Arsenal: Martinez, Mustafi, Sokratis, David Luiz, Chambers, Xhaka, Willock, Tierney, Martinelli, Saka, Aubameyang.

Subs: Leno, Lacazette, Ozil, Torreira, Pepe, Nelson, Guendouzi

Arsenal’s woeful form continued with a 2-1 defeat to Frankfurt at the Emirates tonight – making it seven games without a win, our worst run since 1992.

In a game he had to win, Unai Emery picked four central defenders, recalled Granit Xhaka to midfield and started Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, although Nicolas Pepe, Alex Lacazette and Mesut Ozil were all left on the bench.

Luiz began in midfield alongside Xhaka, but the most interesting part of the opening ten minutes was Emery being asked to change his jacket because of a colour clash with the visitors’ shirts.

Saka provided a cross from which Aubameyang headed wide, Luiz picked up an injury which saw him get treatment but then continue, and the Gunners were almost ahead when a poor defensive header provided Martinelli with a chance but the keeper made a save. From the resulting corner the Brazilian’s header was going in but cleared off the line.

Saka was sent through by Aubameyang but the keeper came out quickly to block the shot, and in the 31st minute Matteo Guendouz replaced Luiz who hadn’t looked right since the earlier knock.

Frankfurt barely threatened at all, it was dull fare all round really, but as the half came to a close Willock did well to set up Saka, again though Rannow was equal to it. Xhaka suffered a heavy knock to his knee, and as we went into injury time the goal finally arrived. Saka worked it from left to right, Martinelli crossed it, it came to Aubameyang, his shot hit the keeper, hit the underside of the bar and in. 1-0.

It might even have been two before the break, Willock did well down the left, Aubameyang crossed and Xhaka was there but he slipped as he took it and shanked the ball wide.

The visitors made a double change ahead of the second half, bringing on Kohr and Gacinovic for Silva and Fernandes, but it was Arsenal who started brightly and should have extended the lead. Martinelli drove down the right, fed Willock in the box, but it was put behind, and good work from Xhaka created a good opportunity for Chambers but he put it over the bar.

Typically, we paid for that when Frankfurt equalised in the 55th minute. Kamada picked up a square pass, Sokratis didn’t get close enough, and he fired a left footed shot into the far side of the net. 1-1.

That prompted Emery into a change, Mesut Ozil replacing Martinelli on the hour mark, but it was Martinez who was busier, making a good save to keep the scores level after Sokratis had given the ball away cheaply. From the resulting corner, the Germans went ahead. The ball was cleared to the edge of the box, nobody closed down Kamada who took a touch fired home inside the near post. 1-2.

It could have been 3-1 but for Sokratis blocking a shot when some bloke was clean through, and after picking up a knock Mustafi was taken off with Torreira coming on in the 76th minute.

The visitors sat deep, looking to protect the lead and the three points, while Arsenal couldn’t find anything to put pressure on them or create any chances.

The game moved into three minutes of added time, the plaintive cries of a child urging his team on audible on TV, but it was Frankfurt who almost scored again, Paciencia putting it wide from 8 yards out.

The final whistle blew, Arsenal are without a Premier League win since October 6th, and in front of a half-empty stadium which had been half-emptied again by the final whistle, boos rang out.

This is no longer on Emery, it’s on Raul Sanllehi and KSE who are allowing this to continue.

Blame them.

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I actually felt sorry for Unai tonight. It’s cruel for Raul to allow this to continue.

It’s going to be a mercy killing when it does come.

SB Still

From playing beautiful one touch football and playing vertically, we now play 3 touch football and playing to the CBs!

If he is not gone in the morning, even Raul has to go.



The rot set in a long time ago. Kroenke took majority holdings in April 2011, we sold Nasri+Cesc in summer 2011, then RVP in 2012. Then we signed a new sponsorship deal in 2013, and Kroenke took £3mill, we signed a new manufacturing deal in 2014, Kroenke helped himself to another £3mill. We dithered, we dallied, we spend really badly, we dithered some more, and then we decided dithering some more was the best way forward, then we panicked and spent badly again. And now we’re back to dithering……. maybe we can do some dallying again tomorrow…. Can’t say I’m… Read more »


There’s no doubt, Kroenke is the worst thing to ever happen to our club.


