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Martinelli: I’m gradually feeling more confident

Last night’s man of the match Gabriel Martinelli says he’s feeling more and more confident at Arsenal, thanks to the help of his teammates, and in particular some of the younger members of the squad.

The Brazilian has started two games at the Emirates Stadium, and scored a brace in both. He followed up his double against Nottingham Forest with two against Standard Liege in the Europa League last night, and his overall performance caught the eye in a big way.

Speaking afterwards, he was asked if it was nice to play alongside the other young talent, including Joe Willock and Reiss Nelson.

“It’s easy because we get each other,” he said. “We’re the same age, and they all put in a big effort to score and they help me out.

“I’m gradually getting more confident and settling more into the squad, but the squad are making me confident and we’ll go on from here.

“I am pleased with my performance but more importantly the fact that the team won, and the hard work the lads put in.”

Arsenal boss Unai Emery was also very pleased with the 18 year old’s contribution, but admitted centre-forward is not his best position!

“He played in this position with us and in every training he showed us his hunger to be with us,” said the Spaniard.

“In pre-season he played in different positions, but above all he preferred playing on the left wing. But also he played as a right winger.

“I used him as a striker because in Brazil he played this position (centre forward). It’s not the best position for him, but the first thing in his mind is to help us and receive some minutes with us in the team.

“Tonight I think his performance and attitude was amazing.”

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“Gradually”? Bloody hell!


Exactly! Start him against bornemouth so he can continue gradually increase his confidence.

But that said our midfield will still be the problem. I hope for once Emery tries only one of Guendouzi or Xhaka (afraid it’ll be the latter since he’s captain), then shift Torreira alongside Xhaka in a midfield two since they worked quite well last season. The advanced slot can go to either of Willock, Ceballos or Ozil.


To be honest with the players we have now upfront I am more and more starting to think that Lacazette should play in the number 10 in front of a midfield pairing from Gendouhzi, Willock, Ceballos, Chaka, Ozil, or Chambers.

We have Saka and Martinelli to share the left wing. Pepe, AMN and Nelson on the right. Abua in the middle working with Lacca right behind him

It could work really well, and Jesus everyone would crap themselves at the thought of playing us.

A Gorilla

That header was fucking class!


I hope the down vote is by mistake. Can’t find anything wrong or controversial with that statement.

Prince Gunneralaysia

Keep on being hopeful..gooner


That “cross” and that “header”, a beautifull symphony of football.

Jack but

Pls if you have any family or friends who are Spurs fans, go and see them and BRIGHTON up their weekend ???


Keep scoring two goals a game and the confidence will come, eventually.

The Spoon

Beast. That is all.

Reality check

A touch of Kaka and Suarez about this guy.. Not worried about his development, aside from bags of potential, boy has got on point attitude. 4 goals not a single flashy celebration, head down, works hard, leaves everything on the pitch.. beautiful player

SB Still

He reminded me of RVP, creating an opportunity for himself like the 2nd goal and also being involved in the play in the final third, than just being a finisher.


It gets so tiring to see the same nonsense from fans. So if he had done a celebration would you have clutched your pearls and wept for humanity? It’s supposed to be fun FYI

Monkey knees

What are you on about!?


people arent ‘happy’ he didnt celebrate, but can analyse the fact and find positive results.

its not like the kid was grumpy he didnt get his hattrick


Watching him reminded me off that Arsene Wenger bit on South American strikers having that extra hunger and tenacity that you just can’t teach. He’s definitely got that, and he’s obviously quality on the ball.


Seeing as that’s literally the first and only thing I mention I’m not sure what part you think I did well in then…



Martin L. E.

You were doing well, until you posted a comment.

Patrik Ljungberg

Get lost.


I really don’t understand people like you.


Errrr ok then. Can we expect 4 goals per game when you’re feeling confident!? What a talent this guy looks to be

Martin Dufosse

He certainly does. What’s troubling me though is, why did we spend £72 Million on Pepe.?.
This lad looks miles ahead.


Pepe is not playing great right now. Ceballos isn’t either in truth. But does the evidence say Pepe is trash compared to Martinelli or that he will take some time to settle? The boy is only 24 and was the second best offensive player in France last season, ahead of Neymar! We have a player in Martinelli, that’s hopeful at best. In Pepe we have a proven player! He’s not a fraud, hes not a one season wonder, he just needs time. He’s also just so damn nice to watch at his very best.


Credit to Edu for getting the deal done, and of course Emery for showing faith and confidence in that lad.


