Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Arsenal 2-2 Southampton – player ratings

Arsenal dropped more points at home today in a 2-2 draw with Southampton.

Alexandre Lacazette rescued a point with an injury time equaliser, but in truth the visitors should have made the game safe, however they squandered a host of second half chances.

Pressure will grow on Unai Emery, but this result is on a board which is allowing this club to rot week after week after week. Be angry at them more than anyone else.

Read the Arsenal 2-2 Southampton report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno.

Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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At least we’re training a world-class keeper


We might even get lucky and be able to sell him to a top club for 10M quid someday, one can dream

Le prof esional

Training him up for Bayern, probs sell him for sod all.


Where is he as I haven’t seen him


We’ll sell him to someone in Germany for 5 bucks, only for him to be loaned and then sold to Bayern!


He’ll go to a big club like West Ham or Real Madrid. We will make a nice profit.

Sagebrush Farm

We truly are training a world class keeper. And a village class manager. This guy has no shame, can’t he just run?


I stopped blaming Emery already, he is what he is, what else could we expect? Perhaps Arsenal should hire daniel levy on the board, he seems to have more passion and decisiveness on football matters than ours.
Poch in.. .


Yeah. Bayern said thanks in advance.


Can we get an Emery rating added?


It would just be 0/10 everytime. No point wasting that effort


oh sorry that’s our goal difference

Dirty VARmints

We could give him unten out of untenable


These ratings are becoming pointless… can we instead start rating things more relevant such as…

The Weather
The Flavour of a Good Beer
The Colour of the Grass
The Local Christmas Decorations

Not disrespecting the ratings as they are always spot on, but never really gonna change or get better until our cowardly board actually do what is required


My local Christmas decorations wouldn’t rate much higher than the players today, as the neighbors have had theirs up since Halloween 2018.




What is scary is that if we left this club to the board, and Emery, and the players, they would not stop until Arsenal are finished forever as a “big” club. Soon we would be fighting to stay in the top 10 The fans are the only ones who ever hold this club accountable, and even then many fans are giving up slowly and becoming apathetic. That’s why it is disgusting when fans get told they are “noise” and that they’re wrong to want an awful, awful manager out of the club Without the fans, Arsenal will never return to… Read more »


“Soon we would be fighting to stay in the top 10” it looks more that we will have enough with saving the place for the premier league next season.


If Unai isn’t gone in the morning then Arsenal is truly dead.


A little bit dramatic maybe?

Paul Roberts

It would certainly be pining for the fjords??

Damo Dinkum

“Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the only reason Arsenal was listed in the top 4… was because it had been nailed there.”

A Different George

Good to see you back, Rich. You were the one banging on about how we were only a single point behind Man City, weren’t you?


That was such a flat atmosphere. The fans were not toxic.. Rather hapless viewers who were all thinking.. ‘wtf has happened to our club?’. Southampton is bottom of the league and they lost 9-0 to Leicester at home. If Southampton had won today.. They would have deserved it.


12 shots to 21


That doesn’t even reflect the easy chances they missed. We were outplayed by a team in 19th place – mind you, they won at SheffU where we were again outplayed.

Mentally Drained Gooner

Last time I was so sad about anything arsenal in my life was when arsene left.


The eerie silence spells doom for Emery. I think his position has finally become untenable in the eyes of our board. They are just not comfortable handing the team over to Freddie. Which is a shame cos he can’t possibly do any worse than this clown.

Paul Roberts

Where do you get your info from Duno?


See name for answer

A Fleeting Glimpse

If we had sacked the clown 2 weeks ago after Leicester defeat I believe we would have won comfortably today. The whole club would be lifted just to get coco out the door. It’s on the board now.


laca’s reaction to his (2nd) equaliser tells it all.

this team does not want to play for emery, so even if this poor idiot is like a broken clock and gets it right a couple of times the team has no impetus to perform his tactics.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

A broken clock would manage us better.


Not on the uk.

Never been to an Arsenal game in my life. And I understand this may seem easy for a fan like me (“arm chair fan”) to say this to you guys in London, but seriously, time for boycotts.


