Thursday, December 7, 2023

Agent: Torreira unhappy with how he’s being used by Unai Emery

Lucas Torreira’s agent says that despite doing ‘well’ at Arsenal, his client is unhappy at the role he’s being asked to fulfil in the team.

Having last season displayed qualities as a defensive midfielder that the team had been missing for a long time, Unai Emery appears to see him as more of an attacking midfielder, often praising his ability to get into the box.

Torreira, who has scored 4 goals since his arrival from Sampdoria in the summer of 2018, has been linked with a move back to Italy, and speculation over such a move is bound to increase in the wake of these comments.

Via Sport Witness, Pablo Bentancur said, “Torreira is doing well at Arsenal, although the change of role doesn’t make him happy, but it must be said that this year the whole team is not doing well.

“It was difficult to take Torreira at the time, now I don’t know how things are, but I think Arsenal wants to retain him.

“In the new role he is not at ease, but we respect the coach’s decisions, after that we’ll see what happens.”

He went on to suggest that a move to Napoli is one that would interest the 23 year old, having been close to it before deciding on a move to the Premier League.

“Torreira was upset when he missed the chance to join Napoli,” he said.

“Why? Because he is Uruguayan. To tell you, he wants to end his career at Boca and Napoli is an environment very similar to that of Boca. Naples future destination? In football anything can happen.”

However, with Granit Xhaka almost certainly set to leave in January after his recent troubles, Arsenal may need to consider an addition when the window opens, not sanction another departure.

Last month, Emery suggested he saw Torreira as somebody who could provide more in the opposition half rather than protecting an infamously porous defence with his skills like tackling, intercepting and reading the game.

“He is very intelligent about getting space around the box and taking chances,” said the Spaniard.

“Then also, when we prepare the team to do high pressing, for us he is very important because he is very intelligent tactically, but he can play in the two positions.

“[Either as] one of the two midfielders [or] he can play higher for the pressing and to get into the box.”

This is the kind of story that regularly appears during Interlulls, but it’s not the first report of Torreira being unhappy at his current role in the team, so it’s something we hope the club are mindful of.

Emery’s misuse of Torreira leads to Uruguayan questioning his Arsenal role

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William Nilliam



It’s an upside-down world with Unai Emery in charge. Who knew coaches at the top could retain their positions without understanding the essential virtues of winning the midfield.

Wilsheres Middle Finger


Prince Gunneralaysia

Nobody sees Torreira as an attacking midfielder. Except Emery

Ho hum

And Santori


Exactly. That’s why he needs to play in the opposition box. To win balls high up the field. And Ozil should play central defense to initiate our counter attacks from deep. Because logic.

Ho hum

He’ll be in goal next week.

Gooner Sam

He’s thinking the same thing we all are, why the fuck is he not protecting the back 4 like he should and needs to be. This could well be another player with great potential wasted because of a manager who doesn’t have a clue


Eberithing Emery’s doing is going the wrong way. Perhaps someday he will pair Auba with Mustafi upfront

I'm 14 Again

Mustafi to score five goals and assist two in that game. MOTM

Naked Cygan

Torreria is not happy, Mkhi came out and said he was not happy with his tactics, I wonder how many other senior players are not happy, and most important the fans are not happy with the results.
Sack him now….limit the damage…wht drop more points and sack him in Jan? This is craz….

Naked Cygan

Side note: fk VAR, and the spurs bastards who run it..every fking game a goal scored, clear penalty, for the opposition is turned down in favour of spurs. Then every fking game ball goal they score is a goal?? Watford and Sheffield United should have won…fk u VAR.

The Arsenal

Var is rigged.


How and why?


