Arsenal’s dropped more Premier League points from a winning position, drawing 2-2 with Crystal Palace at the Emirates.

In a remarkable game which saw Granit Xhaka taken off to cheers from the crowd, then boos because of how slow he walked of, and for the captain to then throw away the armband before storming down the tunnel, the Gunners were denied a clear winning goal but somehow VAR saw a foul nobody else did to deny Sokratis his second of the game.

It means the pressure is heaped even further on Unai Emery after another poor performance and disappointing result.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace report and see the goal here.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


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Anders Limpar

1/10 Unai Emery. A highly deserved 1 for actually realising that Xhaka doesn’t tend to play football very well and taking him off.

Other that that he is the Spanish Baldrick, he has a cunning plan that no one can understand, struggles to implement and inevitably fails! Sadly the comedy ends there as he is driving our club off a cliff while the toxicty within the dressing room increases.


I miss Blackadder 🙁

John Lavery

Blackadder for manager.


It’s got a lot better but I still think there is room for more consistency with the full stops in the blurb of the player ratings. Sometimes we get them at the end of the comment and sometimes we don’t. I’ve flagged this before but it still crops up.


The Spanish baldrick? I thought he was the Spanish rigsby from rising damp…

Or Spanish Dave Vanian from the Damned.


At least Baldrick was funny


Spanish Baldrick, perfect. Did blogs use that one time last year? Anyway, spot on.


EmeryOut, No further comments!!


Come oj, be grateful it’s a draw, it could have been a loss. It’s the mighty Crystal Palace!

Reality check

The problem is with our expectations. Small teams are not pushovers anymore. While we have regressed, orhers have progressed. This team still has a long way to go till we realistically expect to beat the so called small teams.


Any team that has a decent midfield will give us problems.


Any team that actually have system to create chances for their strikers will give us problems.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Any team that has 11 players on the pitch will give us problems.



True up to a point. Look at Leicester. We are bigger than then and snorted at the idea of their manager coming to us.

Now look at us.

Expectations are high because we’re fifth with smaller clubs ahead of us. Those aren’t unfair expectations to have given the money fans pay and time they put in.

Reality check

Just having better players is not enough, the team has to develop cohesion, some sort of system that is effective in getting the best out of individual players. Thats where the managers come in, they are responsible for implementing that said, e just don’t have that yet thanks to Unai..


Small teams are push overs for other big clubs, but we manage to make every game seem like we’re playing a competitive derby. When was the last time we had an easy, comfortable PL game?

Reality check


James we are a big club but a bad team, if that makes sense.. like Ole at United or to some extent, Madrid with Zidane at the moment.


Its become unwatchable. Its like fan punishment every week


We should probably play our Europa team in PL to get any kind of decent performance.


How did we manage, after such a promising summer, end up being here (and did so in a couple of months)? Sad, truly.

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Answer: Unai Emery


Spot on. The league table shouldnt blind the board as some may look at it and say well we are still in the race for top 4. Its fucking 10 games in and we are 4 points adrift. Not one game and not one single point have been convincing this season. Weve been lucky to get a win every time this season and now its catching up with Emerys non existent tactics.


god bless Auba for that

North Bank

Auba is playing to sell himself to Real Madrid

The Arsenal

Name one game were we had control for even a half.


The second half of the last NLD at Emirates last month?


Second half v Spuds; first half v Bournemouth ; first half v Watford; first half yesterday; and some EL/EFL games.

But I do agree that even ahead we fail to look convincing and you just know that a single goal conceded will pass initiative to opposition. We need to be 4 up with 5 minutes left before I’d feel safe.

Magic City Gooner

That’s what makes all this inexcusable. Add the momentum from the summer signings to the other clubs struggling; we should be at least where Leicester is. This team is as easily flustered and skittish as the boss. UE will not be the one to get this turned around.


take Pepe out the summer signings, he hasnt arrived yet, still jumping on the spot. Just take a look at him wandering around the pitch. 72m for what. the real problem has been the scouts in recent times.


Indeed — Raul and the gang will undo all of that good work and much more if they allow this continue.

