Emery: Josh Kroenke supports me and the players


Unai Emery has revealed that Josh Kroenke visited the Arsenal changing room after the 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace as the club’s hierarchy quickly rallied around a crestfallen squad shocked by Granit Xhaka’s confrontation with supporters.

Three days have passed since the Swiss, angry at being jeered off the pitch, provoked an even bigger backlash from supporters by cupping his ear and swearing at them. It has been suggested that the midfielder could lose the captaincy, a position he inherited just weeks ago, but for the moment, the club is focused on rehabilitating the mental state of a player said to be ‘sad’ and ‘devastated’.

While the incident and talking points about the misuse of VAR, which ruled out a late winner for the Gunners on Sunday, have garnered many headlines, it’s almost been easy to forget that we’ve slipped four points adrift of the Champions League places.

Ahead of the Carabao Cup clash with Liverpool, Emery was asked about the downturn in form. “We are responsible, the club and I,” he said, regarding poor results.

“We know our responsibility is to help everybody, and also when we are making some mistakes to recognise it.

“Sunday for example, after the match, Josh Kroenke was also in the dressing room speaking with me.

“We were speaking for 10 minutes about the situation but all the time helping each other.

“He’s supporting me, he’s supporting the players, we were talking about the circumstance with Granit Xhaka, saying that he was wrong and we need to manage that with him.

“And yesterday the same, it was the day off for us and the players but we were here also, I was here and also I was speaking with Raul, with Edu, and also speaking with Xhaka.

“But now preparing the match tomorrow is the most important, but also we need the time managing different situations.”

Xhaka will not be part of the squad that plays at Anfield this evening and is expected to miss Saturday’s game against Wolves at the Emirates. While acknowledging that his captain was in the wrong, Emery spoke in-depth yesterday about trying to help the player recover from the rut he finds hiself in.

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Well the club seems to be united. And wrong.


Club is absolutely right on this.

You were expecting something-else:D


Good to see him owning up a bit for our results. Xhaka out of the squad and out of the firing line will do him and us a world of good hopefully.. eventually this whole situation has to blow over
Looking forward to some good football today COYG


If we loose tonight I dont see how that will help anybody, they need a result tonight

Naked Cygan

We are playing Liverpool away which is never easy. Tonights result is not going to change anything for us. Even if we win tonight Man City will beat us with their 2nd team down the line.
The big match is on the weekend. Can we win against the mighty Wolves? Will we surrender the lead again? Will VAR fk us over for 3rd week in a row? We don’t have many true leaders in the team like the old days, so who will step up to be our capitan?


I hate to say it, but I cannot see us getting any sort of result at Anfield tonight.

If we do get beat, we’ve then got Wolves on the weekend which wont be easy. We narrowly avoided defeat against them last season and all. Leno got us out of jail with a huge save right at the end of the game.

Then its Vitoria away in the Europa League.

Then Leicester City

…. bad times

Naked Cygan

Very bad times I agree, but the best result for us would be to see Ozil start, and have a great game, no matter what the result. Ozil needs a chance and a Pepe moment to get his confidence back. He has the class and talent, just needs to show it again if he gets another chance. We need him right now….


Not just Ozil and Pepe, but Torreira as well. Something tells me he’s going to be seeing a lot more action all of a sudden…


I never imagined in my life I’d be worried about Wolve, Vitoria and Leicester. Bad times

Naked Cygan

Our biggest enemy is VAR right now. I am convinced that the bastards who run are Spurs and Man Utd fans. Some if the VAR calls have been shocking, and favouring Spurs and Man Utd. Nor sure if you saw the Watford and Spurs game, but even the spurs fans were shocked.


Wolves and Leicester will basically be a fairly robust barometer as to how good (or most likely – bad) we are. I think we will probably have enough in the tank to get at least a point at home against Wolves considering they have struggled to cope with the European schedule midweek. And we seem to fair okay at home. But Leicester away really does worry me. I think we could be in for a heavy defeat. They have a better team than last year, and we lost 3 nil without even putting up that much of a fight. So… Read more »


Wolves is definitely the bigger game but I strongly suspect Liverpool will play a relatively weak side as well. I say relatively, Gomes, Keita and Ox will probably feature and many think they should actually be starting in the first team…


Sorry Pakgooner, I don’t see much of him ”owning up a bit for our results”. If any is there, he should be doing much more, it’s the only way to go up.