The way VAR is being applied is rigged so that the current approach of referees tilting games can be maintained. This also suits the premier league owners as they understand that profits in large part come from tv revenues. These in turn are driven by the fact that there are so many in game incidents which create media noise, in turn driving web clicks and revenue streams as well as enabling Sky to continue to drive their revenues. It is not in tv or the owners best interests to ensure that correct decisions are taken. Unlike rugby or cricket, where… Read more »


Because it doesn’t help us, that’s how and that’s why


Why blame VAR? It’s a piece of technology that shows exactly what occurs and had bee successful in other countries for several years. It is our incompetent referees that are the problem and their interpretation of it


After some review, I have to agree with you, Martin.

Gooner Sam

If only it was. The issue is the people chosen to make the decisions, speed of the process and lack of parameters. Get those sorted and it can only be a good think. We all just want facts!

Prince Gunneralaysia

VAR can notify the refree’s inaccurate decisions. After that the referee needs to go to the side screen to confirm. Not straight away change the decision without second confirmation.


VAR should have a 30 seconds time limit in which to make the decision. If it’s obvious then 30 seconds is plenty of time, if after 30 seconds they can’t decide then it’s not clear and obvious and the ref’s decision stands. Also they should show the 30 seconds countdown on a screen so everyone knows what’s going on.

Ho hum

VAR fine. PGMOL are to blame.

John C

Mhki didn’t play any better under Wenger or Mourinho, i think whatever problem he has is with himself!


Then again, who plays well for Mourinho? All he does is destroy players and eventually whole teams.

John C

When he’s not winning league titles and champions leagues


How long ago did he last do that John C?

Petit's Handbag

Four years ago he won the Premier League with Chelsea before an embarrassing sacking about six months later. The champions league he won over 9 years ago. Since then Spain have won a World Cup, got knocked out of a World Cup in the first Round and Arsenal sent Bendtner off to about 14 different clubs.

Frank Bascombe

Don’t be pointing out facts John. It’s not appreciated mate.

Pépé Le Pew

We miss him this year. He was the link between défense and attack. People see what they want to see. Iwobi the same. It’s crazy to have let go both.


He certainly did play much better under Wenger and in fact when he started he formed an excellent partnership with Aubameyang.


Sanhelli’s choice. Perhaps he is too proud to admit it has gone wrong…


Yes, if there were the perfect replacement available. Who is there who is qualified and would be willing to step in? [Benitez would be unpopular with fans and isn’t a great man manager, Enrique already said no and wait till summer, we turned down the guy from Juve, No no Mourinho, Arteta has no experience, Ljungberg has experience but can he manage senior players?]


He comes from Uruguay,
He hopes Unai dies,
Torreira, oooohhhh, Torreira.

One of the few players where the general consensus is that we love him.

What’s Emery going to do next? Melt down the Tony Adams statue to make one depicting a studs up Ryan Shawcross challenge?

canon fodder

Arseblog, I’m all for freedom of speech but the ‘He hopes Unai’, line is despicable. Why not just ban the person from the forum…


“I’m all for freedom of speech, but”


canon fodder

Freedom of speech does not give people the right to say anything they want. We have the responsibility to temper our comments, for example, does because I have freedom of speech does not mean that I can say/write racist, sexist, odious things.


I believe freedom of speech is negated when language is used to actively provoke violence. In this case, using the inferred hypothetical thoughts of Torreira doesn’t really get anywhere near qualifying as such. I will say that a telling off from blogs is more than enough for me to feel the wet slap of shame for a poorly thought out and executed joke. I would also add that to immediately demand the silence of an individual is perhaps a more worrying trait than the attempt at humour itself. You are ironically far closer to the evils of this world by… Read more »


The fact that this comment has twice as many dislikes as likes makes me pretty depressed. I think this should be common sense and nothing that should be argued about. Free speech has nothing to do with wishing death to other people. What the hell is going on on this planet. God damn!


i mean, it does…thats exactly what it means.

if you chose not to temper your words, people will see you for who you are and you have to accept the consequences.


