Once again Arsenal dropped vital Premier League points from a winning position, allowing Wolves a late equaliser at the Emirates this afternoon.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang put the Gunners ahead in the first half, tucking home nicely from an Alexandre Lacazette pass, but we couldn’t build on that.

Raul Jimenez out-jumped Calum Chambers to head home in the second half, and in the end the visitors had 25 shots to Arsenal’s 10.

Another dismal day, and the only question is how bad does it have to get before the Arsenal board pull the trigger on the underperforming manager?

Read the Arsenal 1-1 Wolves report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


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Bob's Mexican Cousin

Good ebening, Is like when you arrive because you were coming and you see, like that. We try and run with effort in the direction of commitment. Our performance? Well yes, we perform and we come here with constantly commitment and I think that the answer is generally seventeen. I am a man. I think my job is not constant because when it is not it is not. We will come here and be consistent in our coming and we will try to be committed to winning. Pepe? I feel we were a bit scared for wolves, because we will… Read more »

Ryan Colaco

To be fair, that was informative as any of the presser in the past year and a half.

Ryan Colaco

*as informative as


Crazy inconsistent full stops on the player comments again.


Unai english is as good as his tactics

SB Still

I think Emery’s English is better than his tactics!


This is hilarious


“We were working the process and we were in the moment. Then for one moment we lost the process and Wolves, who are a very good team and scared me deeply, made us play a poor effort. A draw is maybe not so good a result, but every player is important. Xhaka has been recovered.”

Anders Limpar

We were close to the successes on the pitch as off and I feel we only grow stronger from within and with the support of the fans if we can show these qualities in a draw not a win


You win the internet today son


From about 2011 people were furious/grumpy about Wenger. Somebody even rented a plane to fly around with a “Wenger Out” banner. Now, all frustration about not being the best team in the world, which is Arsenal’s birthright, is taken out on Emery.

An eventual new manager would get six months at best before the shit tsunami started again. Why can’t we critisize the other teams’ players and managers and support our own?


wenger earn our patience collecting trophy over the year, emery has none of it , since taking over the team has gone worst , we are still playing shit defence, we cant keep the ball anymore and our attacking side considerate the talent we have there should do much better
most of us were ok for him to have another year and another trasfer window …nothing has change except we are worst than last year, so clearly it doesnt work, next manager


Very valid point. As a gooner what we really hoped for when Emery arrived was that: 1. We will be better defensively 2. Even if we don’t play beautifully we will win and maybe win ugly but still win 3. We will focus on getting back in the Champions League 4. We will spend big to get better players Of all these only #4 was completed (partially) Rest of the points; we have lost our identity those short passes where we used to keep possession while stringing few passes to create chances. That is gone. Defensively we are same or… Read more »


Its not a knee jerk reaction if its after more than 6 months of bad playing time…. Emery is consistently degrading the team tactics and quality


He’s finished after the 3 1 defeat at Leicester.


if we play the same way , right now 3-1 will be a good result


Has he gone yet?


Just checked, he’s still here


How about now?


Hard question: is already too late? I certainly hope not but the last two draws at home might really prove damaging down the road.


We’re not even on the road anymore, we’re in a desert a dark, dark desert. ?

SB Still

Not as hard as it’s sad.


There’s plenty of time and games. The talent level of this Gunners squad is incredible, and if the new manager would just play them in the right positions and give them some consistent tactical instructions, they’d play the likes of Sheffield and Palace off the park. We’re even healthy! Ask yourself where we’d be now if Wenger had these players. I bet he is. At this point, I’d frickin’ take Eddie Howe or Arteta over Emery, or let Freddie take over until we can find someone. Allegri says he doesn’t know enough English. Hmmm.


