Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Freddie: I want to put smiles on faces again

Freddie Ljungberg says it’s his job to ‘put smiles on faces again’ after he was appointed interim caretaker head coach at Arsenal.

The Swede was handed the responsibility on Friday morning after Unai Emery was sacked for the Gunners awful recent run of form.

Ljungberg, who has previously coached the club’s under-15s and under-23s, will take charge for the first time on Sunday when we take on Norwich at Carrow Road.

In a message to supporters shared on social media, the 42-year-old wrote: “However long I oversee Arsenal for I will give everything I have to put smiles on faces again.

“We have a busy few weeks ahead and the team needs your support. Let’s get to work!”


Arsenal have not ruled out the possibility of Ljungberg taking the head coach position on a permanent basis.

Max Allegri, Nuno Espirito Santo, Mikel Arteta, Rafa Benitez, Mauricio Pochettino, Patrick Vieira, Eddie Howe and Carlo Ancelotti have also been tipped as possible successors.

Elsewhere, goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was the first to apologise to Unai Emery for the first team squad’s failings on the pitch.


Taking to Twitter, the Argentine said: “Thank you Unai Emery and [goalkeeper coach] Javi [Garcia] I’m sorry we let you down, it’s our fault for not performing the right way, I’m sure we will meet again.”

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And now the cycle of hiring and firing starts.


So our Moyes has been sacked, and we’ve gone straight for our Ole Gunnar.


What did you want them to do?


I hope not. But there seems to be a bit more of an edge to Freddie then Gollum, I mean Ole. It would an amazing story if he proves to be a success.


It’s temporary in case you have missed that.


The club have not ruled out the poaaibility of him taking the reigns on a permanent basis.

Lets get behind him and hope he does well!


Given the club’s track record (albeit short) for manager replacement prep, it’d be silly for them to rule him out on the chance he takes it and runs.

Freddie’s got personality and he got the academy boys up for it.


I guess that that’s because our Van Gaal is still working on his philosophy and our Mourinho has gone over to the Spuds.


It’s apart of the modern game. Managers don’t exist anymore for the most part. Nowadays it’s about being a cog in the wheel. Coaches aren’t guaranteed long tenures. We’ve been satiated by mediocrity too long, if we’re able to get our future appointments right in a similar vein to Chelsea, I’ll be happy. We need to get back to winning ways. I want to be challenging, I’m tired of the season being written off by the first two quarters of the season.

David C

The happiest person on the planet that Freddie is now the Arsenal manager is probably my wife! Haha. Might get her to watch more games with the me and the kids.


We should go all out for Pochettino.

Knows the league
Knows the language
Improves young players
Will send Spurs fans tumbling over the edge.

It’s long overdue that the Kroenke’s invested in their asset

Offer Poch the job along with a £300 million war-chest, back a talented coach now whilst he’s available, rather than create yourself a massive headache later, that’s likely just going to cost you further down the line.


Personally I would love Ralph Rangnick, I think he fits our style and ambition perfectly, but I think Poch would do well too. I’d love for him to come here and start winning trophies and send Spurs into a meltdown


As far as I know, Ralph is pretty happy (I read Bayern wanted him after they sacked Kovac) at his job as head of development for the Red Bull teams. Would be amazing sure, but he is one I think won’t come back to coaching in a while


Poch has never won anything in 12 years of management. Surely we have higher standards than taking on a man who just improved a team without any success.

Kanu Believe It

George Graham had won sod all.

Not saying I want Poch, just that we shouldn’t be limiting our scope to managers who have won something.


No thanks to Poch- his teams play in a style which is unsuitable for me… they’re grabby, cheaty, and divey. His connection to that lot is the icing.
Also, you think KSE are going to offer a 300m war chest after what they splashed this summer (which was an attempt to quiet fans anyhow)?


“unsuitable for me… they’re grabby, cheaty, and divey.”

Needed to be repeated.
Wish I could make this 72pt. and double-bold!

Fireman Sam

“Grabby, cheaty and divey”: brilliant.

The Spuds should have that motto on their match day programs.


They have a rotational fowl as their emblem. Is that not enough?


I wish we could make 72 points. Not so sure about double Steve Bould.

Yankee Gooner

Underrated reply.


There’s a very strong possibility that Poch is simply burnt out right now, and may require a long sabbatical to get his cojones back. Four years with the scum would do that to anyone.


Ever worried about FFP?


Fuckin’ excellent.


Though two f^ckin’ months later than necessary.
(Six months truth-be-told.)


‚Arsenal have not ruled out the possibility of Ljungberg taking the head coach position on a permanent basis.’ Well i think that by saying that Freddy is ‚interim head coach’ and that ‚new head coach will be announced separately’ that’s exactly what Kroenke did in his statement – ruled this possibility loud and clear.