Itll never happen, the tickets are far too expensive for the majority of ST holders to just not use them. I’ve got two and just cant bring myself to piss £100 down the drain every game, much as I’d like to.


Me too but I actually took the step of selling one on for the season – next summer it’ll be both. After having ST since 70s, that’s sad.


I’ve been to a couple of matches this season but I don’t think I’m going again unless Mr Big is gone soon…

Once a gunner

I can’t watch arsenal game again until this coach is gone or the results starts to to change, but the stats and style of play shows that Emery will not take us to where we belong, I will only recommend three people Arteta, Pochettino, and our assistant coach for us to play in an arsenal way and result will start rolling in. Someone can’t have 18months and still the team doesn’t have identity Rodgers is der for all to see. But ours we look more confused as the months passes on. Board please stop this madness before the fans make… Read more »


What does Arteta know about the arsenal way, he was an average player in an average team. If he’s any good as a manager and ambitious he should go and be a manager, he has no right to walk into our fine club without demonstrating something first.


I really dont understand the obsession with Pochetino. When Tottenham sacked him they were in the 14th position and we were on 6th, which means were doing better than them, at least points wise( until the southampton game). Is it really showing ambition to hire a manager that’s just been sacked? I’d love for us go go for Allegri, or if we want to take a gamble we can go for Arteta, but Pochetino who has just been sacked doesn’t do it for me. I want Unai gone like most of us, just don’t think the guy who has just… Read more »

Trash Blaster

Lowest wage bill of the big clubs, smallest net spend over the time he was in charge and saw the club into a new stadium while coaching them to the champions league (including getting to the final!)

Sounds like someone we know?

Guns Up

Thought Tierney was much better than a 5 for most of the match, even with that weak penalty giveaway (how’s that more of a foul than the Southampton defender flying into the back of Lacazette (I think) in the first half???) but, as has been said many times before today, despite Blogs having a job to do, it’s pointless rating the players until such time as Emery is removed from his position.

A Different George

I also would say, as long as we are doing ratings, that when a forward scores two goals he should get an 8 at least. As hard as it seems to give any ratings that high after yet another awful match.

Le prof esional

My stream cut out near the end, was there mass booing at the end? Can someone who was there fill me in?


There was a low rumble of boos when the whistle blew


people should be singing Emery Out from now on


There were boos and a lot of singing “we want Emery out” around the exits after.


I heard plenty of booing through the television speakers (tbh it was the only reason I kept watching until the final whistle).


Can the ratings be revised to include -1 to -10 please? It’s not just Emery who’s failing to achieve but a number of these players are not worthy of the Arsenal shirt. There is absolutely no fighting spirit like the Arsenal of old and yet these individuals ate getting paid ludicrous sums of money for do8ng very little.


If you disliked your boss/manager at work, would you be doing the best job possible? or would you be doing just enough to not get yelled at?
I think that speaks to the performances we see from a lot of our players- they’re coasting until Unai is shown the door.


I know how they feel. I was actually hoping Saints would get a third just to make the point – Emery has to go.


0 for the referee, Please sack this Ebening dude. Freddie been readyy

Trash Blaster

Ref did us and this game no favors, we would have still been awful however.


I’ve never seen it take so long to take a simple midfield free kick. Ref actually got cheers when he finally allowed us to take it after about a minute or so. Shame he hadn’t applied that to Saints first goal, rolling ball, wrong place – but defenders too focused on arguing instead of defending.


The Prem surely has the worst collection of refs in Europe? Surely.


surely not the worst, but most loyal to the betting mafia.


The board should have been forced to watch the dross that has been on offer this season. He would have been gone weeks ago. Just waiting for the inevitable to happen, sooner the better.

Dave cee

I have.t watched a game since Bournemouth. Yes it was a win, but it was so fucking awful to watch and hot on the heels of Sheffield U away that I decided not to waste my time or subscription fee. This club is going backwards at an astonishing rate.
The big worry is that I can.t really think of any prime candidate to come in and sort this mess out. Feels like we are already in Hail Mary territory with our next appointment.


