Thursday, July 7, 2022

Optimistic Emery says he knows how to improve performances

After a dismal spell of form which saw Arsenal collect just two points from twelve in the Premier League, questions over Unai Emery’s future were raised.

There were questions too over his competence as performances were as poor as results, but the head coach sounded an optimistic note ahead of this weekend’s clash with Southampton.

He says he knows how to make things better, and to get the season back on track having fallen eight points off the Champions League places.

“I am optimistic and also I know we need to keep better performances with the team, individually and collectively,” he said.

“I know how we can achieve that. First, connecting with our supporters in Emirates, but then also not only thinking about the results.

“We need to play better and control the game better in 90 minutes. We are winning and drawing, not losing at home, but really we are not convincing the people, the supporters.

“It’s our first objective. I spoke to the players, our success is going to be starting by being comfortable, strong and confident at home.

“We want to deserve to win each match.”

Well, he’s not wrong because ‘We need to play better’ is pretty much the nuts and bolts of it. If only we’d thought of that before.

Emery was also asked if he felt pressure from Head of Football Raul Sanllehi and Managing Director Vinai Venkatesham, but played that angle down.

“Really I am not taking my time to respond in myself for those issues,” he said.

“I am with a focus on preparing the matches and it is very important how we can improve because we have a lot of work to do.

“That is really my only focus.”

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Don Cazorelone

I mean.. I just..

SB Still

To open with connect with the fans and next article says he wants play Xhaka…!

I worry about his plans.

If there is an upturn, great.


Problem solved – what were we all worrying about? #COYG


Maybe he is going to resign

Gooner Sam

Keep dreaming


Have more shots, stop the oppo shooting all the time, play players in their right positions, boost their confidence, talk clearly so that people understand.

There’s a few obvious ones.

Gervinho is Driving

Obviously, but what are his first three recommendations? Connect with fans, whatever that means. Play better! And, terrifyingly, “control the game.” Unai’s record suggests his idea of control is to attempt to control the _ball_, e.g. sideways passing, not risking turnovers, playing out from the back as an end rather than a means. Controlling the _game_ means using your assets to be aggressive when it suits you and being conservative when that’s appropriate. Truly exceptional teams aside, you don’t have control of the game if your tactics and selection are overweighted toward ball control, especially if you’re not very good… Read more »


I think we underestimate Emery and that we don’t see what he’s really trying to do – which obviously is trying to invent a new sport(!) it cannot be football he’s trying!


Ok bro cool tyt.


I know there is much lost in translation, etc. But, he says that the team needs to improve collectively and individually, and that can be done by connecting better with the fans. But this implies that it’s the fans taking much of the blame. Our view is that there will be a better connection with the fans *because of* better performances, not vice versa!


It really has been surprising to see how many recent comments from Emery & the club appear to blame fans for the poor performances of the past 6 plus months. What concerns me is bc the club is refusing to make hard choices like Spuds did, we’re going to quickly reach the point even in a down year for most of the top 6 that our only route back to the CL is via the Europa League and given that’s Emery’s speciality he ends up in charge all year. We’re quickly reaching the point where that appears likely to cost… Read more »


For real, they just dont understand that Arsenal fans need to be thrilled. Its not just a game down the pub, its paying for a performance. How many concerts have we have to boo(excessive cheer) at? None, well maybe one or two, but they think that fans are satisfied with non-performances.


Simples! If so, why not long ago?


Unai knows…

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Improvise press conferences, tactics, formations, positions, life… Please make it stop


Again, he’s talking a lot without saying anything substantive. How long before he’s leading the first team in that idiotic high hopes dance?


So… anyone going anywhere nice at Christmas? Got any New Years plans? Plans for the summer?

oleg pascal senderos

Thanks for asking.. as my new years resolution, i want to hit the gym vigorously for a few months get swole and shredded for the summer and tattoo my biceps with the arsenal logo. I would then make my way to london colney, confront emery, do the front double biceps pose and utter the words.. these guns dont need you here so begone with your good ebenings!. then walk away to some friendly arm wrestling with gunnersauros.


we just need to win a game of football with out drama. Get the tempo up, put players in their best positions and show hunger and fight all over the pitch. lets see these players released from there shackles.


if only we had a coach who’d thought of that months ago!

