Emery: More of Anfield Ozil is what we want


Unai Emery says that he’s looking for more of the Mesut Ozil we saw on Wednesday in the Carabao Cup.

The 31 year old started for the first time in weeks, and performed very well, despite being taken off in the 65th minute.

With a must-win home clash against Wolves at the Emirates tomorrow, the Arsenal boss says he wants more of that from the playmaker, and that he’s in line for a start.

“He is in the squad and I think he has the possibility to play,” said Emery.

“I spoke with him on Tuesday. When he’s available, when he’s training well, when he’s consistent, when he’s positive he can help us a lot.

“Now I am seeing him positive and consistent. On Wednesday with his performance in Liverpool, I think this is the way we want.

“Also I am helping him, supporting him, demanding of him. This is the Mesut I think everybody wants.”

And on what he might bring if he returns to regular first team action, Emery continued, “He has big experience. When you talk about players who are ready to play under high pressure, one is Mesut Ozil.

“I think he has confidence and I think he has respect. When he is in that positive way, when he is available consistently, he has the respect from us and from every supporter.”

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Des Lynam

Emery sounds like the most confused dude in the world. I’m just tired of hearing the nonsensical shit. Play your best fucking players. Win matches. Shut the fuck up.


So you have a talented player who potentially is negative and not trying. The manager makes a decision that everyone is treated the same unlike aw and so doesn’t pick him until things improve

No one knows what’s gone on and why, to lay all the blame at one door is bollocks.

On the language he’s improving, I’m sure your Spanish is superb by the way

Canuck Gunner

Except Emery had previously stated that Ozil was training well and he still left him out of the following matches.


Can be training well but if he’s negative what’s he to do. No one knows, do they? It’s all just pissing in the wind

Des Lynam

Mate. It’s not about the language. He could speak in tongues for all I give a shit. It’s the same inane non messages that mean nothing.

Ozil is a flawed footballer, but to think he doesn’t add anything to a team who are crying out for creativity is counter productive.

Football is a simple game. Play your best team. Don’t confuse the shit out of your players. Get them motivated. Have a plan. Put up a fight. Don’t surrender leads. Be disciplined. We don’t have any of that with our manager.


Let’s be honest.. Emery is just as biased as Arsene was in his last 2 years or maybe a little more. Both Xhaka and Ceballos are prime examples of that. He doesn’t select people based on what they bring to the team on the pitch, but what they have that he likes. He would much rather play a team that runs like blind chickens and spends the whole match chasing the ball without ever getting close to it than one that will actually be able to have a little possession and control the game. If he had coached Barcelona, Messi… Read more »

Cultured determination

The fact is maraure deserves a different treatment. We see that in every day life. I work in a company and theres 2 salespeople. 1 salesperson calls 2 clients and gets 1 deal in. The other has to call 5 clients to get a deal in. I expect them to bring in 5 deals a day. I cant blame the 1st guy forcgoing home after sealing 5 deals in half a deal cos he’s more productive. It’s not in his nature to work hard cos of his talent. Back to ozil. His running distance in games in consistently one of… Read more »

Cultured determination

*marquee, not maraure

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I actually googled maraure lol… It’s a song fyi


Can’t be arsed to look it up. Sing a couple of lines for us, would you?

Prince Gunneralaysia

Playing Ozil more and dropping Xhaka is more that we want to see from Emery.

Also, for those who did vile abuses using fake social media account towards Xhaka, yes u can fuck off

Jack but

Emery hoping shift the attention from himself


Fucking Emery confusing the players and fans. His English is confusing, his selections are confusing, his captaincy choice is confusing. No wonder the club feels so toxic at the moment.

Mesut O’Neill

Nice use of the current buzzword.

The Emirates has been “toxic” for 10 years now. This is not an Emery problem.

