Sunday, September 24, 2023

Emery deflects sack talk, proclaims his side delivered his tactics

Unai Emery was quick to deflect suggestions that his job is under threat even though he watched his Arsenal side drop more points from a winning position on home turf.

The Gunners led at the break against Wolves courtesy of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s calm finish on 21 minutes but Raul Jimenez’s header 14 minutes from time ensured the visitors earned a deserved 1-1 draw. 

The result was another blow for Arsenal’s hopes of finishing in the top four. Emery knows he has to secure qualification to the Champions League come the end of the season if he’s to have any chance of having his contract extended for a third year but right now his side look bereft of confidence every time they take to the pitch.

Asked in his post-game press conference whether his position is at risk, Emery replied: “I am very demanding of myself.

“I feel every time my responsibility to work and to come back from the result with the next matches.”

Pressed on his contract, he went on: “We are speaking about how we can improve and take the good way, and also being calm in the dressing room with the players to achieve performances individually and collectively. These are the conversations at this time.”

Prior to the last Interlull, when the Gunners were in third position, managing director Vinai Venkatesham explained that the club hierarchy were pleased with Emery’s work. Since then, the Gunners have won just once in a five games – against Vitoria – and dropped to fifth in the Premier League table.

Of particular concern is the way we keep surrendering advantages. Against Palace we raced to 2-0 before being pegged back and at Anfield in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday we couldn’t hold onto leads at 3-1, 4-2 and 5-4. Today, it was much the same.

For all that, Emery tried to put a positive spin on things. “We worked on different tactical situations well today,” he said.

“We didn’t concede a lot of chances on the transition. We created some chances to score the second but we needed to be more efficient in those actions.

“When we were winning 1-0 we knew in one moment they could score and they did. But we controlled the match a lot like we prepared.

“Then they equalised and we started to get into their box. We didn’t create big chances and we were closer to the second goal, but we didn’t do that.

“The result is a bad result, but tactically I think we worked how we wanted. The players tried, they worked, so now we need to finish that match and focus on the next one.”

Personally, if you drop points at home from a winning position it suggests to us that tactically things haven’t quite worked out. But what do we know?

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The end is near, Unai.

My Arse-nal

I sadly feel it isn’t though and that these turgid performances are going to continue for some time.


I agree — despite the obvious, I have a painful feeling that we’re stuck with Emery till the end of the season. I hate to say it, but I’m finding it easier to ignore Arsenal at the moment — I know the result, and I know there won’t be much to see during the match. It’s a real shame. Nothing will kill my love for Arsenal FC, but Emery and Co. have sure killed my enjoyment of watching them play.

Naked Cygan

I feel you, we were so lucky to have Wenger as our manager, and now we have gone so low. Emery has been a complete disappointment. This is not Arsenal….

Twisted cuntloks

Naked, Yes we were lucky to have Wenger for the first 10 years and so was Wenger lucky to have Arsenal with the foundation that was already here (on the pitch particularly defence) and the great Mr. David Dein/Danny Fiszman too behind the scenes. I agree, it has been very disappointing so far with Emery. We have appointed a good manager with some pedigree but sadly things are quite disjointed on the pitch for whatever reason, particularly in defence which has been neglected since 2006. Imo he may be a little out of his depth. I’d be surprised if the… Read more »


What really gripes me about Emery, is the insistence he has on using complex formations that we just dont have the players for. We are noway near good enough to play a 442 diamond with the expectation of dominating the ball. The last time we used to play just a 442, we had, Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Ljungberg… basically pound for pound the best players in their respective positions in the world at the time. Currently we have noway near that quality, so just simply it. On a side note, how impressive is Uno as a manager? I’d be giving… Read more »


FFS Nuno…. not Uno, not a deck of fucking cards


Question I had is why the board never backed Wenger to the same level as Emery?

Spanish Gooner

Because Wenger refused to work with a Sanllehi/Edu type figure, so there was nobody to do the deals like this summer


Control. KSE dislike underlings with opinions who have a platform of goodwill to use them (see George Karl at the Nuggets).

