Friday, January 27, 2023

Emery: My future is today and tomorrow

With pressure mounting on him, Unai Emery wasn’t prepared to talk in great detail about his Arsenal future, saying his focus was on preparing his team for tomorrow night’s Europa League clash with Eintracht Frankfurt.

This week the names of potential replacements have been doing the rounds as the Gunners dismal form continues, but while the Spaniard admitted there were some ‘doubters’, he wouldn’t be drawn on any discussions he might have had with the club about what’s going to happen.

“My future is today and tomorrow,” he said.

“My job is to prepare for the match tomorrow and only look at the match tomorrow, to show the best performance for the team.

“We are playing at home with our supporters so we want to transmit our energy, our gameplan and everything we work on here at the training ground.

“Those are my only thoughts.”

Emery was also asked if this was the most difficult moment of his coaching career which has seen him win the Europa League three times as well as the title in France with PSG.

“As a coach, each moment in my career is difficult,” he continued.

“It’s a very good job, but it’s very hard. When you are winning, you feel the support from everybody, but when you’re not winning like in the last matches, you have some doubters.

“In my career I had successful moments and also in those successful moments, with a small moment, not being well like being consistent every time.

“In those moments I need to be focused for my work and focused with the players.

“I know some doubt is coming about the results but my objective is to change that and come back with the performance and connect with the supporters.”

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My future was yesterday.


Emery seems very tense indeed


“my future is today and tomorrow” and with a bit of luck, that’s it.


Please oh please let it be so.


No wonder we keep losing against everyone, all moment is hard for him


I just miss Arsene’s statements…:(

Mentally Drained Gooner

I think he just said it. Tomorrow is his last.

Tasmanian Jesus

Its definately not just about the results Unai..


Damn it… I’m getting troll by Arsenal head coach every single week. This is killing me inside out.


Would love him to go on a winning streak, winning every game of the season from here on.

Would be a great story, and a lesson in patience and humility for all…..

A Fleeting Glimpse


North London is Redder

Really, people wouldn’t like this? It’d be amazing. Obviously it’s massively unlikely but, jeez, sometimes I think some of you are more interested in managerial change than success. Don’t get me wrong I think he should go.


I’d definitely like this. I am very unsure if he is the right coach for us, but if he turned things around and started a 40 game winning streak tomorrow, securing us 3rd place and the europa league trophy in the process, I’d definitely support him while doing that. Fact is that he is still here and if he starts to continually deliver positive results, then he should remain. Why not? I have nothing against Emery the person, but against Emery the loser. (and yes, a home draw vs palace or soton is basically like a loss, there is no… Read more »


It’s not people don’t like this or can get behind this. We just know he isn’t capable of a manager to do this.

Plus rich is so invested into defending emery that he Is hoping for a miracle with emery as the manager of arsenal


Sounds resigned to the end being near, so maybe the board really are working on a new manager. Time is of the essence. But you know the old saying, “Wal Mart wasn’t built in a day.”


Was that the Rome outlet of Walmart?

dr Strange

Emery seems like a good man who’s really passionate and hard working. No manager is succesfull everywhere and any human will have their ups and downs.

I want us, and hope we will, to be respectfull and thank him for the effort. We are Arsenal and we are class. We shouldn’t be hounding players or managers.

I know Emery will leave us soon but I wish him well and thanks him for the effort he clearly puts in.

Glenn Gomes

Well said. I just hope we all as fans have the grace to say farewell, as in fare-well Unai.

A Fleeting Glimpse

I’m happy to say farewell. Couldn’t be happier to say farewell


He’s played the game respectfully, I do feel a little bit sorry for him as he is way out of his depth here and unfortunately for him we are a still a big premiership club with big demands. I kinda lay the blame here are the recruiters and dare i even mention his name Ivan G was involved…

Anyway Goodbye mr good ebening, here’s 4 million pounds and sorry it didn’t work out…


SB Still

I fully agree and I’ve never booed any player or anyone concerned with Arsenal. However, I understand fans frustration who have been sold by everyone running the club that we are at a min a top 4 club and have title winning ambitions in the near future. Without the #WeCareDoYou campaign, there seems to be hardly any communication (other than dismissing the disquiet as noise). Hence, in my two cents the owners and management seem disinterested, unless supporters become vocal. I miss Arsene and the 20 yrs of footballistic art he entertained us with (for most parts) but it seemed… Read more »


U guys sound like he’s already gone, stop it?? u gettin me high?


Thanks for the attempt but its time to move on now


For sure…he really is under the cosh now. He has the next two game to turn things around. Its do or die. BUT the best outcome for us is if he turns things around and keeps pushing till summer. BC all other options are likely not available or carry equal risk or more. 1) Allegro or Ponch likely will think twice about coming to Arsenal. They would be better advised with their reputation hot at the moment to await things at Bayern and Barca over next 4 or 5 months. Coming to a struggling team outside the CL with poor… Read more »

A Fleeting Glimpse

Your arrogance and low self esteem are almost tangible. Something tell me you’re single ??

North London is Redder

Blogs, think we can get this abusive post removed?

A Fleeting Glimpse

Couldn’t agree more north London is redder. Santori has been calling us simplistic for years. It’s not right blogs



If we got mahrez none of this would have happened


Hopefully not day after tomorrow.


Heard a “rumour” that Stanley is in town. Confirmation??

Could this be a scheduled visit, or has he come to gauge the feelings of the support for himself?


I doubt he’d muddy himself up dealing with this. He can ask ‘how much would it cost’ via videoconference.


His future shouldn’t lie past this ebening.

Bodie CI5

Am I bad in thinking that I’m not to worried if we lose tomorrow if it means Emerys defo gone the next morning


Everything about Arsenal is noxious at the moment…from the fans to the coach to the players to the management. Just sad!!!


“Some doubts” about the results… we’ve tossed away leads to inferior teams for 6 months.

Frankie da gooner

Carlos ancelotti!!!wait a minute…has a top flight serial winner of a manger repeatedly said in the media that he absolutely wants to manger the mighty arse one day???..yes he has!! Let that sink in for a minute….carlos ancelotti who has won in every lge he has managed in(lets also not forget his distinguished winning career as a player!)has a deep desire to cme and manage the arse!lets also not forget that he has managed and won at the highest level of the prem lge..players play for him and spk of him as a modern and progressive coach!get him in and… Read more »

Paul Roberts

This may cheer people up? 🙂

Der Kaiser

Emery should be shown respect. I feel he will lose his job but he has tried his best and deserves respect. He actually started last season well and we beat some of the top sides that we had not beaten for years under Wenger. At the end of the day results will dictate his fate but I get the impresion that there are certain players who are troublesome. Players have so much power these days. On the wages they are on they should be much more professional. I just hope we build a Club around players who want to give… Read more »


Beat what top sides that we haven’t beaten in years?during the beginning? Great win over spurs besides that we Either lost or had draws against the top sides. Emery stinks as a manager for a big club. He belongs at a mid table at best. Where he can be a “tactical” genius where he game plans against other teams at his level. He earned his opportunity with a big club like PSG and ultimately failed. What did he do that was impressive there that he got the job here at arsenal? It’s not the players. They have always been like… Read more »


The slowest car crash in the history of slow car crashes just got slower.

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