Only one relevant question for this club anymore: have they sacked him yet?


if the board doesnt want freddie (does he have all his licences?)
who would be happy with benitez? +/- votes


Why keep aiming so low?

American Gooner

Ah f*ck, the minute we return from the international break I have to watch this us bake another sh#t sandwich. To think I was hoping for something to blunt the excruciating experience of holidays with the inlaws, but nay.

The officiating today was another heaping pile of turds we did not need on top of that poor performance (again). I give up.


Thought Guendouzi was better than a 5, and Lacazette better than a 7.

Our problems run much deeper than Emery, but we should throw the kitchen sink at convincing Pochettinho to come to the Emirates, just get the right guy in whilst he’s available, and try and build from there.


poch will not take a new job until the summer. he’d be stupid to. he’ll probably end up at bayern.


We set out to play like relegation battlers and that’s exactly how we performed. 5 at the back against Southampton at home. Wenger died for this???


A whole exhausting week, I couldn’t connect to the internet, and here we go again! My nerves are shot!


Time to attack the board, get the banners out, get fuck the board t-shirts out this is war now. Battle lines are drawn if this useless board are just going sit there with their thumbs up their well laid asses and to force us to watch this misery then we need to hear us Roar.

Fuck the board.


Absolutely right, we heard nothing from them when the Xhaka nonsense happened and now they allow this shit to get worse. It’s time for us to either not turn up or walk out at a nominated time.
It’s a shame that I think like this but I genuinely dont think the board care about us fans and the only way for us to get noticed is to hurt them financially (not turning up), or get the media to show what a shambles it is (walking out). Sponsors would then start making their concerns known and we’d get a reaction


Tbf Emery warned us how good Soton is away from home. We have to adapt better against such strong opponents next time.


This made me cry because it’s so true. I’ve managed to subject myself to most of Emery’s comments and dude has such a scary weak mentality/ low opinion of us. Emery doesn’t think we’re a big club, not in his comments, not in his actions. And the board has stuck with him. Unforgivable.

Naked Cygan

Not worth rating this poor squad. Emery is 80% to blame for our poor form and his terrible management, but some of the players have to take the blame. Sokratis was just awful, his display and judgment is disgusting. Our passing was slow, not enough movement. Southampton were more hungry and should have scored 3 goals in the last 10 minutes. This is getting out of hand, let’s sack Emery and shake things up.


I’m just waiting for the official Club Statement.

Mesut O’Neill

What game were you watching where Ozil gets a higher rating than most of the team. Apart from Sokratis he was our worst player.


Spud alert!

Mesut O’Neill

You thought Ozil played well?

Maybe you are a ??


He did play well. Relatively. But we all know you’re a clown, so, um, yeah.


oh, it’s Dumbo O’Neill again.


Have never seen such reaction from the players or fans to an injury time equalizer. Just shows how helpless we fans and the players feel.


Remember a few months back some people were saying shit like “we’re only a point behind city stop moaning!) wonder where they are now.


Can you add a rating for Emery, Blogs. From -10 to 0 would be fine.


The board are waiting for the Spuds to pass us with Mourinho in tow before taking action. How poor does it have to get with a talented squad before they move Emery on?

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

Why buy a £72m winger if you’re not going to play with wingers?

You know when you’re playing football manager and keep changing formation and line up due to poor performances and results?

That’s what Emery is doing. When he starts scratching his chin I know he’s got himself so stressed that he can’t think straight.

The job is too big for him. Put him out of his misery and fire his arse.

Gunner in Ghana

The bonus rating is on point. Doing the same things and yet expecting different results is idiocy.


-1/10 for that awful ref.
How many times can Ward Prowse and Hoojbeirg (sp?) commit fouls without being booked? the answer is seven each.


Same week after week. Coincidence?


Manipulation. Simple as that.


And we had 6 bookings – does that land us in FA trouble again?