Nobody expected us to get a result tonight, Liverpool have a better squad and are better managed presently. It’s a sad situation but the truth, tonight’s result will have no bearing on pressure etc. However Sheffield United, Palace and Wolves are fixtures where we should be taking a minimum of 7pts (and even that would be considered disappointing given our squad). Tonight if anything the pressure is off…


Liverpool have better first xi. Squad? Not so sure.


With Emery’s constant fidgeting, we don’t even have a first XI to compare with theirs.

Canuck Gunner

Agree that the quality of individual players expected on the pitch today is probably relatively close. But they have a much better coach, have an actual style/system and are playing with the confidence of European champions. Don’t expect a win, but still have hope – could be a good morale boost. COYG!

Viva La Prof

I think we have one of the best squads in world football, just not playing like it yet.


You sound like a BBC reporter trying to fish for crisis asking Unai only questions to provoke a bad headline.

Unai mentioned to that cretin that Xhaka would have never been in the squad for Liverpool anyway nor would have Sokratis and a whole bunch of first team players.

Ya gooner

They support him for now but are probably already arranging a replacement if not in a few months then at the end of the season. The timescale is up to emery’s performances.

Pépé Le Pew

Your assessment is based on inside knowledge ? Opinion is the ne fact. #trumplife

Maul Person

Having read Ya Gooner’s comment, I’m not seeing anything where he’s stating a fact. The use of “probably” indicates an opinion so not sure what you’re on about.

Pépé Le Pew

Adding probably doesn’t eliminate the speculative bite of his argument and fuel the anger of fans. Lead the negative narrative. I’m just on another level my friend.


Yes, Emery clearly hasn’t heard of the poison pill which is a vote of confidence from the board!

Ya gooner

Pepe please read between the lines. Emery tells us there’s a meeting in which he states they have full support for the manager. There has yet to be a statement from the higher ups to confirm that. Even if they had put a statement out, the fact they would have to put one out in the first place is bad news for Emery.

Pépé Le Pew

I’m not convinced by Emery either but I refuse to read between the lines and construct a narrative. Yes he has to have results or measures will be taken at some point but I don’t want to start double guessing. I wouldn’t be sad if he were replaced by a more decisive man. Personally I always liked the look of Jardim. In any case COYG


Some people “Emery tells us in a meeting….full support for the manager”

He is the manager.

You just want something to happen.

Reality your wish isn’t granted because it is frankly stupid.


I reckon the meeting went along the lines of “them folk out there that you have just told to F**k off fill my pockets with cash, you’ll be gone in the next window.” and to Emery “what the f**k was the shit show that I have just been put through, pull your finger out or you’ll be going with him.

Well maybe……


If he really had full club support, he wouldn’t have to go out and tell us himself. Their deafening silence doesn’t look good for him…

Man Manny

The board would be daft to make Emery feel comfortable at this point. More than a quarter of the season is gone and there is no sign this team is about to turn a corner; rather, it’s getting more dire and abysmal by the day. Our next two games – Wolves and Leicester – might likely bring more pain than gain. By then we’d be around a third of the league gone and the possibility of top 4 finish a little more difficult especially if we lose at Leicester. The top teams are there because of the ruthlessness of their… Read more »

A Gorilla

The dreaded vote of confidence! #timesup

El Piresidente

Good to read that Xhaka won’t be in the squad for the Wolves game. I feel sorry for him on a personal level – it’s not his fault that he’s not good enough but the idiot manager still picks him every time – but if the outcome of Sunday is that the fans have found the only way to get the manager to leave him out, then that’s a triumph!


I can’t see any triumph in our fans jeering and booing our players.

El Piresidente

It’s not ideal I grant you, but having him in the starting lineup is a massive hindrance to our side. Giving this guy the captaincy felt like the club was trolling the fans. The fans bit back. Again, I feel sorry for Xhaka personally, but this is really about the manager putting us at an immediate disadvantage every time he names his team. So if the fans stand up to that then while it might look a bit ugly, it’s one of the only ways of flexing the very limited muscle we have


How has not having him helped?