I genuinely, genuinely despise Emery. An awful coach, that only a club like Arsenal would pick from every single manager out there that would want to come to a historic, wealthy London club If he remains this week, I think it’s time people looked at what Edu and Raul are actually useful for. Sure, the transfer window was great, but from what we see, they do nothing but smile for cameras. They need to sack Emery, tonight, or tomorrow, otherwise nobody will have any faith in them either, which is incredible given the euphoria after the transfer window Only Emery… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It is certainly very Arsenal to dally, be politically correct and not fire him even if it’s obvious he is destroying our season, or confidence, our star’s chances of extending contracts, our soul, our values, our eyes, our nerves. Please end it, Arsenal cannot take it anymore.



Emery would have been a better joker than joaquin phoenix


“Only Emery could have fucked it up like this”. No. Many could. Wenger did. Who should be the new coach? Why on earth do people think Ljungberg would be better?


A simple look at statistics could have told us that Emery would have brought this exact same style of play and awful defending to Arsenal. Similarly how it was fairly obvious that Liverpool would do just fine when they hired Klopp.

Once a gunner

Because he is the son of the la professor


Good ebening and adios, por favor.

Mesut O’Neill

At least our saviour Ozil was magnificent


Is that supposed to be sarcastic?

He was easily one of our best players, which is saying something, considering now dysfunctional the whole team is, and that he’s barely been allowed to play competitive football for 2 months.


Ozil’s fucking done and has been for 4 seasons now. All this “free Ozil, let our savior play” bullshit is exactly what is wrong with this team…a complete wenger era clear out was necessary to really start afresh…except that’s not going to happen when the midfield butterfly is earning 350k / wk to do fck all. Except of course when he’s playing kids in the carabao cup…


Haha, just shout the narrative louder when it’s not working, eh?

Who knows, he might be done. But his ‘done’ outclassed 90% of the rest of our lineup today. In fact, I’m having a hard time imagining who had a better match than him today.

The thought of Emery being behind the wheel during a complete clean out and revamp is the stuff of nightmares. He should be done.


And what Dani £15M a year Ceballos. Nobody mentions him but he was dreadful ONCE AGAIN ! You know, the Spanish laonee we’re training or Real… the one who got a standing ovation from the fans before touching one ball. The one who’s got a song…


Stop with the 15m a year… Untrue.


@monkeyknees – He is shite though.


Soooo….Freddie at the wheel?

Paul Roberts

Can he say “moment” a lot??


He’s in the “process” of learning to


Is he about to go to war with Pepe too? Leaving him out completely seems like he’s trying to send another message. They really should just sack this guy


Second season of Emery and we are already on late Wenger levels of boredom and predictability.

DB10s Air Miles

That was also emery’s starting point, sadly.


Minus the highlight-worthy goals and the occasionally brilliant bits football. So it’s actually way worse now.


How the hell are we ever going to make top 4 at this rate?!


The answer is……..we’re not


Sokratis theatrics are so annoying at times.


Sokratis needs to leave.


From your comments you want All our players to leave. Would that make us better do you think?


Quite possibly, yes.


I reckon George Graham at 74 years old could get a better performance from the team than this bloke Emery.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Emery draws against Tottenham BOARD_”it’s a derby and it can be so difficult,they are Champions League finalist, so let’s give him time” Emery draws against Watford BOARD_”it’s just one of those ugly days.. Watford had a new manager and they were energized” Emery draws against man u BOARD_”it’s never easy to win at Old Trafford..chelsea lost 4-0 afterall) Emery loses to Sheffield united BOARD_”it was a monday night game under the flood lights…always going to be difficult,let us give him time” Emery draws with Crystal palace BOARD_”crystal palace beat man u at old trafford, they are no easy team” Emery… Read more »

Unai… is that you who downvoted this one (and a few others)???


Not just him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mintoes and O’Neill did too. They can all go fuck themselves.


Hi coaching team


Freddie should be appointed interim manager tomorrow. Then let the search begin for a permanent replacement. There’s no way back from here and there’s not much point waiting for us to get hammered at Leicester to pull the trigger. We might even get a nice new manager bounce against a top 6 rival.


I completely agree


The earliest we get rid of Emery the better for our club. This guy is killing our club.


We definitely hired the wrong coach and perhaps hiring someone who couldn’t speak English from the start and be able to communicate effectively from the the get-go was not the wisest move either.