And yet another dig at the fans, getting so sick of these, i don’t need to be told to keep calm, like somehow legitimate criticism of Emery is the reason he’s playing torriera in his ridiculous ‘pressing 10’ role (is he the only coach in the world who uses this?? can’t think of another team, apart from his previous), or made him pick stupid cup lineups when we’ve got an important League game 3 days later, all the fans fault it seems.


Heh :)) As far away from arsenal’s football this year as long as this shapeless, formless creature’s in charge. Sometimes he does remind me of a count Dracula to be honest.


The mans a genius ?

Eboue at the death

Clown. Basic platitudes and no genuine idea. What was the idea before? To not dominate games at home? To play unconvincing, shit football?

Just get Poch IN


Can he? I mean he cant say anything else, otherwise he’d have to resign or be sacked. His own performance as a coach has got worse. I dont know what system he favours. He communicates poorly after a defeat. He repeatedly plays players out of position. His substitutions are confusing and more recently just simply wrong. He seems to have lost his pitch side enthusiasm. He is indecisive.
Cant feel sorry for him now and it looks more likely Arsenal just arent his cup of tea. Move on Unai, you’ll probably get a decent job somewhere less demanding.


No, Emery! No!

Arsenal, get someone new in or let Ljungberg be caretaker manager. Now!


Don’t fall for it. Emery also said Southampton are going to be “tough for us” (seriously) and talked them up like they’re the current champions who are unbeaten in the league.

A friendly reminder that they’re in fact 19th in the table and on a 7 game winless streak in the league, having conceded 23 goals in that time.

I’m firmly expecting a boring draw…

The Spoon

But they have to win sometime by the law of averages…

Magic City Gooner



Say what??

Gooner for life

For so long I wished this was true Mr Emery, and rooted for you despite many bad results. However, I truly believe both Arsenal and you should move on.


I had forgotten during this international break how indifferently I feel towards what Emery has to say. I only read the first line of his quotes, and gather the rest from intuition.


I can’t read or listen to him anymore as well.


Free advice on how to improve performance, play to the players strengths and don’t focus on the opposition. Stop being a coward and unshackle the players to play free flowing attacking football, I am sure the fans won’t mind losing as much if the team gave their all attacking and the games were entertaining. Do not alienate any player and protect them like other managers protect their players not throwing them under the bus and saying you have support from the board and please grow some balls and take responsibility for your actions. There is no shame in using an… Read more »


This. Literally this.


Should focus on writing his resignation letter!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Doesn’t he already effectively tell us that we deserved to win each match because of his brilliant game plan (and that it isn’t his fault that the opposition were strong and confident and did, you know, that tactics stuff, the cheaty buggers)


Cool story bro


Do we reckon he actually speaks like that to the players? Hardly inspiring.

Or do you think he uses a translator in the dressing room?

Paul Roberts

He has always refused a translator since joining Arsenal.

the arsenal reader (mostly arseblog, bbc and arsen

don´t really watch games, only mostly read about arsenal (with the exception of a 15 min in the league- or europa cup per month). but. on par with what some others have suggested. if we want Chambers in as a dm (direct mail, that abb. stands for). how could the best team look like in 4-2-3-1? how about – with Torreira further up field: ———-Laca————– —Auba—Torr—Pepe—- —-Chambs—-Guendo– Tiern—Hold—Sokr–Bella ———–Leno————– or, maybe, Laca as a playmaker (More offensive probably (later in games f.ex) ———-Auba————– —Saka—Laca—Pepe—- —-Chambs—-Torr/Guendo– Tiern—Hold—Sokr–Bella ———–Leno————– with subs (kind of a b-team set-up): ———–Marti———— Saka/Ôzil—Ceba—-Smith-Rowe —–Xhaka——Willock—— Kola—Luiz—Musti—Ma.-Ni. ———-Martinez—————– forgot… Read more »

Great buddy but players don’t want to play for this clown no more for sure, regardless of how we setup.