Make Arsenal Great Again

@Des Lynam – Emery is not confused. He couldn’t argue against that performance. He couldn’t say “see, that’s why i don’t select him”

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Yeah ozil has respect from majority of arsenal fans no doubt…. But what about you?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

He obviously doesn’t respect him. He doesn’t respect us, our history or the badge.


Jesus doesn’t respect us our history or our badge? Have you heard yourself?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Badge, history. He said he made us more competitive, condescendingly.

Fans. He continues to lie to us. He says Ozil is training well half the time and the opposite the other half.

Ozil. He tried to hang him out to dry at Anfield and it backfired on him, on top of his previous treatment of him.


We were and are more competitive in the big games as Andrew had discussed on the blogs. We are not where we want to be but there has been improvement Maybe ozil isn’t trainiing consistently and that’s one of the issues? Are you really saying that under aw ozil was beyond reproach and was absolutely flying for us? Compare him to de bruyne or silva? Emery is making lots of mistakes but aw’s approach to ozil didn’t get the best out of him and he drew huge frustrations from the fans. Seems as though ozil is a better player for… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Ozil has created more big chances in the past five years than Silva and debruyne, regardless of Emery’s “tactics”, selections and City’s billions. Arsene didn’t make our eyes bleed and Unai didn’t improve on Arsene’s worst season. Emery is scared of Anfield, scared of picking a captain, scared of backing up his captain, etc… His cowardice is making matters worse. The scenes at the Emirates and the vitriol being thrown around is far worse than ever under Arsene. Granted the death threats may be trolls succeeding to wreak havoc among the fans, but we are currently at our worst and… Read more »


@greg. completely agree with this. there is so much bias and negativity among the fans now

Prince Gunneralaysia

Yes.. He just respect Aguero


Don’t forget Ozil apparently has the respect of his teammates who seem just as confused as Ozil,…and the fans ccx as to why Emery doesn’t play him.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Revolting, he thinks we are stupid.


He makes it sound so simple.


no shit sherlock

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

I just don’t know what to like about Emery right now
Team selections❌
Press Conferences❌
Man management❌
Motivational skills❌
Courage ❌
But well….
Hair cream/Hair management ✔️

Arteta would blow him out of the park in that department. And probably in most others…

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Hire Arteta then.. He can’t get worst

Oooo l like this idea. Who’s up for Arteta and Freddy?


Fuckin’ excellent hair.


Bringing Ozil back in reeks of desperation from Emery, last throw of the dice before he gets the bullet.


Just shows his weakness more. One week he says it’s club strategy that he’s left out, the next he brings him back in because he’s desperate to appease the fans who are all against him now. Pathetic.

Canuck Gunner

Training well and is consistent. How can anyone be consistent if they aren’t playing?


Emery is the only one who’s consistently stupid.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Sorry to go off topic though…but i want to ask a question that has been bothering for sometime What are truly the benefits of having a sole club owner if he or she doesn’t spend his or her own money in the club? Are there other benefits from them? I look at Barcelona,Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and they are doing very well without a single owner…and it makes them more responsible and answerable to the fans in return brings cohesiveness and understanding within the fans,board,staffs,coaches and players I still don’t see the benefit of having stan Kroenke as our… Read more »


You’re free to offer Kroenke $2B+ to buy Arsenal and change the leadership structure.

Arsenal has always been owned by rich oligarchs, the structure has always been set up to enrich them first, making the club better and the fans happy is just a way to do that.

Sometimes a fan run club can end up as a kind of mob rule situation which creates chaos. So it needs to be set up right.
Single owner can give stability (but not if it’s Mike Ashley).
Frankly I prefer not to have something I love totally controlled by another man’s whim. Kroenke bought Arsenal and while I and many others would love more democracy, why would he allow it? It’s his property.
Basically if Stan gets bored of ‘soccer’ he could dissolve Arsenal FC and put on baseball games at the Emirates instead! ?

Reality check

Yep Dean, Fiszman etc made 10s of millions out of the club when we moved from Highbury. Building the new stadium shot up the value of their shares.


