to jog back to block the tap in from Erikssen?
That’s what makes me not come to this website… knobs like you lot that once you’ve got your teeth into a player (ie.Xhaka Mustafi Iwobi etc) you won’t let go

North Bank

Knob of a head wetnob

wright gangsta

I’d say the first goal is significantly more David Luiz’s fault then Sokratis’s. Sokratis goes for a header upfield, which is something that CB need to do. His attempt to get it is half arsed, yes, but still the idea to go for that header is fine. But what does David Luiz decide to do, AFTER he sees that his CB partner has left his position? He gets tilted and just runs out of position as well. That is ludicrous, childish decision making. If at that moment he just drops off in a line, nothing comes of that attack.


He ran out of position trying to clean up for Xhaka/Sokratis’ missed header.

There’s a really good argument for playing a back 3, however that would see us cede some control in the midfield. Potentially could be negated by Luiz pushing forward into the midfield and Laca dropping back.

Kiran Krishnamurthy/Goodebemeyang

One thing is for certain. Guendouzi is going to be huge for us, a nightmare for the cunts.



Xhaka over Kola in LB


Papa is not in our current best center back pairing

pierre lacapeppe

no doubt our best player tonight. if only he can shoot..


I know, he is so forward thinking, hardly ever a backwards pass. I’d rather him than pogba.


We may have passed the “going to be” stage of things! Massive performance. Looks so poised this season.


Different season. Same people. Same shit. Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Kolasinac. We know what they do. No more. We’ve seen what they have to offer. And it’s not fit to wear the badge.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Don’t let Kolasinac hear you…


I’ll just say it in our box when the opposition are attacking. He’ll be miles away.

Number one penny


In all seriousness. When Niles tried so hard to cover for the first goal he was just jogging along.

Jimbo Jones

I think it’s clear we need to move on from Xhaka now, there was a lot of talk – from people I tend to think have sensible views – before the match about the qualities and experience he brings but to give away that penalty is ridiculous. He kills the rhythm of this team continuously, whether through dickhead moments or just slow speed of thought. If his experience is of continuously messing up, it’s not what we need. Mkhitaryan looks finished at the very top level. He has since he joined us to be honest. I thought Kolasinac has a… Read more »

Clive Q

Spot on


This relentless belittling of our players is counterproductive. It’s as if the Wenger Out troll finding new use for their thumbs. I wonder why some people here even bother supporting Arsenal. As if they are fucking 100% perfect all the time in the shitty low paying jobs they hold.

North Bank

Dead right Jimbo

Jimbo Jones

I think it’s clear we need to move on from Xhaka now, there was a lot of talk – from people I tend to think have sensible views – before the match about the qualities and experience he brings but to give away that penalty is ridiculous. He kills the rhythm of this team continuously, whether through dickhead moments or just slow speed of thought. If his experience is of continuously messing up, it’s not what we need. Mkhitaryan looks finished at the very top level. He has since he joined us to be honest. I thought Kolasinac has a… Read more »


Mate, if you were at the game (no patronising meant) you would see just how often he is unconscionably out of position. We were lucky not to be punished on multiple occasions.

pierre lacapeppe

kolasinac was brilliant today. any full backs will be caught out in a counter attack. the CM’s are supposed to cover.

Jimbo Jones

HH.. I was there, block 19. Fair point and I take it he was high up a lot but spurs were pretty narrow in how they set up and I don’t think his positioning was our downfall today.

He is far from perfect, don’t get me wrong, and we’ll need Tierney to hit the ground running but just think today he was pretty good.


Sorry. Stupid assumption on my part. Yeah, I get you. Often his final ball is pretty grim too, given the positions he gets in. He seems to smash it across the box over and over without ever picking out a man.

So yeah, don’t like him attacking. Hate him defending. Not a good combo.

Jimbo Jones

HH very true that!


He nearly made that 40 yard screamer. Loris had to make a great save.