I’ve never warmed to him really and now he just needs to go. He is out of his depth.


Senior Emery, on the behalf of all Arsenal fans: get the fuck out of our club… give the keys to Freddie and bring back some legends of the club…..man I miss Arsene so much :’(

Mesut O’Neill

You miss getting smashed 6-0, 5-1 every big game?

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Like when we beat City, Chelsea and United on the way to a few FA Cups in his last couple


@david hilliers…lol, no, more like when we got hammered in the league season after season doing nothing and threw away the best chance to win it unforgivably letting Leicester win the fkn thing when no One else but us could win it. Short memory mate…


Yeah, both Manchester clubs, Chelsea and Liverpool also fucked up then. So?


Do you know that Leno is the busiest goalkeeper in the Premier league? Also, Arsenal conceded 15 goals while scoring only 16 times. Our performance is pretty shit for the 5th place.


Mintoes you stupid troll what do you mean no? Wenger won the FA Cup 7 times (FYI let me inform your braindead cells that that is most in the history of the competition) His last phase at the club was laden with terrible injuries to our young stars.

Despite selling off Henry, Hleb, Cole, Vieira, Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor, RVP he still kept our club relevant playing UCL football after moving to a new 5 star stadium.

Short memory mate?


You probably don’t consider a 3-0 against a title winning Chelsea side a big game. Also, how did we fare at Anfileld last year?


@mesutoneiell nah i miss the one touch football and the intent to attack, never saw our team scared to play attacking football at the emirates… how many times under Wenger did we settle the games in the first half of games.. teams used to sit back against us and what the fuck is going on now with this clown and his backward sideways style


Emery is on the run in to the end now.
Is it Leicester next? A loss there , and I think that’s gonna be it.
And if anyone thinks this is great news, lets be clear, it’s not,……..it’s a disaster. Rotating managers doesn’t work.


yeah, what were Liverpool *thinking* getting rid of Brendan Rodgers mid-season! And Southampton when they sacked Nigel Adkins and brought in some foreign bloke…


It’s funny you mention that, many on here scoffed when Rodgers was linked with the Arsenal job but would gladly take him now. Regardless, just because it worked for Liverpool and Southampton, doesn’t mean it will work for us. The Liverpool case is especially egregious, can we get a manager of the caliber of Klopp right now? Should also be noted that Liverpool finished 8th that season, so prepare for more pain!


Our current squad is much better than theirs was, and the top of the league is less competitive this year as well: Spurs are looking very stale, and Man United are awful.

Also: not a knock on Rodgers, who’s a really good coach who plays attractive football, just a bit of a Brent-esque weirdo. Would totally take him now over Emery.


Tbf to Rodgers I think he’s toned down those David Brent-isms now. But on the quality of our squad, yes it’s better than the one Klopp inherited but how good is it really? We still have issues at CB, and we’re questionable in midfield, especially at DM. Guendouzi is a fantastic prospect but if he’s our best CM… We’ve finished 5th, 6th and 5th for the last three seasons and I don’t think we’ve yet made the improvements to this squad to dramatically change that pattern. Whoever comes in to replace Emery will have a huge job on their hands,… Read more »


I think a consistent midfield partnership of Torreira and Guendouzi is MORE than adequate in this league. Then Xhaka and Ceballos could get minutes as Guen’s backup (or for LT when we’re chasing a game), and Guen, Ceballos, and Willock could compete for places as dual 8’s alongside Torreira at 6 in an occasional midfield 3 (when Ozil’s injured or off the boil, or we need more midfield solidity). That’s depth and quality. The problem is (a) Unai doesn’t play this partnership, (b) when they do both play, he puts them in the wrong positions, and (c) his tactics for… Read more »


The rate at which Guendouzi turned over the ball today and put us under pressure was absolutely not more than adequate. It was at best partially adequate.

Big Fred

Terrible from Ozil again. The quicker he and Xhaka are out of club the better. We need to control the midfield……

David Hilliers Arm Cast

He wasn’t terrible at all. Made some great passes and controlled the game in the first 70 odd minutes until he looked a bit tired and we took Laca off for some reason.