Those two statements have nothing to do with one another. Freddie is interim today because they just had to do something about the Emery situation, as it couldn’t go on any longer. Now they will figure out who they want to hire for the permanent job. After they run their recruiting and hiring process, the permanent job could certainly go to Freddie.


No, I don’t think this is correct.

The language isn’t 100% clear, but Adam’s take is the right one. “A further announcement” implies the replacement will be a different person.


Come on Freddie you fucking Legend. Please make it work. I want to love supporting the Gunners again.
At this precise moment its good to feel hope again…..

Kran stoenke

Well you’re already successful as I’m already smiling Mr. Ljungberg! A step in the right direction is always welcome


Please let the new guy be Arteta. We’ll get to keep Wenger’s values and steal some of Pep’s ideas.


something had to change, sorry he got the chop but he’ll get paid out a ton of cash and get some time off. look forward to see if there is any kind of reaction from the squad and interested to see how Freddie does, wish him all the best


I have a smile on my face just to know that we will see someone new on the sideline going forward. Nothing against Emery, but was way over his head it seemed with this appointment and glad they finally put him out of his misery finally.


You already have, Freddie, you already have….


We love you Freddie, even without the red hair,
we love Freddie, now you can be everywhere,
we love you Freddie, show us your still Arsenal thru & thru



Tankard Gooner

We get it. You’re from Berlin.


Best of luck Freddy, you’re going to need it


At least Freddie is Arsenal through and through. Let’s get behind him and the team (all of them) and put this behind us.

Bai Blagoi


Freedie, you already did. Good luck!

Good Ebening

It is a good ebening finally.


I am afraid we are in for some bumpy years. I wish Ljungberg all the best. He seems very sympathetic and has relevant experience too. But Arsenal’s supporters have very little patience. Come March/April, and the hashtags will be back.


i know how it looks, but I’m hoping his playing career shields him from that a bit.


I bet you’re a wow with the family after Christmas dinner. Come on, at least give Freddie a chance.


Freddie interim head coach and Bobby as an assistant. The sex appeal of this club, we’ve got our Arsenal back.



^I’ve got a smile on my face today. Good start Freddie, keep it up!


Freddie, Freddie, Freddie!

Pepe Le Pew

Freddie? Fuck yeah!!! I like the look of him. He inspires respect. LEGEND!! Can’t say for sure how good he will be but I have a good feeling and a smile on my face.


Let’s hope the positive vibes and some clear instructions from Freddie will unleash the considerable talents of this squad, create a nice “new manager bounce” and propel us up the table. And, there’s still the Europa League that we can absolutely win. Can’t wait to watch the Gunners thrash Norwich. COYG!

Patrik Ljungberg

It can only get better now!

Nachos in Montreal

Hearing whispers that apparently the players took the Mickey out of Emery, making fun of his accent and imitating him when he’s not looking. The whole liking posts on social media dissing Emery wasn’t accidental after all. And after his sacking, Martinez is the only one coming out saying his goodbye

I’m shocked. Shameful. This isn’t what Wenger taught us. Looks like the players have had more to do with the mess than we might’ve thought. And it seems that ridding Emery won’t likely be the magic bullet, after all.


Not true, David Luiz also came out with a statement.

Yankee Gooner

So did Bellerin


thats fair, martinez has had his best chances of first team football under emery.
honestly think it was one of emery rare accomplishments/ideas at arsenal.
martinez deserved the number 2/cup keeper spot.

Fireman Sam

Sad if the players behaved like that. Still, they were probably angry with Unai for playing them in wrong positions and insisting on a fucktarded strategy and substitutions game after game.

El Capitan

And that was how Ozil outlasted Emery at Arsenal.Well it finally puts to a rather acceptable end the debate of who would go first. Quite happy it was the latter.


Well, best wishes to Freddie, hope he does well. His u-23 team, afaik, played some entertaining football, and if rumors are true that he managed the team in some of the early cups games, I think at the very least this team have the promise to be entertaining again. Now, as for next coach, maybe someone like Ancelotti? The dream would be someone like Ten Hag or Naggelsman, but I think they’re happy at their teams right now. Poch is another one, but I find it hard to see him making the switch from spuds to us after so little… Read more »


Yes, some interesting options out there to be sure. I read an interesting point in an article this afternoon [not sure which paper it was because the articles are all running together at this point], in which the author suggested that the makeup of our current squad might not be conducive to a manager who is a facilitator, like an Ancelotti or an Allegri. I need to think about that for a bit but I wanted to share it with you all and get your perspectives.