John Lavery

Here is an idea, maybe solving two problems with one simple move Shaka to the bench, Luiz in his place and Chambers/Holding into Centre back. What could go wrong?


You have to wonder what was in Emery’s mind when he decided to to put on Mikhitarian, there were a couple of footballers on the bench that would have been more use than the liability that Mikhi has become. Somebody please ask Mr Emery at his next press conference!

Fireman Sam

Kola was very decent in attack again. He’s a beast and he’s surprisingly quick. He’s got energy and power and if we don’t have some players like that we’ll be pushed around. Like the rest of our defence he needs some actual defensive coaching and discipline!


Willock or Ozil would’ve been my top choices.


Kolasinac doesn’t deserve that kind of hyperbolic abuse. Xhaka and mkhitaryan were both woeful today to be sure.


So frustrating to come out in such a massive game with a mistake like that by Leno. Oh and Xhaka was shocking, as well as the Mkhi substitution by Emery. Still, a lot of character shown today and Guendouzi was fabulous. Played with no fear and very few mistakes. Laca shows great heart always and works his tail off. Pepe will be frustrated at least one didn’t go in today. At Watford in two weeks won’t be easy.

Mayor McCheese

Though you can appreciate the tactical reason for putting on Mkhitaryan. Honestly, I think Emery was as shocked as we were how poorly he played!

pierre lacapeppe

wtf did miki do wrong?


Were you watching? He flubbed almost every ball he touched.


Cheese – I note your stony silence in defence of your best mate Xhaka? Yet only last week you were singing his praises and drowning his critics in patronising sarcasm?

Mayor McCheese

Erm. Have a read through my comments today, since you care so much about what I post here. I’ve spent a fair amount of time talking about Xhaka. His justification for selection at Liverpool was warranted, and I won’t go back on that.


I rest my case re the sarcasm.

SLC Gooner

There was a tactical reason to put on an attacker. But it should have been Ozil, Willock or Nelson. Mkhi needs to be relegated to the Europa and Carabao Cup matches.

Peter Story Teller

Better still a different team!


Good game today; with better defending we could taken 3 points. I think the best way to cushion all three of our attacking trident into the starting eleven is with Laca at the top of a midfield diamond. Auba gets to play centrally and Laca’s work rate is pretty brilliant so can give a lot to the midfield.

pierre lacapeppe

or use laca as extra midfielder at LW


Things we learned.
Laxazette is a real class striker compared to Kane the dolphin.
Guendouzi is going to kill it in that midfield for years to come.
Slowly we’re gonna get that edge over spuds and put them back in their place.
We’re slowly ironing out our squad, a couple more windows and we’ll be good to go.


Things we never learn:

How we need defenders back even when we’re attacking.
There’s no need to dive into tackles, especially in the area.
Having a shot is not a bad thing.

'L' incoming

We knew all that…but in all seriousness, is there a player with better shooting ability than Kane? in this league I don’t think..in the world maybe?

Kimbinx Abraxas


Fireman Sam

Did you say “shooting ability” or “diving ability”?


Guendouzi take a bow
Xhaka take a vow
-never slide in the penalty area

Great game, Guendouzi MotM no question


he shouldn’t ever be nearer than 30 meters from our goal, seriously


Leno is such an odd player. I have no idea how to rate him.

pierre lacapeppe

terrific today. no bad passes, no mistakes handling crosses. spectacular diving saves.


Have you seen the game ? Had quite a few straight out of bounds.. he doesnt convince me


He’s still very suspect. Dodgy on crosses and still doesn’t command his area. He’s a good shot stopper but was badly at fault with the first goal. Will always regret that Wenger allowed Szczesny to leave. He’s now regarded as the best keeper in Serie A

Parlour’s Pay Packet

How Kane avoided a yellow for the dive I’ll never know, it’s criminal


He’s English


England Captain, no less.


How does that make any difference?


