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Report: Xhaka up for sale, Newcastle interested

According to The Times (£), Arsenal will look to offload Granit Xhaka in January with Newcastle United a possible destination.

Stripped of the Gunners captaincy earlier this week, the 27-year-old is now concerned that Unai Emery could enforce a prolonged spell on the sidelines that would jeopardise his chances of representing Switzerland at next summer’s European Championships. He’s been absent from three squads so far and isn’t expected to play a part against Leicester on Saturday.

Recognising that it’s going to be very hard for Xhaka to rehabilitate his relationship with supporters who provoked a reaction from the player by jeering him off the pitch during the 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace, the Gunners hierarchy are said to be willing to sanction a sale.

Xhaka was signed by Arsene Wenger from Borussia Moenchengladbach for the best part of £35 million and has gone on to make 143 appearances. After signing a contract extension last year he’s tied to Arsenal until 2023 on wages around the £130,000 a week mark.

Presumably, Newcastle won’t be the only side sniffing around the Swiss. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea but he’s still widely admired by teammates both at domestic and international level.

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I don’t see him moving to another club in England. I really hope he moves to Italy, for his sake. I can see him succeeding there, for sure. More interesting than going back to Germany too, in my opinion.


Apparently I like commas in my sentences

Avneet Rekhi

Well, that’s not a bad thing to be honest.


, to be honest (that should have read 😉

Crash Fistfight

So you use correct grammar, then?

My name is Jeff

Canadrian joined Russ Hanneman in the 3 Comma Club.

Dave Roberts

Commas are a quite respectable since they make it easier to read your sentences. There’s no need to be ashamed, canadrian, everyone has their frailties and weaknesses. At least you’re not being accused of using too many full stops! Oh, my! I’ve heard, that if we stay in the EU, they plan to ban full stops all together, making it a crime to even think about one.

empathetically, Dave
ps. if you’re still ashamed about your behaviour, then check the Oxford Comma. It’s even used there!


From elected club captain to up for sale within a couple weeks. Makes total sense.


Th curse of the Arsenal Captain appears to have struck again


I hope not.. we have 5 captains this time.


So…Mustafi for captain?


Well, it IS The Arsenal… (Zoom to Emery’s face, wide eyed head tilt to side with big grin)(music in) Wwwaaannnggg Woooooonggg!!!!! (Cue laugh track and applause)


At least we’re being decisive by placing him for sale after being indecisive by taking forever to strip him of the armband, but now we’re being decisive and decisiveness makes me happy and jolly.

Avneet Rekhi

Hang on, it’s only on £Times.

David C

Unless we get big money, i would still keep him as a squad player but maybe we’re beyond that…

I hope Emery’s next to go.

Would you guys want us to lose to Leicester if it meant Emery is fired? I can never cheer against Arsenal but if we lose, that’s Good Ebening to Emery I hope.


I would take it as a silver lining to another loss.
but i still want us to beat them.

i want emery out of our club before it is in ashes, but i would never want us to lose. besides its hardly like josh has come out and said if emery doesnt get a win vs an in-form team sitting in 4th(?) with the highest goalscorer at the moment then he gets the sack.

Thierry Bergkamp

I’m hoping we lose and Emery gets sacked. In the long run we’d lose more than those 3 points with him in charge. I’m sure no matter the result, he’ll still be here.

canon fodder

Cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face is never a good option ‘TB’. A better option will be for Emery to improve, which, in turn, will make Arsenal play better.

Reality check

The curse of Arsenal Captaincy at its peak.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

This is nonsense from the club though. If in Italy, a black player is punished by his club for showing fingers of honour to supporters making monkey sounds, would it be acceptable to us?


Who would it expected that it only takes one incident to get rid of player. Now try it with our coach.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

But it only works on hot-headed people…

Scott P

Maybe we ought to let our new coach come in and take a look around before sanctioning any sales so quickly. There’s no doubt in my mind that Emery has heavily contributed to this saga. Maybe Xhaka’s redemption would be easier if there was a new, more positive ethos at the club.

