Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tierney: I like to play football the Arsenal way

Kieran Tierney says Arsenal’s reputation as a club that plays good football was instrumental in his decision to join this summer.

The 22 year old left his boyhood club Celtic to make the move down south, and after a hugely impressive performance in the 4-0 win over Standard Liege, he spoke about the motivations behind his £25m move.

“It is a massive club and everybody knows the style of Arsenal, the way they play,” he said.

“You learn from a young age that they play total football, the way I like to play.

“It is an absolute honour that they really liked me enough to come and get me. It is a privilege to play for the club.”

He did admit to mixed feelings about the transfer though.

“It was a great feeling for me, but it was the hardest decision of my life as well to leave the club I had been at for 15 years,” he said.

“It was on and off all summer, but I just focused on getting back fit. That was my priority.

“Then on the last day it came through and it’s a great move. I am delighted to be here. I think the club is a massive club and it deserves to be in the Champions League.

“It has taken me a few weeks to get up to standard and scratch with the speed of the other boys — they’re world-class players.

“But it is one game at a time for me. I have played two games and one 90 minutes. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.”

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And we like that you play football at the Arsenal.


Total football. Love it. I was astonished how balanced the team looked last night, it feels like it’s been years. Every player so comfortable and in control. Round pegs, round holes, get in.


I liked it too very very much. But do not forget it was like a training match against an easy and polite opponent. Of course our quality made them look like that. Hopefully without the injuries he and our other youngsters can realise their hugh potential (in a footballing way ofc) and make us proud and happy with or without beers -as you like it.


Until they start playing that way in prem, not convinced yet


Wish we / Emery knew what the arsenal way of playing football was these days!


Emery took over the worst squad in the top 6, the transition was always going to take time, he took over a squad where there’d been a manager for 22 years, changing the dynamics of Arsene’s squad was always going to take time. He’s blooding through young players this season, and at the same time has new players settling into their environment. Let’s see where this team is at the end of the season, I’m not buying into the panic, I think Emery knows what he’s doing. Once Pepe+Ceballos settle, and we get Holding, Bellerin and Tierney up to speed,… Read more »


Bullshit. When Emery came in, he had a better squad than United. I would argue this season he has an even better one. As far as just numbers and personnel, he has a better squad than United and Chelsea.

You can’t make excuses for the rubbish football that arsenal have been playing for the last two seasons. The manager is rubbish. There’s nothing he’s done in his entire managerial career to suggest that he’ll get us even close to playing the way we did for more than 90% of Wenger’s tenure


Emery has won 8 major trophies including 3 successive Europa Leagues and a double and a treble with PSG. He is bringing on all the young players beautifully and when we have our best defenders back with hope fully Pepe in full gear I can see a definite top 4 finish and a trophy as well. The future looks bright and unlike all the toxic knee jerk supporters I have every faith in Emery. We saw last night an inkling of what he can achieve and am very optimistic. This season we have played 10 W6 D3 L1. With the… Read more »


A chair would have had the same result with psg. Ligue 1 is a joke. And he got outsmarted by jardim who had à worse team than him.

I think i need To add that i m not an emeryout guy. I dont care who is in charge. I just want to see a good and joyful football again. Thats the reason i fell in love for arsenal in the first place.


Emery plays with 3 defensive midfielders every time we play big guns.he’s scared to lose

Mesut O’Neill

We don’t have three defensive midfielders!!


Arsenal fans spouting rubbish like “Ligue 1 is a joke” are donkeys.

Wenger learnt his trade in Ligue 1 and built our most successful era on the backs of players who were developed in Ligue I. In fact forget about Ligue 1 – players like Kante, Mahrez, Koscielny and Guendouzi were developed in Ligue 2 ffs, and they still came here and bossed the Premier League.

Jesus how did our fanbase become so clapped

Dibyendu Roy

Giroud was also there in Ligue 2. But level of competition is lower than PL.


“Jardim had a worse team.”
Are you serious?
That Monaco team was the best combination of young players on the continent at the time.
A fact evidenced by the massive amounts of money Monaco made by selling them off…

Cultured determination

Emery will be the man remembered for losing the ligue 1 to monaco despite the embarrassmemt of riches, and needed to bring in their talisman mbappe to win the league.


Spot on!

Ritesh Joshi

Yes Emery has won three Europa leagues in a row, but those are just that. Europa leagues. And PSG and Juve winning the domestic league is a foregone conclusion even before the season starts. You know he had problems with Neymar and now Ozil. If Arsene Wenger was too stubborn to change his tactics then Emery is too fickle, sometimes it seems he just changes the team and the game for the sake of changing. And the selection and tactics deployed at old Trafford on Monday were baffling. Then he goes on to talk about how other players deserved to… Read more »

Baron van Pervie

All Emery is making me think at the moment is that the January sale of Ozil to the MLS might be a real thing.


all that says is –
1. He never got into CL knockout stages with Sevilla.
2. He didnt land a job in the top4 leagues.
3. He got chased out of PSG as a laughingstock.


So true. If somebody would have told me es would bei 4th after 7 hames having played Liverpool, Utd and Spuds I would not have believed it. And now Bellerin, Tierney, Holding and Laca are coming back.

Gunner 55

It’s interesting how 3 successive Europa cups is counted as an achievement. Nobody ever asks why he never qualified for the knockout stages. He kept going back to Europa. Is it an achievement?


