Arsenal take on Portuguese side Vitoria in the Europa League at the Emirates this evening.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Martinez, Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Tierney, Torreira, Willock, Maitland-Niles, Martinelli, Smith Rowe, Lacazette

Subs: Leno, Chambers, Kolasinac, Ceballos, Guendouzi, Saka, Pepe

Vitoria: Silva, Venancio, Tapsoba, Garcia, Edwards, Agu, Poha, Hanin, Almeida, Davidson, Duarte

Subs: Douglas, Henrique, Bonatini, Rochinha, Musrati, Pereira, Pepe

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Matthew Pinckard

What a total dweeb.


Lol, Ozil must be starting in the PL on Sunday then.


I wouldn’t put any money on it


I guess when Emery is gone, he will be remembered as ‘The coach who didn’t know how to use Mesut Ozil’ …

Seriously.. there is absolutely nothing to remember in his tenure so far..


Emery out out out


Hilarious if this ain’t sarcasm

Runcorn Gooner

No Ozil. WTF Emery.

Dave M

Seems all the people saying he won’t be picked so he isn’t cup tied in Europe might be right…


He keeps saying he’s not going anywhere & the club wants him to leave which means he basically is being told stay and you won’t play again. Pretty simple even if many don’t like it.




I wonder though if these fans have become obsessed with this whole Ozil “situation”. Or maybe it is just an obvious stick to beat the hated Emery with. Hence the reason why they can’t see that this is clearly a fight between Ozil and THE CLUB over his future. Leaving him out isn’t a prerogative of Emery only. It’s a tactic being employed by the club hierarchy to force Ozil out. It is not an unusual tactic.
This isn’t on Emery alone. Whether it is fair on Ozil or not is a separate discussion.


I completely agree with you. It isn’t Emery’s fault Ozil isn’t starting, it’s the clubs decision. It’s Emery’s fault that our tactics are not working though.
Choose the right stick to beat him with.

Kran Stoenke

“the obvious stick to beat emery with” you’d make sense if the team was ticking without ozil. But they aren’t playing any good with ozil out.
And whether its a usual tactic or not to freeze a player out doesn’t mean it isn’t absolutely disgraceful


We wouldn’t be in this spot though is Ozil had performed well last year though. Issue is on both player and the team

Dave M

I think you’re right, and to be fair to Ozil all he is doing is saying “whatevs, I’ll take by 350,000 quid per week and come to training for the rest of this contract”. I’m not really sure he cares that much anymore. He’s won the World Cup, FA Cup (x3), Copa del Rey, La Liga title, German Cup (DFB-Pokal), 5x German Player of the Year, assist leader in La Liga, Bundesliga (I think) and EPL seasons. Do you think he cares? I mean a lot of players would be pissed and totally agitate for a move for game time,… Read more »


Then Emery and the club should stop with the bullshit stories about how Ozil is training better, get a spine, and say what he means. The lies are a stupid PR nightmare for the gossip troll pundits and not doing the club any good.

Raul and Edu need to sort this shit out.


How are we still surprised that Emery hasn’t picked Ozil?

Do you sit eating margarine going “Are you fucking serious? This isn’t butter?”


Only “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”



Reality check

Good one HH


You make me laugh…

Dave M

It’s so sad that we are disappointed to see exciting young names like Tierney, Bellerin, Holding, Torreira, and Willock in the Europa league because it means we know they won’t be playing on Sunday in the EPL…securing another shite lineup with the likes of Xhaka, Sokratis, and Kola being picked ahead of these guys that should be starting in the league. Same ol’ Emery…he has no way out of this trap.


All of a sudden Sokratis is shit? Reminds me of the time when almost everyone was fed up with the sight of clichy simply because young Gibbs was waiting in the wings.

Dave M

holding is better…simples


Better starting 11 than Monday night. I’m missing Ozil now though..

Press Box Gooner

I’d fancy it to beat our so-called first team, whatever that is


Auba, Leno, and some other chaff in between.


oh but they outplayed us. is LOL appropriate? #UnaiCant


Would of started Pepe for this one, he should be able to get a few goals to boost his confidence… either way hoping we get another good result tonight!

Mesut O’Neill

Absolutely no reason to think Pepe would “score a couple” in this game if he did start.
We might of signed the new Michael Ricketts.


That’s Rohan Ricketts to you!


He got a couple of goals alright, that Pepe.

SB Still

There is a good chance that Pepe will some minutes, considering that there are 2 of them. Andre Marriner should referee this one 🙂


Arsenal do really need ozil wages away i guess.