Jean Ralphio

I think he will be sacked soon. It’s a business and the owners want good return on summer investment and we won’t be able to negotiate lucrative commercial deals.


I only watch the cup games now.


I totally agree I haven’t watched a full game for a while now, simply because I don’t feel like waking up at 4am to watch the team play far below their capability. I’ve even stopped listening to the podcasts I just can’t stand hearing the truth, sorry Blogs :/


If they sack him – and they could if the bottom drops out the case entirely – then it’s big pay off and – probably – a temporary appointment.,

If they wait until May, they activate the break clause and he leaves with no pay off and they can in the meantime have sounded out Allegri – Howe – Dyche or whoever, to come in, in the summer.

My guess – for what little it’s worth – is the latter unless Arsenal drop into the bottom half of the table and keep falling.


Can people please stop mentioning Dyche and Howe in relation to the Arsenal job. These guys are professional mid-table coaches, and would be way out of their depth at Arsenal. Did anyone see how Dyche handled his first journey into the Europa League? Howe has a good team at Bournemouth, and has for seasons now, and they finish where they belong. Nuff said.


British managers on a whole. They hardly distinguish themselves, do they? More like jobs for the boys as they keep moving between club to club with disasterous to mediocre results.

No thanks!


We are a mid table side though, unfortunately. I think were Howe German, taking a provincial team through 3 leagues and turning them into a respectable Bundesliga outfit, with progressive attacking football, then there would be a lot of noise for him.


We have player material for a top four club but it’s the manager letting us down.

A Different George

Agree about Dyche, not at all sure about Howe. I think Bournemouth, given their resources, play attractive football that often achieves decent results. Arsenal is probably too big a step up for him, but I think he would do very well with a bigger club than Bournemouth–a Newcastle, Everton, or Villa.

Drogheda Gunner

I agree with dyche, he is another Moyes, pulis etc. But Eddie Howe is due a crack at a big job not saying with arsenal but he brought them up the devisions and made that team what it is with not a lot of money. Emery has to go he has made us worse in every area. I watched every arsenal game in last 5 years or so and just haven’t been bothered watching last 3,we have easily the 3rd best team in that league but we just look shit.


Howe seems more like the next manager for the England team after Southgate underachieves in the next tournament.

Guns Up

I don’t know the details, but I imagine the buyout clause in Emery’s contract would be a drop in the bucket compared to missing out on the CL again. And that’s just financially speaking, with no mention of losing Aubameyang and Lacazette to CL teams.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Don’t worry, a good wallopping at Leicester on Sunday should set things moving.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No more headless chicken tactics… He’s unbelievable.

Gooner Sam

I really wish the end is nigh but I’m not so sure. Same sh*t Emery tactics, different day. Stagnation is the order of the day for this man, boring, boring Arsenal in the wrong way

Peter Story Teller

The tactics this week were to only throw away a one goal lead at home to a mid-table side which is an improvement over recent games!
Played out a treat!


This is depressing to say but I only watch because I probably won’t get to see Auba and Laca play together next season if we don’t make CL

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We were originally Boring, Boring Arsenal because we’d score a goal and the opposition couldn’t touch us after that. This is not Boring, Boring Arsenal, its Tedious Tedious Depressing Depressing Arsenal. Hard to watch and hard to get your hopes up any more. We are NOT playing like a midtable team. We are not getting enough points for that anymore.

If we were in 18th place right now who here thinks Emery could lead us to survival by the end of the season?

Worried Gunner

Blogs, please let us know if you hear something concrete about Emery being sacked.
This portal is much more credible than those so called sports websites.
I don’t want to add about the obvious deficiencies in his approach and coaching ability; he is just not good enough.
The club will remain stagnant till he is around.


Can we try someone like Arteta?

Kent Gooner

Yes please Joseph, I would love Mikel Arteta to be given the chance. I was hopeful he would have been given the chance before Emery but sadly that wasn’t the case. Let’s be honest he couldn’t do any worse BUT at least he has Arsenal in his heart.