Really? we’ve had no ambition, or league titles since David Dein left, way before Stan had total control.

Better the Devil You Know

I’ve all ways thought that to, David Dein was brilliant at this Club. The major success signings and trophies dried up some what. We did get a big shiny stadium to gradually empty out over the years!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, we did lose something when Dein left, but we did win three FA Cups, and we were still considered a near-the-top Club. Then we dumped Wenger and employed Emery purely on his ability to win cups.

Now we don’t win cups, we don’t get a sniff of Top 4, or even Top 6, and we don’t have anybody fighting for the Team against the Club.

Wenger was the glue that was (just about) holding us together. Now we see what life without Wenger is really like.


Why on earth did he take out our most lively player?? MARTINELLI was all over the place causing problems going forward and actually also tracking back winning balls while Saka left Tierney exposed. But the moment martinelli went off our right and left side was wide open it was like we had no midfield. Poor decisions tonight. Also willock needs to look himself in the mirror tonight. He was a hit selfish today. He was seeking glory right from the start. AUBA would’ve scored if he didn’t get in his way also he should’ve scored the 1 v 1 and… Read more »


Just my two cents but no shots in the second half suggests his game management was wrong.

Gooner Sam

Another dull and uninspiring game (or at least second half), how many games lost, how many points dropped before they make a decision

Runcorn Gooner

It was awful tonight but was it as bad as the commentary by Karen Carney On BT Sport which was even more excruciating.


She certainly seemed to have a bit of a thing for David Luiz, didn’t she?


Regardless that she is a woman, I thought she was very poor.


Women shouldn’t be anywhere near men’s sports. Get rid of the women in our game.


That woman on commentary was so bad that I gave up after 10 minutes and found an American stream online instead.

Gooner Sam

No worse than Andy Townsend back in the day


Emery thanks for some of the memories, but surely it’s now time to go.

A Fleeting Glimpse

Noticed Xhaka laughing at end with Frankfurt players. Really pleased he is happy.


I saw that. Fucking stupid thing to do knowing the cameras are watching, especially for him. Idiot.


Yep. I saw that, the other players walking around applauding the fans and he is laughing and joking with the Frankfurt players. He wants to play for shop window exposure. He isn’t playing for the team or fans, he has binned us mentally. He played the full 90 so a dedicated player would look forlorn like the rest but no, nope, not Xhaka. He gives 0 fu**s. That being said, he was one of the better players tonight. Says a lot.


Xhaka is an asshole, but he certainly didn’t pick himself today. Whoever picked Xhaka has to go. And obviously Xhaka himself.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They were friends of his. What’s he supposed to do? Tell them to do one?



Eh what?

He can take the memories with him


At this point it’s got a bit of that old yeller vibe to it. Raul’s going to take Unai on one last walk deep into the woods…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and tell him “Shoot me, I’m worse at my job than you are Unai”


I’m very happy. He tinkers yet again and we shit the bed again. I mean a game he needs to win he goes plays a player in a position he’s never played for us. Good one Emery. Now get your coat and get the fuck out.


Oh dear, I don’t feel any emotion anymore with any of our recent result.


no one wants to see Unai suffer. It’s time

Wilsheres Middle Finger

I feel sorry for him too. The man can’t even pick the right coloured coat thesed days, let alone a functional team.



Ennui ball

I can only hope xhaka was smiling at the end because he’s knows something we don’t.


I hope that he knows he has been sold. asshole.


You know things are bad when the away fans are banned from the stadium but they still make more noise than the home fans

Coq au Vin

The hypocrisy of UEFA and Arsenal drove me mad. We didn’t give Red members an opportunity for a ticket (hence the low attendance) but we’re more than happy to let Frankfurt have all the expensive hospitality seats they want. WTF?! We’ve sold our soul… a long time ago.


This is the final nail in his coffin, he’ll be gone by the weekend.
I think this is his last chance to resign and leave with some dignity before they fire his sorry ass Tomorrow morning.
What a horrible human being he is for not taking any responsibility and not having any integrity to have stepped down much earlier.