Daniel Richardson

Many will vote this down but Wenger with this squad would have us as one of the leagues top scoring teams. Defensively the same maybe but we wouldn’t have to worry about that!


While I personally think we should give it to Freddie until the end of thr season and reassess, I wouldn’t object to bringing Wenger back to turn things around, especially if he is willing to work with the hierarchy.

Rectum Spectrum

such a promising summer? really?

Kentish Gooner

What I predicted happened. A draw. GET THIS CLOWN OUT OF OUR CLUB.

T. House

When did Arsenal turn into Newcastle? Who authorized this?


U N a I know who did

Rectum Spectrum

Stan Kronke.


VAR has done us no favours in the last 2 games. But the fact that we needed that goal today and the would-be penalty Vs Sheffield says a lot about how badly Emery has us playing. We should be battering these teams.
This has the be the end of the Emery era. Atrocious stuff.


I have the feeling that VAR would’ve been helpful for us a few years ago. But under Emerey I guess we’ll been better off without.


VAR is here to bite us in the ass. There will be few times when that shit will be to our advantage.


Why does everyone keep saying VAR did us? It’s the refs and those twats in the VAR room. VAR in itself is very good technology if you watch other leagues and how fairly it’s used. The key word is USED. These refs in England simply misuse it. And they fought its introduction bitterly if I remember correctly.


Not a single occasion where ref has overruled VAR or even been for a look at screen (I must admit, I didn’t even know it was there in PL!). Its as if the ref feels that it’s his boss “up there” and has to accept the decision. In the first half yesterday, the VAR was being heard talking to the ref across stadium tannoy. I thought we were going to follow Rugby and actually get to hear the discussions but no, someone then switched it off. I hated the idea of VAR because I felt refs would duck out of… Read more »


Wowee oh boy, can’t believe Xhaka acted like a complete donkey when he came off – I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen in 20 years of watching football?

And blogs it doesn’t help when you constantly write VAR is eventually going to fk us hahaha lets hope its a one off! The one time a ref punishes a diver against us…it’s overturned…

Gary Baldy

How the fans reacted to Xhaka going off was disgusting.

It showed a lack of respect and is an embarrassment to the name of Arsenal Football club, whatever the feeling of the fans towards him.


If you were there to witness it, you have the right to comment. If not, let it go.


It was disgusting from the crowd. I won’t call them fans, and no way I’ll call that support.
I’m ashamed to be lumped in with that.


I don’t agree with the cheering but his slow walk off deserved the booing. His ripping off the shirt deserves a sacking – of captaincy at least.


His reaction was poor, no disagreement there. And he probably shouldn’t have been given the armband in the first place. But the context matters. The Emirates has the dubious distinction for being its own players’ worst enemy.

He’s a proud man and he’s taken this shit too long, much of it out of his control. I believe it was no mistake he took the shirt off as he walked off. I think he’ll put in for a move. So the baying mob will get what they want, and the sense of entitlement will roll right along.


What? Are the pope and you handing out rights?


Do one with that gatekeeping nonsense. If you happened to be there on the day, good for you. It doesn’t grant you some special privilege.


You haven’t seen this in 20 years!! Haha. Where were you when Gallas sat down? RVP fought over Theo? Pires sulked? Campbell drove straight home and sent in a transfer request? RVP/Adebayor and the Chamakh came to blows?


I’m tired of this shit…


It’s kinda strange, the lads did pretty well individually, but like a team it was terrible imo.

Wilsheres Middle Finger

-1,000/10 for Emerys tactical and man management skills. Times well and truly up.


I think you’re being a tad generous with that rating.


This is what happens when Xhaka gets picked regardless of form. Knowing how stubborn Emery is (he might even give old Arsène a run for his money) I can almost guarantee Xhaka will be starting *as captain* against Wolves.

If the board had any balls they’d sack Emery before the next international break.


If the board had any balls, they would sack Emery today.


Emery 14-1 to be the next manager sacked – surely to Christ he’s not going to stick around much longer????

Great captaincy choice by the way, indicative of your management.

Get the fuck out of our club both of you.


Unai Emery: Fans should remember that I’ve made Arsenal “competitive”.