Did we fare well against Vitoria with Willock and Torreira. we drew the game 2-2

Did we do that much better with him out against Palace. We had more possession because we had an extra man higher up which is a good tactical adjustment by the gaffer but nothing to do with Granit since we were still lacking control in midfield for large spells.


No, it’s not the only way to flex some muscle. Fans can also attack Xhaka’s wife on insta- oh no wait, they did that already.



I am surpised at the way Arsenal are handling the Xhaka situation and (in my view) its pretty direction-less. The best way (in my view) is to come out and say fans have the right to make their feelings heard but also they need to realize the amount of pressure it puts on the player and team, then strip Xhaka of captaincy along with some sort of punishment. The process of repairing the player itself should never be a topic for the media. (which also implies that he is mentally weak) Thats it end off. But what they are doing… Read more »

Ashburton Red

Great point re making the mental state thing public.
Add it to the list of things Emery hasn’t handled well.


I think that’s the right balance. I personally feel really uncomfortable about humiliating people in public and however limited Xhaka is as a player I cringe when we jeer our own players on national TV. I regret it even more when the net result might be a breakdown of goodwill from the whole squad towards the fans. Xhaka really annoyed me on Sunday with his failure to acknowledge the urgency of chasing a winning goal by ambling off the pitch as the clock ticked away, thinking presumably that being substituted was beneath his dignity. That was worse for me than… Read more »


The walk off was annoying but symptomatic of his reaction to the rubbish he has had to endure.

That said, he needed to be stronger than that.

BUT the crowd deserved what it got too. Goad the bear and get a reaction, outcomes may not be in your favour.


Seems like good and very certain direction to me.

You want something to happen your way. It hasn’t, suddenly it becomes ‘directionless”.

Your agenda is obvious.

AND it is not the correct one.

The board should side the manager. It is stupid to be putting pressure on him at this point and trying to change managers now.

This is why Arsenal fans are up their arse.


I respect your views but don’t necessarily agree with 99.99% of it.
Now hang on there a bit before you post another Brexit style reply and realise it’s possible that sometimes not everyone will agree with your views and that’s okay.
You give me too much importance, I don’t have any agenda nor do I have the resources to carry one through.


This just seems like Emery signalling his weakness

Does anyone else think Emery’s behaviour with Ozil and now Xhaka is a fall-out from the mess he got into at PSG with Neymar?

Kent Gooner

100% AndyL, Emery isn’t suitable to manage a club like Arsenal. he isn’t strong enough and deflects the attention away from himself. IE The players decided who who be captain, It’s a club decision not to play Ozil. Man up FFS. I truly believe that the players have lost all confidence in him and don’t understand how we are supposed to set up or play. The sooner Emery goes the better as things are NOT going to improve with him in charge. Seriously can anyone see us beating Wolves and Leicester


If we do beat both Leicester and Wolves, I still don’t think Emery is the right person for the job, but it’s likely that it’ll be enough to convince the board and the owners to stick with him for a little while longer.
Lose to both and he better be gone!

Kentish Gooner

I can’t believe we’re talking about not beating Wolves and Leicester. We should be confidently turning teams like that over week in, week out. Its a sad state not affairs and a very difficult time to be an gunner.


Turning teams like that? What have we won in the past 5 years?

Your entitlement is based on god knows what.

Arsenal is barely a Europa League team. We have a deluded fan base on top of an incompetent management and an idiot owner.

I expect Emery to BUILD a team. Winning follows when you have a philosophy and a team spirit. I don’t see any good happening atm – but I also don’t expect Arsenal to confidently turn teams in the EPL even if we were leading the table.


its not the same, even if xhaka and ozil were described as difficult people(which they arent) they would still be saints in comparison to neymar.

similar in that he cant deal with individuals but not the same

David Gooner

100%. If he didn’t know he was under pressure before, the last ten days have made that very clear. It isn’t our way, but I could see him gone by Christmas.

Peter Story Teller

Beginning to see a common denominator here!