Fireman Sam

“Horrible human being”? Seriously?


I honestly don’t think he’s going anywhere


Be honest if you was in a well paid job but was performing poorly why would you resign? It’s up to Raul and the people in charge to do what they should have done a while ago and sack him.

He is not a horrible human being but simply a man out of his depth and I pray Raul and co pull their finger out and end the pain for both manager and club


Any manager who quits on his players and team likely ruins his future. People need to actually realize all manner of complex crap happening behind the scenes…this is not a video game


let’s not get carried away. He comes across as a very nice person. struggling at his current job, yes but that doesn’t make him a monster.


Emery is a very nice guy for sure. It is not his duty to fire himself.

Steve Morrows's Arm Cast

Unai didn’t employ himself and is just trying to do the best he can, hence the amount of changes week in week out. Problem is he is not very good at his job, doesn’t make him a horrible human being.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s football. He didn’t kill your dog.


Emery is under a contract. He is not really entitled to resign. The board must fire him and pay him the balance

Upamecano but downalego

I’ve just found 20p under the carseat. Best 3seconds I’ve had in ohhh the last two hours.


If nothing else I am impressed at how we manage to play poorer by the match.


I hope Emery ain’t a dog-owner; he just can’t hold onto a lead.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I thought we were OK in the first half. I guess that’s because they didn’t make any effort to really push us.


Wake me up, when this era ends


Can’t wait to see Auba’s touch map.


Why do people leave random replies to the first few comments, its always bugged me. If people want their comments to be towards the top, they should come on. Few minutes earlier




Kaba Diawara.



Thierry Bergkamp

I’ve always thought that, and did so again after reading maybe the first 8-10 comments. I doesn’t bug me, but it is kinda desperate.

Bring Back David Hiller

Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo


Sounds like green day?

Vince O’Carroll

Well I hate to say it but your in for a fucking long sleep…..we only get out of this quagmire with a change of ownership and I don’t see that happening any time soon….we are well and truly Fucked….


So who’s it gonna be? Freddie till the summer?


Why take off Martinelli? Kid never stops.


Emery relying on the enthusiasm of the young players to save his job because he cannot inspire performances through management.


Which comes back to why take Martinelli off if he’s trying to use the kids, or if he does, put Pepe on.


If we knew why Emery did anything we might not be so perplexed.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Fear. Even when he’s desperate the fear overrides every other thought he might have.


Saved his ass with that assist on Saturday as well.
Honestly, I’m just past being surprised by Emery any more. It’s a surprise if he does something logical.


He took off Martinelli because he can’t defend.


But Ožil can?


Only thing that comes to mine is why is raul sanllehi still at the club
I have no confidence in him picking the next manager either and if Kronke thinks the mediocrity of his USA teams is going to work in London he has another thing coming.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Does he know you can get relegated and then you make bugger all money ever again?


Uninspired, insipid, and absolutely bereft of ideas as we throw away another lead… at home to an inferior side. Whatever Emery is saying to the players at halftime is clearly sapping their will to play for him, as we seem worse every game in the second half. Xhaka’s behavior after the full time whistle… he seems to be wanting to drive a larger wedge between the club and himself in an effort to force a move in January. Was his palling around with the Frankfurt players after the match was over an attempt to get a reaction again? Martin Keown’s… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Emery Out
Kamada In


Xhaka out.
Emery out.


PLEASE, No team is inferior to us at the moment

dont forget

Feels like the worst is still yet to come. FEC, end this. Please.


FEC off!

Danger Mouse

Arse- Fec- (I need a) Drink


You’ll have a nice cup of tea then, won’t you?


They’re FEC-kless.

Paul Roberts

Obviously Unai out but we should have finished our chances.


The good thing about today is that I know this squad is every bit as good as it can possibly be from the first half. The second half was a complete shambles


Enough is enough surely. I think ALL of the managers being linked with us right now would do better than Emery at this point in time. 4 CBs in our starting 11 at home in a europa league group game….wtf


Just pull the plug already. It’s gotten too pathetic. Why allow this man suffer, he’s clearly out of his depth. Everyone’s stressed, my DNA is morphing into something unrecognizable. Ionno how much else the players and fans can take.