*The end is nigh, Unai


If this man was in charge of any of our rivals I would be laughing so hard at them.

Petit's Handbag

He’s better than that lad at Old Trafford in fairness. As are me and you, whoever you are.

SB Still

Imagine how funny it would have been to watch ManU struggle if we weren’t at the same low level as them!


Same for Spuds.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It was defeat to us that started the rot for Solkjaer at United. One of the few bright spots our football has brought us in the last 18 months. Little did we realise we were going to be following the same path before the season was out.

I won’t put the 4-2 win against Sp*rs in the same category as I am convinced that we won because the players really wanted it just because it was Sp*rs. Sadly even that enthusiasm seems to have been drained from them by Emery now.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I can’t help feeling a little bit sorry for Solkjaer at the moment. He has a lot of enthusiasm and he definitely knows how he wants Utd to play, even if it is “Classic Fergie”. That they don’t is probably down to the players shortcomings. I cannot feel sorry for Emery though. He is giving Arsenal more of the same stuff he gave throughout his coaching career. OK with Cups but total underachiever in the league with a tendency to piss off the best players at the Club. I don’t think any of the teams he has coached really understood… Read more »


Master of deflection. How I will rejoice when this fucking idiot pisses off and we can try and pretend the last 18 months didn’t happen

What a sorry appointment. Anyone with a brain could see it coming in May 2018 when we went for a bloke PSG couldn’t wait to release. So many people warned us, but Arsenal.. Well. Only Arsenal would have fucked an incredibly important managerial change THAT badly


Crazy how it’s been established that he was on West Ham’s radar and they chose Manuel Pellegrini over him. I mean, so would I, but still.. West Ham.

We have a coach that teams like West Ham wouldn’t want. What the hell does it say about us?


Who would you have preferred, Jai?


This is all on Gazidiz door step, he messed up and left.


Show some respect for the man, the board and anyone else whom have given him the benefit of doubt. He dosen’t seem to fit at Arsenal, and I’m one of those who never wanted him, but writing such things about him isn’t ok. He’s not a “fucking idiot” and suggesting that the board of Arsenal (and anyone given them a chance) has no brain, is just silly. Emery has been doing his best, but he hasn’t been able to figure out a course and follow it since he came her, unfortunately.

Petit's Handbag

Well said anonarse. A lot of reactionary angry comments on here recently, nice to remind people that the guy is trying his best. Unfortunately his best doesn’t seem to be good enough but no need to start personally attacking people.


I don’t think he’s trying his best, as that would be too easy. I think he’s trying to be clever, creating problems where there are none, micromanaging too much and out of his depth.

Tony Hall

You are right of course. Constructive criticism is fine but abuse is not, it just contributes to the poisonous atmosphere around the club at the moment. Some fans see abuse online so think it is ok to abuse players/managers at a match and you end up with a Xhaka situation. We need to realise there is a fine line between being constructive and being abusive and reign it in a bit. It’s painfully obvious Mr Emery is not up to the job, we can all see it, I am sure the club can as well so we need to be… Read more »


Xhaka situation? He’d still be starting and still be captain if the fan’s hadn’t taken up his case, that lazy midfield sloth. Ofc threatening him and his family and all that is taking things way too far. But most of our fans can pick a better starting XI than our manager, that is a damn shame. He’s taking the club backwards. Talking about Wolves in transition as if they’re filled with world beaters -_- Couldn’t finish Palace after being up 2-0, couldn’t finish a third string liverpool side after being up 2 goals. And this season our squad’s luck with… Read more »


So then where is best you claim is done?


I reckon the lads thought that he’d do all the things that Arsene wasn’t doing. The only thing is Arsene wasn’t lacking in many areas and thats all that Unai has. If that makes any sense. No? Good.


At 66 minutes, Wolves score.
Unai’s ‘best’ included taking off a top defensive skill set (Torreira) at 64 minutes– and replacing him with a winger (Saka). Felt wrong at that moment.

I’m no manager. But sacrificing Ceballos for Willock instead– might have made sense.