England captain. The precedent was set by Shearer telling the FA he wouldnt go to thena97 world cup if they banned him for trying to take Neil Lennons head off on the touchline. He knows he’s untouchable. Fucking ridiculous but then the FA is exactly that. These are the people who managed to spend nearly a billion on building a stadium on the site if a stadium so why would we look for a reasoned, logical approach.


2 unforced errors cost us the game today. Xhaka very very poor. But Leno was also decidedly iffy. He should easily have saved that shot for their first goal and he continues to look suspect when under pressure. Blogs a bit harsh on Kolasinac’s performance.

My Cousin Vinai

Felt that too, harsh on Luiz and Kola


Thought Luis was pretty composed tbh


Surely xhaka can not be more costly than Ozil, Mihki can not be less of a liability than Ozil as well. So why is the ruthlessness from Emery being applied selectively? Errors are a part of the game, but when they happen this often, from one player….and he gets rewarded with the captaincy. We have the best forward 3 we have had in a long long time but we start a home game, against our most hated rivals with 3 defense minded midfielders on the pitch. And we still concede! 2 nil down by half time. I am all for… Read more »


Ozil doesn’t put in the defensive work that Miki does (although we really should be playing Nelson at this point) so in a game like this I suspect miki was brought on as a “safer” option. That said it’s clear that our best midfield going forward is some combination of willock, Guendouzi, Torreira & Ceballos who I hope we find a way to sign permanently. While the squad still has areas it needs upgrading, we’ve made a lot of progress the past 2 years in that regard. It’s vital we make top 4 this year and with Chelsea & united… Read more »


I’d add chambers to the mix if holding is fit, he would give us better protection than that stick called xhaka


Gee, is Xhaka an ass kisser?


Xhaka has not been made club captain, and there’s a reason for that. Emery dropped Ozil, and rightly, he’s frozen out Mustafi, and rightly, and I really doubt he’ll stick with Xhaka needlessly when he makes errors like that and we have other options he has faith in.


Yes, really hard on Kola – he was not brilliant, but he was grand.

pierre lacapeppe

he was great. almost got an assist if not for the offside

Fireman Sam

Sead was good. Laca is my first name on the starting sheet. Luiz poor for the first spuds goal but made up for it later with some crucial interceptions and tackles.

Pepe exciting to watch and Ceballos confident and clever on the ball. We were the better team and should have got all 3 points if Granit could only have subdued his inner Bruce Lee.


Harsh on Kola but otherwise spot on Blogs. You say we don’t score that equalizer with Auba on the wing (I don’t necessarily agree) but we wouldn’t have scored our first with Laca on the bench either.

Woolwich Shepherd

Kola was decent going forward. Good crosses. Everyone in the world knows Mkhitaryan wants to put it on his right foot. So one-dimesnional.


And utterly crucial to the final outcome was that first, indeed??!

Papa's smile

Blogs being harsh on Kola not for the first time. He’s been quite consistent in that quite a while.


I fully understand relying on experience over youth when it comes to making substitutions but why the hell is mkhi the go to guy?

A is for Arsenal

Really weird decision by Emery when game was ours for the taking. Ozil or Willock would have offered do much more.


Bonus rating bonus: 0/10 for Atkinson not booking Kane for said dive


Atkinson was otherwise almost embarrassingly kind to Arsenal tonight.

Tony Adams Nose

He couldn’t give Kane a pen for that as he never gave us one for Rose’s man handling of Pepe which was far worse.


Agreed, Xhaka could have easily been sent off really.


Kola falling arse over tit after bombing into the penalty box at the speed of light sums him up.

Bartłomiej Segar

I like Mkhitaryan but he’s just not working properly in Arsenal shirt. He should leave in January giving space for youngsters. Xaka is so good at times and at times he’s playing like some kind of retarded no-brainer. Should be left as a backup for Guendouzi and Torreira.

Good match in overall, great pace, loved watching it. We’re clearly better than chickens.


He is only good when we face the lower teams. Our team played well in the first two games without him? Remember?


Seems harsh on Kolasinac. He made some things happen down the left. Matteo MOTM no question.