Are you confident in saying he never made the round of 16 with psg?


Yes, Leicester City…


he is a joke and object of ridicule in Paris.


“The worst team in the top 6” i m so sick of this bullshit. We have two world class striker ffs. How many team in the world can say the same thing. Add to that an amazing goalkeeper, right back, some very good midfielders and centerback, a top top acadamy and that s made us completly able To fight for top 4. Except than liverpool and City we were not worse than united, chelsea and tottenham. And now with our recruit and young boys we are now definitely better than thèse 3 team. People should remember that the only reason… Read more »


2 Strikers for one position. Iwobi and Mki as mediocre wingers. Kola and AMN for most games as full backs and dross. “Mustafi” the main CB who played most of the games. A severe drop of form for the likes of LT (2nd half of the season), Ozil, and Ramsey with one foot at the door. Long term injury for 2 pivotal members in mid season. A legacy of complacency, lack of effort and intensity, lack of tactical flexibility, lack of motivation, inability to perform away from home, a broken system of football, dreadful contract mismanagement, CEO bail in the… Read more »


Don’t really get the down votes here, cant argue with any of the points made.


I’m emery out but you do have a point there


Sadly Ceb is a loany therefore we can not build on or around him beyond this season.

Dave M

Yeah he’s one nice away from taking a huge step towards balancing our team… But like any xhak addict it’s hard work going clean

Dave M


DB10s Air Miles

The worst squad in the top 6? Lol


Yeah, but yesterday’s was at least? kinda wenger thing? every fan was pleasured honestly?


Who chose the team last night and was responsible for the tactics?


Oh dear the Emery bashing has started again in another post. Furthermore, I could see in Twitter that muppets like you have started discrediting Emery for this victory.
How old are you, btw?

Elrond Half-Elven

Fortunately, this is not the classical arsenal way of boring million side ways passes in front of the box.
Last night was direct football and wing play at a high level, albeit the opp was very weak.


Anyone who tucks in his shirt like that means serious business


Hahahaha ! Same thing that goes through my mind anytime I see him.

Reality check

Gritty serious professional with leadership qualities and fiercely competitive attitude. He’s captain material, give him a couple of years he’ll put in a very strong claim for the armband, bot that he’ll need it..


He pulls his shorts way up too, adding that little bit of extra seriousness beyond the tucked-in shirt.


It’s so cute how he talks about Celtic. I think he’ll try even harder because he knows he left his boyhood club for this opportunity.

Thierry Bergkamp

KT that was years ago. The Arsenal way now is not so good. Still, it was a pleasure watching the young man flying up and down the wing last night.


So far this season, only two times we play like the Arsenal, and those were the games that he was featured.


I genuinely think that team last night would have taken utd to the cleaners on Monday.

Ed the Red

Arsenal likes to play football the Kieran Tierney way.

SB Still

I think this squad is pretty good. The problem we have is the manager isn’t able to get the best of them. Plus the impact of the on going issue of one senior player not in the squad and another always starting, both captains! On one hand is finding the right solution by the coaching staff or higher up. The other is, after a long time we don’t have other clubs circling our players. However, if we continue to be stuck in the EL, the more ambitious ones will start to consider their future, despite the huge salaries (there is… Read more »


Agreed. Considering the off field issues in the summer we have to broadly be pleased with our transfer business. We signed In every position fans wanted (Luiz apart I think feelings were all positive) and we brought in proper arsenal people – Freddie to the first team and Edu upstairs. I’m no Kronke fan but credit where due they backed out head coach in the summer. Its coaching where I’m worried though…


So do I, now.


The future is bright the future is red and white.


Hate to tell him this but Wenger ball is gone and emery ball is a snooze fest


Obviously, Emery doesn’t know the Arsenal way

Tankard Gooner

Can we get a Tierney’s our 007 chant??


“I am delighted to be here.” damn, for me, it was a text that comes with a voice you can hear! LOL

Laca New Signing

Get in lad! Lets hope Emery won’t change the Arsenal way of playing by insisting on his silly play from the back and hundreds of sideway passes. Move the ball quickly forward and let the attacking boys express themselves freely in the 3rd quarter. That’s the Arsenal way senor Unai! #COYG!


Having played at decent level always as a left winger, I really really like what I see from KT. No expert here! His ability to open up space by beating direct opponents to deliver deadly inch accurate crosses are on a different level. Having really been tested defensively though, so the jury still out on that one. But I hear a lot of Celtic fans praising his move to Arsenal only to complain about the price, 50 million left back or just 25 they say. I think 50 is doing him short haha. Also just a touch on Ozil, to… Read more »

God is a Gooner

Spot on, apart from Ceballos. I rate his ball retention and progression skills highly. We’ve needed someone of his technical quality since Cazorla. He’s all action and really speeds up our play. He changed the tempo again in Monday and It’s surely no coincidence our two best performances have come with him starting.


Problem with Özil’s situation is saturation of players in his role and a type of enmity between himself and Emery. It must be discouraging a bit for him but I hope he gets atleast a short run of matches.
This could probably be his last season here. He’ll forever be an enigma to me.. because he is the best attacking midfielder in the world but only on his day

Cultured determination

What is the arsenal way of football?


You should Ask Emery. He knows “from the first day” ?


If that’s the style he enjoys, he may want to request starting on Thursdays as a priority


Fortunately, he hasn’t watched our anti-fotbal last year. 😉

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