Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Emery: I know I can do better but the club support me every day

Unai Emery says that he’s aware he’s under pressure, and that results need to improve, but also that he feels supported by the club during this run of atrocious form.

Arsenal were fortunate to take anything from today’s 2-2 draw with Southampton, and if the scoreline added some kind of gloss to what was a terrible day, the performance was that of a team and a coach which has lost in way.

Alexandre Lacazette didn’t celebrate his late equaliser, and a point rescued in injury time isn’t anywhere near enough to convince anyone he should stay any longer, but afterwards the Spaniard sounded like a man who will keep going as long as he’s allowed.

“My job is to analyse, to try to move on with confidence with the players,” he said.

“It’s difficult but we need to move on in the next days. After analysing that match are going to play at home again on Thursday, prepare as well as possible.

“We know, and I know, that we need to connect with our supporters.

“The club are supporting me every day and also I have a responsibility. I know I can do better, I can take more performances with the players and I’m going to try to do that.”

Asked if he was concerned about the atmosphere, which saw a stadium with thousands of empty seats at the final whistle boo the team off, Emery again suggested his job was to connect with the fans.

“I understand the supporters,” he continued.

“They are now frustrated, disappointed and angry. The players feel the same. My job is to work, analyse and find a solution for how we can improve.

“I know the key is here to take confidence, to achieve the points, the good performances at home and then to take that away.

“The key is here with our supporters. I know that and the players also know that. Our target was to win this evening but above all, to connect.

“We didn’t do that. We lost a very big opportunity and now we will analyse and work on a solution for the next matches.”

There’s a pretty good solution we can think of, but it remains to be seen if the club will do what they should have done weeks ago.

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“I understand the supporters, they are now frustrated, disappointed and angry. The players feel the same.”

from the horses mouth, the players want him gone.


but afterwards the Spaniard sounded like a man who will keep going as long as he’s allowed…. this sums it up. It’s on the board


If he’s allowed is the key word here


WTF else is he supposed to do. Look. Hes blown it. Hes done. Its clear that project is off the rails. And the club needs a change. But what, you and all these blokes thatve never played at a high level – think hell just walk away. Like any manager ever does that. Get real. This comment section has become the realm of whingers and idiots. Blogs, much like the Arsenal board, needs to take a decision. Get control. Stop with his negativity. The muck-raking. It isnt anything new. Its just sad whinging. And its embarrassing. People dont come to… Read more »


Niko Kovac was forced out of Bayern but officially resigned. It’s not like managers never sack themselves


Homer. This shitshow and you are turning on your peers?


Then get lost on your high horse, Homer!


“This comment section has become the realm of whingers and idiots”

I see nothing but whingeing, idiocy and a healthy dose of hypocrisy in your post.

Mr Pot, meet Mr Kettle…

Reality check

Decorating a donkey with 130m worth of silk doesn’t change the fact that a donkey remains a donkey.. Emery – no offense but is that donkey..


Yea but I like donkeys.


The Spanish still throw the odd donkey off of bell towers, now I won’t go that far but….. .

Kanu Believe It

“They are NOW frustrated”.

Bruv, been frustrated for time.

I'm 14 Again

It’s a hard pill to swallow. I mean, look where we are at on the table. We’re a mediocre team right now.


We don’t blame you Emery, we know you have put your best effort and we appreciate that….really.
It is the board who is 100% culpable for today’s result. Apparently they do not seems to know what to do.

Jack but

I know the key is here to take confidence, to achieve the points, the good performances at home ….so he has given up on ever winning an away game, we can’t even string a home win. Gosh…who’s duty is it to make the announcement, it should be by sunset..we should start a twitter protest , Josh Kroenke is young and should understand, he can influence this board, something must be done


You’re talking like Josh has any interest, let alone a backbone.

Jean Ralphio

Let’s hope Edu et al did their work over the interlull


No evidence of it thus far


Bastards are all in it together

All colluding. All safe in their seats without a care in the world. Whilst us fans suffer



Those seats will feel pretty cold next season after laca, auba and leno abandon ship.

Naked Cygan

Next match, next match, next match, and more excuses. Sack him….2 more points dropped today, or one gained. Sad times…..we need to stop the bleeding and sack him and drop Sokratis for few games.


Emery is a twit….enough said.


Who the hell is down-voting this? Emery’s relatives? Dahl’s Twits?

No offence to them, but he is. And more.


This season is another write-off! In record time too.