Unai Emery’s best isn’t good enough for Arsenal.


*At 76 minutes,
*…(Torriera) at 74 minutes–

Only One Dennis Bergkamp

I don’t think he’s the right person to take our club forward, and I’d only be too happy with a change, but till then he’s still our head coach and while we can criticise him, his selections and our performances, I don’t think we should stoop to abuse. That’s downright disrespectful and does no good to our reputation as fans of one of the world’s finest football clubs. Come on Ya Gooners!


Good post, kudos sir.
Unfortunately on these kind of forums the intellectually and emotionally challenged know only one way….to lash out like angry children.


I’m actually very surprised to see such logical, level-headed sentiment on here and to see it be so popular. It’s always amazing to me how fickle and reactionary people are when it comes to sports. Emery has a great track record for the most part and is clearly a competent football coach; it isn’t working out at Arsenal and he certainly deserves some blame for that but he’s clearly not an idiot. I’m heartened that people seem to be recognising that despite the current depressing circumstances.


And … Arsenal is absolutely not the first club who has missed totally when it came to appointing a manger.

Tony Hall

And let’s face it, it was always going to end in tears, first manager after Arsene, talk about a poison chalice. 99% of managers would have struggled 🙂


Indeed. And even more so replacing Ferguson. Utd have more money and therefor more ‘clout’ but they are now on Number Four, post the purple nosed monster, who was a trophy winning force of nature ; and they appear no nearer to a solution.


As said beforeWe are all armchair mangers but how many of us on this forum have FIFA pro licenses? All mangers have to get these and are not easily awarded so all have a good understanding of the game so to say Emery doesn’t know what he’s doing is far from the truth. The real trick to management is to get your players working for you and each other. Unfortunately Emery has not been able to do this and I think his time at Arsenal is fast coming to an end. The reasons why it hasn’t worked maybe communication or… Read more »


Pro licenses on Football Manager you mean, right? I’ve got mine, naturally. Seriously, though, it does seem like at some point–between late last season and early this season–the team did, indeed, stop buying what Emery was selling. A coach can have all the ideas in the world, but if they’re not communicating them effectively, or if the players don’t have faith for whatever reason, the result on the pitch is likely to look a lot like what Arsenal have looked like this season, no matter how much talent. First half of last season was a lot less disjointed, even if… Read more »


I’m sorry but Emery doesn’t know what he’s doing. His subs alone are hair-scratching. You’re looking for a goal and you change a lb for another? Like ion gerrit


Wenger’s system was to give the players freedom to create their own roles on the pitch. Sometimes it worked fantastically, but in the last two-three years it didn’t.


To be fair it could have been a lot worse. Imagine actually appointing David Moyes? He finished 7th with a squad that won the league the year before.


That team Moyes finished 7th with were a 7th place team but SAF was just good at getting cream from sour milk…even to this day I don’t know how he won the League with that side.


Mike Riley is how.


Jai. Your post is the perfect example of how the standards have fallen both on this blog and among the fans. You can call the manager a fcking idiot, and blogs doesn’t call it abusive or block the comment. Welcome to Le Grove.


Hugely disagree. It was a logical appointment. Emery has a proven track record of success at guiding teams to top 4 and Europa League success, which is exactly what we needed.

It hasn’t worked out, at all, and at this moment there are many managers I would prefer, but that doesn’t mean we need to go full Captain Hindsight and act as if he was always obviously going to be a bad appointment.


Emery doesn’t have a track record of top 4 finishes.

Tony Hall

What tactics are those then because I have absolutely no fucking idea 🙁

Rambo sambo

The thing I don’t understand is that if you say that things are going as planned when you’re playing shit every game, that indicates to me that your plan is terrible and failing and you don’t know how to make it better. He would have more credence if he said things are not going to plan, because that would mean we should be doing better and he was aware of that. But him acting like NBD after every match tells me he truly is out of ideas and literally doesn’t know how to make us better. He has to go.… Read more »


At what point was the transition? We conceded 25 shots

Was he referring to the transition between warming up and the ref blowing to start the game?


we ain’t got no system as far as my brothers and me can see, no style of play! just seem to be 11 players on the pitch running around not knowing what they are doing!Sorry fella but you need to go now,cheers and erm, NEXT?!