Interesting mate, the first team you picked interestingly . I think torreira played very well away at old trafford advice a forward midfielder stopping pogba. Chamber is a strong tough player and technically very good.
Having chamber torreira both in same midfield would have us tougher.
Think David’s Luiz has been good this year except against Liverpool liverpool.


I figure Emery is feeling confident because he hasn’t dropped any points during the international break.

Paul Roberts

On the plus side he didn’t say “moment”. I’m clutching at straws aren’t I? ?



Chris Sandy

The right man if given time

Magic City Gooner

How much time are we talking about, exactly?
Are you good with possibly missing out on European football altogether next year just to grant this man sufficient time?

Paul Roberts

There is a holiday park in the New Forest named “Sandy Balls if you get what I am saying Sandy? ?


We took our dogs there in the summer…great part of the world.


Chris sandy is unai’s mom who just learned how to write comments on fans forums.

Paul Roberts

Who is “Chris” ?? ??


Absolutely not. No way, Unai, to me you are done and dusted, don’t even see you as a part of Arsenal anymore.

Too little too late. Waiting for a change and for the board to grow some balls.


His main focus should probably be getting his tenants out of his pad in Spain so as he can move back there in the near future…


Oh, good. For a moment there I thought we had no plan!

Paul Roberts

The company I work for produces banners. Has anyone access to a light aircraft? Chocks away chaps? ?

Houston Gunner


Me: Yay! He’s leaving!


Ahahahah 🙂 good one!

The Spoon

I think you’re all being really harsh, clearly this is a man who knows what he is talking about….

Steve L

There’s that blasted ‘c’ word again. It’s clearly a brief from the media team.


Again too many facile fans abound. They want to change this and that without knowledge of consequence. Its not rooted in any practical sense. What the board has adopted is correct. It gives us time to search and put in place alternatives, meanwhile Unai is still in a reasonable competitive position in the league to push for fourth with 26 matches left. And he is still in strong position in Europa. Assessment likely then made in January. Should he keep faltering, then that would be a convenient juncture to make a decision to pull the trigger otherwise he has till… Read more »


“perpetual self mutilating spiral”

Akin to the ‘Negative Spiral’ poch put us into a few seasons back


I’ve had more patience with Emery than most, but we should now be doing everything possible to get Pochettino.

There wasn’t an obvious and available candidate to replace Emery, now there is….

If we don’t move quickly? Someone else will, probably United….


Poch. In. Sol Campbell has his number two assistant!

I think Sol will be a very great manager good luck at southend


Sure he’s been fucking clueless for the last year but now he knows exactly how to turn things around. Bore off Emery you’re stealing a living.

Bodie CI5

Never even mentioned the away performances which is worse than our defence


We’ve handicapped the team after the xhaka incident…


?Obviously, because we were on an 12 game winning streak before the so called Xhaka incident! Now this?

Alex Davis

Full time the LUCK comes back!

Flavoured Rice

More mumbo jumbo from the dodgiest 2nd hand car salesman there ever was. You’re not fooling any of us

Dave Hyland

After a year and a half he has finally stumbled on the perfect solution? So he is quitting then.


oh yeah dude…


He is going to drop Ozil for xhaka….


Howsoever things are on the pitch, Emery is a good and a honest guy. Let’s give that to him.

Illegal henry

Good in talks and poor in action. You have let down the fans .


Emery is just talking BS with nothing of substance, we gave him the benefit of the doubt but anyone with eyes and ears can see his man management is appalling at this level and he is out of his depth at a club like Arsenal and I cant see him at another big club again. We are very close to the fans turning on him first then Raul and Co at home and away games similar to what happened with Xhaka. It will be at this point he is sacked. I don’t like it but there is no other way… Read more »


Emery is weak. He cant do anything for the team. He should be sacked.


It will be same story tomorrow against Southermpton. Arsenal will struggle again. Let’s talk after tomorrow.

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