Iain Kendal

It’s crazy eh. If we’re stressed as fans, imagine what it’s like for the coach. His staff. The players. Staff at the club. :S :S :S. For gawd’s sake, let him go with dignity and let’s get a fresh start.


It’s clear it has to happen now. However I don’t want Nuno, the Mendes connection is too worrisome. Honestly, I wish Raul and Vinai would leave with Unai – totally unrealistic, I know…


Times to push for their exit as well. They made a bad situation worst with their deliberate indecision. They should FEC-OFF.


I’m not even angry any more.

Please, Stan, just sell up and go away so that Arsenal Football Club can become a serious sporting entity and not a pathetic joke. Uni isn’t the problem, you are.

Just sell up and go. Now. Please.


Your spot on!! A little bit of homework by the shareholders who sold to him (Hill wood etc) would of shown what Kroenke was about!! For all the hill wood family did for arsenal I can’t believe they let this leech in the door!!! Emery is obviously a professional doing his best but he’s so far out of his depth right now


Not sure what Stan did wrong here. Why is he the obligatory boogeyman for everything?


It’s simple: Uni Emery should have been sacked a long time ago. For me Bacu should have been his last game as Arsenal manager. But by Leicester away this season it was painfully obvious that Emery was hopelessly out of his depth and needed to go.

But he’s still here. And he’s employed by Stan.

So who else is to blame?

The Arsenal

I hate this narrative that we are whiny fans. We are the most forgiving. In retrospect the man should have been gone after that terrible final performance and finish to last


Playing devils advocate. Stan and Josh know nothing about football so they go and get Raul who helped Barcelona dominate the game for a long time. To be fair thats not a bad move. They probably listen to him because he knows more about the game than them. What they should now do is get rid and get people into the club who understand and love it. We’ve had Adams, Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Keown, O’Leary etc and none of them are involved on the football side of the club. Instead we have Ljungberg, Mertesacker and possibly Arteta. We should do… Read more »


Not sure about this O’Leary to Arsenal thing. I remember how he treated us as manager of Leeds, what an arsehole!

I was a fan when he signed for us and don’t want him near us anymore.


The buck stops with Stan (mostly in his offshore bank account).


For the simple reason is that Kroenke is a shameless, greedy son-of-a-bitch who doesn’t care about the quality of the product as long as the money keeps rolling in.

Danger Mouse

Cause he’s a cunt.


When did the problem move from the coach to the owner? I thought Arsene was the problem all along.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsene was fighting against the Kroenke-led Mediocrity Wave as well as trying to keep the team at the top table. He was the only honourable man amongst an army of greedy bosses and useless yes men. The only instruction the idiots managing the club have to worry about is Kroenke’s “Keep the money flowing into my pocket”


At this moment I am totally disgusted by Raul and want him out of the club. Can’t feel any hope that he will choose the right manager after Emery is finally shown the door.

Woolwich Shepherd

I would add that the personnel decisions this summer are coming back to haunt this team. That’s on Raul. We’ve been calling for a better defense and a strong defensive midfielder for years. Saliba may look to be a shrewd buy some day but we needed someone NOW. Luiz was a panic buy, they didn’t solve the Mustafi issue and Sokratis isn’t up to PL standards. They took a gamble on Pepe but he hasn’t integrated well. They botched the Koscielny situation and nobody really knows what the story is with Ozil. One exception: Martinelli is a gem. So hats… Read more »


I don’t agree. How much of this form is down to coaching and instruction. I’d heard of 1 Sheffield player before August and there they are in 6th. That is a well-drilled team that is far more than the sum of its parts. Emery has made every player worse apart from Leno.


Agree. Some of them aren’t great but they’re better than this, but theres no structure, no formation, no continuity. If it’s true that Emery bases his teams on the opposition it means you’ll never have a style because every team is different. Thing is he picks his teams based on the opposition and still it doesn’t work.
Bad manager, shit board

Iain Kendal

I don’t think Unai is a bad guy, or even a bad manager. He just isn’t the right fit for Arsenal right now. It’s starting to get cruel.


