Following the 1-0 win over Bournemouth at the Emirates this afternoon, Unai Emery says his team lacked confidence in the second half which prevented them from putting the visitors to the sword.

After a truly dismal first half, Eddie Howe’s team were better in the second period, causing Arsenal problems at the back and coping well with what we had to offer from an attacking point of view.

We created very little to threaten Bournemouth, and afterwards the Arsenal boss put that down to a loss of confidence – suggesting the fact that we had young players was the root cause.

Bukayo Saka was the only inexperienced starter, although Emery did bring on Willock and Martinelli, which does make you wonder if the issue was inexperience, why add more?

“In the first half, we controlled it with very good organisation, defensively very strong, we didn’t concede chances to them,” he said.

“We scored one goal and had possibilities to score the second goal. We were speaking about wanting to improve and we could improve.

“The second half was a very good opportunity to keep our confidence, getting better with the ball, the combinations, the control, and also stopping their actions with the ball.

“We did that in the first half but, in the second half, maybe because the first chances arrived very early, we lost a bit of that confidence. We have a lot of young players and we need also to take experience, take minutes and to know that difficulty inside the pitch.

“It’s like that against every team in the Premier League because I think It’s the most important and most difficult domestic competition.

“We are very happy with that result and proud of our work in the first half, and we are very critical of ourselves and myself to improve the second-half.”

Emery also talked up the quality of today’s opposition after the win – something that might surprise anyone who actually watched the game.

“Bournemouth are a very good team, they have 11 points and won against Aston Villa and Southampton,” he said.

“They have good, international players – very big quality. We will play teams with more quality, some yes, some with less quality, but we are also playing with young players, giving them chances, minutes, experiences.

“I think every match for them is important.”

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Agree, losing confidence or being scared in the second half is strange. Needs to be dealt with.

But will still take the win, position in the league and chance for improving during the season.

Scott P

Yes, what possible reason would there be for us to lose confidence? We absolutely dominated them in the first half.

The manager should acknowledge that the other team will come out fighting, while pumping the team up to deal with that challenge and encouraging them based on the first half performance. Maybe he did that in the dressing room, we’ll never know, but it’s an odd reaction from the team if he did that.


I think there’s a lot to be excited about. Let’s just pretend, against our better judgement, that this is a manager making do with what he has at his disposal to force games. 15 points from 8 games is fine. Especially when the next game we play we could theoretically see Holding, Bellerin, Tierney and Laca all on the field together. It’s dire. It can’t get any worse performance wise. But these players coming back could just be the firecracker up the arsehole this team really needs. And if we start performing and picking up points after the interlull, 15… Read more »


Look at Citeh. Two defenders out and they are fucked. We’ve had three out all season. Find me the team that would still play wonderful football with 4 first teamers out and I’ll shut up.


To be fair if you took away liverpool’s full backs I don’t think they’d be anywhere near as good

I suppose we will find out soon enough


Ourselves in the cups? 🙂 (Sorry, I know, lesser opposition and all that 🙂

Rebo Ehwan

Problem is, will Emery do the right selection when all our stars get back into the first team? Don’t be surprise to see him bench even Aubameyang when Lacazette returns. Hope you know he is lacking in self-belief and shows signs of inferiority complex? That’s the real problem our club has now.


I don’t think taking two of our best off helped much in the confidence department. Bringing on Torreira was fine, but Ceballos should have stayed on, and Pepe probably should have too with instructions to be an outlet and keep possession.

Willock is good, but from what I’ve seen he’s better at opening a game up than at controlling the pace and possession, same with Guendouzi.


To only score 1 against this lot. Not good


The stats and the eye test don’t make for pretty reading. This team is going to get found out sooner or later yet again. Playing poorly and winning is not a positive when it happens every week. It’s reminiscent of last season where Emery got one point from 12 to gift spuds a CL place. Another set piece winner and one other shot on goal for the highest ticket prices in the country? I’m not impressed.


Highest t prices in the country? Presumably you’ve seen what they charge at the war zone in N17?

Paul Roberts

Relegation coming for us….bugger!

Paul Roberts

Arseblog has turned into Criticblog.


I have been visiting this site with reducing frequency to avoid the toxicity. The amount of hate xhaka gets win or lose would make you think that he is Mugabe reincarnated.


me too, it’s become too much. and it’s ridiculous. it’s either emery out or xhaka shouldn’t be starting. we get it people. jesus fucking h christ. also, blog’s becoming increasingly inane and annoying. here’s an example: Emery’s direct quote: “in the second half, maybe because the first chances arrived very early, we lost a bit of that confidence”. he literally said we lost confidence because we missed early chances. yet blogs said Emery suggested the fact that we had young players was the root cause of the loss of confidence. like seriously? i appreciate the site and the platform we… Read more »

Maul Person

Then… stop… reading…

Problem solved.