Not harsh at all, when he has space ahead of him, he goes and crosses, that’s about the only use we have for him. He can’t defend, and he can’t play passes. If he does pass it’s most often backwards, even sideways is complicated for him because he can’t keep the ball under pressure and can’t dribble if his life depended on it.

Man Manny

There is a very good team emerging at the Emirates but it needs to be rid of Xhaka and one of the two CB pairings.
Tierney, Holding and Bellerin’s imminent return will help.


I saw Mavropanos do a nifty little back heel pass on the Arsenal training video. That’s something we want to see as we pass out from the back right?


I really can’t wait for those players to come back. I think Guendouzi and Torreira will become the pairing this season, the fight is just on for who plays with them.


Harsh on kola. He was great during second half. And did nothing wrong.
I can t believe guendouzi is only 20. What à player. I was very critical of emery for playing him so much last year but he proves me wrong. He step up his game very high.

Tony Adams Nose

Kola needs a 3 at the back formation. Then he can do what he does best and bomb down the wing. He can’t defend for shit.


The manager needs more credit for how much Guendouzi has improved since he arrived


Guendouzi was Boss today

Woolwich Shepherd

Four games in and Pepe looks to be a good signing. Gave the ball away cheaply at the end, but otherwise caused lots of problems for Sp*rs. You can sense the goals are coming. Feeling regretful for the departure of Monreal. Would have been a better back up to Tierney. Kola was decent going forward but not the steady hand needed in defense.


When you’re 1-0 down early on, you try and fucking stay in the game, at least until half time. You don’t recklessly slide in inside the box to give away a stupid penalty and with it the match. Anyone with half a brain would know and be aware of this, especially an experienced captain of the team. Unfortunately for us Xhaka doesn’t look like he has the brains nor the mobility to play for us in midfield. He’s like the Mustafi of our midfield. Error prone and without the intelligence to learn from such errors.

John C

I know he’s a youngster that’s come through the academy but AMN was pretty bad today, dribbled passed again in the build up to their penalty and constantly out of position, Bellerin can’t return quick enough. Major error of judgement by Sokratis for the first but it was no different to Koscielny against Palace last season where Mustafi took the blame so not sure why the double standards. Xhaka again made a rash, poorly judged tackle in the box that’s unacceptable for an experienced player and captain, I don’t expect him to remain a first choice for too much longer.… Read more »

Woolwich Shepherd

I think my time clock for AMN is running out. Been hearing for too long how right back is not his natural position, but eventually you have to step up to the role you’ve been given. He’s still young, I suppose. But he’s not the rising star I once hoped.

pierre lacapeppe

his recovery runs are a huge asset though. a good safety insurance against counter attacks. could have grabbed a goal with that early volley and the left footed cross in 2nd half.

John C

No, they just highlight how often he’s out of position or been dribbled past


I don’t know what was worse today; Xhaka’s entire performance or Emery’s decision to keep him on the pitch.


It’s probably mostly that Torreira faded and he wanted cabellos higher up the pitch


Tbh he was fine in the second half

My Arse-nal

For some reason I thought Miki did alright when he came on. Yes I was quite drunk at that point so I may have been misguided. I was pissed when the sub was made but he seemed to drive forward reasonably well. Guess I need to watch it again. I’m disappointed we didn’t win as we were definitely the better side.

pierre lacapeppe

he was very composed in possession but didn’t produce anything impactful


Are you Unai disguising yourself?


Kanes dive needs to inspected by a commission. He deserves at least a 3 match ban. He’s pathetic and unless someone in authority clamps down on him, he’ll keep doing it. Funny Sean Dyche talking about diving being brought into the English game and an Englishman is the worst for it.


What about Dele Alli? He’s worse than Kane, threw himself in front of Sokratis and another English darling not issued a card. Cannot stand the guy.

Paul Smith

Don’t understand why Mhiki came on instead of Nelson. Sanchez had no clue how to play right back and was dead on his feet. Nelson should have been sent on to run him ragged. Mhiki is wank.