If the Raul and Edu see there is a chance of progress with this coach, then my 18yrs Supporting Arsenal count for nothing.
Which team are they watching, the team is dying slowly, at the end of the day we will see it’s normal being mediocre. They all should go no one is bigger than arsenal.

My lesbian friend's beef curtains

Wow I have never felt this indifferent while watching my beloved club. It’s evident the players have stopped playing for him and as blogs wrote the other day, what’s happening to our club is firmly in the hands of the executives in charge of football operations. In a normal working environment, someone would have lost their job for this gross incompetence we’re witnessing.


Oh man that name! Hahahaha!


And an avatar that looks like a cock.


Anyone else get the impression our players are not trying as hard as they could on purpose?


surely in the last minutes they refused to play it forward on purpose. So many opportunities to play forward but they’d take an extra touch, play it sideways and backwards.


exactly. pathetic


Obviously deliberate, though they are likely to deny it if asked. Xhaka couldn’t even his his joy why fraternizing with Frankfurt players.

Hopeless Arsenal Fan

Wow…honestly I just don’t know anymore. I am so angry, but then I think to myself that this board will probably never act. So what’s the point? One thing that really gets me is that this incompetent board came to us and told us “don’t worry! Unai is the right man! He’s going to turn this around!” And treated us like absolute morons. Guess what? You football masterminds were WRONG! If they had any class they should issue a massive apology to the fans. I’ve never felt so disconnected to this club. I have no hope anymore. It’s over.


Just get rid of this guy and get pochettino

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Pochettino has said that having coached Sp*rs he would never work for us.

Even if he had never worked for Sp*rs why would a top coach want to come work for an owner whose only interest in the club is to skim off two or three million every few months.

To fix our current problems I am afraid that we are going to need to be relegated. Kroenke won’t let go as long as we have the PL money coming in.


If this disaster is perpetuated any longer, we could be near the bottom of the PL by Boxing Day

Make Arsenal Great Again

I’ve been an arsenal fan for decades and this is the lowest point I’ve seen this club.


I said 2 years ago that under Kroenke Arsenal would be relegated within 5 years. On current form, we are one of the worst teams in the premier league with every passing week getting worse. It genuinely could happen.


Its a sickening thought but at least Kroenke would then sell


Don’t you start. Years ago, people were saying they wouldn’t mind dropping out of CL if it meant that Wenger would go, and questioned the value of CL football when we couldn’t get past the knockout stages.

I hope they have their comeuppance.


Oh, Unai, what a mess. I feel genuinely sad. That was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from an Arsenal side. The board have to do the right thing for everyone involved now, no excuses.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually we weren’t that bad in the first half. We were playing more flowing football than normal.

What I want to know is WTF he said to them at half time that made them come back out scared of Frankfurt.


It’s Thanksgiving here in the states, I had the option of watching this Arsenal team or my Turkey cook, it was hard to watch but it was nice when it turned brown.

Fireman Sam

Dingaling – Time’s Up Unai! Thanks for the effort, you seem a nice, if very very confusing, bloke and all that, but well, you know, you’ve somehow turned a talented squad of players into a total and utter disorganised mess so…good ebening and good night


I’d immediately fire Sanllehi, Fahmy and Vinai. What a collection of chumps we have overseeing this shit storm. Emery is out of his depth and he faces a career disaster unless he holds his hands up and says I must resign.


What does fahmy and vanai have to do with this? They aren’t in charge of transfers or tactics or players used.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They should at least be telling Raul to pull his bloody finger out and do something about it.

Heavy Gunner

When I was a young boy, I had a dog, a rough-coated fox terrier, a lovely little being that followed me relentlessly everywhere. When I played football or cricket, I could leave him tied up with his leash and he’d sit and watch, sometimes giving some small encouraging ‘woofs’- a beautiful little soul in a brutal world.A great companion on a bike ride he was,too. One evening, a car drove unexpectedly fast up our country lane, and Jack, my little terrier friend who never expected that kind of behaviour from motorists, was hit by the speeding Rover 100. No pun… Read more »


