Friday, December 9, 2022

Aubameyang: I don’t know what’s wrong, but we have to fight

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang gave an audition for a post-football career in diplomacy by saying he doesn’t know why results and performances are so bad at Arsenal right now, but says he and the team will fight to make things better.

The Arsenal skipper was denied a goal early in the second half by a fantastic save, but as the game progressed the Gunners were lucky to be still within touching distance for Alex Lacazette’s late goal to count for anything in the 2-2 draw with Southampton.

Auba was the one to front up to the media after the game, and when asked why he thought things weren’t clicking, he said, “I don’t know. Sincerely, I don’t know.

“I think everybody has to try to ask themselves that, and what they can change, what they can give more of. Everybody has to do this, me first.

“I will try to work hard and to get back to winning ways.  The only thing I can say is that we as a team, as players, will try to continue our work.

“We have to find a solution together. I think we have to stay strong. We are men and we have to carry on our hard work.”

When questioned about whether boos at the end were fair, he continued, “I don’t know … but the team is disappointed like the fans are as well. When we are playing, we are the first to be disappointed when it doesn’t work.”.

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Arsenal 2-2 Southampton – player ratings

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Emery is the problem

Prince Gunneralaysia

Emery is what’s wrong


He can’t exactly say “the boss is a fuckwit and we don’t know what the hell we’re supposed to be doing” can he……..

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It would help a great deal if he did…


I think he did say that by leaving the manager out of his post-match disappointment talk (the team, the fans).


He could say, “The boss does not know what he is doing” though. There is no disrespect in that comment, it is an opinion. Yet even that would be pounced on in this PC culture.


He could be an absolute genius for all I know, I can decipher a thing he says. After about 30 seconds of listening to him my head starts to hurt. It’s no wonder the team has no idea on the pitch, it’s because they have no clear direction, every week they turn up looking unprepared. Personally I’d bin him now and let Freddy take over, the players know, respect and understand him and instinctively he just looks right there in a way that Emery never has. There are no signs at all that Emery can turn this around and the… Read more »

Mike from Kenmore

I don’t think that shit talking your boss is unaccepted because of PC culture

Max Fischer

LOL! It’s so apparent that you logged in to troll the “PC Culture” we live in now. At least direct it at something that could be even mildly constituted as PC…


Emery doesn’t know what he’s doing. The player’s dont know what they’re doing and the fans dont know what Emery and the player’s are supposed to be doing. Crystal clear.


He and Laca at some point will just worry about keeping their stats acceptable so that they’ll get good offers in the summer. And frankly, who could blame them?


summer? id be telling my agent its him or me in january.


Mad o ?.


Hehehe. Peep that naija comment


Oooh I know what’s wrong. Ask me ask me.


Yo Man, tell me what’s wrong


Are you really as disappointed as the fans who pay the highest ticket prices in the EPL to watch relegation fodder outshooting you or does the couple of hundred k you pocket soften the blow? I’m not blaming Auba but this PR shite does my head in No hunger, no passion, no direction . Change needed from the top down.


Wait, you want Auba to speak as an arm chair fan? You want him to say that Emery is clueless, and the board should better grow some balls?
Which world do you live in?


I live in a world where an average premier league footballer earns the average annual working wage in 5 days. Where it costs the fans up to a days wages to watch a team they support where the result does mean a lot to them.i wasn’t saying for Auba to say anything. What I’m saying is why say anything apart from the same PR shite. Must do better, confidence, blah blah blah..Does it mean that much when they are hugging and shaking hands with the opposition before the game? To the modern footballer it’s just a game to the supporter… Read more »


These interviews are required by the television contracts that pay for a large portion of players like Auba and Laca.

Very clear case of don’t shoot the messenger. He’s not responsible for this malaise, but he has to go talk about it. He did his best to show the best possible attitude for coping with the situation.


Liking anti-UE and anti-Xhaka posts doesn’t help, Pierre-Emerick. Especially from a captain.


Are you for real? This guy is our best player by a country mile! He’s got the patience of a saint, if you ask me – especially if he has to read the sort of tripe that muppets like you spout….

Frank Bascombe

Alex is right. A captain shouldn’t be within a million miles of criticizing his team-mates on social media. Only a complete mug would think that’s acceptable… Just so you know.


He wasn’t the Captain then…


So because you like the EU and maybe he doesn’t that’s an issue?

Sounds like a you problem….


Perhaps Xhaka wants to leave and Auba is supporting that. There are many arrows pointing that direction, including Xhaka’s swiss interview.


Mind you, I will never speak out in support of that Youtube lot, and although it’s his choice, it is dismaying Auba is associating with that rabble.


It will not make any difference which formation he uses or even which players are on the pitch. Remember Mustafi? It no longer seems like it was all his fault does it?


Have a recc.

It was never about Mustafi – tho he has a habit of making poor decisions and sliding in.

There exists no defensive organization at AFC. Thats why all our defenders look lost.

