Matteo Guendouzi says that Unai Emery has taught him a lot since his arrival at Arsenal last summer, and that he’s determined to repay the Spaniard with his performances on the pitch.

The 20 year old became an unexpected first team regular last season, and this campaign has seen him consolidate his position in midfield.

He’s been one of the team’s most consistent players during a period when our form has been far from ideal at times, and he credits the belief Emery has in him for the progress he’s made.

Via Sport Witness, he said, “We communicate a lot in training, in games on what I can bring on the pitch or in my personal life.

“He’s someone who’s taught me a lot on and off the pitch. I know he trusts me a lot because I’ve started all the games in the Premier League since the start of the season.

“It’s then up to me to stay myself, play well and repay that trust. He’s the one who gave me the opportunity at the highest level.

“I already played a lot last year. He gives me a lot of confidence and he’s the one who makes me feel good on the pitch.

“There’s also my teammates, who are a big part of that, but he’s really, really made me progress since I arrived at Arsenal.”

Guendouzi currently with the France U21 squad for games against Azerbaijan and Slovakia.

Meanwhile, Reiss Nelson has withdrawn from the England U21 squad because of a knee injury.

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Guendouzi was a snip at £7mill, hopefully we can renew his contract ASAP.

He’s progressed a lot, has real personality on the pitch, would be worth £50+mill now on the market, and will be priceless within 24 months if he keeps progressing.

This is where we are as a club, we’re at the start of a new cycle, and with the prices in the transfer market as they are, player development is going to become more+more important.

Patient Gooner

I wholeheartedly agree. Come to think of it. 7 Million!! So if your valuation is something to go by, as I believe it is, that would be an increase of 7 million multiplied by 7.2…. If you get my drift. That’s right. COYG


At the moment transfermarkt valuates him to £40.5m (or 45m$), but your £50m+ is probably more accurate in the real market, because of his age and potential. However I can’t see us selling him in the near future.


We’ve done well recently, our scouting and recruitment has improved, but after spending £87mill on Perez, Mustafi, Xhaka, along with signing Mkhitaryan+Ozil’s new deal, we were moving up from a pretty low bar. Torreira £26mill has increased in value Guendouzi £7mill Martinelli £6mill Leno for £19mill Saliba £26mill, will hopefully increase in value, before we even get hold of him Tierney £25mill, when the premium for full backs has hit £50mill elsewhere Sokratis+Luiz cost a combined £23mill, and they could prove to be a decent pairing, and with the prices of centre half’s elsewhere, they were decent punts regardless, when… Read more »


If he were a few years older I’d personally choose him as a captain. He seems like a real leader even now.

Ya gooner

Shhh you don’t want him to leave such is the captain curse 🙁

Emery's Plan

Ohh, so that’s the reason why Xhaka is captain… Emery has a plan!


Biggest thing for him is to get stronger and be able to handle physical play better. He has such confidence and such a high work rate for a young and inexperienced player and is one that does not shy away from the big moments. If we can continue to groom the young players like Guendouzi, Willock, Saka, Nelson, Martinelli, Smith-Rowe, Saliba next year, etc. what an exciting future the club could have it we can get/keep the proper experienced players around them.

Eduar-do a deer

One good thing about the internet – easier to groom youngsters.


A lot of our fanbase seems to be in a cyclic barrage of frustration against Emery. But he needs credit for this one. By playing him in big games last season when most of us would’ve preferred to see a more experienced head means that this season we’ve got a player who pretty much picks himself.

Ya gooner

Let’s be honest the quality of our midfield allowed for him to be picked. If we had better senior midfielders he’d likely only play europa and cup games. To be fair though geundouzi is such a silver lining he turned the cloud gold


Matteo Guendouzi!
You are one of the very few things that Emery has gotten right.
Well done Son.


I think it’s flown under the radar a little bit just how good Guendouzi has been. He was raw last season but still putting in performances at an age where his peers were battling for starting berths in the U23s and he has really kicked on this season. Seems to have just enough arrogance to excel amongst more experienced colleagues.

Naked Cygan

One of the VERY FEW players who REALLY gives a shit, and plays for 90 minutes. Unlike some other players who just turn up for 45 minutes and switch off.

We really need Laca back too. he was our player of the season, and we need him to push on.


Sorry, i love Guendouzi, but his biggest flare right now is actually that he does have a tendency to switch off at critical defensive moments. But he seems to be improving on this front and i certainly have patience for him. Now if you mean he is high energy for all 90 mins… I can’t disagree there.


In the photo at the top of the article, I think Guendouzi is saying, “Just once, coach, please start Torreira instead of Xhaka. Just once.”

Mesut O’Neill

The knee injury would explain why Nelson wasn’t on the bench Sunday.

Malaysian gunner

He is like PV 4 plucked out of nowhere . Hopefully he will help Arsenal
a few trophies before getting his head turned by richer clubs.
Credit to Henry and PV 4 for helping the gunner win the epl and Fa trophies before departing.
Actually had a sinister scheme to weaken Arsenal by getting Adam at first and
then PV4. Fortunately these 2 guys stayed on.
Hopefully a new cycle will begin for the gunners.


everybody knows they are lovers


Emery lovers, it would be good if you read this article.
Ask yourself….is this how you want your beloved club to be heading to??
Nope. Not for me!!


Goodbye then.

Spurs is that way….


Answer the damn question!! Instead of implying Im a Spuds fan!!


It was Real Madrid, at Madrid FFS. 11 years ago.

It doesn’t take much to stir the haters up does it.

Do you not remember some equally shocking away loses for us? some far far worse than that result. It doesn’t take away from Wenger’s time as manager.

Don Cazorleone

We threw away a 4-0 lead to Newcastle more recently than this


He replaced Pogba in French team last month. We are doing what Liverpool did 2years ago for their current success. Emery is doing a good job. Remember what happened to man u after fergie left, that horror, we have not experienced that coz of Emery’s brilliance. We are a point being man city! Our next games give more hope of more points. Emery is a genius.


This kid is a fraud. He is a defensive liability. He has only one assist and zero goals in 1 season + 8 games in the second. He looks good to some because it seems he shows PASHUN and RUNS AROUND … but he doesnt really do anything. He has full freedom to gambol around anywhere in the park…leaving massive holes everywhere…while the other two midfielders scramble to cover him…but he looks good with the camera on him…as he takes the ball, runs forward with it..takes 3-4 touches…and then passes it back or towards the player he was running to.… Read more »