Can’t even thumb this up… just, damn. That was sad as hell to read. Everything passes and this too will pass. Arsenal is a great club but that does not preclude us from turbulence and difficult times. However, the values, strength, and greatness of anything is not only defined by successes, but also by resilience and grace in true difficulty. Jack, for example, stuck with you even in his last moments, probably wishing he could tell you of the joys to come in your life (animals know, I’m convinced). There will be many joys to come again with Arsenal, in… Read more »

John C

It’s clear the players are no longer playing for him, so he has to go now which is a shame and only commutes the problem to a new manager. The real issue is the the attitude and quality of the players, which isn’t top 4. Any team that regularly plays Willock and Saka will not finish top 4 in the premier league and that’s where we’re at. Wenger left a squad that required 3, 4, 5 years to get where we need to be. The worst thing we could do now is to rip up a 3-5 year plan and… Read more »


We don’t have the finances to repeatedly start over every year like United do.

John C

Which is why if we have a 3-5 year plan we can’t afford to tear it up!!

We have to ask ourselves what would we achieve by sacking Emery? Is it just for short term results or because we have someone lined up who can progress the long term plan?

I’ve seen lists of several potential replacements but you can’t possibly have several potential completely different replacements if you are trying to built over the long term.


John, I completely understand what youre saying but the plan only works if you have a manager with the skills to make it work. Its obvious Emery isn’t that man. Look at Leicester. They’ve got a manager who has galvanised that team


What is this 3-5 year plan and that long? The club wasn’t in the bottom half for 5 years. This should have only taken 2-3 years if there was a plan. Which I doubt since they got rid of Sven after a year. Let’s just say there is an actual plan and they get new manager and he fails, what happens at the end of year 4 or 5? In your mind are we relegated at the end of this? We stay this course and it fails we start over after 5 years with some miraculous infusion of money with… Read more »

John C

Personally i was under no illusions as to the mess left by Wenger and the years it was going to take to fix, so that’s the first thing. Wenger left us 6th in the league with a poor squad, a large wage bill and with a player like Ozil taking £350k a week out of the club with little return on the pitch. That’s decent wages for 2 productive players we’re stuck with there on him. I don’t know what the plan is, I’m saying if you have a 3-5 year plan, tearing it up every 18 months will see… Read more »


No longer able to compartmentalise games in groups of 11 eh, John C?


You think Emery is still the manager to lead us forward? Lol

John C

That’s not what i said, learn to read

Venga Bus

Finally he deploys a dedicated DM…….Luiz…….and it was good.
People seemed to know where they were.
He goes off ( bad luck), and surely the answer is to put on someone with the same brief. But no.
Bit by bit we descended into chaos, the more the game dragged on. Mayhem. Lads all over the place, clueless of their positioning and tactics.

Woolwich Shepherd

Really enjoy Guendouzi. He will be a great player. But once he was put on for Luiz, the center opened up. Constant theme each game. The opposition bosses the midfield.


Exactly! But some people seem to have a hard-on for Guendouzi. He is not the next Cesc.


I felt at that point like we should have switched to a 4231 with Chambers slotting into Luiz’s DM role. It would have given us the control we needed in midfield and allowed Martinelli and Auba to connect up front without having to fear the consequences of a turnover in possession so much.


Watching that, I felt as empty as the stadium was tonight. It honestly disturbs me far more than when I feel the usual anger… a man should never feel this kind of apathy about something he loves.

I don’t know why, but for the first time this season I have a genuine gut feeling that this might have been the last game of Emery’s reign. Eerie feeling to have, but I really do hope my gut is right, for Arsenal’s sake. This can’t go on.


And Guendouzi for trying to mark someone already marked and leaving the goalscorer free.

If it wasn’t for Raul we would have had Ramsey available for important games. He really made us tick last season. You can see why he was wondering someone with record assists get double what he gets, but he is the record goalscorer.


Was Ramsey worth 400k per week?

Trey Stone

Blame Kamada!! Blame Kamada!!!


Gooood ebeniiiiing!! Goooood ebeniiiing!!


we actually won v Vitoria late October, little amend


We barely won that one, mind.


I remember the main question when Wenger was on his way out is well… whose going to replace him. The answer was generally “anyone but Wenger.” Gosh Arsenal really screwed this one up, now we are at “Anyone buy Unai.”


