Monday, September 26, 2022

Tierney pulls out of Scotland squad

Kieran Tierney has pulled out of the Scotland squad for their October Interlull clashes with Russia and San Marino on the advice of the Arsenal medical team, according to The Scotsman. 

The left-back made his comeback from a long-term groin problem in last week’s 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest and had, after training on Sunday, been expected to make Monday’s trip to Manchester United only to be left in London.

The former Celtic man lasted 77 minutes in the Carabao Cup and appeared to come through the occasion unscathed, however, the decision to pull out of Interlull matches that aren’t for another nine days does raise questions as to whether he’s suffered a setback in his recovery. Tierney hasn’t played for his country since the 2-1 loss in Israel almost a year ago.

The Gunners are likely to provide an update on the fitness of the first team squad tomorrow ahead of Thursday’s Europa League game with Standard Liege at the Emirates. Here’s hoping this is just a precaution.

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Really really hope he’s not a perma-crock. We need him to oust Kolasinac from the side. Not sure I can handle a whole year of blundering defensive errors and aimless cut backs.


Perma-crock. Heh. Nice.

Man Manny

If Tierney had played yesterday, we’d have won the match and Ashley Young would have got a red card.
The combination of Saka and Tierney would have been too much for his tired legs to handle.


Tired legs NAH, more the pea-brain that Ashley Young possesses.

Thierry Bergkamp

Perma-crock. This reminds me of being scared every time Van Persie went off on international duty


Yeah him and his some horseshit treatments.

Stephen Brett

You and all the native women

Okechukwu Jude

In fairness to Kolasinac,everytime we have needed him to deliver on the big occasion, I it he has been fair. Can’t say the same of Dhaka.


dunno know what you on about. Kola is a major outlet for the team, everyone works to get him the ball in dangerous areas and in return we get dross crossing time after time.
I was specially upset of him in the EL final where got many balls in great areas and fluffed them all.


He’s probably out for “three weeks”


Great news

Crash Fistfight

Articles keep closing of their own accord on the App today. I hope your developers are working on it in the background, because it is not good so far.

Mick Malthouse

Not getting value for money?

Crash Fistfight

Are the people paying for Patreon getting value for money with the terrible update?


Sorry you’re having troubles with the app.

To be fair, leaving a comment on here isn’t the most helpful way to raise an issue because I can’t always find time to read every comment.

You can always DM through Patreon, or send an email, and I can pass on feedback to the developers. Things like phone model etc would be useful too!

DB’s first touch

The Patreon thing is good value even without the app…just saying

Thierry Bergkamp

The kid has been out for months and barely stretched his legs yet. Why would Scotland pick him anyway.

Dave M

well…I mean it’s scotland, next up is a guy that probably works in the bar of his team on his days off from training. And I say that with love, the M is an Mc…


I think left back is the one position where that may not be true for Scotland as their other option is Champions League winner Andy Robertson…! Haha!

It’s me

That just pure racism- with loads of thumbs up. Shameful…

Dave M

No, it’s just a simple dig at Scotland not exactly being a footie powerhouse. And after Keiren declined this time due to his injury recovery, and discovering I’m left-footed from a social-media video of a 7-a-side mixed team game the Scottish FA checked my ancestral roots and dubbed me as qualified being a descendant of Scottish sheep theives sent to Australia as convicts on the first fleet. Unfortunately I also had to decline as my second knee surgery sent me into retirement.


Racism? Get a Webster’s and get a clue.


Because it saves them studying the family tree of every left back in the world, looking for evidence of Scots ancestry, to find a replacement?


I think you’ll find if all a team could field was left backs, we may actually qualify for something, it’s right backs we are desperate for.

It’s me

Again, more shocking racism! Can we moderate this please- probably not- it’s just not fashionable for the crew


Kolasinac defended well against United and executed his given game plan very well. Arseblog’s mad rush for Tierney’s inclusion needed some restraint.

And what’s with Arseblog’s new Emery-hate? Stop it.


Emery is a crank who has taken the club backwards and plays awful football despite £200m or so investment.