Personally I find this blog a bit more balanced than you’re suggesting.

Maul Person

Also why are you making your argument based on taking half of a quote? The line about the young players is LITERALLY the next thing Emery said. And considering that was Emery’s justification, then is it not reasonable to ask why he’d put more young players on the field if he thinks having young players on in the first place was an issue?

CO Arse

Um, unless Blogs just fabricated large parts of Emery’s actual words, Emery did cite young players as a reason for the lack of confidence. Objectively, Chambers, Guendozy, and Saka are the only players who come anywhere close to that description, and Guendozy has clearly established himself as an almost automatic selection.

Based on the above facts, your comment and opinion not only seem baseless, but willfully misleading and trying to criticize by misrepresenting what was said?

That is my reading of it at least.


To score none against Newcastle was worse.
To score none against Wolves was worse still.
And as for Brighton … don’t get me started on how bad that was.

Over the weekend all sorts of rubbish went on … conceding goals … not scoring goals.

We scored one and conceded none. What the holy fuck more do you want?

Maul Person

To play the right players in the right positions.
To play the best players available.
To not persist with publicly humiliating our only AM who would actually help make the team more fluid
To win against the teams we should be beating so that we have 21 points not 15.

Not asking much, right?


I think there were several opportunities to increase our lead which we didn’t properly take. Auba takes the stick for this. He looks like he just can’t do the easiest of things until he pops up to finish well. So many situations he rubbishes with poor play that could have created chances for others. I can’t wait for Laca’s return.


I hope that it is love for Auba right now (as we have no other proven goalscorer on the first team roster) that is the reason for the downvotes. Because it would be funny if some of you are actually blind to the cluelessness of Aubameyang away from goal. Lol.




I’ve said it time and again, aubameyang can’t dribble, pass or cross a good ball, and it was so evident today, let’s call a spade, a spade. COYG

Elrond Half-Elven

Actually, Auba away from goal is a bit disappointing. Not taking anything from his magnificent goal scoring abilities, but his link-up play is dire in all honesty.


People are only down voting you because you’re being critical of our top goalscorer who is the reason we are third. But, you are right to an extent, Auba doesn’t have a lot to his game apart from finishing and pace (which isn’t what it used to be in his Dortmund days unfortunately). This is why I love Laca, he doesn’t have the same numbers but what he does for the team is unbelievable, he is a much more talented footballer and I’d argue a better finisher even. Give Laca a run like Auba and he’ll get better numbers, we… Read more »

Gunner 55

Yeah Auba needs a supporting striker. He’s a poacher par excellence but he’s not much of a ball player. I wouldn’t say “poor” though.
That’s why I have some hope that Laca will improve us somewhat.


It’s your fucking job to instill that confidence, mate.

If they weren’t confident after that first half against that team, then you clearly fucked up at half time.

It’s all a bit mourinho, looking to blame the players for what are clearly his own failings.


Indeed. It is his job to instill that confidence and get them to maintain it over 90 minutes.

Having said that – we are third. And we’re also not Man Utd. Two things to be grateful for.

Tony adams Nose

Or Totnumb


I agree. We don’t know what Emery says in the wardrobe, but judging from his incomprehensible hand signals on the line, I have a feeling that he might be too focused on details. Tactical subtleties have their time. But his job on match day is to motivate.


UE talks a lot about the young ones this year while he didn’t mention them at all last season… He desperatly wants to join his name to the young ones as a guarantee to seal his future at the club. Nothing spontaneous. Just calculation.


Last year, he showed faith in Guendouzi. He used Nketiah and Saka in the cup games. He sent Nelson on loan to further his progress. He used ESR until he fell to injury and sent him out on loan when it was clear he needed gametime he wouldn’t get at Arsenal. He used Willock in the cup games and in a final as well. Medley played a couple of games as well. All of this he did despite the great number of unusable first team players like Lietchtiener (I’m sorry ?), Jenkinson, Elneny, etc., around. This year, he has sold… Read more »


Don’t forget Holding. He was relatively young for a CB, yet Emery clearly trusted him – and then he got injured and our form dipped.


And AMN….and Bellerin & Iwobi who had both lost a huge amount of form and confidence the season before he arrived.