Also Unai Emery: Brings in Kolasinac with the team drawing 2 – 2 at home to Palace.

No creativity — just looking to pump corners in and take advantage.

You know what makes this more painful? Seeing Chelsea and Leicester playing the kind of football we should be playing all with supposedly inferior managers.

North Bank

Emery OUT banners!!!
As shit as Man Utd and Tottenscum are, we still remain the Banter AFC. Enough is enough!


Ozil is invisible, yet again!
350k p/w goes to waste.

Mesut O’Neill

Invisible like most of his performances


O’Neil, do also you curse ozil when you somehow stumble on your way?





Viva La Prof

We will get better ?


Absolute thrash!!!


I was the biggest Wenger out ever, and even I can see that Emery was a fucking idiotic appointment by that bald fuck Gazidis. Certain fans seem to think you can’t have wanted Wenger out but want Emery out too- yes you can. Wenger needed to go, and so does Emery. Wenger at least gave Arsenal fans incredible memories, Emery means NOTHING to anyone. Ruthless clubs let mediocre managers go, but Arsenal.. We’re a joke, nothing more than that, and I have no faith in this current “new” board in doing anything soon either To think a journeyman clown like… Read more »


The first line of your comment proves how clear headed you are.

Also, please support Chelsea/Tottenham/ManU. Please?


Still its nice that the clocks have gone back. And how about that Time Woods – won again!

John Doe

Sure, I want Emery out too. But no sir, when you wanted Wenger out, you signed up for the board taking a decision on your behalf. (Unless you think you should’ve been consulted for a managerial appointment). And when you do that, you open up to the possibility of going down the path of Man United. They’ve done their hire-and-fire dance and are no better than where they were after Ferguson quit. So how about not distancing yourself from our current situation and taking some responsibility for it? Actions have consequences. What’s your grand plan for Emery’s successor? Ljungberg? Or… Read more »


If I could upvote you twice mate, I would!


So, anyone left still willing to give this useless muppet anymore time at our club? Just like the Europa League game, two goals he had nothing to do with sparing us even further embarrassment.

All we do is play it into the corner and cross, that’s it. We are so goddamned awful it’s unbelievable. I think some people had a point re.: the youngsters in the EL – get rid of Emery before he ruins them too.


Unai Emery, you don’t know what you’re doing, do you?


He really doesn’t. The incident with Xhaka is on Emery as much as anyone.

I don’t know where we go from here, just that I want it to be without Emery.


The singing of the Ozil song yesterday was totally directed at Emery – “…….. I just don’t think you understand“.

Tony Hall

Bellerin, Holding, Tierney and a fourth defender (undecided who)
Torreira, Guendozi, Ozil
Pepe, Auba, Laca
can only be an improvement …


Only way this works is if Laca plays through the middle as a false 9. Pepe and Auba do little to build play and control the match. Wenger always played one midfielder wide for a reason.

A Different George

I don’t understand how you can think Pepe and Aubameyang play similarly. Pepe likes the ball at his feet, likes to start out wide and cut inside, very capable of beating a man on the dribble. Aubameyang is more limited in style (though not as limited as people think) and also is one of the best goal scorers in the world. Yes, Wenger occasionally played Ramsey wide, but that was because he wanted a better playmaker in the number 10. More often he played someone like Theo (no one’s idea of a midfielder) or Alexis wide; some of our most… Read more »


You’re forgetting Saliba


Ozil is shit. Remember!!!! He’s fucking worse than Emery.


Cursing and using 4 exclamation marks doesn’t make it so, mate.


Leno Bellerin Holding Chambers Tierney Torreira Guendouzi Pepe Ozil Aubameyang Lacazette Surely this is our best and most balanced line up and formation. Torreira playing in his natural position with an offensive outlet in Guendouzi who can double up with Ozil providing Pepe (a more natural winger) and Aubameyang service allowing Lacazette to hold up the play acting as an anchor for both Pepe and Aubameyang. Who can work to get infront of Lacazette or turn provider working with Ozil and Guendouzi adding the much needed creativity in the middle. In the back four, we’ve Tierney and Bellerin who can… Read more »

The Arsenal

Emery out tactics himself again. Wolves and Leicester should be the end of this guy.