I don’t see any issue with his management of Ozil. We don’t know what has been going on with Ozil. You are all working on suppositions and frankly fantasy bc you want to think Ozil has no issues and Emery is the one out of depth. Or maybe Ozil does have issues bc he hasn’t exactly been great for us off ball before and Unai is right to expect a certain level of commitment by everyone on the pitch particularly when applying defensive work. And he is correct to put his foot down. No better how good you think you… Read more »


Sounds like Emery just got the ‘vote of confidence’ from Josh. I think he has got about 3 weeks, depending on results


The idea that there is some sort of crisis is largely I’m afraid in your head.


“We were speaking for 10 minutes about the situation but all the time helping each other.” What were they doing? Carrying each other’s shopping?!


Funny and a point you have there sir

Pépé Le Pew

This statement is a bit clumsy from Emery . It seems a bit defiant towards the supporters « I have the boss support, nah nah nah »


No. The reporter asked the question in a certain way.

he is just answering as is.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

i don’t see us winning on Saturday against wolves…those players will be under pressure to deliver in other not to be the next scapegoat(especially torriera)….and you know arsenal players never get the results most times under pressure…..liverpool,wolves and Leicester are all write off.. We are getting nothing from these games.. I can assure you that…it’s a given

Exactly. They will find another scapegoat thus missing what truly is the problem. THESE numpties said 1) Flamini is the problem. Flamini gone. Coquelin in. Same problems (Ramsey and Le Coq leaked 14 goals in 7 matches straight) 2) Wenger is the problem. Wenger gone. Same problem. 3) Board/Kroenke is the problem. Kroenke spent money. Same problems. 4) Mustafi is the problem. Gone (well around tonight HEHE). Same problems 5)Granit the problem. No Granit against Vitoria, same midfield problem. 6) Unai the problem now. Later when a new manager comes in same problems and it will be back to kroenke.… Read more »


This is not difficult from Xhaka to apologise while saying that he and the players need to have the fans behind them. Nothing difficult to be humble while making the fans realise that they did harm him and that he reacted as a human being what everybody must realise that this is ultimately what he is. Saying that even if Xhaka is the captain, all the fans are captains and that the players need them all on their side. Apolosiging while making the fans feel they were wrong and that they must realise that they are as important as each… Read more »


Xhaka simply don’t have that in his locker. It’s one of the many reasons most of us didn’t want him as a captain. He’s not one of the most intuitive, smart (Watford comment) or self aware footballers (you already know) you’d find around. He’s also never inspiring. In any way. His emotions also almost gets the better of him (his rash fouls and lunges are evidence). Emery made this man captain when he could have gone for much safer if not unspectacular choices. Remember this is also a man that insisted on making Ozil one of the five captains for… Read more »


Unai said He should apoplogise (which then with the BBC turned to ‘Unai Demands apology’) BUT he’s been given some time to cool off and think carefully. I’d imagine there will be 2 outcomes: 1) He no loner wants to play for us in which case we lose an asset we need in midfield. Just think Torreira gets injured and then you are rotating through Cebellos and GUendouzi really bc alternatives would be AMN or Willock. 2) If he should grasp the gauntlet then he words a good statement and comes back in. You only need to hear the apology… Read more »


Xhaka has nothing to apologise for. Fans say viler things to him all the time. We need to be adults to be able to move on in life.

Here, for example: Fuck OFF, Alex!


Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

No fan pays their hard earned money in other to get a seat in a stadium just too constantly and purposefully feel displeased by a player’s performance….Xhaka has to understand this and take a good look at himself and know why most fans aren’t happy with him…….Xhaka’s problems started the day Wenger couldn’t define his position…Wenger first claimed he is more like a box to box… Then weeks after being exposed on the field of play,Wenger then backtracked and said Xhaka is more like a deep lying playmaker
Come on man!…why buy Xhaka when you can’t even define his position.

Piss off. Don’t be so entitled. Firstly. Xhaka’s performance have been decent. He’s playing a central role he wasn’t used to and has come up with many good tackles and blocks but most fans won’t see anything other than him ‘ducking’ away from the McTommney shot. In that case as explained, he was trying to meet the ball with his forefead which is understandable. The freeze frame of course is made to look as if he is ducking. Secondly he is critical to the way we play and there is reason why he started ahead of say Torreira. Height for… Read more »

If you are displeased do you boo the waiter? Your colleague? Heckle his wife?

What is this fucking toxic nonsense of hard earned money of fans. What do you think professional footballers do? Where do you think they come from? What do you think their lives have been until the point they play in a big club, only to have a bunch of cowardly fuckers unload on you – people who are supposed to have your back.