Crash Fistfight

To be fair, I thought all of our bookings were correct, bar the Pepe one, which I thought was ridiculous. (If the penalty is given it has to be a yellow card.)


At this point, it’s hard to summon the passion to even be angry. Emery (& the board) are steadily killing this club.


I’m an Arsenal fan from India and I request all season ticket holders/stadium going supporters to boycott matches. We have a committed bunch of players but a spineless board and an inept coach. Maybe the empty seats will get the message across to the board. We pay the highest ticket prices in Europe. It’s unacceptable that we have to put up with this tripe.


We do not pay the highest prices in Europe. We don’t even charge the highest prices in North London/East Middlesex. Can we kill this old turkey off please.
This aside, your sentiment is accurate.


Mate an Arsenal season ticket is the most expensive followed by Sp*rs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Juventus.


It’s not on the manager for a long time. The board sucks. And has been for long time bar the last window. We can stop complaining, nothing will be done. Stop putting money in and the club will be freed.


This might seem unfair in the overall context of this match, but I don’t care.

I really hope this is Sokratis’ last season with us. A bang-average oaf of a defender with a stupid mouth on him.


I think the Lacazette equalizer probably saved Emery’s job. At least for now anyway. I think Lacazette even knew that from his body language.

The club leadership probably regard a point at home not a bad result. So this draw just now stretches the misery out a few more games.


Another game at home were the opposition team created a lot more chances than us. With this kind of form, we are realistically looking at a mid table finish. According to FotMob, Arsenal total shots – 12, Southampton total shots – 21. These are the kind of stats you can not ignore. Southampton are in the relegation zone for f*ck sake. If Emery is out of contract at the end of the season, surely this is not a money thing. Its not going to cost the board a lot to cut him now. I feel for the guy. I am… Read more »


Being a nice fella might qualify a lot of us to be manager, but we need a change before the stadium empties and we lose our best players.


It’s going to cost us around £100M as Laca and Auba run down their contracts – why would they want to stay? That dwarfs any compensation due to Emery.


That first half formation is one of the worst ive seen, some of the top players in the world chasing shadows like schoolboys to the 19th best premier league team. Not one thing about that works or could ever work. Please fire him, nice guy but absolutely clueless and out of his depth


The good news is that I missed the match because I flew from Boston to Portland. And I must tell you, life is so much better not watching this drab team. Emery has made Wenger’s last two seasons look like champions.


Once spurs and man United surpass us the club will have to fire Emery. He can’t win the Europa league with his awful negative style of play. And if the club doesn’t win Europa league and qualify for champions league auba, laca and leno will bolt. Surely the club knows this. We lose those guys and this team is in a world of hurt.

Big Fred

None of them I mean none of them are fit to wear the shirt. YouTube David Rocastle then your see what Arsenal means current players and staff

craszy gunner

The club is in a relegation battle…we only do not realise it yet…If Unai Emery stays till the end of the season…we will battle relegation…what I do not know yet is if we will survive it..

We have to open our eyes all the ingredients for a relegation are there …the only fallacy is our position in the table..

Can you imagine if we play like this against citeh…good lord it will be evisceration literally..get ready for a blood bath in 3 weeks!..


Does the “board” have a say anymore with the current set up? Think this is more on the owners and the management team.


To sack is not a solution but the genesis to our success .Emery should be interview to check if there is any ray of light amidst arsenal stadium. Principles of time should be upheld to avoid…………


We have a decent run of games coming up, if we get rid of this clown now we can get the shot up the arm of a new manager. We still have time to turn this around. Come on Raul do something!


It’s not fair to rate the players at this point. I gave those that didn’t look individually awful extra points because I cannot believe they are individually at fault for what’s going on.


Dont know if anyone saw it but around the 83rd minute we had a throw in next to our technical area. It seemed like Emery was advising whoever was taking the throw for us on what to do with it – result after his input – we threw it to one of the Southampton players – that about sums things up with Arsenal under his coaching.


Haha, saw that one, and the end result was an attack down our opposite flank and a chance on goal, I believe.

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