Martinelli earns international call-up as Brazil prepare for Olympics


Gabriel Martinelli has been rewarded for his good form at Arsenal with a call-up to represent Brazil’s under-23s as they prepare for an upcoming Olympic qualification campaign.

André Jardine’s young charges are set to take part in a tournament in Tenerife during the Interlull against Argentina, Chile and the United States.

Should the 18-year-old Gunner impress there’s a fairly high chance he’ll be included in his country’s squad for the CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament in Colombia which runs from 18 January to 9 February.

The qualification tournament is making a return after 16 years with the top two sides set to represent South America at the Olympics in Japan.

In light of the youngster’s form, and the fact we don’t have many other attacking options, a call-up in January could cause Unai Emery a bit of a headache at a time when the fixtures come thick and fast. By our estimates, Martinelli could miss six games if Brazil goes all the way in Colombia.

The Olympic football tournament will run from 22 July to 8 August next summer which would also rule the 18-year-old out of much of next summer’s pre-season preparations.

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Congratulations to him, he has earned it.


First Guendouzi and now Martinelli. Lacazette isn’t going to like this…


Lacazette has to be better if he wants a call up. He is fighting with Griezmann for the position of creater-striker


And a 33 year old who can’t get a game at a Chelsea team full of kids…

Reality check

Giroud’s strength and linkup play was immense for us and he scored as much as Laca is scoring now..


That crush not faded yet?


He didn’t hVe a single shot in the whole of the World Cup


And yet France won, and he was instrumental in their play. Half the goals wouldn’t have been possible without him.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

We all watched the worldcup. Giroud was totally ineffective in the competition. However, he had been valuable for France in many other games.


You must have been watching a totally different World Cup to the one I watched. In that World Cup every single player in that French team was functional and effective as a part of a whole machine (a functional group of players working in a functional system and strategy that yielded obvious results). Even the subs were just as effective as the first team players!


He didn’t need to, the other stuff he did helped em win the World Cup anyways…Deshamps was a the captain of the most loved and respected French World Cup winning team and they had a certain Stephan Guivarch as their number 9, he didn’t score a single goal in 98 World Cup and they won it. Now Deshamps is coach and history has repeated itself. Do you not see a pattern? My meaning is, this pattern n style of play with these French type players is proving to be most effective and beneficial to the national team!


wow don’t tell me, you miss Walcott and
Ramsey too?


I think Lacazette is fully aware of the bias against him by Deschamps and am convo that he is delighted that his team mates are being called up for international duty

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Deschamps selected Jonathan Ikoné (Lille) who for me has the same style but is not as good as Laca yet.

Man Manny

The club, country circus begins.

Mr. G

Great news for him!
Not so much for us, though…

tanned arse

How can the Olympics possibly take precedence over playing for the club that employees him. It’s a totally different organisation and a competition that’s supposed to be run in the summer.


many employers pay for staff to attend conferences; fellow peers, extra experience. not too dissimilar.


Yeah, I mean. For a young player, the Olympics definitely qualifies as professional development.

tanned arse

And who decides if they go or not?

Tankard Gooner

I don’t think a lot of players ignore national call ups.


Right, thats it! So angry right now

Teryima Adi

The gold fish has no hiding place. Congrats, Son. Soar to greater heights.

Tankard Gooner

The goldfish also has a terrible life expectancy. The fish, not gabby.


Well at least this slightly increases the chances of Ozil at least making the bench in January and February…..

Cacio e Nico Pepe

Even his name is cool. ‘Martinelli’

Cacio e Nico Pepe

sounds like an Italian pirate forced to make his way back from Brazil


Leicester wins by 9 goals, and Rodgers doesn’t get carried away.
We lose to Sheffield, Emery says we deserved to win.

What a clown!

Man Manny

I won’t sleep easy the night before we play them.
I had put that game in the W or D column at the beginning of the season, but it is now firmly in the L column. I am certain Emery will set is up poorly and lose.
Depressing time to be an Arsenal fan. I didn’t think I’ll say that again less than two years after Arsene’s departure.

Man Manny