The team delivered his tactics, then well, your tactics aren’t good enough

Thierry Bergkamp

Sometimes your best just isn’t good enough.


We have ZERO midfield. Everyone focuses on how shots the defense is but really, the midfield is non existent and has been since Ramsey left.


Indeed. The midfield as a focal point to our game disappeared the moment Emery stepped in; he seems to have no use for it, which is why he’s suffering so badly in the Premier League.


dani ceballos is a poor mans kristoffer olsson

Gooner Sam

I have hope for Ceballos but not under Emery




I can’t help feeling more sad than angry, because he seems like a nice guy, so I want him to be good, but he isn’t.


With his treatment of Ozil, I wouldn’t call him a nice guy. In fact I’d go one further and say he’s actually a petty, toxic man, happy to have someone else take the blame for his own failings.


What about Ozils treatment of Arsenal? Short fkn memory…he should have been run out of the club 3 years ago…he’s completely done as a top tier player and has been since he left Madrid. He’s MLS fodder and that’s it.

Bryan Clayden

If you don’t know football don’t even comment.


You have literally no idea what is going on with Ozil. He could be being petty, certainly. He could also be entirely justified. It might not be his decision at all. Calling him a “petty, toxic man” based on essentially nothing is just childish and stupid.

Christer E

Under Wenger we never did two in a row…


It’s simple. The team is better than this. Therefore Emery has lost the dress room. I wish it wasn’t like this but I can’t see an alternative. A few players may be trying but the bulk of them is slowly drifting away. It’s easier to change the manager than 18 players. It’s a when rather than if. I’d go with Freddie for the rest of the season.
Posted in the report blog already


Emery Out


This guy is contacting us from a parallel universe, where Arsenal won this match and are sitting first in the table.

Can’t believe this nonsense. 25-10 shots in Wolves favour and he is talking this crap.

He is done, gone and surely it must happen within a day or after Leicester the latest.


Sack Unai Emery and bring Arteta


Or Freddie? Heck even Bouldy is get the youngsters playing well…


“We worked on different tactical situations well today,” he said.” Shape and formation – unknown and unclear Substitution – muddled up looking at need VS player in. Struggle to score more than a goal and struggle to defend that one goal. Last ditch throw of the dice. 4 2 1 3 where your 1 is the DM. That sure is a “different tactical situation” This guy was so hell bent on punishing Mesut he clearly had little time with the rest of the team. Wolves 25 shots? And he calls that a well worked tactical solution? I think English is… Read more »

Ben gun 9ja

His lack of attacking football system is a clear indication that he is incapable of moving the club forward not even up to top four. Arsenal is always under pressure in every match, instead of moving forward with the ball, they are always passing backward to the goal keeper. His tactics has been poor right from the beginning till now.


If this is what his tactics really are a then it’s time to brace ourselves cause we are in for quite a rough ride.

Big Dave

When Liverpool and Man City were 1-0 down we all knew they’d come back because that’s their mentality and it wasn’t too long ago we were like that. But unfortunately today when we went 1-0 up, we could all feel what was coming and it did. Today was the final straw for me. Bringing Torreira off was a diabolical substitution and in all honesty we never really looked like scoring a second. I’m now firmly converted to the #Emeryout club.


In his mind he was just bringing off one attacking player (Torreira) for another (Saka). Of course, that speaks to the lack of logic behind his use of Torreira, but that’s just one of many ways he’s served to confuse us and, in all likelihood, the team.

Tasmanian Jesus

Should we give Mikel a try then maybe?


I’d like to see Eddie Howe given a shot, at least he has a track record and should get a crack at a top 6 club


We should have done, I doubt he would want to come now.


