Hard-working Bola finally gets first-team recognition


Some youngsters, like Bukayo Saka, are thrown into first-team action at the earliest possible opportunity, but for others the journey is considerably longer.

Tolaji Bola certainly falls into the latter category, with the 20-year-old defender having had to be very patient for opportunities.

This week Bola was finally called up to the Arsenal first-team squad for the first time as he was named on the bench for the Carabao Cup victory against Nottingham Forest.

While he may not have made it onto the pitch, Bola was delighted to be involved and will now be aiming for further senior callups, whether at Arsenal or out on loan in the second half of the season.

Injuries have disrupted Bola’s development, while in truth he has frequently been caught out defensively.

He has continued to work very hard, however, and it was a satisfying moment seeing him named in a matchday squad with players such as Mesut Ozil and Lucas Torreira.

The rather unexpected departure of Dominic Thompson to Brentford means that Bola is currently the first-choice left-back for Arsenal U23s, and he possesses an attacking threat, frequently delivering dangerous crosses.

Getting into the first-team squad on a permanent basis is going to prove very difficult, though, and it also needs to be taken into consideration that behind him Bola has Joel Lopez to watch out for, with the former Barcelona youngster eager to step up into the U23s.

Even if doesn’t make it at Arsenal, Bola will still be able to say that he was called up to the first-team, and his involvement was a reward for all the hard work that he has put in during his time at the academy.

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“Frequently caught out in defensively” – sounds awfully familiar!

Still, good luck to him. I have been slightly surprised how little word there has been about potential first team full backs from the academy. We seem to produce fantastic midfielders and particularly young strikers, but a little light at CB and fullback development.

Prince Gunner

Yup..good luck to him..luiz, sokratis and mustafi should up their game..they should be selected only for cup games..and give holding and chambers more minutes in the premier league..


People are busy Cursing at the idea of Xhaka being a Captain, they didn’t even realize that there is a new Post.
Good for you Tolaji Bola, people are just occupied today to discuss about you.


Fuck the decision to name Xhaka as captain though


Stop being boring


I see Bola warming up on the touchline and was wondering who he was ’cause I tell ya, he is an absolute fucking beast! Would give Kolasinac a fair challenge in a fight I reckon.


No one can challenge Kolasinac in a fight. Not even if Bola had a knife


When Kolasanic crosses the road, cars look both ways.
When Kolasanic attends a feminist rally, he comes back with a sandwich and his shirt ironed.
The flu has to get Kolasanic injections every year.
Kolasanic can cut through a hot knife with butter.

Dave M

Why are there so many more Chuck Norris jokes than Kolasinac?

Because Kolasinac is no joke…


Finally, a-bola that we can all get behind.

Dave M

There were lots of bowlers that were great in the recent ashes…the Batsmen (apart from Steve Smith and Rory Burns) were where the troubles were.

Kurleigh Martin

Do we have a buyback option for Dominic?


getting caught out defensively…. just like AMN. I know RB isnt AMN’s natural position, but he isnt going to break through this team at winger or CM. AMN should have been more appreciative of his opportunity. I’d rather see AMN leave the club [since he isnt going to break through at his preferred position], and give other youngsters an opportunity to shine. If they cant cut it, move them on. AMN’s had a run of many games and RB. Its time for someone else to get a chance, especially if AMN doesnt want his. Its bittersweet to academy alumns leave,… Read more »