Well, play our most creative player more often, then!!! Emery has to go, asap. No tactics, no man management skills… Ozil has been treated like a Muppet.


“Now I am seeing him positive and consistent. On Wednesday with his performance in Liverpool, I think this is the way we want”
– Positive, probably you can tell. But how can you see consistency base on one match (65 mins actually)? Shows how desperate this man has become.


We’ve all been conditioned to be great full and stand in awe when Ozil seems to put in his bi-annual performance. I’d be staggered if we get 2 reasonable displays from his next 10 matches (if we ever get that far).


Well he’s put in 4 good performances this season. In fact he hasn’t had a bad game when he’s been given the chance.


Mr blogs,
I have to thank you for your serious take on Mourinho to The Arsenal canard in the press. It will be the worst ever appt EVER.
And you threw in Gallas and Silvestre debacle in too.
Thank you


I recently started playing football manager with Arsenal just to fire UE. Whatever I tried, couldn’t do worse than him.


This comment section just prove how toxic our fan base is.


I don’t get it emery.. you said that the club didn’t want him to play.


How the narrative changed in just 2 weeks! It’s clear. Emery buckled to fan pressure and had little original thought that is productive. Sure his original thought is to play from the back, pass the ball backward incessantly, immediately substitute a player trying to bring out creativity, and expect all 10 players to fall back and play a defensive role. As a supporter from who can’t go to the matches , i thank the home and away fans for making this shift happen. The Ozil chants and the Ozil song made this happen. I think this week, i will urge… Read more »


Yeah, well, he’s hoping Ozil can save his neck innit.

Emery’s Facial Expressions

good ebening Emery you desperate fart — when will YOU be “positive and consistent” and start your best players in ebery game?


The less of Emery we need. (In the process and consistently, with respect and in a positive way)


Just lose today and we will be Emery free by Monday morning. We have to make one last sacrifice in the name of greater good. Boo the shit out this clueless toxic moron. #EmeryOut


I’d love him to be as demanding for his Ceballos who has been at best transparent these past weeks.
Back to MO, once again UE wants to make us believe it’s the player’s fault and not his. It’s been the case for 18 months now. Never UE’s fault so don’t boo me, don’t sack me, please.


Just an addition: against Watford UE was happy with Mesut who created the second goal and stressed on it. Against Nottingham, Özil created 6 chances in 70′ and had fun with the boys. Nothing negative in all this but still the guy was out of the group. Who’s been negative toward Özil? What’s negative about Özill (check Sead’s interview)?


You can diss Ceballos if you want but clearly he has attributes and perhaps an attitude that even Ozil’s must earnest supporters must admit he lacks. He is also a young player with a lot of potential, Mesut is an experienced performer so it makes sense that even more is asked of him, especially in regards to leadership.


So Ozil has to drop an 8/10 minimum performance to get a look in, but others(you guess)can give away penalties that cost actual points and they get right back in the team? I call bullshit.


Everyone’s form is relative to Emery so it seems, except Ozil’s. Then it becomes absolute.


I have some sympathy with Emery here because Ozil’s perfomances last season were, for the most part, nowhere near good enough and certainly not as good as that Anfield game. We need to see this Ozil consistently, not the Europa League final Ozil. But on the other hand it does highlight Emery’s own inconsistency as he’s been far less ruthless and far more persistent with other….erm, more “maligned” players. And it does comes across as cutting your nose to spite your face when we so obviously lack creativity in the final third. Fitting Ozil into the team isn’t straightforward however,… Read more »

The Arsenal

Requires you to pick him mate. Then if he doesn’t perform more on him.


Less of you is what we want Unai.


Being served another steaming pile of shit by Emery


1-0 to Arsenal.
Now we have ti score six goals to guarantee a win. Cos the last time we scored five we still lost!?


1-0 to Arsenal.
Now we have to score five more goals to guarantee a win. Cos the last time we scored five we still lost!?


Arsenal Supporters: less of 2019 Emery tactics is what we want.