Aubameyang: We need to start with more strength and confidence


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says Arsenal need to start games with more confidence after they came back from one goal behind to take a 1-1 draw against Manchester United.

The Gabon international grabbed the equaliser on 58 minutes after VAR overruled an initial decision of offside and after the game was asked by Sky Sports about the role played by technology.

On taking a draw…

We take, we take it. We were 1-0 down and came back. The team fought very well today. It’s always hard to come here. We’ll take a point. As I said, we’ll take it.

On coming back after the break…

It’s not easy when you take a goal just before half time. We are away, so it’s tough. We came back in the second half with a great spirit. Last week we came back as well, so we need to maybe start with more strength and confidence. We have power and we can do great things.

On VAR awarding his goal…

I think we took the ball. Bukayo [Saka] gave me a great pass, I was sure I was not offside. I was surprised that the referee whistled. I just finished as usual. I tried to score even if the whistle went.

On United’s players stopping…

I just hear the crowd saying it was offside. But then it was a goal, so I’m happy.

On the joy of celebrating being taken away in those circumstances…

Yeah, of course. It’s a strange feeling. You cannot celebrate 100 per cent. It’s okay, I’m happy all the same.

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Thanks (again) Aubam….. where would we be wright now without you??


In a relegation zone.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

This beautiful football player should be our captain; he’s our leader, might as well make it official.


He’s even taking it upon himself to criticize Emery’s brand of football at the moment, citing the power and greatness that isn’t being harnessed at all. Emery seems to love, absolutely love football, so I just don’t understand why he doesn’t let his team play it to their highest potential …

Dave M



Still not Emery out but man isn’t doing himself any favours. Auba has single handedly kept this man in a job he is so desperate to mess up as it seems. That Torreira/Ceballos swap was criminal. Killed all our momentum.

SB Still

From tonight I’m no longer on the fence, I would like Emery replaced soon.

Although I’m a big fan of Wenger, I think he and the club could been much smarter with Wenger moving up like Fergi and we recruited Klopp.

Now Allegri is not Klopp but is not Emery either, he surely should be able to get more from this team, even…Pulis would!

SB Still

Make it someone like Allegri. There are more options.


Luis Enrique maybe


I feel we’re on a similar trajectory to Chelsea. Stubborn manager playing his only DM as a number10, check. His message not getting through to the players or fans, check. Amazing youth team waiting in the wings, check. Former great coming back to re-right the ship? Let’s hope.


Emery absofuckinglutely out. Yesterday. This Mourinho bus parking bullshit gots to go.

It would be one thing if we could defend, but we cant. Hes ceding possession of the ball and control of the midfield. Its so fucking boring, until we go behind and he’s forced to put on creative players in midfield.


How often do you think Auba looks around at Xhaka, Emery and Luiz and performs an internal Gob Bluth?

“I’ve made a huge mistake”

A Fleeting Glimpse

Emery has to go. His pragmatism sucks the life out of football and footballers.

Man Manny

We’ll be lucky to make top 6 with this phoney on the saddle.
Arsenal has never been this dire in my lifetime.


Well we are 4th and still haven’t had the chance to play our strongest team. Top 4 is almost a certainty


Ha, that’s a good one.


You must be pretty young. It’s not pretty, but it’s been much worse.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

What’s a gob bluth?


ignore lettra. it’s actually okay to ask questions. gob bluth has moments where he realises he has gotten himself into comically ridiculous situations and the original post was referencing those ‘ah. shit’ moments


We will be scrapping for a draw or unconventional wins as long as we tolerate this coach.


He seems to be able to make every team better. Except Arsenal.


Nice duck from Granit quacker


How does your comment relate to this article?


TBF the ball took a slight nick off the big greeks leg on way through.. probably just enough from that range to throw him off.

A Different George

Watching it again, it is absolutely clear Xhaka is bending his head forward to prepare to head the ball away. He is not ducking. I am not a huge fan of Xhaka’s, but this sort of criticism helps no one.


A midfield of 3 deep lying midfielders does not radiate confidence. Aubameyang has scored 17 goals in his last 17 matches. That’s more than what Manchester United have scored in their last 17 matches.

Aubameyang has had 10 shots on target in PL.
7 goals from 10 shots on target. I am pretty sure that’s best in the world.


And with hardly any service. He’s been amazing for us. Imagine how many he could score with a decent playmaker behind him.


Oh Wait, we have one but manager doesn’t fancy him. ?

Cultured Determination

thanks capitam granit for your stupid fouls once again. so immature as a player how the hell does he become captain. thanks emery, for keeping the mystery as to what the hell you’re trying to do with the team. noone’s got a clue about the style of play at all. it’s boring to watch.


Not only stupid fouls but the annoying complaining to the officials for calling him up on it in protest

Dave M

Literally 2nd in fouls and 2nd in yellows in the EPL. I mean he is really really good at those things and being the ALL TIME LEADER IN PENALTIES CONCEDED BY A MIDFIELDER IN THE EPL!!!
(yes all time in 2 and a bit seasons no less – he has given away the same number of penalties as Chelsea since he came into the league).