Who should manage Arsenal is the big question. Last time, we discussed Italians like Conte, Angelotti and Ranieri. They now manage Serie A clubs and would not come to England in the middle of the season. Brendan Rogers is not available for the same reason. Emery was a sort of experiment, which might fail. In that case, I guess the club will look for someone experienced, not Freddie or Mikel. Also, I have a feeling we wouldn’t suddenly go on a winning streak, only because Emery is removed. There are vacancies in central defence. We have good midfield players, but… Read more »


taxi for unai

The Arsenal

Why the fuck does he make it seem like Rocket science is needed to beat Crystal palace and Wolves at home. Out tactics himself again. Other managers don’t even need to do anything he just unravels and beats himself.


Tactically the team delivered??? Wrf.

He’ll be fired after Leicester dismantle us.


How the hell can “But we controlled the match a lot like we prepared” come out of his mouth when we gave up 25 shots and 8 on goal and had it not been for some great saves by Leno we would have soundly lost.

So we give up a goal and are tied 1-1 and he decides to bring in Saka and leaves Pepe on the bench? WTF is he thinking???

Flavoured Rice

So much waffle he should be sponsored by Waffle House. We are taking shit and brainless to new levels. It’s time to go!

Mark Shore

It becomes more obvious with every game that the team has no identity or style of play. We have some very good players but they appear confused trying to implement Emery’s tactics. Don’t tell me Sheffield United have better players, but yet they have a simple philosophy to attack and defend in numbers. I loved Wenger and knew his time was run but wished the club had been more ruthless earlier and we could have landed Klopp.


It is very frustrating to see the way the team play. It looked like we need someone to do a miracle everytime. The attacking is very laboured.


25 shots against Arsenal, 1 point at home… U called tt deliver tactic. Wow… Just wow. Delusional mofo.


If the tactics were what he wanted, looking at the stats, he should be sacked.

Kroenke the Klown


Welsh Gooner

When you consider how efficient our attack was last season and how confident we were going forward compared to now, we look dreadful.

Like the rest of you I fear the worst regarding these stagnant performances. If Unai is around for the January window, it will be interesting to see if he addresses the midfield for the creative spark. Can’t see us signing any defenders I hate to say.

Is it just me or does anyone fear he will be here next season if we finish outside top 4 but win the EL?


We need an actual midfield, its scary how invisible our midfield is in defense


We need Jose Mourinho in January, let this clueless emery leave please.


I never want that man anywhere near our club. Ever. I’d rather we sink out of the leagues.

Seriously? Mourinho? SMFDH.

Malaysian gunner

Arsenal are becoming the sick man of the epl. Despite leading in games, the gunners have been habitualling allowing the opposition to come back to draw or win. Despite leading 5-4 ,the gunners allowed the red to equalize. This wont do.If Arsenal want to be a top side and aspiring to win the epl,then something has to be done. Some top side cede possession and play anti soccer like Wolve in the MC win ,and hit on the break. Its all very well playing sexy soccer but football is about winning. What difference with scoring with a lon g range… Read more »


11 games in and 16 goals for, 15 goals against. Absolutely terrible and evidence we have no identity.

Wolves shot 25 times, 25!, against us at home, we shot only 10 times. Leno is the busiest ‘keeper in the EPL.

We’re very lucky to be as high as 5th. Basically, we’re in big trouble.


It’s sad, he like anyone is clearly trying his best, but it seems like there’s a lot wrong with this team. I also feel that he’s struggling big time getting his thoughts across in a language that isn’t his first (like we all likely would be). This season feels like a wash already and it’s sad to see us struggle to put teams away with the talent we have. I feel like if we get a beating at Leicester that he has to go. To be honest I’d like us to get an English manager and see how that goes,… Read more »


This will be an interesting test of the capabilities of the senior management and the owner. It’s quite clear now that Emery should be moved on. We are almost a third of the way through the season and the numbers look terrible. With 15 PL goals already conceded we are set to let in more than 50 by the time we get to May – Emery’s league average in both Spain and England. That will certainly mean no top-four finish. And now even our goal scoring in the PL has dried up: just 16 in the 11 games; this is… Read more »