It’s not that our players are so incredibly great. It’s that the coach is not playing to most of their strengths. Xhaka left to cover the entire defence, when he couldn’t run a bath? Stupid. 5ft 5 inch Torreira receiving crosses from Europe’s elite in-form striker Aubameyang in the 6 yard box? Mindless. Not starting any of ozil, cebellos or willock who have neat close control and can progress the ball through the lines to our rapid front three? Idiotic. A good manager gets the best out of his squad. We are a shell of what we could be just… Read more »

Sheffield Gooner

Spot on mate. I’m not after change yet, but it’s all wearing a little thin…


Clearly you think this Elite Management Game is easy. There is absolutely no guarantee that any current jobless manager would do a better job than what Emery has done in his very short time at the club. There’s zero patience or chill from anyone these days. Liverpool or Man City will win the league so forget about that. We have just as good a chance and hope to finish in the top four, win a domestic cup and challenege for the Europa League as anyone else. We have lost one game so far this season to the best team in… Read more »


With all due respect, though, Chelsea, Utd and Spurs are all struggling. If they weren’t, none of this would be good enough and our management would be far more anxious.

God is a Gooner

Struggling.. not so sure. They all, bar utd, at least have an identifiable style of play to hang their hat on. What do we have? We’re not even Kolasinac cutbackfc anymore. It’s a shapeless mess out there every single week.


The voice of reason. I still think that was pretty gutless tactics for the Utd game. Very nearly worked, just not what Arsenal fans are used to, and not something they should get used to either.


Disagree, respectfully. This team has a lot of quality, if only the manager would put it on the field. The best four attacking players on the team are Lacazette, Pepe, Ozil, and Aubameyang. Ozil was left out of the team and Lacazette is injured. Emery could have gone with a front four of Aubameyang, Pepe, Ozil and Ceballos, but instead oushed Torreira forward into a role he cannot play, no matter what Emery says in his press conferences. Torreira is most effective in a holding role, but to be honest, until Lacazette is fit, I would prefer to see a… Read more »


Bellerin played on Friday night, what has Ozil contributed in the big games away from home? Stop this Ozil inclusion, Wilock will have done a better job if Xhaka was on the bench,Lucas playing in the defense midfield,Gendouzi and Willock as box to box.

Jeffrey Solomon

Don’t make me laugh… Useless…

Cape Town.


Sadly agree with this. Would be relieved to see Freddie take over at this point. Let’s see what comes of the side with Rob, Hector and Kieran back.


NEW Emery-hate? LOL, he’s pissed on Emery since day 1. Fair fucks he’s been mostly right. I was willing to give Emery the benefit of the doubt, learning curve etc.


Not uncommon at all for a player coming off of an injury to either aggravate it once he goes full bore or come up with another muscular injury while compensating. Smart to hold him out for as long as need be to make sure when he does play he’s 100% and not going to reinjure himself.


I don’t begrudge a player, esp of his age, wanting to play for his country, but this is a smart decision to withdraw at this stage of his recovery, even if it’s just precautionary.


The problem with Arsenal is not the players, it is the manager. Emery is just a small-minded journeyman who lacks the fortitude and imagination to sit at the grown-ups table. With the game on the line instead of bringing on his more experienced players (or even having them available) he sent on Willock and Nelson. Arsenal could not generate any kind of real pressure, no through balls, no breaking the lines, no nothing. Where were the the two players capable of those things? Ceballos was on the bench and Ozil was at home. This team is less than a sum… Read more »


Agree with almost every word. Willock and Guendouzi did well last night despite the management issues you’re describing.


Xhaka box-to-box? I think not!


Xhaka’s book to book


Isn’t this ironic- how does a piece about Tieeney devolve into an Ozil debate?
Comments suddenly calling for his inclusion in starting 11! When the consensus in the recent past has questioned his efficiency! Revisionism much?
And Arseblog constantly questioning Emery? In reality have only lost 1 game so far!


Nope, none of that is actually ironic dude.


Apparently, a black fly in your Chardonay is though.


There is a school of thought that says she knew that none of that stuff was really ironic and that was her (actually ironic) joke…

Sir Keith Trousers

I wouldn’t wipe my arse with the Scotsman


not sure that’s what we bought Tierney for to be fair


Groin injuries are notoriously difficult to treat and heal, they keep coming back. I know from painful experience. The medical team are on the job and I’m sure are just taking a healthy precaution here.


Shamelessly crashing the conversation with a quick word of praise for Agent Serge. That was some enjoyable viewing tonight ??

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