“losing confidence” at home against Bournemouth while up 1-0, smh. come on.

Fred Garvin

This speaks volumes. People were talking about mental fragility in the late Wenger years, but this kind of fragility is a whole new ballgame.


He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Learning English would probably a good thing.

Maul Person

Go back and listen to him when he came over a year ago. Then listen to him now. He’s been learning.






Dick does talk some fearful bollocks….

Tony Adams Nose

I think it must be his lack of English. They we not scared of Bournemouth they were just void of ideas. No creativity and the Cherries were getting at them. It would have been like that all game if Bournemouth hadn’t had played so bad in the first half. We should (and if he had had played the team he played on Thursday we would), have been out of sight by half time.


Anyone can beat anyone these days in the Premier League, so confidence; even at home can be eroded. Still, I’m glad for the 3 points, we can always build on performance with confidence from wins.


Just say we’re tired after an intense week on the training ground or something. Not this bollox.

Mayor McCheese

Bournemouth are a good side and have been for a while now. I don’t buy into this narrative that somehow they’re trash and we should be hammering them. As usual, people are keen to downplay our team when we play well, as we did in the first half. If we do well, it’s because the opposition were crap, right, because God forbid Emery emerges from any game whatsoever with any credit…and I’ll be the first to say we looked pretty ragged in that second half. We struggled to create chances.


I was you ten years ago, when we had likes of denilson playing in the midfield. I would have defended Wenger then from similar critical assesment and i know you would like to do so with Emery, but some of the fans have probably seen the whole cycle repeating itself and hence have been critical of Emery. But i would also like you to think on areas where we have grown developed or enhanced with Emery at helm. Emery had all my support last season but towards end when it looked like we could have easily been in champions league… Read more »


just the fact that emery favours xhaka tells you a lot about his competence at arsenal.


It seems 2/3 of Arsebog posters think they could have done better than Emery. The premier league is probably the hardest series in the world. Arsenal is third. We hope we can once trash ManC, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern and the lot. Time will come. But so far, Emery’s results are excellent and speak for themselves.

Maul Person

It’s not about thinking we could do better. It’s about critical analysis. Could I be a better Prime Minister than BoJo? Well, bad example but the point is that whether I can or can’t doesn’t preclude me from speaking on the things I think he could do better or the things I think he’s not handling particularly well. As for being 3rd, that’s great and something to be celebrated BUT it’s a tenuous hold on that position. We aren’t playing convincingly at all and teams who play better than the ones we’ve come across WILL punish us. Where does that… Read more »


It’s not that Bournemouth aren’t good, it’s that they were playing really terribly and people think we should have pounced on that. Decent first half still ended up with only 2 shots on target all night, so a bit of criticism/scrutiny isn’t unwarranted.



Mayor McCheese

Or we played in a way that made them look poor. I notice this isn’t the narrative. Predictable.


When he arrived we were a second half team, winning from behind in his first half of last season. Maybe its not confidence maybe the necessary boost is missing or maybe its a mixture of both.


Or maybe we just need a competent manager


That second half really was worrying .. we needed to keep control as we did in the 1st.. pressed bournmouth so well .. lost it in the second .. 3 points is 3 points right now .. but we need to pick up .. Pepe needs a start in the Europa league and a few goals to get himself going .. but we just need to give him time and not jump him right now ?


What happened to Second-half FC?


I lost confidence about halfway through last season to be honest, and I don’t see anything different this time around.

Harry Sunderland

Bournmouth were shocking in the first half and if we had drive, we could and should have scored more than 1. Obviously they were going to come back in the second and but us under pressure. We were so lazy just stroking our ego in the 1st half passing it around slowly but luckily it didn’t come back to haunt us. Two shots on target for how bad they were is piss poor


Playing “the Arsenal way” is quite a famous statement. I think it’s known worldwide. Will we ever get back there?


“Playing the Arsenal way” Bit of a myth really… We had a good first team in 2010/11, but our squad wasn’t deep enough to get us over the line, we tried to go for too many trophies, and tripped over our own feet. Same in 2007/08, but United then spent big, and we fell further behind. We weren’t very good in 2015/16, but had we made a couple of smart signings, instead of keeping the powder dry? we might have got over the line. Finances were tight between 2003-2013, so our dip was understandable, particularly when you look at the… Read more »


‘But we haven’t played particularly good football, or a particular style for a long time.’

100%. The first half of 2015-16 was the last period we were good to watch under Arsene. His last 2 & a half seasons, it was just dull.


