Arsenal are back in Premier League action at long last and tonight we take on Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.

Three points are a must, here’s the team that Unai Emery has selected to win the game.

Sheffield United: To follow


Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Willock, Saka, Pepe, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Holding, Tierney, Torreira, Martinelli, Ceballos, Lacazette

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SB Still

There was a time Arsenal were accused of trying to walk the ball into goal, it now seems we try to walk the ball to the box. Passing around in a horse shoe shape and we haven’t tested the keeper at all!

SB Still

We actually test Leno more with all of the back passes!

SB Still

We need to find 2 goals in the last 20 mins!


No Özil, Tierney on the bench… These coaches obviously see things we don’t see and probably would never see what we see…. Let’s win this one


Yes- there’s a reason you don’t want fans running clubs.


And there is a reason why no one has any faith in Emery or his team – I don’t need to elaborate on that….

Coquelin's third leg



Ozil should at least be on the bench. Emery is an imbecile.


Jesus, there’s gonna be 11 Arsenal players on the pitch. Support them and stop obsessing over individual players.


I agree to a point. Yes each of those 11 merits the Arsenal badge…but when you have a rare talent like Ozil, and a manager that still seems to be deciding what Arsenal’s identity should be…..


Of course I’ll support the 11 but when your midfield is not functioning. And your top striker is getting no service leaving, Ozil on the bench is beyond moronic.

Sagebrush Farm

Xhaka does not merit the arsenal badge


The reason why we don’t play well is we don’t play our best players and our tactics are all fucked up

So it appears anyway


We’re being outplayed by and are losing to Sheffield United at the 45-minute mark, and are playing the most mind-numbing football I’ve ever seen in Arsenal colours (I’ve only been watching since the late 90s). We finally just went off script and attacked through the middle, and wow, it looked good for a second with some one-touch football. I gather Emery will ask them not to do that again at halftime!

SB Still

Xhaka complains that no one was marking their goal scorer, I don’t understand, as the captain why doesn’t he organise the defence for that corner, if he thinks he is entitled to complain!


Worst Arsenal team I have seen in 43 years

Martin Harris

Should have started Tierney

Man Manny

I have given up trying to understand Emery.
Why Kolasinac is starting ahead of Tierney is beyond me.
I hope we take the chance to put some distance between us and United/Totts.


Christ, that line-up’s just about as uninteresting as our entire league campaign thus far. So Tierney won’t start today. Which means he’ll start this Thursday. Which means he probably won’t start our next league game. Maddening. Let’s face it, Thursday nights are where the fun’s at now.

Dave M

… At least willock is in… ?
If only it was for xhaka instead of ceballos. And yeah can’t really see why we aren’t playing tierny here. Kola has been pretty decent, but still tierny looks next level…


Wouldn’t mind seeing how Chambers does in the center. (Maitland-Niles on the right)


I don’t think it’s about Tierney. I think the main problem is playing Willock as a no. 10. He had 9!!! passes in the first half. That is just ridiculous. I just don’t understand that with his physicality, and abiliy to fight himself out of trouble why Emery playing him in the position of Ozil?




Where is Bellerin?


He ruptured his cruciate knee ligaments in January, and is being sensibly eased back into the fold.


But he played 2 weeks ago, so should be fit enough for the bench at least


Finally some arsenal football. I don’t care who plays today as long as we win, Plus it is arsenal day. So it’s all good now.

COYG 1001

Result and a performance!

COYG 1001

Wishful thinking … and not original. UE to the door.


This squad got me really excited…

… for Thursday!


Uninspiring. Why no Tierney after no football for weeks… Don’t get it


Tierney needs to be eased in. Given how many injuries Arsenal sustains, this is perhaps a good move


When does easing him in stop being sensible management and become wasted opportunities???


2 AM game. Was gonna stay up to watch but 90 mins of Emery-ball will be painful. Hoping Willock gets on the scoresheet again with Pepe. Auba to net the last goal to make it 3-0. COYG. One can dream!

Dave M

You can always cheer on a xhaka yellow…

Prince Gunneralaysia

He will stick to his gameplan to commit as much fouls as possible and get a yellow.. Let’s pray it will not be in the penalty box.. #XhakaOut #TorreiraIn, #AubaForCaptain..


always do.. my most winning bet


Get a bru on and a nice warm blanket. We are all there with you <3

Hopeful Gooner

This is the best bench I’ve seen in a while.


You will see our 1st choice back four after the intetlull they said…Why not to play Tierney nor Holding? Bellerin not even on the bench?

rav singh

Where’s Hector? I hope he brings on some big guns with a treble substitution at half time if we’re losing or it’s stale-mate!


To be fair, from the evidence of the game he started, Bellerin was clearly still quite a long way from being ready. (understandably so) I would have been amazed to see him involved tonight. Tierney on the other hand not starting completely baffles me.

My YouTube G

Does your rav4 Singh when your doing 100MPH ??