Every one works hard for their money. Everyone has expectations. Everyone needs to be civil. Fans included.

Yamkela Nxusani

Everything happening now is a huge distraction, look at where the team is, look at how we performing. That is the most painful thing I think is not getting the coverage.


Its only a distraction bc you want it to be.


The Kroenkes going to let another manager stay too long and further damage our chances of getting back to the top. How much more proof do they need that Emery is incompetent? We won’t get another opportunity like this to get back into the CL but they’re willing to gamble on Emery being able to turn this mess around. Unbelievable.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

You can make a change…the fans can make a change by making a disapproval of the manager similar to Xhaka’s case..come on this is not long serving Wenger.. This is Emery(it can’t be so difficult to throw him out)… We don’t have to wait for the Kroenkes to make a decision..we have to force them into one

Exactly. Klopp.


are you done talking?


Good Ebening

Jimbo Jones

Most fans patience is wearing thin. Emery out…before he takes us further into the doldrums.


Delusional and Denial… Sounds about right. This is a sign of getting sack soon. Please get rid of this clown ASAP.


Exactly. these fans are delusional.

They want to believe something. It does not happen. They then deny that this is actually what most sane people would do.


Ah, the dreaded vote of confidence!


“Sunday for example, after the match, Josh Kroenke was also in the dressing room speaking with me. We were speaking for 10 minutes about the situation but all the time helping each other. He’s supporting me…”

El jefe le da un beso de muerte.

One thing leads to another; everything is connected.


I don’t know but if my boss had to come and tell me that my job is safe that would set of alarm bells in my head. Maybe I am paranoid but I think if I was doing my job right my manager wouldn’t have to reassure me about my job security unless there were other external factors at play


I don’t think he came to say that. He came to say the club supports the manager’s decision bc it was another stupid situation unnecessary and instigated by fans who really should be trying to help better the environment instead of continuously poisoning it.


why didnt josh come out and say it then?

hopefully that means josh has just paid lip service to emery, and he has 2 losses left before the boot.


your “Hopefully” shows your bias.

Kroenke is saying exactly what he said.


In addition, this sounds to me like saying, I know there is pressure on me, especially from the fans (who are soooo irrational)…. But I got the support from Josh and Raul etc so up yours, fans!


Or maybe the reporter framed a question and he is answering it?


Again, so many words and no substance. They were all talking, him and this guy and that guy, Josh is helping – he needs to show that he has his backing although I am not so sure about that. What were you talking about, what was the decision, conclusion…?

He needs to leave asap.


No he doesn’t. You need to grow up. I thought Unai answered the questions very well. Reporter was all about trying to mine for crisis. In the end they went with “Unai demands apology from Xhaka” when he really said he should apologise. BUT Emery handled it very well. He said we should be galvanising ourselves right now not trying to tear at each other. He has a job on his hand, we are 5th but some cretins prefer to destroy the team again in the hope there is a next manager. Half the problems at Arsenal are self perpetuating.… Read more »


I’m very surprised this hasn’t been handled in a much more simple way: 1. Statement from Emery saying that he is responsible for asking Xhaka to perform in a difficult situation, against the fan sentiment because he believes in that. Continue to say Xhaka is devastated and wants to put things right. 2. Statement from Xhaka to say “I let my emotions get the better of me, very proud to be Arsenal captain but I have let everyone down including myself. Want to be the captain again in the future but have something to prove to the fans and the… Read more »


4) Emery leaves NOW by mutual consent if they need to spin it.
5) Xhaka goes in January , he was never a Arsenal player anyway.
But sadly the Kronks are to tight to pay off Emery and all the staff he brought in.


It will be much cheaper to pay them off then to miss out on Champions League football again.


Emery leaves now- we are in disarray, no self respecting quality manger comes in, we end up in relegation with Ole.

Xhaka leaves January, our midfield thins, we rely on AMN as Cebellos and Guendouzi both injured.

Ever heard of a brain?


1)Bellerin is already a captain

2) Unai has given Granit a bit of time to assess.

3) Unai did nothing wrong selecting Granit as captain. The supporters did not do their job. Support.


