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Eintracht Frankfurt fans banned from Emirates for Europa League clash

Arsenal take on Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League on November 28th, but it will be a strange night at the Emirates as the visiting side’s fans have been banned by UEFA for attending.

The Germans were charged by UEFA for incidents during their 1-0 win over Vitoria in Portugal on October 3rd, and on October 17th the details of their punishment were handed down:

Charges against Eintracht Frankfurt

– Throwing of objects – Art. 16 (2) DR
– Crowd disturbances – Art. 16 (2) DR
– Act of damages – Art. 16 (2) DR
– Late Kick-off – Art. 11 (2) DR


The Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body has decided:

– to order the enforcement of the suspended disciplinary measure imposed by the CEDB in its decision of 10 January 2019, i.e. to ban Eintracht Frankfurt from selling tickets to its away supporters for its next (1) UEFA competition match, in accordance with Article 26 (3) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations;

– to ban Eintracht Frankfurt from selling tickets to its away supporters for one (1) additional UEFA competition match, for crowd disturbances, acts of damages and throwing of objects;

– to order Eintracht Frankfurt to contact Vitória SC within 30 days for the settlement of the damages caused by its supporters;

– to warn Eintracht Frankfurt for the late kick-off.

Frankfurt appealed, but the decision has been upheld, meaning that the away section will be empty for the game. It was already likely to be a fixture with lots of empty seats, so we’ll see how it plays out when we return to action later this month.

Although they can’t officially sell tickets to their fans, that doesn’t mean their fans can’t get their hands on tickets, so it’ll be one to keep an eye on.

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Empy stadium then?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No noise, they will be thrilled


It would be awesome if they could sell tickets in the away end for $5 to young Arsenal fans.
But I think we all know Frankfurt fans will be in Arsenal sections for the game


I sit in East Upper and not only are there certain to be away fans in the home section, we officially give probably somewhere in the region of 150 tickets to the ‘UEFA friends and family’ for each game- one guess for where they end up? Really, really irritating.
Anyone else who sits there know whether that was also the case during the Champions League? I’ve only had my ST for two years so I don’t know, but it seems absolutely ridiculous. Also be interested to know whether we get the same thing for away matches..


Wow, season tickets for the Emery era.
Now that’s something. Hope you get something out of your money’s worth after January.


Watch the stadium be filled with Frankfurt fans. Personally don’t mind tbh, at least there will be a buzzing atmosphere in the stadium.


I don’t know about that. The city of Leige actually banned Frankfurt fans from the entire city that day, maybe London will follow suit.

Ted E.

I mean, how was that implemented? Cancelled flights from Frankfurt for the day? Anyone dressed in black and red is thrown out through the city gates? Thought police at every bus stop?


And how would London impose that law for the day?


No, it’ll be Cologne all over again. And that was a sh%t show.


Arsene has hit the ground running in his new position at FIFA

Paul Roberts



Big Weng’s done it again.


I see him maybe shoeing in to France national Team when Deschamp hands over after next summer.

Probably the one last hurrah as Manager…take them to 2022.


More chance for the board to hear us “boo” Emery at full-time then.


Support the players. Build them up, don’t drag them down.


He didn’t mention the players, he said boo emery

Upamecano but downalego

“I was saying ‘Boo-urns’!”


Boo Mustafi…No Mustafi same problem in defense.

Boo Granit…No Granit same problem in midfield (if not worse)

Boo Wenger…No Wenger same problem (if not worse)

We got Ozil…one shot on target last game.

Boo Emery…No Unai…Likely same problem.

Same fans.


Mate, I respect that you stick to your guns even though your opinion and comments don’t always go down well around here. I admire the backbone and thick skin. But the fans aren’t the problem, dropping Mustafi and Xhaka are the right decisions for the team even if more needs to be done. They’re both decent players just too error prone and not at the level a team wanting to compete for the Champions league needs. And with the third highest wage budget that’s where we’re legitimately aiming. And the fans weren’t responsible when Wenger made us Invincible and took… Read more »

Joey Jojo Jr Shabadoo

So, does that mean Arsenal will be allowed to sell those seats? Would bizarre/interesting to watch from that section.

Upamecano but downalego

We could sell all seating to gooners and still be out sung by away fans ?



Frankfurt can count on our tetchy home atmosphere to help them.


This decision punishes Arsenal more than Frankfurt as Arsenal will lose 3,000 ticket sales (I believe the away team are allocated 5% of the stadium capacity at a capped price of 45 euros / 41 pounds). Plus you would imagine Frankfurt would have brought over many more supporters who would just sit in the home section, as Cologne did two years ago. Add to that merchandise and food, you’re looking at maybe 250k lost revenue. 5 days of Ozil wages. And if you wanna stretch it out you can argue the surrounding area lose through the economy of thousands of… Read more »


You put it starkly there. 5 days of Ozil’s wages.

That 72m on Pepe also seems to be weight on the player. not sure if spending so much entirely healthy for hunger. And its back loaded so if he doesn’t show up, we will have him (like Ozil) for quite a while.

Meanwhile, we are worried about tickets.


Been wondering why tickets weren’t available for purchase.

Need my fix of glorious £15 a ticket europa league football at the Emirates.


They SHOULD discount prices for the fans given tepid performances of late.

The brand has really taken a beating over last 2 or 3 seasons.

We don’t get into CL this season, I don’t see us as a ‘big’ club any more. More like a legacy club. Certainly don’t think a lot of neutrals do these days.

Sunny day fans will start to drop off.


Too many fans need to see a bit more daylight. They’ve had their heads stuck up their arse feeling entirely self entitled. Replace Wenger give a new manager 2 or 3 seasons. And here we are barely into second season with Emery and they are creating problems throwing spanners in the works. Liverpool did not turn around over night. United haven’t Changing managers sounds easy but could very well end up in more confusion and as I mention when Wenger left, be careful for what you wish for. As much as fans took for granted Arsene’s 19 season uninterrupted CL… Read more »


Talk about a real pain in the arse…
Could you be any more smug? “I cautioned, correctly of course) that as much as it gould get better, it could also stagnate or get worse.” Wow, some prediction that.
I predict that Arsenal could win against Southampton. But they could also draw, or even lose. Mark my words.

Belfast Gooner

See Arsenal have now said they will not be selling tickets to Red Members at all. I Dont remember that happening before.


The away fans are the best part of the Europe league. UEFA, as always, find innovative ways to suck the joy out of football.

Venga Bus

What a bunch of twats


We have lost tick-tack arsenal football,midfield leadership is gone….the type of prayers we have now lack concentration……they don’t read the requirement of the game…the only fair pair we have is the strikers….Defence is leaking every game,but nice bookkeeper who has no support…

Emery should begin to win big games against Liverpool,Chelsea,man united, man city and spurs to show that he knows English football.Less than that the club is slowly dying when we are seing.
Alfred-uganda,Arua district.



The English football fans have such a terrible reputation then?


As a German speaker I can’t help but note the irony of “Eintracht” fans as agents of chaos….

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