Like a lot of what you and Dave mentioned. Like to add that Ljundberg was necessary no matter what. We as a club have to re-cultivate the club’s identity– and Ready-Freddie was the first, best way to get it started. Honestly feel we can bolt things down on defense by planting Torriera in front of it. The real need is coordinating what we have in midfield to accentuate Mesut’s best abilities. If Freddie can sort those things? Then we can start looking at a Newman whose style fits what the players offer. Till then there is little to predict as… Read more »


I’m all out to give Freddie the chance if he shows promise, but we shouldn’t jump on either bandwagon (neither wanting him out asap if he doesn’t get results soon, nor to thinking he will be our savior if we get some form), just let’s give him the chance to prove and take it easy with him. I’d be really happy tho if he ends being a success with us!


Can’t remember the last time I had a smile on my face while watching the Arsenal!!

Naked Cygan

We need some joy and smiles, wishing Freddie the best, but Xhaka still needs to go. We need to get rid of any player who is happy and smiling after such a terrible run, and performance. Xhaka is an absolute disgrace, and I hope he leaves ASAP.

Roy Molloy

A good thing that Unai has gone and expect a short term lift from Freddie. How sustainable it is,given his combative mentality and inexperience, remains to be seen. I have concerns around the next appointment given Raul’s connections to super agents and a playing squad that contains many who have essentially packed it in with two consecutive experienced and successful managers when they didn’t fancy it anymore. While both managers had major flaws, the playing staff has enormous flaws too. We’re in the new era of Arsenal now with a quick turnover of managers rightly or wrongly, influenced if not… Read more »


we are at the crossroads where the worst of the blues met the worst of united in terms of managing a team and a club….(((((((

Tankard Gooner

Great. You get the van and I’ll knock Klopp out.

The Peter Simpsons

A few decent performances and some clean sheets will put a smile on my face pretty damned quick Freddie – good luck son.


Freddie is a great guy, with unlimited patience (evidenced by his ability to deal with my mate shouting at him in a cold MLS away match… then smiling and taking pics with us after). I wish him well, even if its just for the interim. The appointment likely came too soon for his development as a manager, but this spell could give him some insight into what he needs to develop as his career continues. One thing that he will bring to the touchline is that same passionate and combative nature we saw in him when he played- and thats… Read more »

Cultured determination

First coaching session: late run into box from wing ala freddie style. Va va voom time.

Tankard Gooner

Had been expecting the news ever since I read in the morning ‘upper arsenal hierarchy to meet at Colney early morning’. Oh well, band aid’s been ripped off and things could be a lot more worse if freddie wasn’t already in place. However, as much as I would love to have Freddie be in charge for the rest of the season, didn’t blogs mention something like he doesn’t have his full UEFA licence yet which means he can’t manage more than 3 months?


quite surreal, one of my favourite arsenal players is now the ‘manager’.

i really hope it works, but at this point I’m sure it will be better than emery.


I’m very optimistic about Freddy taking over, he may lack experience managing in the Premier league, but his knowledge of the players and his role in developing quite a few of them off sets some of that, throw in his drive, focus and the fact that he’s a bloody Invincible and I’m happy to see him get a chance.


It’s fucking excellent. Go Freddie!


Now I want to see energetic performances and fans getting behind the team. All the joy from the games has been sapped away lately.

Paul Roberts

I’m hoping he dyes his hair red for the Norwich match! Oh wait…:-)


An Invincible at the helm who knows all the young players through and through. I’m smiling. I’m definitely smiling.



Cultured determination

For those going to the next game and have a freddie jersey please wear it.


This is the correct decision. the board has been spot on and methodical with current proceedings. Fans have been far too hysterical to see things clearly. Options for replacement is an issue and its not as if we can go out there next day, Allegri and Ponch will be lining up to join : 1) We have lousy atmosphere. 2) We are outside CL 3) We have back loaded on future windows with Pepe and (non available ) Saliba. and we have far from resolved many key positions. 4) PL now has Moanrinho to add to Pep and Klopp. Far… Read more »

Long may the “new manager bounce” last.


Emery has now gone, before we all get our knickers in a twist let’s get behind him and the rest of the squad!

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

Troops on Saturday. “Go Freddie! Give him time to sort things out! My manager!”

Troops on Sunday if we don’t win. “Emery out, fam!”

Acually, as an invincible he’s probably got credit in the bank with some of our more excitable fans. So he’s probably got until next week then, unless he turns Joe Willock into Lionel Messi by then?

The Unai Bomber

We love you Freeeeddddiiieee ?

Optimistic Gunner

All the best Freddie..loved you as a player and hoping you will succeed as a manager as well.. my 3 cents, if i may.. ..pls pick the back 4 and let them play regularly till winter break …sign a defender in Jan …play Torreira as *DM*, not higher up the pitch …put an end to playing out from the back s*** … try to involve our attacking firepower more often, that is our main strength. ..let the game happen in opp half instead of trying to play suicidal passes in our own half n all the best again! bring on… Read more »


Welcome Freddie we are long overdue for some smile.

Now I wonder if Ozils insta post “you make me laugh” was about Freddie

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