Just to add to my doom and gloom in the hope it comes straight back to bite me later on, I’d appreciate this cautiousness from Emery if he had any idea how to actually coach our defence. Just try something with a little risk. Anything.


#EmeryOut. He will never learn. #EmeryOut

Santi’s Flip Flop

“WHERE’S MESUT?!” comments inbound in 3..2..1

Let’s face it, he doesn’t travel north. Or when it’s too cold. Or when the opposition might be a bit rough with him. Or when the grass isn’t cut right. Or when a black cat wearing a feather boa crosses his pass.

Let’s face it, like Bergkamp, Ozil doesn’t travel. Except, unlike Bergkamp, he isn’t consistently amazing. Their contributions to Arsenal in the last 3 years have probably been about even though, in fairness.


Not sure of the Bergkamp reference? From memory he got stuck in physically and also travelled by coach to key European games as was afraid of flying. Just saying…


Or when he doesn’t get picked


Honestly whatever line up I hope for each week, you can be sure Emery will start the complete opposite group of players.

If one of either Tierney, Laca, Bellerin, Holding or even Ozil started I’d be 80 percent more excited


It is not about UE liking Özil or not, it is putting in question the ability of a coach to normally manage a group. All the players even Mustafi have game time. Except Özil. We need all the guys and there are enough games to allow them to get rhythm. UE is going on showing that he is a poor guy.


I got a ticket for Thursday because I didn’t believe Emery would play Mesut or Tierney tonight, I was right. Same negative boring shit as always, but we must remember to be afraid, very afraid, because Sheffield United are such a dangerous team…………Emery is a cunt, whatever happened to attacking these mid table opposition? We’re Arsenal for fucks sake, not some relegation fodder that needs to be scared of everyone.


You are pure poison Vonnie


The man said what he thinks. Who are you to judge him? I may not agree with him but that doesn’t give me the right to judge him.
Cool down.


He calls Emery a cunt or similar at every oppurtinity. Criticising the man’s ability is fair. That’s not what he does. I’m not the one who needs to cool down.


because emery always does the same shit.
pick xhaka.


And how do you call Emery for example, in this game so far? Inferior gentleman?


Torreira’s constant exclusion from the first XI is baffling

Billy Bob

His exclusion from the squad is just one of a number of reasons Emery needs to leave!!!


No Ceballos. No Ozil. It’s seems Mr Emery has decided that creation is unimportant. Irrespective of the result against Sheffield United today, my concern remains that Emery is practically wasting the best years of the likes of Auba and Laca. And that hurts!

Billy Bob

Why Xhaka? Why kola? I predict the something special that Emery is on about being relegation – wrong kinda special – but with this squad we should be nailed on for third but already we’ve dropped six points!!!


What a hot bench! Alas!


Klopp knows his best 11 and pretty much plays it every game. I don’t think Emery knows his best formation, let alone the players to play it. Hard to achieve consistency chopping and changing constantly – let alone not playing our best players


Yep, the Spanish coward has struck again. We are losing this one in a really predictable and unfun way. I would love, love, love to be wrong and drown my face in egg but alas the weight of historical evidence and endless groundhog days suggest otherwise.


You were not wrong. Sadly.


Head scratcher. Again. Is our plan to diagonal ball our way through a parked bus? Sheffield have one of the lowest conceded goals records in the league. Who from this squad is going to pick that apart? They’re going to sit deep leaving no space for Auba to run into. 0 real creators in midfield. Willock and Guendouzi drive from deep, but it’s mostly long ball passers- nobody who really picks open a deep set. And nobody to finish a header from the fullbacks crossing. Now watch, we’ll need a goal and he’ll put Torreira on at #10. Maybe Holding… Read more »

COYG 1001

Tip I’ the hat. So true.


3 points lads COYG!

Paul Roberts

Surprised Tierney and Holding don’t start. Glad Willock is in. Amazed Emery said Ozil could feature and he is nowhere to be seen? Just a bit odd.


Has Bellerin had a setback? Tierney a twinge after playing?


The number of horrific misses and miscues by Pepe is alarming !!!


I will not criticize individuals until the manager gets his shit together. It’s hard to play with high confidence when the manager is hellbent on crippling hi team’s only strength which is in attack. We are playing with only three attack minded players against fucking Sheffield! Sheffield for god’s sake!!

COYG 1001

That was coming. Our Liverpool tactics against SHU. WTF


One simple thing Emery will never learn: if you want to score, you need to attack. That’s what Sheffield are doing. Back to basics, but that simplicity is not for everyone. Just for the ones that know how to use their brains.


He just not a very good coach.

Brendan Murray

Same old shit football and tip tap stuff in our own six yard box. Socrates, Luiz and kolasinac are not premiership level and money needs to spent on top level replacements.