Eric Blair

I wonder how many of the ‘Wenger-outers`would rather we’d kept him on than gone for Emery, he never presided over anything like this. I also wonder how Wenger would have done the last 18 months with the investment and support (being able to focus on on-field issues) that Emery has had. I think Wenger was hung out to dry by Kroenke, Gazidis and co, and looking at the mess Emery is making of this Wenger did incredibly well holding the ship together. Emery has been sunk for a long time, what is Raoul waiting for? If rumours of agent influence… Read more »

Max Fischer

He was hung out to dry. The idea that the “game had passed him up” was garbage. Fans directed all their hate towards the manager instead of realizing just how little we put into the club compared to what we do now. I can only imagine what Wenger could do we this squad right now. Kos would probably still be here, as well.

Say what you want about Wenger, but we didn’t lose/tie against mid table teams often…especially at home.


Just because Emery’s tenure and approach appears to be garbage doesn’t validate the late Wenger years. We did lose and draw against mid-table teams, but only when it mattered. Also, Wenger was “past it” in the sense that he demanded full control over transfers. Maybe Emery’s tactical approach was never in vogue, but Wenger couldn’t get the pieces he needed for his approach to work. They were too stubborn to modify their tactical and management approach to fit what we needed. Neither late Wenger nor any version of Emery is a manager under which Arsenal can succeed

Max Fischer

We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Wenger would do wonders with this team. At the very least we would be conceding less goals, playing players in the appropriate positions, not randomly benching solid contributors for ages, and playing with some form of identity. If you still disagree, at least admit our play would be more aesthetically pleasing.

No…we treated Wenger with so much hatred and disrespect as a fanbase and now we’re paying for it. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…


Spot on.


No, it was just the really good and really bad teams we always struggled against…


I wish laca hadn’t scored the equalizer. Might have bought him some more time.

Lithuanian gooner

Thank god he did! I chose this season to do loss = tattoo.. so i am glad he scored. But i really hoped that after pretty good summer we gonna be more then a force in premierleague and european cup.. but appears that i was wrong, and soon enough i will be wholy tatooed..


There’s no way that should buy him time. The front office need to get some balls and do their jobs. They don’t fire him before the night is over, they should fire themselves.


What kind of “supporter” writes drive like that.

You are a fooking disgrace.

The club motto is: Victory Through Harmony.

So bugger off and go support citeh. Or the mugshshers. They deserve a plastic like you.

Yankee Gooner

We’ve spotted a KSE burner acct.


Homer, do us all a favour and take a long walk of a short pier. There’s a good lad…


Agreed. The more losses, the faster Emery gets sacked.

Ebening News

The board should just sack him and put him out of his misery. These ramblings get more non sensical and pitiful by the week.


I agree

Matic Hribernik

I really don’t blame him anymore and I feel sorry for him. It is clear that he is trying to fix our fortune but he just can’t. Since Sheffield United loss it is all on the board.


You feel sorry for him….?!!! I fucking don’t.


Fuck off it’s on the board. He has a much better squad than the results are showing.

It’s on the board now to act, sure, but this shit show was started by Emery and is still his. He’s lost the dressing room and his constant lies and double-speak have exhausted the fans and destroyed any good will. He’s a bloody cancer.

Top Cat

Forgive me if I am talking nonsense, but isnt it the players who are losing/drawing. How about booting out the poor players (regardless of reputation, and giving the Martinellis and Willocks a run. Couldnt do worse.
And whatever happened to Saka?


“Now we are going to analyse it and find solutions as to whether we are better with three or two centre backs, the balance, and then work out how we can be stronger defensively and offensively. “
Over 12 months and Emery still doesn’t know the basic way we should to set up.

At this point I’m tired.


I got tired after Sheffield match. Now am burning out..

A Fleeting Glimpse

Not been so utterly sickened by a manager so out of his depth since I was among about 10,000 fans in Avenell road demanding the board sack Don Howe. They did, can’t remember how long it took but it worked. This board appear spineless to me.

Eh what?

But what a great coach he was. Really like the Don


Actually, Don Howe wasn’t sacked. He resigned in March ‘86 after he it came to his attention that Arsenal were trying to sound out Terry Venables to replace him. Then Steve Burtenshaw took over and the shit really hit the fan. We played so poorly against Watford at Highbury that the North Bank switched allegiance. Fortunately, we got George after the season finished – and the rest, as they say, is history. But Don Howe wasn’t sacked. He walked.


Say work and analyse once more…. I dare you


Say work and analyse again, I double dare you, you brother trucker. Say work and analyse one more God damn time.


It’s very obvious the team needs a change of coach.
– Pochettino (would we take him)?
– Arteta (experienced enough after a few years at City)?
– Freddy (club legend option as a caretaker perhaps)?
What are the thoughts on new appointments?.

Corona X

I’d even take George Graham over this shit show.