A man can dream…

The Peter Simpsons

I have to say I agree. Clearly you cannot ignore the fact that the player seems prone to the most calamitous behaviour on occasions but I’m still partially convinced that there is a player in there somewhere. I’d like a new (proper) coach to at least try to redeem the situation, to try and deal with the all-too-frequent lapses in concentration and rash decision making. I’m not excusing his reaction to the substitution however the unfortunate set of circumstances with yet another bed-shitting display from the team and the pervading frustration with the fact that we have a team performing… Read more »

Scott P

Yeah, and a new coach will almost certainly have a different role in mind for him. Redemption doesn’t have to mean he plays every game, and even if he does, it could be in a totally new tactical setup that actually gets the most out of our players. I think we need to see how everyone operates in whatever new paradigm is established before making decisions.

Not John

I believe a lot of Xhaka’s current situation can be traced back to poor management by Emery.

But do you really think Xhaka is arsenal level?

Apart from the odd 30 yard screamer, I really struggle to think of a time he has consistently affected results in a way 20 other premiership players couldn’t have done. In all his time at the club.

Dave M

A case of Newcastle Brown?


Wow, have not seen one of them in over a decade


This is just said. Emery has cost this man his career.
It shouldn’t have come to this. There should have been an apology straight afterwards and he could have been slowly brought back.
Sad it has come to this but I think stubbornness on his part has done him no favours.


I think xhaka played the starring role in that himself


It’s best for the guy and best for us. I can’t see him being accepted back into the fold

Romford Pele

Oh great – has anyone considered that this implies that in the future if fans boo a player off then he will likely be moved on?

It doesn’t set a great precedence for the future…

Man Manny

Xhaka’s reaction was key to me, and not the boos.
Eboue’s was worse by my reckoning, but he wasn’t sold the next minute.

Not John

I think with Eboue the fan base realised we’d gone too far. Eboue’s crime was just not being up to a perceived standard and singling him out was cuntish. The water is muddy with Xhaka, there’s a big section of fans (myself included) who are pissed at the slow trudge off the pitch when chasing the game and also disappointed the man selected to be the best of us, to represent the club, reacted badly. Xhaka’s letter to the fans didn’t do enough to heal the rift. And that he still seems angry/hurt and unwilling to play means his arsenal… Read more »


Surely we should be looking to sell him for more than the 9-ish million that seems to be Ashley’s spending limit.


He spent 30 odd millions on joelinton


Can’t say I’m surprised, but my, my, what a train wreck this has turned out to be. Has the dressing room ever been as unsettled as it likely is now?

Optimistic Gonner

Not that it matters much, but I still want him to stay. ?


I have this sneaky feeling that with the right tactic and formation Xhaka can be a good player.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Well let’s keep him another 4 years and try some more tactics that we have already tried the past few years and we’ll have a miracle in our hands…

Optimistic Gonner

I have that same feeling, let LT11 play DM and play Xhaka as a CM. He has a good long range shot and a good long range pass. It would be a pity if his arsenal career ended this way.


Me too, although I get the feeling Granit has had it with Emery. I’d really like to get a new coach, or Freddie in charge, and see what he could do. Granit clearly isn’t the only player with problems at the moment, there’s the situation with Lucas Torreira, Laca looks totally pissed off, Auba is probably going to leave and the Ozil situation that’s been going on for months, even when he plays him it’s out of position. Unai Emery is damaging the club badly and is going to cost us a fortune in money and reputation.


I remain a big fan of Xhaka. I don’t understand why a man getting visibly angry is some sort of giant insult to the fans. I think you’re all dramatic.


Thierry Bergkamp

I coildn’t care less if he swears at the fans, you gotta be able to receive it as well as you give it. However, I don’t like how he strolled off the pitch and put his feelings above the team getting a result. It’s even worse when you’re the captain.


Yes nate. Many soft and chewy flakes goad a guy an then cry like bitches when he flips. If I were xhaka I would of held up my hands and done the money sign and laugh at most of you brokeass bitches! No lie. Fucking softies


Although I wouldn’t have trudged off the pitch so slow I must say. Or the armband I wouldn’t have thrown


Yes, he should have done all that, no problem. But first he should have handed the armband to a colleague and sprinted off the pitch, so the players who actually want to play football for Arsenal can quickly go on and score the 3-2 (which they did), while he can gladly goad the fans from outside the pitch for as long as he seems fit.