Not with Emery we won’t. And not with Guendouzi either, unless we get a manager that finds a partnership that fits him.


Actually Ozil had an excellent match and was our best player. Always in the thick of things and worked really hard making some telling passes. You probably had that comment ready no matter how he played


@martin…I’ll have what you’re drinking…jeeezus…

Fred Garvin

We were all watching the Arsenal game. Which one were you watching?


Thought he was decent myself, though there’s obviously going to be a difference between playing against Liverpool’s youth side (plus Lallana at DM!) and playing against a team that can actually defend.


Sack the clown please ?


I agree, I couldn’t give a rat’s balloon knot about Emery. Get rid!


There is one time… We had players like almunia, squillaci, denilson, djourou, chamakh and others in the starting line up and u know what… We survived and got into top 4. Decent football and i didnt get too many nightmares aside from playin against the big teams. But now, tt name unai emery is enough to wreck my bloody life. Not only he gives me nightmares when I sleep, he gives me nightmare even when Im awake. How is this team not able to beat the likes of Palace, Sheffield, Watford, wolves, Brighton n so forth. Unai is a fraud.… Read more »


The league is a bit different now though.. We’d do well to finish top half with thoselot starting games now.


You are so right, Snc. Emery plays very good players out of position, does not prepare them or instruct them on sensible tactics, and he’s not getting the best out of them. Add to that his awful communications skills and terrible man management, and you get what we have. He should have been gone weeks ago.


All I want is for Emery to be sacked, and then him to go off into obscurity. 100%, this is the last job he ever lands at a big club. He’s simply not fit for clubs with any ambition, at all.

Hope his career finishes after he’s done with us, because he’s sucked so much joy out of watching games.


Today, it’s just the manager I feel like rating. Absolute garbage. 1/10

Arsenal Born

Too generous fella


I’ve cussed him but ozil played really well and worked hard and was as influential as anyone possibly could be in this shithouse team.

We need the same performance from him in the later Europa matches ’cause that’s the only way we’re getting champions league football this season and he’d be a fucking hero.

Anders Limpar

1/10 Unai Emery. 1 is for painfully inching himself ever closer to the sack. This guy is seriously going to try for the full whammy of fuck ups if we give him long enough isn’t he: loose the lead at home managing half the shots they did, odd substitutions, pissed off fans and empty seats, unhappy players, 2 points from 9! Not to mention that a Gerard Houiller, Roy Evans esque management team of Mr Bean and Frank Spencer would have managed to bring Pepe on full stop. But certainly instead of using our last substitution to erm swap left… Read more »


An extra thumbs up for having the greatest name. The guy is my hero!

Anders Limpar

Cheers. He was a little ray of flair in George Grahams marshaled ranks of discipline (which was very successful successful and I’d bite anyone’s hand off for even 10% of that right now). I was gutted when we sold him, think it was deadline day in 93 or 94.


Yeah to Everton and if i remember rightly he played brilliant in the FA Cup final against scummy man utd

SLC Gooner

Blah ratings for a team that looks very blah and mid-table right now. We don’t have the players or the payroll of a mid-table team, and the fact that we appear to be headed for a struggle to make the EL places is pretty much down to the manager. We have better players than last year, and yet look worse.
Month and a half ago, we were just behind City. Now we’re 8 points back, despite a stretch of winnable matches. If Utd and Spurs weren’t also terrible, we’d be looking awful.

This Must Be The Place

It is clear now, after over a year at the club, that Unai is out of his depth and/or the wrong fit. He is struggling, and the pressure is telling on his decision making. He either doesn’t seem able to communicate his ideas to the team, or his ideas are just not working.