Man Manny

You are being generous with time. I was expecting breaking news with the yellow background on Skysports online today.

Freddie's left nut

I’d like to commend Guendouzi on that try saving tackle at the end of the game; perfectly timed and clearly tried to get his arms around the player. Never a yellow card!


He defo wrapped

Gary Baldy

Nigel Owens wouldn’t have given him a yellow . . . who does that Atkinson bloke think he is, anyway ?


Too late, but Guendouzi has had call up to the French squad – possibly at fly half. ?


Ceballos was very average today, and in a lot of games he’s featured in since Burnley. Every time he tried to play it forward or do something creative it was cut out / given away but other than that he’s just passing it around sideways / backwards Elneny style


KSE must see that this man cannot be trusted lead this team into a Champions League position. KSE has invested too much money in this squad to allow the club team to miss out on yet another Champions League pay day.

Emery must go.


Killswitch Engage


I didn’t cheer when he was substituted, but I happened to rage out loud when he slowly trotted off. I feel bad for joining in, but it was just so frustrating. We should always support them at the ground, and make critique once the dust has settled. No good from anyone really


I just never thought I’d see the day where a man who was given a set of keys to his mum and dad’s house would behave like that.


He was given the keys to his NEIGHBOUR’S HOUSE. The rather odd Josef Fritzl, shortly before he moved to Austria. Granit’s parents were very disappointed that he misunderstood and thought he’d been entrusted with the Xhaka family’s keys.


I honestly don’t know what they’re waiting for – Emery should be sacked as soon as possible. And Xhaka should never play for this club again after what he did.

TH fan

Now that I am calm down. I would like to ask that we fan agree that if we do not get top 4 then Emery has to go but at the end of the season. Changing manager now may result in Arsenal going further down the table. Also, right now all the negative reactions towards the players or the manager will not help but only do damage to the team’s performance. If we love and support Arsenal, we want the best for the club. I will still cheer the team to push them to do better for good result and… Read more »


End of the season? You’re kidding, right?


I agree. I never want to see Xhaka on the pitch for this club again.


And this run of matches was supposed to be where we picked up points. After we lose to wolves, perhaps emery will be sacked.

Make Arsenal Great Again

It only took a year for people to see things my way. Even through that winning streak last year, it was obvious Emery wasn’t the right choice. Let’s not prolong this nightmare and cut ties after the winter period.


yes lad, you’re very perceptive and absolutely right. There now, feeling better?


We can’t blame Wenger, Ozil or Mustafi anymore. And I highly doubt we can blame Emery, Xhaka and Luiz as our new scapegoats.

This is just super weird.


Goodbye Emery.


Whilst we all hate Chelsea, there’s something to admire in how their fans aren’t absolute morons like ours and don’t get attached to mediocre managers like some of ours have to Emery (for whatever reason). Hell, even Sarri who is actually a very good manager was hounded out by them. But nobody, not the media or anyone else has a go at Chelsea fans for that. Because Chelsea are ruthless and very good at being ruthless.

Arsenal are just seen as pathetic. And that hurts the most

The Arsenal

We should have been wise to this guy when he allowed a 4 0 lead slip with Psg. Not just slip they got shafted 6 1. No loyalty to him and no history to fall back on. Get rid.


We were bad. VAR was worse. Absolutely robbed.


Agree. Absiolute scandal. If any, VAR should have been about the foul on Chambers & penalty. To take away the goal is a proper scandal.

Sam Underwood

Sorry blogs. Totally disagree with the bonus rating. It should read:

-10/10 for VAR. That’s the worst VAR decision in history.


100 % agree.


Re. VAR – it’s predictably been a clusterfuck of the highest order. Did anyone really believe the FA would be able to manage it? Maybe not this poorly, but still.

At the least, Mike Riley should be sacked immediately and they need to get their nuts in order and figure this shit because they’re as clueless as our defence on a counter.


It’s highlighted how poor the officiating is in this country.