Today it was like the players met for the first time yesterday. Too many changes. Too many formations. Too much indecision. Its chaos. And other teams know it. Were a shamble. Keystone cops defending. There is A LOT of blame to go around.


Yes. Too many changes. Should Papa really be on the left? I’ve never seen him there before. Should Luiz, with his tendency to push up flagrantly be in the middle? How many pairings or trios are we going to fuck around with back there?! Honest question – has anyone tracked the CB pairings / trios for how many different lineups we’ve had in the last 2 months? Hell, since spring would be a good thing to look at. CB lineups and the midfielders in front of them. I think that would tell quite a story. what do I know, I’m… Read more »

Same Old Oli

The most damning reaction from me… I’m not even bothered.

The current situation has taken all joy (and pain) out of watching Arsenal. I just don’t care. Please, please… Do the right thing and get rid. The players don’t want to play! We haven’t out-shot a team for so long. There is nothing right and nothing promising with the current play!


Wish it’s true but sadly your comment here is evidence that you do care. Sorry fam.

Tony Adams Nose

Football is entertainment not entitlement. We have no right to win every game it’s just what us fans prefer. All the Arsenal fans that protested Wenger have now got what they wished for. We are Arsenal fans. Not like any other fans. After we beat Newcastle in the FA cup I travelled back from Wembley with a group of Newcastle fans who completely out sung us while watching us take the piss out of their team, winning at a stroll to complete the double. We all went to a pub where they preceded to tell me that Arsenal fans are… Read more »

Pepe's left foot

A secretive journalist has recently leaked a video clip of a recent Arsenal AGM. All is revealed


Auba has been bang average this season.

At least he shows some humility – in interviews. Though hes all about trolling when hes not in the ground or being interviewed. He lacks character.if he cant focus and start scoring, then Sell his ass. Take the 80M and reinvest.


Bang average you say? Lol. I have been watching almost every premier league game involving top clubs this season. And the service (or more accurately lack of service) Auba receives is criminal. Absolutely criminal. And dude has been shunted to the wings of recent. Never mind the fact he was involved in both goals today. Get. The. Fuck. And take Emery with you.


Fair enough. And thanks for the insults though – stay classy. Classy arsenal fans. Im sure youre not as big of an a$$home as you sound now. And I reckon we’d have a civilized beer And chat a out this in person. Bit: How many goals does he have this term? How many chances has he missed? Hoe much does he do off the ball? Od rather he shut his trap and play better. And Its not about emery – who im clear about that he can do nothing for this team and should be sacked. Auba should start delivering… Read more »


Actually, Auba’s contribution away from goal area and in the build-up is really really poor for a supposed “world class” footballer. He’s clueless most of the time. But he scores a shit load of goals (and misses a shit load as well) so all is well. But how he plays actually impedes on the ability of the team to create chances.

You can agree with that whilst appreciating his other qualities.


homer, youve picked fights on here with me before, and are doing it again.

victory through harmony, yet who is the one with the unpopular and different opinion?
if you truely believed our motto (old motto, raul and co didnt like it when they were appointed) then you will get with everyone else and want him gone…
mate even the players want emery out and your here racking of the players?

auba hasnt been as good as he can be no, but he has saved emerys job more times than laca this season.

Prince Gunneralaysia

He is a CF by nature. Deploying him on the left wing has proven wouldn’t bring the best out of him. He is playing the way his gaffer is telling him. For sure he isn’t the problem


Your ignorance off PEA and his quality is astonishing.

Without his goals this season, we’d be bottom 4.

You’ve taken ‘armchair fan ignorance’ to new and previously unknown levels.


I’d be happy with anyone other than Emery now. Get someone from the Championship, or the local pub team, anyone! A good realistic candidate would be Rafa Benitez. He’s come in the middle of a season before and he’s excellent at providing shape and organization. Two things that are badly missing.


Was going to suggest Gunnersaurus until you mentioned Benitez. Oh well.

Pepe's left foot

We all know what the problem is Auba. And if this fucking board don’t pull their collective fingers out of their backsides, then come the seasons end, when you’ll be telling us something we knew months ago, you’ll no doubt be asking your agent to have a look around – and none of us would be able to blame you. Here’s hoping the board finally wake up and a newly employed manager can entice you to stay…..

Pepe's left foot

Just GTFO with your Youtube links.


Shadow ban please..


Oh, he knows alright. Handled it well, though. Emery could learn a thing or two from that.

Anyone else coming back here every so often hoping the lead story contains the work ‘sack’?

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Things will get better..the mighty Arsenal will be back again….but for now let’s continue to pray for our club.. It needs a prayer of direction
Victoria Concordia Crescit


Hard work beats prayer any day of the week


Surely the players know what we know too. Emery is like every other manager who has the brass neck to hang around for the payoff. Every game wasted with Unai does no good for either him or the club and any small chance of top 4 is fading fast.