In my defence, sacked doesn’t rhyme with Uruguay…

Paul Roberts

He comes from Uruguay
He doesn’t like Unai.
More thought required next time Wordsworth? 🙂


He comes from Uruaguay
And Emery is shiiii……..Torreira!


After taking some time to reflect on what happened on Saturday afternoon, I would like to give you an explanation rather than just a quick response. The scenes that took place around my Torreira comment have moved me deeply. I love this site and always give 100 per cent on and off the comments section. My feeling of not being understood by fans, and repeated downvotes over the last minutes and hours have hurt me deeply. People have said things like “Look blogs, I’m all for freedom of speech, but why not just ban the person from the forum.” In… Read more »

Paul Roberts

Helder stop digging your own hole mate. You are usually very funny…

Get 2 d Choppa

How do you not recognize he’s mimicking the xhaka ‘fake apology’ statement? Quite funny imo.. Made me crack a bit of a chuckle

Ho hum

It’s very funny

The Arsenal

Call it insanity caused by boredom during the Interpol.

The Arsenal



Just use another of your proxies, HH.

Perry Crows

I think they prefer ‘sex worker’ nowadays.

Manolo Ortega

That was pretty funny, actually.

Frank Bascombe

Just so you know, Uruguay and dies don’t rhyme either.


As much as I want Emery to disappear I don’t want him to disappear like that. I wish him a long and happy life when he leaves Arsenal. The sooner the better.

Naked Cygan

I rather he gets the spurs job for the 20 years. I will star a go fund me to pay his wages.

John C

I can understand why Emery plays him further up the pitch even though he’s our best defensive midfielder. 1. He’s very short, which is a problem for that position in the Premier League and 2, he goes to ground often and tends to give away free kicks around the box. But 11 Premier league games into a new season, A big turn around in players and a change in formation i expect teething problems. The key now is to be intelligent and not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Last season saw 13 changes in the coaching… Read more »


Shut up Unai. No one likes you


Short has nthn to do w it. Look at Kante.


Size has never effected Kante.


Kante,Ndidi,gueye, Allan. All one of the best ball winners/DMs in Europe right now. None are 7’10. Allan and Kante are even below 5’6.
So let’s atleast dispel this one myth.

John C

What about the diving in?

I said it was a problem, which it is

Ho hum

Well stop diving in, John.

Mesut O’Neill

I wouldn’t call 5’11” Ndidi short. What Arsenal could do with a player like him.


We forgot one more guy… Claude makelele


Kante 5’6. Gueye’ 5.9. Torreira 5’4. He is a good d.m. , but I do think he give free kick, away near box. Against Leicester Ndidi whacked him. Imo one of his best games this season was old Trafford where he man marked Paul pogba, out of the game, and pressed well supported by Shaka’. When he gave away free kicks it was along way from our box. That was a three man midfield Matteo, Torreira, pressed, Xhaka, sat and passed the ball out to the wingers. Utd chances and goal came. From our own corner. Midfield solid that day.


Torreira is not 5’4 he’s 5’6


Actually being short is an advantage in that position because you gain speed and low gravity.

Once a gunner

Him and Kante as the same height so it can not be used as an excuse, is only that Emery doesn’t know what he is doing by using is best defensive midfielder high up the field. I’m baffled that a coach like Emery can not see the quality of Torrera when as used some personality similar to a person like Verati of PSG. I’m ashamed of our coach it seems he as ran out of ideas since last five games of last season. To me give Arteta or d assistant d job

Thierry Bergkamp

And we thought things were bad with Wenger. Sigh

John C

They were much worse

Paul Roberts

We never had negative goal difference with Wenger.


They weren’t, Cuntoman.

John C

They were much worse A Prick.

Dave M

Who can blame him? A class DM playing as a AM in a single man high press. The logic behind some Emery’s tactical decisions defies…well…logic! I mean Torreira is pretty much the only player on the pitch pressing, what is the point of that? He talks about a high press, but no one else does it. Good god. It seems absolutely bonkers to say a manager in the EPL, and at a “top 6” club at that, is clueless, but it’s true. He just goes from one mistake to the next. It’s almost like he won’t make the obvious decision… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

Wake me up when SwagTember comes.