Gary murray

Spot on, couldn’t believe it when Mik came on and then it just solidified my beliefs with how many opportunities he squandered. Nelson would’ve run him ragged

Billy Bob

We really need to have Xhaka, Miki and Kola as back-up players with the aim of moving them on January or end of season – the further away from the first team they are the better!!! Nelson, Chambers, Ceballos and especially Willock deserve to be in the team a LOT more and they have potential to really cement their place in this team!!!

Arsenal Masochist

Xhaka and Mkhitaryan need to be at the end of the bench for the rest of the season. They can play in the carabeowhateverthefuckitscalled cup and meaningless Europa games but shouldn’t be starting games in this league. Absolutely dreadful. Xhaka just doesn’t have it physically to perform against the big clubs and Mkhiki is a mess whenever he has the ball, it actually looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Surely Nelson and Willock could’ve done what these two did. Emery needs to open his damn eyes. Oh and keep the front three. If Laca starts on the bench… Read more »


I agree with Blog’s
Xhaka, horrible; Sokratis, a liability, Micki ineffectual; I question starting Xhaka, Guendouzi and Torreira. Any two of the three plus Ceballos would have been better. Despite our opening 10 minute dominance nothing came of it and we didn’t have a shot on target for 40 mins. And why not Nelson or Ozil instead of Micki as the sub? I mean they can’t have done any worse.


Xhaka needs to take a seat and watch Willock or Ceballos play in his place. Had a really dumb foul as well late outside of the box sticking his butt into someone.

Pepe had a couple of great chances late that would have sent the crowd into a frenzy had he scored (the volley from around the 18 that he sliced wide and the near post shot he missed from close range when he should have shot across the box.

Loved the comeback and the fight, but have to stop conceding dumb goals.


3/10 for emery for starting and sticking with xhaka for 90 minutes and putting mikhitaryan on

Paul Roberts

I thought Kolasinac was a bit of a baller today?


Unnecessary harsh on Mkhitaryan. He had a couple of passes that did not work as intended, but he is offensively minded and positive. Build them up, not down.

John C

I agree, i think the problem we had late on was that Guendouzi and Ceballos we playing too far up the pitch and vacated our midfield when they should have shown greater composure played a little deeper and narrower and help work the ball into the flanks where we had the advantage. Perversely, I think that’s why we play with Xhaka as our other midfielders are too proactive, too energetic, I think sometimes they can actually have too much movement.


Nah I thought he was garbage, couldn’t control a microwave let alone a football. As soon as the ball fell to him our attacks were over. Baffling that we’ve kept him, and are now apparently playing him over Nelson.


There was a point late on in the game when Leno wanted options to distribute the ball. He asked kolasinac to run. An otherwise static kolasinac ran a few yards. Leno passed the ball to Maitland niles instead. Kolasinac threw his arms up in the air and seemed exasperated that he had been asked to run. A footballer who finds running irritating. Just wow.


I guess this is the injured side that is still playing, I’m looking forward to seeing Holding, Bellerin and Tierney. I thought Kola was ok today. Xhaka and Mkhitaryan are not good enough at this level. I’ve had a love/hate with Xhaka but today was just about enough. We know about the issues with the backline and I’m mentally prepared for that. What up with Pepe. It’s early days and I guess he needs time to adjust to this league but about the only thing I’ve seen from him so far this season is to run fast. You can see… Read more »


We have 11 players on the field who have to win games with individual moments of magic or talent. Somehow even after a year or more with Emery I see no patterns or system. We don’t seem to know where the next goal will come from. At times today Lacazette was playing defence midfield and striker. With that much effort and a system I am sure we would have steam rolled this spurs team


You guys remember that Sagna header in the derby in that famous 5-2 win? How he powered it home with statement like, fuck this! That’s how i felt with Lacazette’s goal, and his celebration, just looking into the stands as the Emirates erupted! Mighty stuff

Also that Guendozi kid, my goodness. An absolute baller. Just wish Unai had gotten the midfield balance right, the game was definitely ours for the taking. A big part in the next evolution of our team will be the phasing out of Xhaka from our midfield. The sooner Unai does it, the better.