Second best manager in my life time and he runs Wenger close. Helped young players , loads of other clubs out spent him. He was a great ffffing manager. ( all manager took bunts, he was the one caught in them days )


I’d take George, Zippy and Bungle…

Bob's Mexican Cousin



Arteta & Freddie combo please


When Wenger left I Wanted Allegri, Benetez, , think someone experienced to man manage players.. Sol Campbell did well at Maccelsfield


Sol Campbell would be worth a shot. Strong character, knows the club, has managed clubs in difficult situations. He’d certainly have a good idea how to fix our defence, and alongsidr freddie we could have a perfect duo turning defence into attack.

Both former players have won in an Arsenal shirt, are legends of the club and would certainly excite the fan base. Dare I say it, they could have the galvanizing effect that Lampard has had at chelsea.

Martinellis belly

Sol Campbell is unfortunately kind of strange. If we’re going down the legend route I’d prefer Arteta or if we can’t get him then Viera.


just because someone played for Arsenal doesn’t make them manager material. Nothing on his coaching cv says Campbell is up to it.


Lampard. Isn’t Chelsea better now sir


Bruce Ricoh


Stuart Houston as interim manager until the summer


Arteta please. This squad is crying out for a Pep disciple. Or Ten Haag, but he won’t be available to end of season. Shit, I’d even take Poch.


I’m in for Arteta. Originally we were going to get him until Emery snuck in. Bring him now. His years with Guardiola has to be good, and he is an Arsenal man.

The Charma

What has Arteta done to deserve being mentioned here. Lampard you would argue was coaching Derby. He had some experience and you could see what he was doing. Now Arteta! God help us! Working with pep doesn’t guarantee anything please.


That dog Mr Burns made Vice President of the power plant.


The brick-on-a-string, they replaced Homer with when he was on holiday!


Big Sam anyone? He’s an expert at saving teams from the drop.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I know I can do better but the club supports this sh*t, so why should I do better?


Saints has 19 attempts at goal! Southampton!! 19 attempts!!! Like I said earlier, fuck off you Spanish waiter and take your plate of excuses/waffle with ya!!!!


You know what, I really don’t feel like I’m being fair to Unai. He really does seem like a nice bloke but he just isn’t top dollar manager wise. Please move on fella, I don’t want you to suffer the way us fans are, so do one sharpish please, thank you!!!!


bbc says 21

SB Still

The only reason I’m on this site now is to for the article ‘Arsenal fire Emery’ (it’s been months since I’ve been on any other site for Arsenal news). The rest is, with all due respect, noise.


While it hasn’t been quoted here, on the official club site Emery says that “the best 20 minutes of the season were in the second half”.

Is he fucking high?


If he were, he might be more agreeable and pleasant instead of oblivious.

Paul Roberts

He’s is probably right which shows how low the bar is.


At this point I really just feel sorry for Emery.

Edu, Raúl, Vinai, please do the merciful thing. For everyone.


At half time my feed showed Henry Pires & co. putting 6 past Southampton….. Sigh?


Jermaine Pennant hat-trick, happy days.


Give Freddie the reins until the the end of the season and then try and sound out Southgate about taking over after the Euros.

If Southgate hesitates go all in for Vieira.


Southgate…?! What do you want that buck-toothed clown for? We’ve got enough losers at the club already, thanks to Xhaka and Co. We don’t need any more.

Once a gunner

This is a coach that said he knew what to do to improve the team before the game and nothing changed in performance or the result I guessed the coach is clueless as the board.


Well that’s the kiss of death. My only worry is that there’s so few decent Managers rather than :has beens” around, can we entice any of them away such as Santo at Wolves? Quite frankly, I’d be happy with Tony Adams back sorting out the defence. But what it boils down to is money and that’s why Wenger was wrong, for the frfuturef our club, in supporting Kroenke rather than Red & White, namely Usmanov & Dein. Danny F must be turning in his grave!


poor Danny, yeah, what a great big turd they’ve dropped on his grave, and on our clubs reputation


Danny sold his large shares to Stan, I presume that’s the turd you’re talking about….that’s why we are where we are…the American doesn’t give a monkeys about the club…the only loyalty that is around is from the fans and the most of the paying supporters


Danny Fizaman shoved Dein out from Arsenal..hmm I wonder why and what for?
All the other Directors back Stan rather than Usmanov including Wenger who left a shit sandwich for who ever was following him …wenger would never pay big money for a defender either and the club was already heading to where we are now …


Its not just that there was “no connection” between the club and the supporters today, Unai, its that there was not even an attempt made to TRY and connect.
This is firmly on the board and ownership now… and just like every other franchise KSE owns (I’ve been saying this for years, sometimes even here), they will ignore it and hope it goes away.


Never have thought they knew want it took to compete in the Premier League, and more frightening is to think that the guys that run the club will get a first rate manager. Actually think that a real ambitious guy will not come because there isn’t a football plan at Arsenal, but rather just a financial one. Isn’t this why we took on Emery in the first place? “I can do better with this roster?”