No point hating the man, but there needs to be a parting of ways and soon

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

In as much as so many fans want Ljunberg to be the interim coach for the remainder of the season but i don’t think that would be possible…if Emery gets sacked a big manager would employed immediately(allegri or Enrique)…. Arsenal board knows they can’t afford to go a fourth year in Europa league after spending hugely in the summer…they won’t risk it with Emery.. They would go for experience and safe pair of hands
So I’m deeply sorry guys.. Ljunberg is crossed out

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Ljunberg won’t be risked
(sorry for the errors)

Patrik Ljungberg

It’s Ljungberg, son.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Thanks for the titles! ?

Teejay Itopa Malik

“They would go for experience and safe pair of hands” That sounds very much like Jose Mourinho. The pair you mentioned neither have premier league nor europa league experience, as never played in both competitions and so do not qualify as “safe pair of hands”. I’m not Mourinho’s biggest fan, but right now, it’s gonna be safe and cautious enough to take him for 2 years, let him toughen the group of talented players we have while Ljungberg learns from him in that time.


Can two striker teams work in modern day football?

Would we be happy to play counterattacking football instead of pressing football?

What happened to Two Man Striker Teams:


We take Torreira out and then we get scored on….. coincidence I think not. Emery makes no sense with these substitutions

A Different George

I thought it was a stupid substitution, but Torreira would have made no difference on their goal. Responsibility belongs to Ceballos who left his man alone to cross, and Chambers (being out-jumped is forgivable, but failing to engage with the opponent’s jump is not) and maybe a little to Sokratis (might have been able to help Chambers defend the cross).


we have six player around the 3 wolves player ,none of them decide to stop them


Why are we still playing ceballos? He is just as ineffective defending as Ozil is. And we don’t press as a team so I’m not sure what the idea is.

Some really confused thinking in the team makeup and strategy.

This is where Wenger differs philosophically, by this point things would start coming together. But with Emery it seems to be coming apart.


Thats Boo Nai Emery for you folks. I hope the board doesnt wait to find a replacement and then fire him, its better they fire him now and let Freddie take control and do a proper hunt for the coach who is going to utilise the squad to its strength. I guess this is the first time when we have both first team and reserve team players all fit and still we can’t play well. All the talks about how he performs with Bellerin and Tierney in the squad was not non sense but hope we gave ourselves that Boo… Read more »


My biggest concern today was with the way Torreira was deployed. They were cutting through our midfield like butter at times. The man that we needed in front of the defence was Torreira, not Guendouzi. I don’t understand Guendouzi in that role. Torriera can shield our rearguard and can also transition the ball from the defence to Dani, Matteo and Mesut. As Blogs said, I really don’t know what Emery is telling him to do, but he starts at the base of the midfield 4 for Uruguay. Also, it was incredible that while we were holding on to a lead… Read more »

Bai Blagoi



Penny for Arsene Wenger’s thoughts right now. If this continues we might be lucky to even qualify for the europa League. What a mess.


Arsene couldn’t have done worse than this.. oh. We wanted a change. Giroud could have held the ball up, made others to play.. oh. We termed him useless.. It all began when we started booing Eboue, then Arshavin, Gervinho… when we deemed ourselves righteous and called for everyone’s head, keeping our fans’ self righteousness grow. Everything was not alright. Everything isn’t alright now. What we have now is a better team, but not a better manager. There aren’t many in fact. It will take time. For once let’s get behind the team and the new manager when he comes in.… Read more »

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

you are more confused than Emery trust me…. what does Giroud got to do here?….the man practically cost us the title and gave it to leicester

Damn, this “singling players out for team failures” thing does indeed run deep in our fanbase…


Indeed…Pepe until he scored two freekicks was the most expensive failure or some. Knee jerks are now hunting for new scapegoats.

Your last sentence makes my point. Giroud didn’t cost us a title. It’s a collective failure including us fans. It’s high time we realize that. No mercenary manager is coming in to take us to the title. Emery out, somebody in, honeymoon over, we boo our own players, no atmosphere, we rant and rant..
It’s not entirely on the board, coach or players..if that’s a confusion, i am happy to be confused..

Prince Gunneralaysia

Only 2 points when we supposed to potentially get 27 points? Is that Arsenal’s level now?