Tony Adams Nose

Lacca was staring at the spuds fans after he scored, what a wind up merchant!


good point. Laca’s class act. That stand after scoring was also a class act and reminded of His Majesty Thierry Henry.


Once a Xhaka, always a Xhaka. Useful squad, occasional player. Shouldn’t be a starter in the League.


What i cannot understand is why not use Willock instead of Xhaka and Saka/Nelson instead of Mkhitarian. It is a win-win situation all day long. Both youngsters can benefit from that and both are already better then Xhaka and Mkhi.

Atif Rauf

2 for Emery… don’t understand his substitution of mkhitaryan.. Ozil would have been a much better option than him. He doesn’t provide anything. He is done. I would like to see the front three with Ozil.. all these years Ozil have been feeding second class players and for first time we have world class players and he is being wasted on the bench.


He has his favorites, unfortunately. Xhaka and Mkhitaryan. There is no justification for their selection any more. Xhaka is a total grug brain andrade mcki doesn’t even look like he knows how to play football. Willock and Nelson/Martinelli should take their places respectively

'L' incoming

What a performance from Guendouzi!!! I believe the other two midfielders held us back today, also torreira I think in a midfield three can only be at the base. The decision Emery needs to make and that will determine our season are these:..1 Is it worth insisting with Xhaka, when Guendouzi can play long balls, switch play (what else does he do) or does he keep him on for his fouling ability? 2.Front three with your best atackers on?, or Auba in his natural position and Laca as second striker? witch means a central midfield duo. Auba out wide is… Read more »


Can Xhaka get a collar that just gives him an electric shock and renders him temporarily immobile every time he approaches the penalty area? Problem solved right there!

pierre lacapeppe

penalty decision aside, xhaka’s long passes were ridiculously good today and we don’t have anyone else with that important capability. also shielded the ball well. he just needs to stay away from the penalty box.

Fireman Sam

Yep that’s why Emery plays him, although after today he might think twice.


I desperately want us to get rid of Xhaka, even more so than Kolasinac. So stupid, it’s incredible.


Cebellos has to start every game now. So much energy, skill and vision and such a desire to want the ball and make a difference. I thought Blogs rating were harsh on our two full backs who had decent games. Xhaka is done. Miki is done. Give Willock and Nelson the opps, and use those two oldies for Europa league.


I would have loved to see Willock or Nelson come on instead of Mkhitaryan.


Miki xhaka mustafi out,next transfer buy 2 wing 2 midfielder n tactical unai very suck,no pattern atk arsenal now playing like high school football all match game so bored,Pepe very suck need more training shoot n cross


If a new rule would say that the player that ‘wins’ the penalty (is the victim of the foul) can not take the penalty himself, then maybe more divers would stand on their feet and try to score fair and square


Take comfort (albeit in a weird way) that Spuds scored from 2 absolute handouts from us, whereas our 2 were beautifully crafted bits of skill.


So frustrating from the 2 centre-halves, cant wait for Rob/Will partnership for the ongoing seasons. Xhaka and Sokratis off position(they dont know where they are) especially in first half(sokratis), xhaka in both. Maybe will be good to see in mid. matteo-lucas-dani with both stability and creativity. Also Sead is so poor in def, cant wait for Kieran to see what he can contribute. And in the end Mkhitaryan………………………………
sry for my bad English, isnt my first language 😀


Granit was not off position. He was challenging for the ball.

Sokratis was doing what many would have blamed Mustafi for. He did not need to make that challenge and because he did, he exposed space behind him.

Luiz was then too easily rounded.

Even so, Leno could have had a better hand on the ball but Sokratis also lost Erickson at the end.

Nothing to do with Granit.