KSE just don’t know what it would take, financially, to compete in the PL- they don’t want to hear about it.
Three of the local professional sports teams for me are owned by KSE and they have all been worse off for it. Talented players are traded, successful managers are forced out when they complain about lack of investment, club staff are laid off… its all about the financial bottom line to KSE, not the sporting aspect.


if Emery still has any self-esteem, honor and dignity, he’d resign…


Oh just piss off. Gobbeldygook.


A third of the season through and for a club of our supposed aspirations, if you doubled our points tally we still wouldn’t be top of the league. That is embarrassing.


Just go.


Eish, this guy Unai can talk rubbish, now I the Arsenal leadership likes rubbish w


Is Emery out or what


It’s now embarrassing. If you add our capitulation in both the League and the Europa League Final last Spring, this consistent underperformance by the team has lasted over 6 months. Enough is enough!


I think Don Rual is scared that a stronger coach will erode the power of the fiefdom he’s set himself up in at our club, he’s seen off The Terrible and Misliant, now has the sandbox, and the massive bonuses, all to himself. Whatever tx/contracts system they now have in place, what coach would accept them spending 75mil on a winger, who he didn’t want and doesn’t seem to want, when we’re screaming for a CB? and if we really, really, couldn’t find a CB better than the shower we’ve got now for 75mil, wtf is our scouting network doing?… Read more »


The first sentence of your post. 100%… its why Raul isn’t at Barcelona anymore, and its why he forced Sven out.


All eyes on the board now… As for unai, you’re fucked mate. Whatever excuses or reason u hv each week, we ain’t buying it anymore. This is beyond repair and redemption.


Don’t expect the Kroenkes to do anything good for this club. Only when their revenue stream is affected, they come up with some shitty response and put enough spin on things to keep the club the cash cow it is. All they see is a global brand.


Stan borrowed his wife’s company’s handbook.


Yup, now if people could stop spending on this dross, that would help.

Paul Roberts

” I can take more performances with the players and I’m going to try to do that.”
What do you mean mate?? Please go away.


Come on, someone please fire him already. Isn’t nice to wish someone to lose his job, but enough is enough! we have no present and no future with him at the helm. Just give the reigns to Freddie until we can find a proper manager (Allegri, Ten Hag, Ancelotti, Naggelsman, inanimate carbon rod, my grandma, anyone could do a better job right now!)


Hope he goes as soon as possible. But hope we keep it clean. Like don’t attack his familie.


We could be sitting in 10th next week. Let that sink in.


We’re already below Wolves and Burnley… and after tomorrow maybe even Sheffield United.


Thank you, fuck you, bye.


No need for fuck you.
He really needs to go asap but keep it clean.


I really wanted to give Emery a fair crack, but it looks like he’s lost the dressing room, and no manager has ever come back from that.

We should throw the kitchen sink at securing Pochettinho.

Failing that we should go and get Rafa Benitez, we need a safe pair of hands to steady this ship.


This man has no shame at all. But I don’t blame him anymore, the blame is now squarely and firmly on the board.

Magic City Gooner

The board is just guilty of dereliction of duty at this point. I can’t believe how this season has unfolded.

This will not get better with the team and staff as presently constructed, it will get worse.

Sammy arse forever.

He will be there until the end of the season because of the break clause. It’s free to get rid of him then. If they do it now it will cost millions and they won’t want that coming out the boards fat bonus in april☹️

The Arsenal

How the fuck are we still 7th. You had 3 weeks to prepare for the mighty Southampton. This guy has to be put down out back metaphorically speaking.


GTFO of our club.


We’re a goddamned joke and Emery is that awful stand-up comedian that tomatoes won’t budge. Probably thinks they’re a show of support.



So angry. Fvck this poor excuse for a “coach”. Nothing he does will motivate or change the way the team is playing because none of them have any faith in him nor do any of the supporters.


If I could turn ‘confidence’ into a pointy and sharp object, I would.

Then I would shove it all the way up…


So Spurs make the UCL final last year and have been in the Champions League consistently of late and fire their manager while we are sticking with ours all year even though our play is getting worse and worse. Makes perfect sense to me. There is so much wrong with how we are playing now it’s not worth detailing. These are not games we are dominating and unlucky to not win because a team parked the bus. Teams are outplaying us at home (teams at the bottom of the table), we are getting outshot consistently and look to have no… Read more »


anyone fancy another interlull?


Have to say it’s almost nice in the stadium with the standing being allowed and the drummer dude and every single person being united in the solemn acceptance that we could and should have lost that match and that unai should be gone.

Melancholy like a mf.


Just go, Emery. Go and spare us this crap.

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