Dave M

Another new account name, enternal titi arseblog Accounts?

Dave M

Oh 10 up votes here while no other vote changes…. Eternal titi vote changer


This is no longer on Emery. Unai is gonna Unai unfortunately. This is on the football management, they bought so much goodwill this summer with the transfer market it’s so sad to see them throw it all in the bin. Maybe the “noise” will wake them up.

John C

I know, 11 games in and it doesn’t work, grow up!

Paul Roberts

It’s been a lot more than 11 games he’s been in charge John, unless we are only counting this season for some strange reason?

John C

Because I have the ability to compartmentalise the rebuilding of the club.

Last season and the 6 months prior saw major executive and coaching changes with the squad left essentially untouched.

This season has seen the rebuilding/restructuring of the playing squad.

Is that difficult to understand?


@john c – you make some valid points. Too much kneejerk around here last 2 months. Anyone coming in after Wenger was/is facing a major rebuild that is not going to happen in 2 seasons given the money available. When Emery took the job I was willing to give him a mulligan first season…didn’t matter where we finished. For the second season, I’m willing to give him to the end of the season before casting judgment. If he gets us into the CL then I’d give him another year to keep improving. If we don’t make the CL thru league… Read more »


I disagree somewhat. Ever since Unai has arrived. The first 6 months seemed like we improved in certain areas of the pitch but there were signs of a disjointed attack/defense which is fine because that happens with a new manager right. Now in the last 6 months every player individually looks disjointed. This shouldn’t happen with a constant coaching team. We have only altered the playing staff by a small margin -pepe and david luiz mainly with teirney slowly being introduced. I think we’re running out of time with Unai because I don’t know how much longer Arsenal are able… Read more »

Once a gunner

Can you please tell this platform where arsenal as move forward since the coach arrival?


I would agree except for the fact that we’ve looked absolute shite for most of the matches this season. Players rotating out of position, formations juggled around so much players look absolutely lost out there. These are things Emery should be honing in on now, not still tinkering with. Barely scraped out the wins/ties we have (save for a couple europa matches against, lets face it, very subpar teams compared to most EPL). I’ve had a really hard time watching matches this season. Even more so then near the end of Wenger’s era.


In reference to Mintoes that is….not John C.

John C

100% agree, if he doesn’t improve by the end of the season, get rid and get a new guy in.


18 months in and we’ve regressed. Not even a hint of progress made….this is a good thing?

Paul Roberts

“Because I have the ability to compartmentalise the rebuilding of the club” Good for you John C! What a C!!! Lol


Perhaps you should ‘compartmentalise’ the two key words you use: rebuilding and restructuring. Both imply certain positive actions i.e. ‘building’ something and a ‘structure’ (albeit one that is being revised and improved). Emery’s ‘plan’ shows neither of these? ‘Rebuilding’ surely means taking what is there – removing or insulating weaknesses, solidifying strengths, broadening, heightening, deepening… what ever words you choose – none fit what Emery has done, and is doing, to our club. ‘Restructure’ is even more poignant – what is the structure that Emery is working towards? What changes are being made and to what ultimate tactical end? We… Read more »


@goonshow…wtf are you talking about…Ramsey was not dumped by Emery…holy shit do you actually follow the team?!! Ramsey’s salary demands for a new contract were deemed unacceptable by Kroenke. That’s why he was allowed to move on. Fuck all to do with Emery thinking he was “surplus”…ffs did you watch any of last season? Emery started Ramsey every chance he had!! Seriously, it’s this type of rewriting the truth that pisses off the real fans trying to give this guy some time to rebuild after Wenger. And the “freezing out of Ozil”!! again you’re delusional, have you watched arsenal last… Read more »

John C

@Mintoes, some of these people are just plain thick.