Özil was our best player, but be sure that for the next PL game Xhaka will be back (and i’m OK with this) and Özil will be out to let Ceballos play.


In daily work life, I meet some people and wonder how such incapable lifeforms do so well for themselves, and are in top management levels in companies. This always makes me think that these guys just got lucky and/or did a lot of sucking up to their bosses. Surely such people wouldn’t make it to the top in a public job. In a public job, you’d actually have to be damn good i thought. Then there’s Mr. Emery. I have no coaching background, but i genuinely feel i can do a better job. Incapable people climb the ladder in public… Read more »


If he cared Emery would leave this Job it is way beyond him and the decisions he makes are beyond explanation

Obama Young

How can Josh Kroenke be okay with the signing who cost him 72 million not even getting on the pitch in this match, when we brought on Saka and Kolasinac with our last 2 subs?
How can Raul be okay with his signature acquisition not playing, and with a manager who has delivered 17 points in 11 matches after he threw around big money this summer to set him up?

If they don’t make a move now, I just don’t understand what they want.

Oh No Nevery.

Is it too early to start #mourinho out?


Hapless and rudderless.

10/10 for Tony Gale, though, for artfully reminding us why he’s a bell-end of the highest order.


Come on… The Board MUST know its time to move Emery on now!? We’ve gone backwards for 16 months. Still no clear tactics, bad subs, bad man management. He seems a nice guy, but not cut out for a job at this level.


I don’t think he is a nice guy too. Keeping good players out of the team to satisfy his ego is not something good guys do. He has been doing that in every club he go.


Say if the board be very polite and go with their cap in hands, will Wenger be ready to come back and hold fort until end of the season?

Public Elneny

Wenger’s biggest flaw was that he refused to work in a system where his decision wasn’t final in almost every significant area of the club’s operations. He probably directed the accounts dept on player amortisation policy.. I doubt he’d accept working in Emery’s comparatively limited head coach role

Besides, he seems happier now

Let’s move on

Abdul Moeed

I think it’s pretty clear now that it is time for Emery to go, I have a bad feeling that the Arsenal hierarchy might give Emery the whole season and then make a decision. As long as we have the Europa League route in hand, the club’s goal for the season can be achieved. I think that could be their thinking. I hope not. It’s hard now to watch an Arsenal game for me. Some other thoughts: 1. This has been on my mind for a while, but I am convinced that Ceballos is not as good as we think… Read more »


I agree about Ceballos- he has had one good showing for us this season, and every other appearance has been average to lackluster. Today was another classic example of him taking too many touches and slowing down our play, particularly on the break.


On this site it’s Xhaka who slows the game down.
Or you haven’t received the memo yet?..


I agree with our line up it screams 433, Pepe auba laca ozil tucked behind, Torreira or chambers who I think would do fine there holding, I disagree With Here with you ceballos running between ozil and Torreira maybe Willock who I don’t think is ready game in game out, and a back 4 without David Luiz.


Well, he is finding out that this isn’t the Spanish league. Like being thrown into the deep end having to find your way out, especially with this midfield. Still might make it, but right now he looks kind of ragged.


is arsene waiting for the call? do we take him back?

The Arsenal

Just one more game and this all comes to an end.

Tony Hall

Time to put Mr Emery out of his misery, the question is will the board ask him to go or wait till the end of the season. I am hoping they do it now, put Freddy in as caretaker till May and spend the next few months making sure they get a better manager in (and that is NOT the whinging twat Mourinho)

Tony Hall

I don’t rate Ceballos either and Guendozi is being overplayed, if they are not careful it will ruin him.


Midfield has been a shambles all season. Guendouzi has been the one constant. Isn’t it time to consider that, as part of an examination of the whole, for the many good attributes he has, that his running around all over contributes to the complete lack of cohesion that’s evident? The main reason I’d favor Arteta taking over is that his main strength as a player was that he knew how to keep things ticking, which is what this side desperately needs.


I thought the donation was wrong not the midfield. It was supposed to be a diamond but you still need people playing outside cm. We had for people that like to play in the centre.