But we already pay his wages. And will continue to do so, even if we don’t use him, until his contract ends. That’s literally how contracts work. As it stands, we could even use him to give other players a rest. Completely ignoring him is like scrapping a Merc you bought because it isn’t the latest model. He is a fully paid for employee that we should be using to help in whatever way we can, even if we don’t think he is world class any more. Also, we will never shift him before his contract ends unless we keep… Read more »


Best way to offload those wages are to play him into form so demand around him increases so that teams will be willing to match wages and pay a transfer fee for him. Sitting him on the bench to play young unproven players is certainly not going to interest other teams to pay his wages or pay a transfer for him. Additionally, I am supportive of giving the young exciting talent some minutes to grow and develop, but that doesn’t mean they should be starting every game let alone playing over our only world class playmaker. They should get a… Read more »


What a joke, playing Bellerin, Tierney, HOlding, and Torreira against this lot but ‘saving’ Xhaka, Kola, Luiz, Sokratis for EPL matches. It’s maddening.

The Arsenal

It’s the hill Emery will die on. Just have to be patient.

Dave M

100% agree. He has doomed himself and I think it’s this run of games that could be the end of him. He had the perfect chance to change things up against SU, and then one last chance tonight. Declined on both, now the rest of this game-every-couple-of-days-run he pretty much has to keep swapping line-ups like this to get them through it.

It’s over for Emery…just a matter of time. I really hope Raul, Edu and Venkat do the smart thing and don’t let this drag out, which could further jeopardise the rest of our season.


He’s got to go.

Man Manny

I am pretty certain, come what may, that Emery won’t be here next season.
My only fear is that we fail to make top four.
Auba and Laca would be gone surely.
If by December we are not firmly in top 4, I am afraid the Emery balloon would have to be cut adrift.


Exactly. Everyone says this, and knows it alas except Emery. Why?? Why. I have no idea.


The Europa league is very clearly Emery’s Holy Grail, and he’s prepared (again!!!) to sacrifice the league for it. This same mentality last season that saw us snatch 6th place from the jaws of a top 4 finish.. We’re getting nowhere with this clown. He should have been sacked immediately after Monday’s shot show.


…”shit show”. Shit!!


Sokratis and Luiz have nothing to do with with Hector and Tierney. I still believe in those two experenced pros along with holding and believe that Emery has them exposed. When Holding, Hector and Tierney play in this confused system they won’t look like Maldini but thankfully they won’t get the abuse the senior guys are taking.


Ozil probably told Emery in training that he’s a shit coach. And you know what? He’s right.

Canuck Gunner

Hmm. Site crashed while I tried posting – so apologize if it shows up twice…
Not that I think we need Ozil for this one, but with no game time he’s going to be very rusty if/when he ever does play again. And I’m sure Emery would use that as validation of leaving Ozil out for so long. I now firmly want Ozil to outlast Emery.


I don’t.


At least partially agree: I want them both gone.


He needs vindication for freezing him?

Petit's Handbag

Am I the only one that could no longer care about Ozil? Seem to be the only one who remembers last year’s Europa League Final where he was piss poor and replaced by Willock who done more in his few minutes on the pitch. Ozils done, move on


Ozil is merely emblematic of the systemic.


350k/wk sat at home… easy game against europa opponents… why wouldnt you play him…

Emery’s ego is the only thing preventing him playing. And we are becoming a laughing stock even more than we already are by leaving our highest paid player at home week in week out.

Maybe all he needs is a confidence boosting game and he may start firing again, however, with Emery at the helm, we wont see him again i feel


Özil is a way better player than Emery is a coach.


I like how certain fans are very selective. They remember Wilshere from the good game he did 8 (? Not less anyway) years ago at Barca and build a legend on this only forgetting all his failures. Then they judge Özil on this game when others didn’t do better (don’t worry, Joe was playing at Sheffield and was crap, subbed at half time) and then they build an eternal reject only on this.


Couldn’t give a shit either. Ozil isn’t going to help. I just wish we could get rid of him.

And Emery, of course.


what a ba889rd, no other word for him


At least we’ve pretty much got our favourite back 4, and yes I’m including Mr Clean Sheet himself, Mustafi in that ?

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

There’s is something obviously wrong with Emery and Ozil.. Ozil played almost all the pre season matches and did very well…. All of a sudden thinga aren’t looking right…i just don’t who to suspect anymore….arsenal fans need to rise up.. We can’t allow Ozil suffer this way.. We need to speak for him…. If he truly told Emery he is not a coach then he is fucking speaking the mind of every true gunner right now

craszy gunner

Why is Pepe on their bench???

Paul Roberts

He knew it would be easy to score against us.


Wonder if this has anything to do with Ozil’s mike-drop Tweet. I loved it but he may not have done himself any favors if he wants in the squad any time soon.


Emery probably told him he won’t be in the squad hence the post.


I never used those words to describe Emery until today, but he is truly clueless, a clown and a coward.


Wait for the game mate!

Paul Roberts

Mate I like your posts but a bloke that decides to put himself on offer managing a Premiership team is not a coward!