Wenger left an attacking line up of Auba, Lacazette, Ozil, Mhki, AI, Welbeck and Ramsey all of whom play best through the middle. They may all be decent players under the right circumstances but all in the same side isn’t it.

In order to get better we’ve had to shift some of these players on. Any guy taking over would have had this problem and the teething problems that come with it, and that doesn’t address the glaring issues we had in defence and midfield!!

John C

Wenger left a mess, a crap defence, weak midfield and lopsided attack, it was as clear as day to me it would take not only years to fix but hardship along the way.

Ace Boogie

We’re 16 months in? These 11 and the last 8 or so from last year have been enough evidence to show Unai can’t do this job.

The Arsenal

When Lampard got destroyed 4 0 on the opening day by man u you could see what he was trying to do and things would come good. It’s not the same with Emery.


I can see what Unai is trying to do but he doesn’t have the tools to do it but rather then see what works best with his available tools, he is sticking to his beliefs.

Once a gunner

Tell us what he is doing be affirmative


To me Unai’s top priority/philosophy is to counter opposition strong points with his usage of multiple formations and using our players different positions to hit the opposition where they would be attacking from. We can see this with how he plays Torriera further up, having harder working players further up the pitch. Playing Mihki over Ozil last season, making auba and laca stop opposition wingbacks vs Leicester recently etc. Where as further back the pitch he wants solid strong players to shore up the defence. Xhaka, Kola seem to be mainstays here. However it is almost like he’s too focused… Read more »

John C

He wants to play a 433 with wide forwards, but he’s had no right back for months and our 3 best attackers all want to play through the middle meaning with had just about no width.


Then the simple question would be why did he not address the needs of the team in the transfer window? Not just buying players but letting go our 2 other wide forwards. Iwobi and Welbeck. He brought in a wide forward but is giving him the Ramsey treatment now. We ended up buying a leftback and sold our old leftback. Did he expect maitland-niles to turn into a decent RB? We all know after an ACL injury, Bellerin wouldn’t be 100% for a long time maybe even till January. Whatever the case maybe. Unai isn’t in sync with the team… Read more »


Did you forget the calamitous end to last season John?


Emery is using him wrongly but I don’t think torreira has been doing enough either.. his last good performance was against sp*rs in December last year


He did good for hist 1st season in the PL. He’s still young too, lest we forget. England was obviously a big change for him.


Which of the first team player with the exception of Auba is performing well? The tactics doesn’t suit almost all the players. Even Auba who has been a standout performer is often starved of services. When the tactics doesn’t suit the players it’s difficult to blame individuals for none performance.


Torreira doesn’t have the physical strength to compete in the PL…he’s a bit of a lightweight imo. Can’t last a full season. Also, he was never Emery’s first choice for DM…he wanted Steven Nzonzi instead who is a much bigger/ stronger player. But mislintat went for Torreira instead…


I think Torreira was signed just prior to Unai’s arrival. Anyways if Unai had a decent idea, we wouldn’t have gone and signed just Ceballos in midfield. Unai really wanted Zaha or pepe this summer and looked how that turned out.


I could understand Emery’s case if we had a better DM or a rock solid CB pairing. Of course Torreira can score an occasional goal or slot a good final pass; he’s a very good player. But he’s not, say, the equal of Ozil or perhaps even better than Smith-Rowe in an offensive role, and boy do we need Torreira in front of our defenders, where he excelled last year. Emery’s odd experimenting is unsettling what could be a great team balance. Players out of position, poor tactics, strange team selection, awful man-management…what did Raul and Josh see in this… Read more »


Under Emery we will lose:

– Xhaka (meh)
– Ozil
– Aubameyang
– Lacazette
– Torreira
– Potentially Bellerin
– Potentially Saliba (before he even plays for us, if reports are correct)

Even if our game improves it is an uphill struggle to achieve top 4 now unless Chelsea and Leicester slip. That is a lot to ask for.

