Thursday, October 6, 2022

Mertesacker to assist Freddie for Norwich game

Arsenal have announced that Freddie Ljungberg will be assisted for tomorrow’s game against Norwich by Per Mertesacker.

The Arsenal Academy manager was the one responsible for bringing the former Invincible back into the fold after his sojourn at Wolfsburg under Andries Jonker.

We’ve yet to get a real grip on how long the Swede will be in charge, but in the short-term he’s got the BFG alongside him, and it was also suggested that another Invincible, Gilberto, could be involved.

With Edu as the club’s Technical Director, that wouldn’t be a big surprise, but until now he hasn’t held any coaching positions – although he did the same job as his compatriot now holds at Arsenal for Greek side Panathinaikos. He stepped down from that role in 2016.

The Gunners are looking for a first Premier League win since October 6th when they visit Carrow Road tomorrow, and some interviews with Freddie are due to drop this afternoon – so we should get a bit more clarity over his thinking.

We’ll bring you that here, of course, throughout the day.

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Let’s hope the players love Per and Freddie as much as I

Viva La Prof

A big fucking German and a super sexy swede, what’s not to like!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Quite frankly what are Per’s credentials in tactics and training session management?


Come again?


If we can’t have a true defensive leader on the pitch the least we can do is have one in the dugout.



We don’t know. You don’t know. Let’s wait for Norwich to get an idea. Fair?

Manu petits left peg

Damn I like the sound of this. Could turn out shite but right now, I’m digging some freddy and bfg action

Mick Malthouse

With these set of players I’m not sure it matters who is on the sidelines!


Would you like to re-watch the last two months of football we’ve produced? It matters.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Totally agree with you. Owners need to find a way to hold players responsible fot their underperformance financially. In a good contract, our players should be getting less than the quarter of their salaries. In all sports, the only case owners got together against someone was to prevent Kapernick from earning his life for taking a strong stance against racism. Kroenke part of them as the owner of an american-football team.

Mesut O’Neill

If that were the case Ozil would only be making minimum wage!!



Lol damn that was good

Eddie Hoyte

Freddie has my support, I think he’ll give the players more freedom to roam and express themselves unlike Unai took everything tactically too serious.
I think we’ll see more good come out of Pepe now.

Tasmanian Jesus

Yep, I have expectations for Pepe now.


Well the players better be focused and perform, you don’t want to get BFG angry he might not be as mad as Jen’s but an angry Per is a really scary Per. Just ask Ozil


I like the idea of this. Freddie is coming in as caretaker so nobody is expecting miracles, plus he’ll have the backing of the entire fanbase. We need unity at a time like this, and he’s somebody we can all rally behind.

The future is still uncertain but at least now the general atmosphere will be a bit less toxic and we can hopefully start to see some more expressive football. Good luck, Freddie.


This news brings a feel good factor I haven’t felt in a good while. Let’s get the 3 points tomorrow! Best of luck Freddie and the new coaching team!


Big fucking German! We’ve got a big fucking German! Big fucking Gerrrrman

Der Kaiser

Great first decision!




Man it’s good to feel that depressing Unai blanket removed from my shoulders, a nice bloke but the football he served up was dreadfully crap! I’m actually looking forward to watching the boys tomorrow. And we now have two more old skool songs to sing again!!! COYG!!!!


All Per needs to do is the give his famous death stare to the players and we’ll never lose again this season.


Hell yes!

This sounds hugely positive. Lets hope this partnership clicks straight away and we can get some of the passion that both Freddie and Per had when playing for The Arsenal running through this side.

If Gilberto is also going to be involved that alsospunds very exciting.

Now, can we add Bergkamp to the mix to give some added guidance to the likes of Guendouzi, Ozil and co.

I am starting to wonder how much of this is coming from Edu?

Exciting times!



Yeah, I’d ask Wrighty and Bergkamp to be attacking coaches, and Ray Parlour to be the linguistic coach.
They’ll all be talking like Hector in no time!




Wrighty’s busy chugging pig penis at the moment isn’t he?




Not Bergkamp and TH14?


Bfg, freddie, and gilberto? Yes please!
While I understand that per is only coming in temporarily, it would be wonderful to see gilberto back… I always felt he was hard done by not being given the armband and a shot at leading the side.


Seeing former Arsenal players manage The Arsenal excites me. If they can succeed, I cannot be happier. But first up, let’s see what they do tomorrow!

Ren Vassilliou

Let’s get back to winning ways, and get our Arsenal back, happy for now, now we need the results.


The home side looks pretty good, the visiting side looks pretty good, looks like a pretty match.


Nice touch.

There’s not much we should expect from such a quick turn around to the Norwich match with Freddie relatively less experienced.

So Big Per will certainly help.

Certainly I think with the next to no time for prep/changes, he’s best bet is to motivate the players, have them give 110% effort regardless of whatever system currently in use.

If they need someone to boss them around a bit, at least there’s Metersecker to play bad cop to Fast Freddy’s good cop or vice versa.

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