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

I can obviously see two pepes on the bench of both sides.. Let’s hope our own pepe shines


Good team. I’m actually looking forward to watching us play.

Seat 148

It does seem ironic at best that this side contains five players who didn’t start on Monday who would be in most people’s first team, (although to be fair one of those is Laca who is only playing tonight rather than Monday because of the injury).

If subs go as I’d like them to, we could finish with eight or nine of my ‘preferred’ outfield players.


Emery can Fuck right off with this Özil shite.
I don’t think he has the mentality of a big manager, keeping grudges and all.
How can keep one of the best creative players in the world out when your team is lacking so much creativity.

Paul Roberts

I hope Tierney, Holding and Hector come off after 45 mins at 3 nil up?


Arsenal used to be the team with class. To humiliate a great player shows that Emery is not Arsenal, does not get the Arsenal way and should be gone, now.


Let’s not make this about Ozil.., because it’s actually about Emery and his ineptitude. Focus!


Europa league nights at the emirates y”all

Have a fun night everyone

The Kolkata Gooner

Can’t even be excited about this line up, coz this most definitely means the boring as fuck, incompetent line-up is saved for Sunday. Emery is a dick.


Get this stupid egotistical cowardly and clueless so called coach out of our club before things get toxic, this idiot never learn he lost the PSG dressing room and he will lose ours too. I accept differing views but in the end it’s the club and fans to suffer


UE also let Ben Arfa out of the group without any reason for… 14 months… now it’s another level and the club should check the damage it causes to their image.


We always will be defensively solid without Guendouzi to expose us. Good line up!

Auba finally gets a rest

Unpopular opinion but absolutely true. Thing is though, I think MG exposes us because of HOW he’s played. With a better #10 he wouldn’t have to run around like a headless chicken.


Hope to see many #EmeryOut banners and friendly riot. #EmeryOut


The midweek team again then. Presumably same at Anfield and EL away game. Hope they do well in all three.

Back to boredom v Palace and Leicester in PL though.

2 games in 4 days shouldn’t be beyond players these days anyway, other than returns from injury, should it? Start to switch teams over.


Yes, I see no reason why Tierny, in particular, can’t play next weekend regardless of this game.


Yep, no Ozil. That’s good. Ozil is not the solution for this team. Go-on and hate.


At least UE can try and play him just in case because he did well in pre season and so far this season (8 created chances in 2 games)… because the ones who deserve more are obviously not the solution either.


Fair point on the “ones who deserve more are obviously not the solution either.” I dont disagree in theory, but I probably disagree on who is underdelivering.

Teryima Adi

That should be our first eleven with Auba and Pepe in.


+ Leno


+ Luiz too because we cant have Mustafi in there


I don’t know what he means by he is making Arsenal more competitive. Arsenal has become boring to watch, Not threatening even to bottom table team, no creativity and conceding goals game in game out. Bullshit

Auba finally gets a rest

It’s about time Auba got some r & r


Emery **** should use this team with a strong front for PL games. He is doing the opposite. I am mad, mad mad!!

Paul Roberts

I’m looking forward to watching Martinelli again and interested to see what ESR does.


Cool, so back to the shitty fullbacks for the game that matters, then?

Emeryball! Catch it!

Magic City Gooner

The Ozil issue aside, I’m happy to see Torreira back in and AMN get a crack at midfield.
Maybe Lacazette gets an hour, Martinelli moves up top and Pepe comes in for more confidence building?

Buddy budster

Very excited for AMN to get a run in as a central midfielder in this lineup! He’s earned it after covering at right back for so long.

Sagebrush Farm

I think this team would have beaten Sheffield u


Didn’t expect to see Ozil in the squad and honestly don’t again for some time (until we get hit with some injuries). I don’t know if he will ever play for Arsenal again. I assume we will try and loan him in January (and pay much of the salary still) or if we can find a team to buy him (doubt it), but obviously as long as Emery is the manager he has no future with Arsenal.


Sack that clown at half time. #EmeryOut

The Kolkata Gooner

Hahaha. And Ljungberg takes over immediately, and we score 5 goals. Wouldn’t that be lovely!


Nobozil they will lost again believe me

Laca New Signing

Those in the stadium please sing in unison “We’ve got Özil, Mesut Özil, I don’t think you understand, He is a Wenger man, he’s be here longer than you Unai, we’ve got Mesut Özil!”


How many poor seasons before Arsenal removed Wenger?
Arsenal are a club to bury their heads in the sand.
And we are 1-0 down to the club that some on here were saying we will be 3-0 up at half time.
Arsenal are an average team now – sooner you understand that the sooner you realise that no one will do any better with the resources available….


That’s BS , our squad has potential but emery can’t use that , he is a bad coach.