You love making points! Can you please put this up on slidehsare than you


Sometimes we forget the memory and we need to remember. “When I arrived, this team needed to be more competitive. Arsenal, in their history, were winning 1-0 and being very competitive, but it was not enough. “Then the process of being competitive and with improved creativity. When I arrived here, the creativity was more or less good, but being competitive was worse. “It was not enough. I think last year I started to improve being competitive, also with some very good matches playing with creativity.” – takes full credit for what he perceives as an ‘upturn’ in the team \… Read more »


Why should he not take credit for improvements.

Arsenal fans are cretins who want immediate results but make shit up when they want Wenger gone, saying they would give any manager 3 or 4 seasons.

No manager will ever be good enough.

Arsenal frankly deserve to go down given some of their fans.

Gullible shallow support prey to media crisis manufacturing when there is positives in the season.

Sure we are not where we ant to be but he is still in the 5th spot and with two thirds or more of the season to go.

get a grip.


The real toxicity is Arsenal fans. self entitled.

Wanted wenger out. 4th place not good enough. prefer to be 5th and fighting for europa they said.

be careful what you wish for i said.

All turned true.

And I said as much as it was poor with wenger it could stagnate or get worse.

No they said. Celebrated Unai’s appointment, everything feels different they said new car smell, the team is working better.

Flash forward a season. Unai out. Can’t get worse.

well it can. And probably will.

Viju Jacob

Good ebening.


He offered support by coming to the changing room after a horrible clash between the clubs no.1 captain and the fans. Well done. By no means is that “The owners / board supports Emery”

Emery´s managerial skills should be an example studied in universites around the world.


You were there in the dressing room then.

Your school of insight should be studied in universities around the world.

Bob The Bridge Builder

I really hope Xhaka leads the team out in the next game & the stadium gives him a good reception. It’s time to build some bridges.

don’t forget

If Xhaka plays again before he issues an apology, he will get booed. Deservedly so.


He needs to apologize eventually if he plays as captain.

BUT not if he isn’t taking up the captaincy.

And no he does not deserve to be jeered. Those fans deserve to be jeered.

Frankly if they are so sensitive they need an apology, they should stay home and knit. this is football.


Is a big part the reason Arsenal Club seems indecisive because the players very much admired, respected and support their captain? Is part of the reason AFC seems indecisive because capitulating to a negative, vocal, abusive portion of the fans makes AFC a more negative, abusive club? Is a part of the reason the captain is reluctant to apologize because he has the strength of character that others look for and ask for from their leaders/captains? Is a part of the reason AFC seems indecisive because these same types of problems are being seen and impacting clubs all across the… Read more »

Kentish Gooner

Is this not the dreaded vote of confidence? #hopefully #emeryout


This is the dreaded common sense support the manager outcome that some fans don’t want to see, they want to manufacture crisis where there wasn’t any. 1) Ozil . No crisis unless you listen to the media who want to plant crisis in gullible Arsenal fans heads. He doesn’t play? So be it. If he is ready to give 100% , he is back in. Simple. He wasn’t giving us everything and certainly was far from playing to potential. Xhaka in fact was putting in MUCH more effort and improving. 2) Xhaka captain. Great. At least he wasn’t picking 5… Read more »


EXPECTING a decision in favour of themselves and now feeling rather butt hurt.:D

Because the decision is correct, and the decision you were expecting was not.


1) All these numpties posting want Unai to be wrong and not managing things correctly. Wrong. He is managing the situation perfectly well. The owner is MORE than correct in allowing the manager the leeway to run his team. If the manager needs to take instructions from the owner in these sort of issues, the owner may as well be managing. 2) Manager is concentrating on task on hand. There is no need to force any decisions currently because we already have captains in Bellerin (and Sokratis) 3) Squad has rallied behind their captain Xhaka which in any sane supported… Read more »

COYG 1001

Maybe it’s this: Get rid of Emery, then I’ll apologize. Until he leaves, I’ll just be hung out to dry over and over again. As captain, it’s my job to stand up for the team, not to maximize my playing time!

Prob just wishful thinking on my part, but if that’s what’s going on: Xhaka in!


KSE supports Emery, and the players*
*unless its Mesut Ozil.


Emery’s dropping names like a drunk trying to pay a cabbie.