I’ve been watching Arsenal since 1971 and, believe me, this is worse than our flirt with relegation in 1975 and worse than December ‘83 when Terry Neil was sacked after Walsall knocked us out of the League Cup. It’s worse than the Spring of ‘86 when Don Howe resigned and Steve Burtenshaw took over the reins for the rest of the season. And at no time under Graham, Rioch or Wenger have performances been as bad as this. You’d probably have to go back to the days of Billy Wright (before even my time) to find an Arsenal side as… Read more »


I would probably be in the minority here but I don’t think Raul and co. are to be blamed for this. They backed him up as mIt is 100% on Emery. The guy has a bigger inferiority complex than Mt. Everest. He is the one responsible


Well Emery’s clearly not going to sack himself is he?! Raul and KSE are definitely the ones to blame here. It’s way beyond a joke – although for fans of other clubs it must be absolutely hilarious. We are currently the laughing stock of the game and it’s entirely down to those wankers we have masquerading as Directors.


He is responsible yes and there is no escape from that. I think the point lies elsewhere. The point lies in the bigger managerial structure (owners included) and their orientation. I think most of them see Arsenal F.C just as a business mean. All the footballing matters they do (that’s my impression), they do it for the sake of the business, and that’s where the problem lies. That is my opinion. I think all of them do it just as a job, just as another investment, and not by some sporting passion, which football should be in the first place.… Read more »


What did they back him up with??? Even wenger fans like myself knew the defensively is where we needed to put most of our funds. We haven’t. Especially this past summer. First summer Sven did a good job bringing in CM, GK, and sokratis as a stop gap. Did a bad job moving some of the bigger players such as mustafi. Maybe that would have gave us the extra funds to buy CD cynocu @leicester when he was a Freiburg but they were putting a big club tax on him and would have been ripped apart for that transfer for… Read more »


It has taken me a long time to reach this point, but UNAI EMERY OUT!!!


Thank fuck i watched the Celtic game instead


And now the fart has hit the shit and most of the players are obviously but diplomatically revolting against their coach. Only Sallenhi fails to acknowledge the obvious.., dithering until this obvious bad situation has gotten dangerously worst. And for that inglorious indecision, he should please join Emery at the exit door.


BLAME Enos Stanley Kroenke and possibly Josh too they own Arsenal our club and it’s direction. They don’t care what fans think and if we want change we stop going to games simple as that Enos will sell and it will be a new era because while these people are in charge it’s going to get much much worse. Stan does not give a hoot as long as we keep paying stop and they will wake up when AFC value crashes. Stan Kroenke Born Enos Stanley Kroenke July 29, 1947 (age 72) Columbia, Missouri, U.S. Residence Columbia, Missouri, U.S. Other… Read more »

Ebening News

“ Other name: Silent Stan” LoL

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Stan is creaming money from the club, but the gate takings aren’t really that important in the bigger picture. He takes his cut from the deals we make and from the TV money. Having a half empty stadium probably won’t bother him.


You forgot Screaming Eagle Wines, and the jaw-dropping prices Kroenke charges for its product.

Ebening News

Good Ebening and Goodbye Emery


Sadly and unfortunately, it sounds more than a horrible joke taking too far. It’s real ffs.


What is this? How can they possibly continue with this tripe? If Raul keeps him in any longer then Arsenal are way more naive then I could possibly believe. If he isn’t gone by the weekend, then . . . I actually don’t know what to say. I feel bad for Unai now, it’s like he is in a tar pit up to his nose, we are screaming for him to get out, and Raul and the board are saying “he’ll be ok, he’s got this”.


I have to say he looks like a deadman walking. Looks like they’ll have to put him out of the misery now. That was pretty limpid surrendering a one goal lead at home (without their away supporters even) Whole atmosphere was drab. I thought Xhaka had a decent first half but should have been taken off when he got the knock (if not second half). Not sure what emery’s thinking was there. Also we lost far too many balls (auba again, but younger players like Willock, Saka) With so much at stake, you’d think he’d dust off Lacazette but again… Read more »


Is my display pic the bomb or what