I doubt that Granit would want to go to Newcastle. I would expect him to go back to Germany, where he is respected and where he would be able to play to his strengths. I’m actually quite sad how this has ended up, and although he probably isn’t quick enough to play as a DM in the premier league, a better manager would have played him with a defensive minded partner to offset his weakness and allow him the space he needs. He is a player who has taken on a lot of criticism that should be aimed at Unai… Read more »


The coach is allowed to pick his team without risking the players being abused by their own fans. Disgusted by it.

Have an opinion but we don’t pick the team!


While I agree he’s been a lightning rod for criticism I don’t agree with your assessment of Xhaka the player. You say he would look better next to a more physical defensive midfielder but we’ve already tried that! First Wenger with Coquelin, then Emery with either Torreira or Guendouzi. Emery has even tried him in between both Torreira and Guendouzi this season for extra protection against United, Liverpool and Spurs. Nothing seems to work and the fact that he’s been linked to Newcastle really should speak volumes. His form may in part be down to Emery’s poor tactics but remember… Read more »


noy sure about the first paragraph (my tactical / team sheet knowledge not as deep as the OP

But it’s hard to argue with the last paragraph. Tactics or not, the brainfarts & penalties is bordering on indefensible


I think it’s quite sad, but kicking him out right now doesn’t really improve us the way fans think. Based on everyone else’s performance in the CM position, he is definitely no worse than our other options.


It could improve us, or at least not weaken us, depending on how we act. We save 3 1/2 years of his wages and will get some transfer fee – not as much as he is worth though, in this situation. This should enable us to get a player. By the way I never thought that Xhaka was not good enough for us, he was an OK player. But immediately after his actions I decided for myself that I wouldn’t like to see this player for Arsenal again and while I would have changed my mind depending on the reaction,… Read more »


Emery’s fault for overplaying him. This would never have happened if he had mixed up his midfield selection from time to time.



The fans abused a player to the point where he snapped all because ya’ll didn’t think he should be in the team.

The fans don’t get to pick the team and then abuse a player in red and white because you don’t agree with it.

Zero class.


zero sense…

we DONT get to pick the team, which was part of the problem.
and our opinion is the ONLY input we have to club affairs.

its classier to bend over and take a giant spanish ‘jamon’ than to voice our opinion on his failings?

Drogheda Gunner

Yeah the fan base is toxic at the moment. we are a laughing stock to every other fan base. My mate was telling me when his team loses he just watches arsenal fan TV and it makes him feel better. But Emery has to go, we have got worse in every position possible. And we have a good squad. If we had klopp or pep we wud be easily in third.


It is weird that somebody can be overplayed in a negative context that does not include an injury. I believe he is a good player. But should he be starting? I say no. Torreria is apprently complaining that he is not playing enough. I dont want to curse out Emery and call him an idiot. As far I can see, he gave Xhaka his faith to constantly start games. The very least Xhaka can do, is repay him with decent performances. That has not happened. The main problem here, is these damn players. As far i can see it anyways.… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp


Not Emery

Good ebening friend

I come with comments to make time for comment and comment in way with togetherness.

Spellings are be not in standard of comment but we come with comments again to move forward with more comments.

Full stop is in way of planning and togetherness and we will continue in this to complete discussion comment.

Good ebening.


Leicester have been employing the same formation and pretty much the same players week in, week out (and in the same positions). Likely, therefore, that they know what everyone’s role is, what each other are expected to do and where they will be on the pitch. Do this each week (if it’s mostly working) and it’s likely it will get better and momentum will build. Arsenal, on the other hand….


Good decision, it’s a pitty it took this shameful incident to be sanctioned. And of course a shame that now we’ll sell him for half the price we could’ve get before the incident.
I don’t see him playing in England, the pace is too fast for him maybe on Italy or other sunny league where you’re allowed 30 seconds to turn on your favourite foot and make a pass.