Gary Baldy

I truly beliueve that the Referee’s Association, for it is they who implement it, actually want to sabotage the whole concept. I don’t believe that Mike Riley ever wanted to be part of this initiative and has brought it in in such a way that it will fail. This weekend is just another plank in that strategy as pundits polarise themselves over it and the outrage deepens amongst fans and media alike. Hey presto, next season, no more VAR and back to referee’s making good old honest mistakes with onjly after the event TV pictures to call them out rather… Read more »


Deeper than that. The PL don’t want it as contentious decisions make for good journalistic copy, web clicks and ultimately increase the value of tv deals sold round the world. Us poor mugs who go to the games are just an encumbrance to the owners and are thus treated with contempt.

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

Everytime atkinson refereed us, I Pay close attention to how he did it and he never gave us penalty no matter how blatant the foul and even with VAR. And many other bias decisions. i never saw any more bias ref in epl than him. Just see it if you dont believe it


I don’t really see how that stacks up for today’s game. He denied them a clear penalty and booked Zaha for a dive, then allowed our clear winning goal, until he was overruled on both decisions by some faceless cunt.

Gary Baldy

That said, it seemed, in the stadium, as if like for like fouls were given in Palace’s favour literally seconds after we had been fouled by Palace. this happened several times particularly in the 2nd half.


Palace players were falling over all game at the slightest contact and every time he gave them a free kick. Every time we did, it was play on. The man was instructed, clearly.

A Different George

Stop it. He was not instructed; no referee is. Read Hi-brid’s post, immediately above, and explain that.

A Different George

Atkinson lets much more go than other referees. He is usually pretty consistent about that, but VAR seems to have intervened.


I will likely be in the minority here but I sympathize with Xhaka. I think the crowds reaction to his substitution was disgusting. It reminds me of when people were piling on “club legend” Ramsey when he was in a bad run of form. Players are not the problem with this team and I think everyone agrees on that. Xhaka would have thrown it all on the line for this club and the fans have never had his back. I’m not saying he has been an amazing player but he has always given 100% in every game he has played.… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Xhaka has certainly not given 100% in every game, in my opinion. He’s so easy for opposition players to drift past, he rarely tracks them close enough and instead hogs along half heartedly a la Walcott, like today when he allowed the cross to be played right past him so easily.


I sympathise with Xhaka too, but I don’t blame those who jeered. I do, however, blame Emery for making this mess.


I get this and I don’t think we should ever be booing players, especially when they are genuinely trying like Xhaka is. However you could argue that in a sense, the fans have actually been patient with him seeing as this is his fourth year at the club and he hasn’t improved (or improved us) at all. And it certainly doesn’t justify his reaction; sulking on the pitch, throwing the armband away, gesturing and swearing at the crowd, all while your team is trying to get back into the game. He’s not a young player where you might forgive some… Read more »


Sorry, I was not in the stadium and I would not boo a player for the performance unless I had the feeling that he deliberately played badly, but I would boo the walk off with approximately 1 mile / hour when we need another goal to win it. He should sprint off in a way that makes Usain Bolt proud.


Ramsay is no club legend

Press Box Gooner

Legend IMO is an over-worked description but two cup final-winning goals get him pretty close.


Feel bad for Granit. Supporters were wrong to hurl so much abuse at this guy. His reaction was uncalled for though. All Emery’s fault by the way. Xhaka shouldn’t be playing this many games and he certainly shouldn’t be captain of AFC# EMERY-FUCKING-OUT.


Yeah, he should definitely fuck off. Emery can stay.

Greg in Seattle

You are clueless if you think Xhaka is the root of the problem, and you are a jackass if you think he doesn’t care. He fucking snapped under the constant scapegoating of our fucking entitled fan base.

Arsenal fans can claim zero moral high ground today over any other set of fans today.