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

Emery is the main problem but we also need a clear out. Apart from the forwards at the club and Leno, there aren’t too many of the squad that are good enough for the Arsenal imo. If the board continue to back Emery, then we are 100% fighting relegation this season. We are that bad. Most shots conceded in the PL this season. We are utter garbage. I’ve been watching Arsenal for 40 years and this is the worst I’ve seen. Even the bang average teams of the early to mid 80s weren’t this bad. They could still defend, but… Read more »


This is the trouble with the PC culture. Everyone says things they “have” to say excluding things they “need” to say. TV is to blame for a lot of it. Remove the pre and post match reviews, for no one tells the truth anyway. Mind you, i suppose that fits with TV agendas, making lies appear to be truth.


Would you go on tv and slag off your boss?


If I was unsackable and my boss was a useless wazzock, directly affecting my bonuses?

Yes, without a doubt.


why is the board delaying the inevitable!? why can’t they see what everyone else can see!? to be honest, i don’t blame Emery anymore. he is only human and he’s doing the best he can in his limited capacity. i feel sorry for him, he is being hung out to dry by our incompetent board who promised changes!! our board are selfish, greedy they care only about money!! if they really cared about the club and winning trophies they would have released Emery end of last season after that capitulation when it was clear that this job was too big… Read more »


I will never, ever feel sorry for Unai Emery. He lied his way to a job he can’t do, and he’s on his way to a massive payout that he doesn’t deserve. The way he treated Mesut was a disgrace, the things he said about Mustafi were a disgrace, he mismanages young players and throws them and anyone else under the bus to excuse his own incompetence, and he’s an arrogant twat with no personality who is making millions of people miserable. Why the hell would you feel sorry for Unai Emery?

Zet Yeo

We can’t play Auba and Laca together. Somehow it doesn’t gel. Prefer Martinelli on the left with either Auba and Laca as striker. But guess club is afraid to upset either of them.


I don’t even remember the last Arsenal game i watched. I say this with shame and anguish. Heck I haven’t even checked out where we are at on the table. That’s the first time this has ever happened in my life as an Arsenal fan.

Bash me all you want but I’d rather keep my sanity in check. See yall in August 2020.


Example of whats wrong under Emery; around 83rd minute we had a throw in near out technical area. Emery seemed to be advising whoever was taking the throw on what to do; result – we threw it to a Southampton player.


Sums up Emery. Over instruction, over complication, with no clear overall goal for the football other than to “not lose.” Well, the draw marathon continues (and many of these draws came after being in winning positions, despite playing abjectly!), so I’ll guess he’ll be happy with the “mental strength,” in Wengerspeak. If the hierarchy above Emery truly believes this is progress we are in deep, deep shit.

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

Talking of throw-ins, Sokratis actually made me laugh (gallows humour, I think) when he took an age to take a throw deep into stoppage time. The fans behind him lost patience and told him to get a move on. He then did a foul throw and gave possession away by doing so.

If you didn’t laugh…


Has the AST issued a statement on behalf of fans who are clearly concerned about the direction this head coach is taking us? Poor form and unlucky results are part of Football, but poor team management and lack of game plan is addressable.

If they have any influence, they should raise this with the board now before we finish 10th this season.


I guess Auba will be in Spain by the time the Europe Conference League kicks off…

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

Not a huge Roy Keane fan, bit I remember him saying that the best managers keep their instructions simple. He said Clough and Ferguson were masters of this. To me it seems Emery over complicates things. He’s also stubborn. Look at his persistence in playing out from the back. Our players just aren’t good enough to do this, I’m afraid. We can all see it, so why can’t Emery? He also thinks constant tinkering with formation, tactics and line up isn’t an issue. This is not ‘Football Manager’. His response to such a shocking performance was to say he (and… Read more »




Just watching Sheffield work against United. Its a simple game. Basics not applied. Work work work. Humble Sheffield deserve to be where they are above us because off ball application is there. Every time they lose the ball they are man to man and working as a unit. On the ball when attacking, they populate the box, play the percentages and follow through in numbers. Nothing complicated, just simple one touch play then cross it in and be prepared to follow up. We have no concentration or anticipation and this is down to the manager to instill the discipline. Off… Read more »


Apart from hard work, we need to be using our flanks much more efficiently. We had Tierney working well out left but right side, Bellerin needs to get up to speed. Still with our transitions, when we win the ball in our defense, we are not quick enough unleashing our assets down the flank. Auba/Tierney or Kolasinac on the left, Pepe /Bellerin on the right we need to be a coiled spring always ready to unleash quickly when defending set piecs. Instead we switch off on free kicks, look trepidatious. These are opportunities for us to counter and preferably with… Read more »

Mr. Gordon. Phillips

When Wenger was on his last legs obviously there was a lot of goodwill towards him from almost everyone who thought he should go. I spoke with lots of people in the ground and on the way to the tube and all the way home to Norfolk and not a single person thought Emery should be there a minute longer. Not only has he made a mess of the team he is destroying our image worldwide as a fine footballing team. That has severe business consequences that the board must be aware of.

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