This cannot continue. I really wanted Emery to bring back our good times. It seems like things will be drastically worse within 12 months. He needs to go. NOW.


Is anyone even happy with Emery atm? This is becoming a stage 4 cancer. Pls get rid of Emery. His sacking is long overdue.

John C

I am, but and not wedded to him. I don’t think 11 games is a good sample size. We’ve basically haven’t played with a serviceable right back for 11 months so results have been understandable in my opinion


What 11 games are you ranting about? For goodness sake this is not his first season. It’s rather the first season of the manager whose team beat us a weekend ago if you need to be reminded.

John C

His first season he improved in what Wenger did the previous season with 7 extra points and one stage further in the Europa league with basically the same squad and no real right back for months which forced him to play with a back 3 which isn’t how he wants the team to play. The reason we had no proper back up right back was because the previous manager had relegated us to the Europa cup for 2 seasons and we were forced to shop in the bargain bucket. This season after having last season to assess what he was… Read more »


“I honestly can’t see how people can’t see how the rebuilding process is being conducted”

Welcome to the modern game, also it’s absolutely stupid to be persistent with some one who has made negligible progress ( as stated by you, I don’t agree though) which might result in long term setback to the club on the whole, which might take a few more seasons to mend, I mean financially for the club and the team, and psychologically for the fanbase, as far as I can tell the players too.

It’s time to arrest the decline.

John C

He hasn’t made negligible progress, he’s made as much progress as could be expected with a lopsided and poor squad.

John C

He has arrested the decline that Wenger subjected us to and he has in fact improved us.

It may not be going at the pace you would like but my guesses are that the timeline you would want, is/was unachievable considering the mess Wenger left and the budget available.


His first season he improved in what Wenger did the previous season with 7 extra points and one stage further in the Europa league with basically the same squad and no real right back for months” Not particularly true. He froze out wenger players Ozil and Ramsey for periods. Had 2 new additions in the center of the pitch Guendouzi and Torriera. Bellerin was only scheduled to be back in october. Why didn’t he get a RB in the summer? There was still money left in the bank especially when we all know we did try to get Upamecano at… Read more »


And with considerably less investment and ‘expert’ staff support, to boot!


80 games is a good sample size. We can see how Emery does in the Championship by then.

Faisal Narrage

You forgot to start your comment with “Good Ebening” like you normally do, Unai.

The Arsenal

Your actively taking the piss now.


Ahh damn it, pls unveil urself Unai.

Mesut O’Neill

You didn’t use the other buzz word “toxic”.

To compare a position on a football team as a stage 4 cancer is disgraceful. Go to a family’s home where the young child has stage 4 cancer & complain to them that you understand what they are going through as the manager of the sports team you support is not doing a very good job.


Sheesh mate, i think u misunderstood my sentence or u literally took every word of it. Let me rephrase a simpler way which u can understand. Let’s take an apple. What will u do if u see a small rot of it? Obviously u cut tt small piece away cuz otherwise within days it will spread pretty quickly. Same analogy as here.




I wonder which player is happy with the role he is playing under UE. I can’t imagine Leno who is ill at ease with playing from the back (check Leicester) while he is a great GK. Özil is surely not happy either, PAL surely not without any proper service. Guendouzi and £15M a year Ceballos are surely super happy but for the rest…

Mesut O’Neill

Real Madrid’s Dani Ceballos is poised to join Arsenal on loan for the coming season, but the Gunners will need to fork out his full £2.7m annual wages, which equates to just over £50,000k-per-week. Not quite £15m

Crash Fistfight

You forgot the £12m loan fee, apparently.


This just tells you the state of the relationship between the Emery and the players right now. There’s no way that Torreira would just allow his agent to make this statement without his prior approval. “Sorry, gaffer, but you don’t know what you’re doing!” Is the message. The lack of respect is obvious.