Don’t mention 2015 – 16 – that’s the year we should have won the league but gifted it to Leicester. ?


I think that’s the best point made here. We have fans all around the world because of the way we have played and we’ll lose that and, presumably, a huge source of income. I live 100 miles away and the trains are replaced with buses on Sundays so have just got home, 8:00. Left before 9 this morning and to watch that second rate crap.


The Arsenal way is the reason I’m a fan from India. Beautiful football has that power and global appeal. Even during the worst patches, I’ve never seen a Wenger team come out game after game with such disjointed mentality. This season has made for some pretty dull viewing. From what I’ve seen so far, UE ball is not what I’d like to see for too long. Like he himself sums it, ‘it looks low on confidence’


“Playing the Arsenal” way doesn’t mean what you think it means! Before Wenger “Playing the Arsenal way” meant winning boring games 1-0. They even had a song about us “boring boring Arsenal”. This bollocks about beautiful football is just that, bollocks. In fact lazy bollocks. Just cos we once picked up a couple of fast wingers and became a team who could counter attack with speed, whilst having a once in a generation striker on the pitch who could score at will doesn’t change history. One team during one period of three years doesn’t define who Arsenal are, as awesome… Read more »


We have pacy wingers now and a more than decent striker too, but we are also playing some of the most shit Football in years.

Maybe you will see it after you stop brown nosing Emery.


I’ve edited your comment;

“Maybe you will see it after you stop supporting our team.”

Better sums up what you were trying to say.


No, thanks. I know what I want to write very much.


Kind of hard to believe we’re 3rd in the table. Sp*rs looking like implosion is imminent, Liverpool, despite winning a lot do not look nearly as convincing, City are injured and not performing well, and Chelsea will probably be up and down this season. And United, just LOL. If we can tighten up shop as the season progresses and find some fluidity in our game we really should be getting in top 4. No excuses, COYG!


The chasing pack are catching up, there are no easy games, look at United+Spurs records away from home.

This is now a pattern, there’s a lot of quality in this league, Emery is making us difficult to beat and all he needs to do is keep chalking up those points


This guy chats so much shit


Arsenal are third in the world’s hardest league. You should elaborate, or act like a fan.


I know Emery is playing the kids. And you can’t knock it. But everything about how he plays them makes me think he is not excited about it. You can just feel it. Was Saka really ready for his third start in a row in the bigger competitions? Why can’t Willock get a start? I could be totally wrong but I don’t think he has a feel for it. A bit like Pep never playing Foden… like ever. Not that I care much about that, it’s just a comparison. Feels like Emery has been forced… in the end he’d rather… Read more »


Definately feels like that. Especially when the team plays a fearful second half, and he blames the younger players inexperience for it, when I feel like they kids have been putting themselves about well. Some of them drive they have (looking at Matteo especially) is an example to the so called more experienced players. The real reason we play so fearful is that Emery is cautious and fearful in his approach, and that keeps transmitting to the players. But since he is essentially being made to play the kids by the board, he’s finding himself a convenient scapegoat.


The reason we let players like Serge Gnarby leave, is that integrating them into the first team takes more than a handful of matches. It is an investment, and the price payed is that the team will be slightly less effective until the new players get used to the speed and power of the game at its highest level. Emery currently invests. He plays Willock ahead of Özil. He lets Ramsey leave, and plays Guendouzi. He takes off Pepe to give Reiss Nelson time. He manages to do this while being third in the league. The payback will be huge,… Read more »


He didn’t ‘let’ Ramsey leave to blood a youngster. If he had done, he’d be an idiot. He’s not wanting to finish the season with Smith-Rowe, Willock and Saka in the team. He’s not planning for that at all. He’s just being forced by the board. First chance he gets he points at the kids and inexperience. Wenger (I know, I know) came third and fourth with Denilson, Bendtner and Djourou in the team. You gotta believe in them. What he could do with Martinelli and Willock.

Xhaka kaka

What nonsense…


Could not agree more. UE is clearly not happy about the way we played in the second half and is critical of himself and the team. This is not a manager who is looking to shy away from his responsibilities!!!


Exactly. Despite what blogs wrote and a number of comments claiming ‘he’s blaming the kids’, the coach literally takes responsibility for the bad second half, but mention that and you get downvoted.

Emery is no Klopp – but the state of this blog at the moment is very sad.

Maul Person

What did he say that gives that impression?