I’m not saying I support Emery – fuck no, he is a terrible manager but what I am saying is that Arsenal are not a club to get rid of a manager just like that.
Arsenal ARE average – ten points behind Liverpool with a record like that you cannot argue they are a top team now…


Feeling like bewitching Emery…… i no longer enjoy watching arsenal without the genius Mesut!


If it’s upper management or Unai decision to phase ozil out than stop with ozil updates and just say no comment. It’s simple.

Why would they even play him 1 non this season if they were trying to frustrate him to force him out.

Hoping emery gets canned by the next break along with Raul.

If you are going to play defensive or if that’s hbe priority than why waste £72 wing this past summer and not better defensive minded players? Just get an inexpensive wing with potential?

The Kolkata Gooner

Along with Raul? He’s just given us our best summer transfer ever, in terms of securing deals with ruthlessness, working with a limited budget made worse by the fact that we are an Europa team. Emery playing a defensive system is not his fault. Raul is one of the good things in the club right now.


Raul has brought players in – not very good ones mind you except Martinelli who has done himself great credit – probably will attract the big clubs soon. Good on Vitoria by the way. Exposing Arsenal for the chumps that they are – Holding, Tierney, Bellerin, Luiz, Sokratis it doesn’t really matter if you are not coached correctly you can have anyone there and will get the same results all of the time – what is that about the defnition of madness? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Arsenal are a team that is… Read more »

The Kolkata Gooner

Yeah, I agree with everything you just said. Everyone’s been pretty much saying the same thing for the past few days.
Just that, its not completely up to Raul to identify the players. Credit for Martinelli goes to Edu really. And even if Pepe turns out to be the biggest flop of all time, Raul did his job by bringing him here with the right pay structure, etc. His job is to do with negotiations. At that he has excelled.



He backed the hiring of emery. It’s not like emery was pushed on him. He was here and made that decision. If you can be creative enough to get £72 wing than I’m sure you can figure out a way to get a CB other proper players emery needs. He spent £27 on saliba and can’t use him this season.

The Kolkata Gooner

Read my comment above. I don’t think Raul’s job is to identify players. He is the one who facilitates transfers, talks to agents, players, decides on fees, etc. Going by that, he has excelled. Even the Luiz transfer was a great deal from that perspective. Someone wanted that player, Raul got him for them. Its not his job to judge players. That was Mislintat’s job, who got fired.

The Kolkata Gooner

I don’t know who does Mislintat’s job now. And wasn’t it Gazidis who hired Emery?


@kolkata You are right it was Ivan’s decision ultimately. I just assumed that since it was Raul who is the DoF it was his recommendation and Ivan just rubberstamped it. When your manager is defensive than figuring out creative ways to find £72 wing is a waste for the immediate concerns. That’s nearly £100 spent on 2 players that either can’t help or is offensive. You couldn’t find or identify a CB for 40-50 and a wing for 20-30 on potential. I don’t see luiz as good business. It’s only looks good because Kos forced his way out and we… Read more »

The Kolkata Gooner

You missed the point I am trying to make here. Also, Emery is NOT a defensive manager.
And most people here would agree Pepe needs more time, and he has shown glimpses of brilliance, even when the team is not set up for him. So there are quite a few points are missing here mate.

The Kolkata Gooner

Also I think Raul came after Ivan left. Both Raul and Vinai are basically replacements of Ivan. They both share the job Ivan used to do before.

The Kolkata Gooner

And also, what I’m saying is that it is irrelevant whether Pepe is a hit or a miss. The point is Raul managed to get a player who was wanted by the likes of Bayern and Inter who could offer Champions League football. That’s his job, and he did that well.



I’m not saying it’s not great you can convince an attacking player who is highly regarded to come to arsenal instead of CL club.

The biggest problem I think majority sees overall before emery got here is defensive. Since emery has gotten here it’s been conservative or defensive minded lineups.

All I’ve seen from emery here at Arsenal is mostly conservative lineups and tactics. Nothing where we are attacking inferior clubs.

I know his days at Sevilla they were horrible defensively. Even to some extent psg.

Raul came in feb 1 2018, so he was an Ivan hire.


Even if we win Emery should simply pack his bags and go. There’s nothing more he can offer. Every next day is a damage for the club how can they not see this?

SB Still

I hope the players told Emery to fuck the “process” and play their own game.

SB Still

What the fuck is Emery thinking asking Torreira to play further forward of Ceballos in the No. 10 role!


at least we’ve got all possible creativity out there on the pitch


To lose to Vitoria
A team no one has ever heard of.
Just how damaging would that be?
This is so pathetic it is actually quite funny.
I am sat here and finding myself rooting for Vitoria.
So difficult to like Arsenal – a team who gets routinely whipped by the top six teams and by anyone who shows a little heart and endeavour. A spineless, useless bunch of overpaid losers…
Or as Patrice Evra calls them “babies”


It’ over the players have stopped playing for this manager