A point is a good result, 8 games in and the only game we’ve lost was at Anfield, and we’re in 4th place. This season was always going to be a slog, but despite the negativity, we’re in for a chance of 3rd/4th, which is pretty much as good as we could expect. I got abuse when I said in the summer both Ceballos+Pepe would struggle for a few months with the pace of the game, both players still look way off, think it could be a few months before we see the best of either, but I’m confident they’ll… Read more »


A point is not a good result against the 10th placed team. We drew against the 20th placed team a few weeks ago. We’ve won only one of our last five league matches. One. Against a newly promoted side. We’re in fourth place, but 2 points away from 10th. If there were signs out there that things are improving, that the team is edging towards a coherent system, towards unified football, then Emery would have our patience; but that’s not the case (his first 45 games are equal to Wenger’s last 45 games, which was one of the worst periods… Read more »


And Wenger did not have this team. He had à 50% fit lacazette and a not fully adapted auba. I can only dream about what he would have done with this two fully fresh. Maybe WengerOut was a mistake.


I blame Fat Cunt and John Cunt for that one.

Frank Bascombe

Nice one Richard.


i agree with your sentiment, although surely you have to understand the negativity about the manager even if you think it is exaggerated. we have a really good attacking squad at the moment, and it doesn’t feel like we are getting the best out of it. and at the same time our defence is still shit.

but on paper, the season is going well. i think everyone would have taken being ahead of chelsea, sp*rs and man u at this stage, with the fixtures we’ve had.


Emery will be back in the mid table after this short Arsenal gig. Those second rate European trophies have really overinflated this Basque David Moyes.


We need to start with a decent team selection and set up, then maybe we wouldn’t have to do everything the hard way every time.

Okechukwu Jude

Emery out. He isn’t getting the best out of Pepe,he isn’t playing Ozil talkless playing to his strengths, the team doesnt have a clear cut pattern. He has lost the spark created from what seemed a good transfer window.


Thanks Auba… Getting tired of our coach. COYG


Where is the team captain post match?


He must be ducking interviews now!

Dave M

well played sir!


On facebook he congratulated his team for a strong performance. By his standsrds, it probably was one.

kid presentable

so sick of watching the players try to overcome emery’s horribly chosen teams and game plan every game. disgusting to watch


He’s safe the vampire every time. He would be sacked without him.


Weren’t referees supposed to let the game go then review in VAR?? Those prem refs are beyond mediocre…

A Different George

The whistle was NOT blown before the goal was scored. You can watch the replay and see when the referee puts it in his mouth. When asked in the post-match interview whether his players had stopped because of a whistle, Solskjar, to his credit, basically said no, but players sometimes try to pretend that they did when they give up a bad goal.

SLC Gooner

I think we need better line-ups to give us the strength and confidence. Based on recent performances, Xhaka and Pepe certainly shouldn’t start. When Bellerin and Tierney are ready, they go straight in. Maybe Holding as well. Chambers to CDM. Guendouzi and either Ozil or Willock in midfield. And Lacazette instead of Pepe.
Take away Auba’s goals, and we’re at 5 scored this season. Only the bottom two teams are worse.


Our true captain, sadly I feart we might lose him if we keep playing like this. ´Last week we came back as well, so we need to maybe start with more strength and confidence. We have power and we can do great things.´ Even Auba is sending a clear message. It really seems that the team needs almost some kind of rebellion originating from players (whatever message Emery is sending is anyone´s guess) to start playing more attacking, fluid football worthy of this club.


This will be his 3rd season with sweet FA to show for it. Will he hang around for a 4th ?

Flavoured Rice

Who would begrudge him if he didn’t ? He has been absolutely fantastic with zero attitude. Arsenal, as much as it pains me to say it, are holding him back.


Easy why not say it now EMERY OUT or we will be suffering again all season with this joker! It will take the old “Wenger out brigade” long to admit that you are getting what you were clamouring for.


Wenger needed to go and so does Emery. I wanted Wenger gone because he was stale and ineffective, and I want Emery gone because he’s a garbage coach. Wanting Wenger gone does not equate with wanting Emery as a coach, your comment is silly. I wanted Arteta and was disappointed when we got Emery, I’ve given him time and tried to like him, but he’s clearly rubbish and needs to go now.

Omarley morgan

Manchester United didn’t want to lose the game. That’s why they used a 1 2 3 4 formation. On the other hand arsenal were more fluent in their aproch using the 3 3 4 format. It was a fair result the gunners fight well away from home.


It is getting more and more difficult to understand why Willock doesn’t start.


Arsenal are not dynamic at all, its like they do not know what to do on the field themselves. Imagine Emery gets sent off, we would be lost big time. Arsenal are still playing in a sort of “paint by numbers” style and cannot seem to be individually brilliant at times. I thought with different players, we would have regained some dynamic in the team, but they all seem to be following a set plan and not deviating from it. BORING football.


Imagine if we lined up with the 11 lads that wanted it the most. I know “you can’t just do that” – but honestly, you can’t just do what we do now. Have a whole stable of eager, skilled, thirsty players, and then somehow manage to pick out the few who don’t really give a shit, and put the others together in a way that somehow makes *less* sense than just “random”. I’ve been sighing a lot at the “Emery Out” crowd for a while, but I’m running out of sound arguments against them. I know we have players not… Read more »


Great Player without doubt.