Please sack him at half time. This in unbearable and it was so predictable. What was that about fool doing the same thing again and again and again and again. #EmeryOut #EmeryOut #EmeryOut


The really scary thing is I’m struggling to see how Bellerin and Tierney are going to save our season when we play into the oppositions hands so readily. At least with Wenger we could be shit but we could be scintillating. Now we are just shit every game.


Midfield lacks creativity. Too defensive against a poor team. Emery’s fear showing as usual. Can’t expect it all from the youngsters.


Does Emery know that it’s not against the rules to play your best 11.


Emeryball is fucking awful.


Sack him already! It is not that we get bad results, but the way we get them. It is unbelievable. We are Arsenal Football Club – maybe Unai should open a juice bar, because his way of football is everything else than fresh!


Emery out


Pepe Pepe Pepe
I simply cannot understand what that imbecile Emery saw in him.
Cannot cross.
Cannot dribble.
Cannot score.
If he makes no impact this season then Emery should be fired for spending 70+ million on him.
I hope I am wrong on him – I really do but I suspect he has made a very costly mistake in signing him.
He doesn’t do anything…


cannot dribble are u blind


To the five who down vote me.
Tell me the time when Pepe has delivered ANYTHING.
At 70 million you hit the ground running.
He is not a good player.
Pepe is a donkey – simple as that…


you’re nuts, he was the best player first half with no support or service. chambers is doing fuck all for him.


Maybe he would be more effective if he wouldn’t need to pick up the ball in our half. A particular creative midfielder could do wonders… Just saying.


“At 70m you hit the ground running” what? Money has nothing to do with how much time you need to settle in. Plus the squad hasn’t got a proper midfield to provide service for him. He can’t do everything on his own. What did aubameyang do? He can’t do everything on his own either


Fucking horror show from Dean so far. We should have had two penalties and they should be playing with ten men.

That said, Pepe needs to be playing in the cups for a while, not in the first XI.


Its not Dean
Its that spanish cunt emery.
Arsenal will achieve nothing with a manager that refuses to play his best eleven.
Xhaka, Kola, Maitland Niles, Luiz.
Its no wonder we are a joke….


Agree – and also with Tierney, HOlding, Torreira, Ceballos, Laca on the bench? We look so terrible, it’s a joke to think this kind of football could get us anywhere near UCL.


I think everyone’s been pretty bad. Unai switched Saka to rw for chambers.. that’s his solution instead of changing his stupid passing from the back bullshit


Pepe has in fact been one of our better players that’s very half


The game is as ugly as you’d have expected from the line-up. It seems Emery really is not good enough for Arsenal.


Just dire. I can’t believe how bad we are. There is nobody that can link defense to offense. We just look scared and clueless.


I am stuck following the match on Guardian (live commentary)…this post by the Guardian writer:
Arsenal have been quite positive since conceding but seem so short of craft in the middle. Imagine if they had a world-class German playmaker watching from a sofa somewhere in north London! That’d be daft, surely.


Emery’s moto: make every team in the Premier League beautiful! Except his team, of course.


He is a fucking idiot. Anyone who expected differently from this line up and game I want whatever crack you are smoking. Sack. Him. Now.


There are still fans out there that still think he’s the right man for the job……..

Billy Bob

I’m sorry but Emery HAS to go or else this season is done in the next few games, we can’t afford to drop 9 points in 9 games but that is where we are heading!!! The like for like comparison between the same teams last season makes scary reading!!!


I don’t know whether he has to go or not, but we’ve has a relatively easy schedule, and we’re missing/we’ve lost the opportunity to amass points/to stay in the top 4. We’ll have sterner tests than the teams we’ve already played.

Sagebrush Farm

I can’t understand this Emery really, his selections must be based on love not performance


Unai Emery – Fresh juice, disgraceful football


I think Emery will become a legend if he goes right after the game. That said, and in the morning to announce that he takes over at Sampdoria in Serie A. I think the man has ability to save them from the bottom of the table. That’s his coaching level.


Brings in Ceballos to chase the game. What about starting him and attacking this erstwhile championship side from the get go? Emery is a bleeding idiot!!!


Shits his pants for about 45 minutes, then try to wash them for the other 45. The match? Oh…


I think the word “tactical” doesn’t suit Unai.


I have to think that Emery is misspeaking when he uses words like “protagonist,” “control,” and “important,” as the evidence is there that we are not being protagonists on the pitch, we are not controlling the games we play, and we are doing nothing important but making other teams look good and damaging the international allure of Arsenal football. Moreover, Emery does not seem to understand how important it is to control the midfield and to be protagonists with the ball going forward. Sickening stuff to watch. Anyone defending this stuff has to be honest with himself at some point,… Read more »


You are spot on!!!
At the bottom point I can’t understand and explain to myself why did we sacked Wenger? (Just don’t say he quit. I ain’t buying it).


god this team is awful to watch


It’s fucking dreadful isn’t it. I genuinely can’t wait until we have a new manager.


That idiot is saving us for Thursday showdown. Europa league is all he cares about. Get Him Out Of Here Now! #EmeryOut