This useless senior management need to move quickly and get rid of Emery before it’s too late. He’s clearly lost the dressing room.


Random thought: If you told me 5 years ago that in 2019 1) Donald Trump would be US President, 2) lots of Arsenal fans would be pining for Brendan Rodgers to be next Arsenal manager, and 3) Fatgooner’s comments on this site would be nearly 100% popular, I’m not sure which would be most unbelievable. It’s a strange world innit?


Don’t worry: all three could change soon. Especially as Trump is looking like he’s on a sticky wicket right now.


Torreira joins the queue with the rest of the team I assume?




Our midfield is our biggest problem area, I like Xhaka, but it’s clear his numbers up, and he will leave sooner rather than later. Time for Torreira Guendouzi at the base of the midfield, we need to build some stability and cohesion within the team. Emery returning to a back three is a real worry, he doesn’t seem to have a clue what his best team is…. in all fairness, I think we have a pretty bland set of options outside 5/6 players, but Xhaka isn’t the future, where Torreira+Guendouzi could grow into something decent over the next couple of… Read more »

Paul Roberts

Get out of our club Unai, please.


I think maybe the clubs hands tied on the Emery situation. It’s not easy to move him on without adequate replacements in place. Yes sure Freddie can take over on an interim basis and hopefully if he is successful take over or maybe Arteta can come in but with Emery leaving some or most of his backroom staff will leave with him and I don’t think the club is adequately prepared for that. I don’t think Raul and Edu are blind to what’s going on and they are obviously not going to come out publicly saying we are going to… Read more »

Paul Roberts

Amen to that!


really? so say arteta comes in, he has freddie and possibly even steve bould to put into his coaching staff, and I’m sure the club with even the tightest purse strings could stretch to give mikel and assistant of his choosing.

The Arsenal

No matter how bad things got under Wenger you never heard player complaints like this. Emery is finished. And Xhaxa. Wow. Snowflake 101.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I always love it when Blogs drops in sarcastic germs like these:

“Last month, Emery suggested he saw Torreira as somebody who could provide more in the opposition half rather than protecting an infamously porous defence with his skills like tackling, intercepting and reading the game”

Stateside gooner

Lots of unhappy people. Maybe they should do their job and start getting wins. Mayne they will be happier. This club has become a team of drama queens.


Terrible owner, miserable manager, toxic fans. Seems all class left with Arsene. Torreira has looked lost this season, so i dont blame him if he wants away. The club is heading to a nightmare situation if you ask me.


Toxic fans? We’ve got one or two nutters who go OTT, but so has every club. Arsenal fans have tolerated more than their fair share of shit – and we all got behind the club in the summer. Unhappy-yes. Frustrated – definitely. Toxic – no.


Well, when our players takes to tears because of abuse from the fans, i choose to call it toxic.


Waiting for the club to come out and tell our disgruntled want-away stars to stop making noise


At what point do you not say as management “well it’s time to do something!” Seriously no one looks happy with where they are playing, he’s not playing his best 11 his tactics are wrong. He’s at his best when he himself realizes he got it wrong and makes half time changes.


Next, Emery will say playing Torreira as an attacking midfielder is a club strategy.


Hahaha. What a funny comment. Yes, you’re probably right A P. That is probably what he will say. Because he said that about Ozil so he will probably say it about Torreira. Nice one. I wish I could thumb this up more.




I have defended Emery many times which is more of a condemnation of too many Arsenal Fans. I do not agree with several player decisions though like this one. Just read an article about Kos and why he left. It appears that delays in naming him as captain and also over playing him when he was asking for a reduced load because of age and injury recovery. If I was in Kos’s condition/position I would have done the same. A dedicated, loyal and professional player still has rights related to his own health and career, he does not simply become… Read more »


I was astonished, like most of us, when i heard about Kos and his refusal to go with the team. I have been wondering about the reason for the breakdown ever since. He was as you say, very dedicated and always had behaved extremly proffesional. For Kos to do what he did, something must have convinced him that Arsenal in no way was the right place to be for him. That something is our manager. Emery is destroying our club, and we need him out.