This has been a weird start to the season. We aren’t playing too well, but we are 3rd, a point off of city, spurs 4 points behind and manu 6. After the interlull we have tierney, bellerin, laca. Maybe Pepe starts performing like we expect. Martinelli and Saka could do surprising things. Certainly not terrible from that point of view.

Ivan the Terrible

Despite the Unai Bomber.


Hahahaha. Very good.


Play your best player, the one who can link the midfield with the attack, who knows how to pass to players on your side, who makes chances for others. That might help to build a bit of confidence. Horrible football in the second half.


At least have this so called mystery player in your squad.

Paul Roberts

Gordy you should be the manager.


One season then I could buy a new car and pay for the roof to be replaced and could go to matches by helicopter rather than replacement buses.


I know all managers like to ‘spin’ a result but blaming youth and inexperience is disingenuous. Howe made a tactical change for the second half tucking the full-backs narrower and Emery didn’t adjust accordingly. I’d have a lot more respect for him if he was a) tactically competent and b) honest.


He is neither. The lack of honesty is pretty disheartening.


what a bum

Ivan the Terrible

Emeryball = pressing and punting speculative long balls upfield. It’s going to be a long season ?


For me, the 2nd half only really started to feel uncomfortable after the substituion. It was a reasonable call to bring on Martinelli as reward for his recent exploits but bringing off Pepe and switching Saka affected the balance of the team. Far better to make a straight swap in that position instead.


Loosing confidence? They have good international players- very big quality ?
Maybe Unai thought we were playing Bayern Munich today, the team names are quite close and Emerys english is still a bit shaky. If he thanks we’re playing Barca instead of Burnley etc it can explain a lot…


I want my Arsenal back. Sadly, that’s never going to happen. I do miss it though


The problem is that they started well, but relaxed after seeing one goal go in. Everything slowed to a crawl by the end of the first half and then Bournemouth started to come back into it. This could have been another disappointment so easily.


No creativity. Arsenal have become cowards and all because of their coach and captain.
They need to man up and never show emotions when you are in the pitch.
Young blood is good but don’t put all of them together. Missed Ozil today.
I thought that once we have proper defense , coach would want to have at least one creative Attacking mid fielder and he only plays defensive.
The best defense is playing offense!!!! Emery out!!!!
He was saved by Luis today!!!

Der Kaiser

Wow, another clean sheet. Not playing fluently but still in top four. Get Bellerin, Holding, Tierney and Laca fully fit for regular Premiership first tream action and we could really take off. Problem is neither Emery or any supporters could probably agree on our first team ( alomst spilt for riches). But decide on first xi and subs for each position and STICK TO IT. My thoughts are:- Goalkeeper – Leno – back-up Martinez Right back – Bellerin – back-up Chambers Left back – Tierney – back-up Kol Centre back ( right side) – Luiz – back- up Chambers /… Read more »

Der Kaiser

My god we have Martinelli and Eddie as back- up centre forwards aldo. Never have we had so much young talent. But need to introduce gradulally. However, poor Lakaku and Sanchez were at Utd look at them now


Sokratis is Arsenal’s best central defender. Holding has a good positional awareness, good understanding of the play and good tackles, but he is slow.


‘Great’ team talk from master tactician obviously helped. Just get over it now. #EmeryOut

Naked Cygan

Not sure what the fk is going on!!! For the last two years of Wenger, and since Emery arrived, we have only really shown up for 45min max every game.

1.We play good 1st half, then fk up second half
2. We fk up 1st half, then we play good 2nd half
3. We suck for 90 min

We never play with full commitment for 90 min. What the fk is going on??….


Have we ever been so high up the table playing so bad???….literally our gameplan is…
with the ball: don’t loose it!!…
without the ball: all units to panicstations!!!


And to top it all we went scared to worst Manchester United since ice age like we did. No excuses. Sack him in the morning. Be ruthless. #EmeryOut


Imagine sacking a PL manager in 3rd place with only one loss away against the team with a perfect record.


I’m sick to death hearing about this ‘confidence’ bulllshit. We were hopeless and not just in the second half.

The 3 points were great especially since a loss wouldn’t have been unfair. I still don’t know what we’re trying to do out there – we don’t look like scoring or defending in the league. Why not? When will we? Worrying really.

Martinellis belly

Yes taking off Pepe one of out most threatening attackers so we can cling on to a 1-0 at home sure sent the right message Unai!!
Take the fraud Xhaka off if you are worried about stability but dont haul off our winger who was growing in confidence.
God this guy is starting to drive me crazy.
Firstly with his decisions then his nonsense justifications


If only we have substitute head coaches, we may be able to haul off Emery during half time.