Now this comment actually makes genuine sense. Xhaka was wrong to do what he did, but he does give it his all each game. At least the same as every other player in that lineup. Players snap, and honestly for all of Arsenal’s core values, our fans can be a bit disgusting at times

North Bank

@ Greg. At last someone who understands emotions. He’s been thrown under the bus week in week out by his manager and his teammates. He is NOT a defensive midfielder. But some fans have their favourites and cannot pick on their favourites. So let’s pick on Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi. The modern (kids – Babies) fans nowadays are so so precious that they need the feel to pick on one player even if it’s not their fault for being thrown in the deep end whilst they cannot swim. I blamed on Wenger and I blame it on Emery, not so much… Read more »


I really want to defend Emery, give him time. It’s so early in the season and you really have to question what sacking him now would do for us and who would come in. But he’s making it very, very difficult. That really was poor, letting a 2 goal lead slip at home against Palace. He’s made his bed with the Xhaka situation; the form he’s in, he wouldn’t be playing for top manager let alone made captain. And while I get not playing Ozil for various reasons, we don’t look any better for it. Play like that against Wolves… Read more »


And on Xhaka especially, it’s kind of fitting what happened today because I would say he somewhat personifies Emery’s Arsenal. Gives it his all, 100% effort. And yet, at the same time, ponderous, tactically confused and naive, no imagination, severely frustrating and I fear terminally out of his depth. He wasn’t especially extra bad today but perhaps, that’s the point. This is the normal and it’s simply not good enough for what the club are trying to achieve. The manager has backed him to the hilt up to now and it will be very interesting to see what happens because… Read more »


10/10 Guendouzi with the most cynical foul ever!!! forget about bearhug, that was a Man-bear-pig hug!


only positive was my AIDS result which came out as negative


I get the impression that the PL and Media is angling to get Mou at Arsenal, hence the many fouls not given to Arsenal, and all to the opposition after we were 2.0 up. This reminded me of many games in AW era, when everyone was sure that they had it in for Arsenal. The ref was “slapped” for giving a decision, and instead of himself going to the edge of field and see for himself(there is a monitor there), he is simply overruled. This means that VAR really overrules the ref instead of assisting the ref. We need younger… Read more »


Completely agree.

Andy Simpson

Xhaka shouting fuck off to the fans, is unacceptable. Is Emery tying himself to the ozil and Xhaka rocks that will sink his ship

The Arsenal

Anyone else feeling hustled. Wenger had no structure organisation and made it clear he did not care what other teams can do he would set us up the same way regardless. He is eventually and rightfully fired and we are then swayed by this guy who watches endless video analysis and training ground regimes etc etc 18 months later and we are actually shitter than Wenger’s final season of crab football. What makes it worse is we have a better squad than we have had in years. Sickening watching the quick impact fat Frank and Rodgers are having with inferior… Read more »


Sorry for stating the obvious, but we are in a real mess and I am not sure Emery has what it takes to fix things quickly. I tried to give the guy a chance, but what gets me the most is how we can play this badly with such a talented bunch of players. Emery clearly does not know how to motivate the players. His tactics rarely work and his team selections never fail to surprise me. Time for change again? Probably, but i doubt our board will have the balls to do anything about it.


Kind of a pointless observation here but in regards to the goal that should’ve been. Our 2nd shouldn’t have stood, Laca pushed his marker 3 times before flicking it on to Luiz, I was waiting for it to be disallowed… i was relieved but hey we all knew that wouldn’t last.


Definitely time to get Bellerin into the starting lineup. Emery should have known Chambers would struggle with Zaha from his past performances against us and the way he Chambers tripped him in the box likely would not have happened with Bellerin. What’s so frustrating is we have some very talented players (Bellerin, Tierney, Guendouzi, Pepe, Lacazette, Aubameyang, etc.), but no plan how to use them (mainly having nobody that can properly play the #10 role, whether you are an Ozil supporter or not it is clear he is not going to be allowed to play) to maximize their abilities. As… Read more »


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Bellerin isn’t necessarily an upgrade defensively on Chambers.


Auba can’t play in front two!! He need’s the whole penalty box to get in behind, either Laca goes in the hole or on the bench…but what the heck for Emery right?!?, if there is NO fulidity in midfield, NO one two’s, NO one touch!!! O N L Y switching play and fouling permitted!!!
…and also when he does the thing where he shows all his teeth with that pain gesture, that means he’s fubar’d… and anyone noticed him speaking to Fredie?? at all?

PS..thank’s for the memerys Emery!

Stateside gooner

Please replace xhaka with torreira. End of story


Haven’t you heard the latest? Emery has Torreira lined up to be Ozil’s replacement.