Is anyone happy with Unai Emery?
Is Unai Emery even happy with Unai Emery?
The tide is certainly against him.


I would take a cucumber sandwich and a dog called spot over Emery any day. As for Mourinho all I will say is that beggars can’t be choosers and Arsenal are a team in terminal decline – just to point that fact out and make it clear. Arsenal need a manager with a proven pedigree not someone with “potential” or someone who once played a few games for the club. Need to be realistic here – this is a club in crisis. Spurs and United have better players than Arsenal as do Chelsea and Leicester. We don’t even need to… Read more »


Sure, we would become hated again (what’s new?) and our football wouldn’t be pretty (it’s hardly orgasmic at the moment) but the idea of Mourinho, for all his faults, is beginning to warm on me. That’s how fucking bad things have got. People point to his second term at Chelsea and what happened at United – I point to his collection of medals. The guy is a winner. A nasty piece of work, but a winner. If it didn’t work out, well, there’s always the sack. But I’ll tell you this – there’s a much better chance of Mourinho bringing… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Mourinho has lost it. His teams play horrendous football. There are far better managers around. Don’t wish that tosser on Arsenal please.


You have a point, my friend, you have a point. Just so sick and tired of The lethargic state of this club. One step forward and nine steps back. It’s soul destroying. Yes, there are many better coaches than the Special Cunt. But can we attract them?


Leaving all the negatives aside about Mourinho, even then I genuinely dont understand your thinking here.. Are you saying we should have him on a 6 months contract… every team he has touched has come out worse after he leaves, so we will be much worse then we are now once he leaves plus few more pissed players than we have now. Can we really afford that.. or are you an anarchist looking for chaos. Me personally will have Fredie now but I dont know much about the going ons inside the club(may be he is looking for more assurances… Read more »


For fuck’s sake Arsenal, WAKE THE FUCK UP!! The fans don’t want Emery and neither do the players, especially our top players. How much further evidence is required before you finally boot this clown out? Answers on a fucking postcard…..


Would someone please tell the Arsenal hierarchy to turn down the internal noise? I can no longer hear the external noise. Thanks!






Hello people, sorry for the off-topic but, I want to go to the southampton game but are sold out. Will they put out some more in a few days. I didn’t expect it to be sold out so quick. (I have no membership). Thank you.


I dont envy Andrew and everyone else who has to engage with Arsenal everyday. Its just shit sandwich after shit sandwich these days. It so tiring


I would be really sad to see Torreira leave on the account of this numpty manager 🙁


Fans are unhappy with how Arsenal is being used by Unai Emery.


Hello people, sorry for the off-topic but, I want to go to the southampton game but are sold out. Do you know if they will put out some more in a few days (like returned tickets)? I didn’t expect it to be sold out so quick. (I have no membership). Thank you.

Eduar-do a deer

So they put extra tickets on the site every 49 mins (due to unbeaten run) but you have to be very quick to get one. Alternatively you can get what’s known as a ‘it’s a game of two halves’ ticket where you swap with another ticket holder at half time. You can usually choose either first or second half. Lastly you can buy a gallery ticket which allows you to watch the game on the tv’s in the stadium but can’t go on to the terraces.


Ok I’ll take 2 “it’s a game of two halves” please.


If we are not careful, we will have a very destabilised midfield if we don’t have issues as is already. I said this Xhaka thing perpetuated by the fans will only complicate things further for Unai in that area. Torreira to me should be best used as a double pivot DM in conjunction with someone taking turns to go forward. He somewhat lacks a bit of height but paired with the right player (say Guendouzi for lack of choice), they need to string enough matches to develop some sort of spatial relationship. He’s been decent IMO playing higher up but… Read more »


well at least you’ve now realised Can plays for juve and not bayern.