Players were scared because of your passive tactics and inlfuence that is instill in this team. When opposition tried to attack, our player start to panick and that’s is the problem. To Emery defender out there, we had gone through unbeaten run at the start of last season and everything seems good because we are able to grind out results even if we were playing badly. However, everyone knows what happened at the end of last season. Our luck runs out and we had fallen out of the top 4 spots. With the current gameplay, i do wonder whether is… Read more »

Gunner 55

I am not convinced with this abstract analysis of a game. Anyone can drum that up. “We didn’t have impetus”
Anyhow let’s wait for the injury returns and see if anything will improve. I don’t think we’ll improve much.
Unai seems to be as clueless as anyone. Maybe he doesn’t watch Adrian Clarke’s analyses on the home page. Or he just doesn’t know what to do.


I know you guys won’t like what i am saying but i have to tell you the truth. I feel Emery is driving us to nowhere. It’s a boring boring football now. No thourgh passes just cross and cross to the box like a mid table team. One nil to Arsenal? No way man! We don’t defend solidly like George Graham. It could have been 1-1 yesterday. Poch is going to be sacked soon. I have to admit i would love if he makes a U-Turn to The Emirates. Yes, he is our rival now but he is good. These… Read more »


I dunno about confidence. Its more like we lost control. The energy levels were not there and not for want of trying. Too many people all too ready to immediately point the finger at Granit for no reason. BUT the drop off was from : 1) Forwards were not protecting the ball enough 2) Guendouzi and Cebellos were trying but clearly getting tired. maybe changes needed to come in slightly quicker. 3) They tried to catch our fullbacks out and we were frankly too panicky at the back (again) We just need to learn to keep calm a bit more.… Read more »


Pepe needs to start producing. It will help if he puts more effort off ball. He did some good things first half, some slightly over complicated but overall second half he did not have enough influence. And considering Saka, Nelson AND now Martinelli all justifying a start on merit, he can improve with just hard work off the ball to gain confidence. I see sometimes things don’t come off for him and he just stops and slouches instead of fighting to get the ball back. It looks worryingly remenisent of some of the things Ozil does when it does not… Read more »


The win is good, the poles were on the right side of the ball. But Arsenal’s traditional mid winter collapse is nearing. The club seems to have almost two complete teams of Premier League quality. What about sending the youngsters to North Norway for the next two months, to train for the wet, dark January matches in North England?


Shut up already. 18 months on and we still get served Stoke football with no creativity while you ruin the career of our most creative player.
Never been so miserable with a win in a weekend spurs, manure and shitty lost.
You have destroyed our arsenal. I don’t recognise us anymore


I have lost confidence in YOU, Emery!!

Steve Vallins

It’s ok for a lot of bloggers to say that we have players to come back , UE is not going to change 3 out of 4 defenders .
This may happen but it will take months before it does , not to mention
Laca .
We have a strong squad across all positions and at the moment UE still doesn’t know how to get the best out of them we have a cup team which presses and drives and a league side which IMO is totally disjointed and open ?


We have enormous talent and our performance was grindingly mediocre. On paper, I see little that would flash the alarm bells of the hierarchy above Emery. But we look bad and if its true that we get CL football next year, it pains me to think what might happen to us with a midfield that positionally poor, unable to defend or link play with the attack. We were at home to Bournemouth and they saw a lot of the ball too. We were piecemeal at best.

Der Kaiser

Will the critics of Emery please list:- a) all his signings (including loans) and which ones are good and which are bad; b) all those youngsters he has given game time to? c) the “dead wood” he has cleared out? He is building something here. The squad has immense talent. I’m convinced that it will all suddenly click and confidence will then rocket. It is difficult because the youngsters in the Europa Cup & “League Cup” have been outstanding (albeit against weaker opposition). You could do Man Ure and get rid of the experience but massive risk(as United proving). Emery… Read more »


The a, b and c you mentioned are correct but the story doesn’t end there mate. Whatever he is building cannot be seen till now. His introduction was Arsenal to be protagonists. His initial idea was if we concede goal then we must score two to win. And I’m fine with the words but he ain’t implementing that. We have seen many times that we are capable for attacking football that can fulfill his initial idea, score more to win. But he is not capable to implement that EVEN when he has that capacity of the team. So he is… Read more »


We do have alot of inexperienced players in midfield. It is harder to expect them to control the game.

Rebo Ehwan

The loss of confidence was due mainly to your poor management style!