Boy Wonder

The current problem with Arsenal FC lies with the owner. Foreign imports were good for the Gooners like Arsene Wenger, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and so forth. Overseas Managers, staff to players all worked well for them but not the American owners. It was devastating that the Russian billionaire Usmanov lost the acquisition battle to the American. The plight that the club and fans is undergoing now, simply boils down to their shrewd ex-shareholder Nancy(who brillliantly sold her shareholdings to the American, Kroenka, who gained control of the club). The American way is good most of… Read more »

Boy Wonder

The current problem with Arsenal FC lies with the owner. Foreign imports were good for the Gooners like Arsene Wenger, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and so forth. Overseas Managers, staff to players all worked well for them but not the American owners. It was devastating that the Russian billionaire Usmanov lost the acquisition battle to the American. The plight that the club and fans is undergoing now, simply boils down to their shrewd ex-shareholder Nancy(who brillliantly sold her shareholdings to the American, Kroenka, who gained control of the club). The American way is good most of… Read more »


Arsenal is contributing to my depression

djourou's nutmeg

i absolutely share everything you say about him, but why make such an article? you’re only stirring up hate. it was the same with mustafi, then xhaka, and now emery. you play an important role in how people think, feel and act towards the club, yet you use that power carelessly. seriously, what’s the point of this article? does it inform anything at all? i believe the sole purpose of it is having an excuse to criticize the manager, and despite you not using offensive language, it is an offensive motive anyways. this article is literally just another post to… Read more »


This is literally reporting what he said in his press conference after the game yesterday.

We do this after EVERY game, win, lose or draw. It is not stirring up hate to report what a manager says, nor should we stay silent just because things aren’t going well just to spare his feelings.

djourou's nutmeg

from all the things he said in that press conference you chose to report about this, so i don’t think it’s as impartial and detached from interests as you make it seem. the article doesn’t tell you anything new at all, really. it’s just another place for people to come and complain. having seen comments here on the last month or so, have you seen anything else rather than hate, bullying and negativeness? im not saying it’s your fault, people are right to be upset about the current state of things, but have you thought about your role as a… Read more »


So should there be nothing at all written to discuss? This looks to me like exactly what it is: Reporting of Emery’s press appearance focused on the very key questions and information. Should they just write about the umms and errs in between the key informative parts of the interview? I believe this piece captures the questions on the tips of the tongues of arsenal supporters. Why is the team underperforming? The players? The manager? This gives a look at that. It also fosters discussion, which is why we are here dodging our work or whatever it is we would… Read more »


Pathetic to be talking of sacking. We are far from rosy but what a sack would do is merely impose a new gaffer with siilar set of issues inherent in this squad (at Cback and midfield) plus likely set the clock back further as we have to adapt to a new ethos when we are currently struggling to express the present. I think there are several issues that have kept us pedastrian and lacking fluidity. None of which have anything to do with Mustafi, Granit or Ozil. Firstly elephant in the room is we of course have not fixed the… Read more »


Points from the last 5 league games: Arsenal 6, Newcastle 7. This is relegation form. Just sack this clown NOW!


No disrespecting man.. the guy may be struggling but he is sure trying his best..


That’s exactly the worry.


If he thinks “Tactically I think we worked how we wanted. The players tried, they worked hard” that’s basically admitting fault and that the players did as they were asked by him. The man is out of ideas.


Didnt Ornstein report recently that his contract is a straight 3 years……


“But we controlled the match a lot like we prepared” and “[…] but tactically I think we worked how we wanted.”. And still we conceded 25 shots at home against Wolves. Was that part of the control and how we tactially wanted?


He is an ideal junior team coach- his continuous on field coaching and ranting, that’s what school boy teams need not top level professionals. And, worse, he keeps pulling the hand brake.


The guys at the top are not like those at Chelsea or City or Liverpool. They won’t comment or even act. I guess it is the fans to cause the sack. We need our joy back. But that will only happen when Unai is gone.


Sadly, we may struggle to retain our key players next season if we don’t make it to the champions league


We know you need to walk away that is what we know!

Happy Days

Shit tactics then.

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