Not sure if that Edu bit is actually true or just lazy inference


Wow! Imagine what he’ll be when he’s fully confident! Absolutely love his skill-set but, more importantly, his attitude. No ‘big-time Charlie’ bollocks. Just head down, get on with learning and getting better. Also seems to be a bit of “what value is me scoring a hat-trick if the team don’t win” attitude. 35 is going on the back of the shirt tomorrow!

Bangkok Gooner

So he’s a preferred winger that score sick goals. Well I like that.


Reminds me of a certain number 7 from Portugal.


He looks like a great prospect. Yesterday’s game emphasised something that’s very clear about the club right now: that we have a wealth of outstanding young talent. Martinelli, Saka, Willock, Smith-Rowe, Tierney, Guendozi and Nketiah all look like they could be very important players for the future. Sadly, I’m old enough to remember when Adams, Merson, Thomas and Rocastle all emerged together in the mid Eighties: that group all went on to become part of a title-winning squad. It looks like history could be repeating itself. But that lot had George Graham to mould them into winners. We need a… Read more »


Totally agree mate


Totally agree with your total agreement.


Totally agree with your total agreement of that total agreement.

Dennis Elbow

My dogs name is Kitty.

Martin Dufosse

Spot on.


Said a very similar thing to a mate last night-this is probably the best bunch of in-house/very young talent we have had since the 80’s.


If we gave Wenger 13 years, why not be patient and give Emery 5years, ALL these good things you are saying are part of his project. He was bold enough to let go jack,welbeck,Ramsey,iwobi,miki,elneny,ospina,koscielny… This is a coach who knows what he wants. If you let him go, the only other coaches out there are Allegri,Mourinho who will want a budget of 200m. It took pep 2years and klopp 3years. BE PATIENT. This will never be sorted out in a year or in 2 transfer windows!


If he does, how can he prioritize winger over defend?

Carlo Legolie

I just feel he has the players already! If he chooses correctly for the right matches. U can make Xhaxa your captain but for heaven shake you can’t put him in front of your back 4 that isn’t gelling as it is and now they can’t even trust their Defensive Midfielder to stand in when they go up, or has the discipline to tackle correctly. I am a fan of Torreira there because he as engin to defend and stil has an eye to get in the box when needed. We as fans know that our front three is properbly… Read more »


I think we have the right man at the helm. In his first year – EL finals 5th place in the EPL (with all the major injuries) he put us in position to make 3rd. Imo it was the players lack of belief as to why we didn’t make 4th or higher. Look at how he has integrated the youth into the first team set-up. This isnt by chance, their development is down to him and how he gives them opportunity’s to be successful. At this point in the new season, we have lost 1 game and are in 4th.… Read more »


Agreed fatty

Billy Bob

1-4-3-3 formation:
GK: Leno or Mart
RB: Hector
CB: Chamber & Holding or Sok
LB: Tierney
DM: Toreria or AMN
CM: Willock-Douzi or Ceballos or Saka or ESR
RW: Pepe
LW: Martinelli or Nelson
S: Auba or Laca

Time to say goodbye to Ozil (wages/performance), Xhaka (performance/lack of pace) and Luiz (when Saliba joins)


AMN is not a DM…Saka is not a CM…

Mick Malthouse

Best young talent since Cesc.


we have 3 breakthrough players this season.
willock saka an martinelli.
all 3 look to make it


For your information, Guendouzi was also bought at 6m and was to be a future prospect, but Emery’s belief in him has done wonders. I trust Emery. Guendouzi is now worth 35m.

Mesut O’Neill

She only had 1 good song

Mesut O’Neill

Wrong spot ??‍♂️

Draculana del Rey

I’m gradually falling in love..


Bought for 6 million. Must be worth at least 25 million already. That’s outsmarting the market.

Teryima Adi

This guy is the real deal. Soar to greater heights, Martinelli.


How much did Everton pay for Moise Kean? Watching Martinelli and KT last night, I couldn’t help but think if maybe we owe Celtic and Ituano a few extra millions, no doubt we got them for bargain. I remember Tottenham fans laughing at us, that we spent 6 million on some unknown kid and they’d just bought Tanguy Ndombele, well that unknown kid has 4 goals in 2 games, not bad.


The only thing the totts should laugh at is their reflection.


Myrtle I think they see it everyday in their toilet bowl

Carlo Legolie

And shake their heads 7 times

Okechukwu Jude


Mesut O’Neill


She only had one good song


We know we have a busy schedule, and there will probably be no 1st team per se due to rotation, but by the later part of the season a 1st team should start to be apparent.
I actually prefer some rotation, it keeps the players fit and hungry too.

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