Congratulations to the ‘fans’


Fans haven’t been great, but don’t forget Emery and co.’s role in this as well. They helped create the situation in the first place with awful tactics, constant selection of Xhaka in a poor system, and not forgetting the whole captaincy debacle… His teammates still have love for him and I’d guess that a lot of fans would be open to Xhaka redeeming himself if given the opportunity. As unpalatable as the Xhaka incident was that day, I personally don’t think it’s something he couldn’t have come back from. Emery and co. seem to have other ideas though, so I’m… Read more »

Amin Trotsky

I feel bad for him, he could have been captaining Mönchengladbach whose leading Bundesliga right now. This move really didn’t work for him. There is a player and character in there. Hope he gets something better than a sinking Newcastle.


He needs some way to become a box to box midfielder. He has a shot on him. But just can’t keep up the pace to do it box to box in premier league. Either a slower pace league abroad or a system where he doesn’t have as much defensive responsibilities would help Perhaps with the mobile Torreira and Niles behind him who can shuttle and cover for Bellerin and Tierney. But of course only a mid table aspirations team would build their team around Xhaka. Newcastle makes sense. I doubt the club would be looking to make a profit on… Read more »


Tricky one that. I don’t think Newcastle make sense as they try don’t seem to try and play possession based. Xhaka would suit a slower league like Italy or Germany. He’s good at starting the play, got a shot on him from deep but he’s not mobile enough. He often gets caught in possession just in front of our back line or giving away cards and costly fouls. In the games I’ve seen it seems like they close him down a lot because they know this. In a league like Italy, he’d have a lot more time to control the… Read more »


Agreed. Some players just do not work in the Premier League, Xhaka can join the ranks with the likes of Veron and Shevchenko as good players who just did not like it on a rainy night in Stoke.


Tells you all about Unai(sorry, I know the article isn’t about him) that his favored choice for captain is so poor a player that fans have literally hounded him out of the club.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Come on nobody hounded him out of the club! Lots of players get booed around the world and they rarely/never respond like Xhaka did. Rio himself said he got booed at times by his own fans, Beckham got booed even young Bellerin got the abuse but nobody reacted like that…




I will be furious if this happens!
Under Emery , Newcastle are our direct rival and we shouldn’t go down the path of strengthening them . Xhaka to Barcodes will be the Emery eras RVP ->Manure.

Thierry Bergkamp

This may be true, but I don’t know if you’re being serious or a spud troll


I wonder what kind of transfer fee we’d even get for him at this point. No doubt we’d be looking at a huge loss on our 35m outlay! Would it not be wise to at least try to integrate him into the squad in order to help salvage a better fee? Dumping him from the squad before looking to sell smacks of Arsenal shooting themselves in the foot. His teammates obviously still care about him too, so it’s not as if he’s persona non grata just yet. Apart from the Iwobi fee in the summer, Arsenal have been terrible sellers… Read more »

Gus Caesar

I think/hoped that Xhaka was being edged out of the team anyway, I didn’t expect him to end this season as anything more than a squad option. In a way, this whole affair has worked out ok in terms of us moving on from him in midfield. But we will have to sell him way below his market value and none of this reflects well on us.


no one has mentioned the possibility that xhaka himself is done with arsenal. which i dont blame him for feeling. i also dont blame the fans for booing him etc(social media threats excluded). for WEEKS it was clear the fans weren’t happy with xhaka being selected, let alone made captain a 1/4 of the way into a season. not saying fans should pick the team, but its not like we were crying out for emery to field ‘this exact 11, playing in this exact formation’ we were quite broad with our request, more creative and agile football. Emery has literally… Read more »


also, fans always want something… our fans want arsenal back to where we were playing good football, scaring teams who play us whilst also giving the kids a bit of a chance. thats all a bit too much to ask for directly, so maybe the manager could have done something smaller that the fans were crying out for, just to help ‘man management’ like dropping the player who is getting booed every game, and negative comments on his social media. if you care about a person you take them out of the spotlight, xhaka cant get attacked for playing shit… Read more »


His poor stint as PSG really isn’t spoken about enough. When Emery came in I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt regarding happenings at PSG, if only because he had to deal with that prat Neymar and the massive player power that exists in the PSG squad. I was even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt over some of PSG’s performances, for example the Barca CL result, if only because Barca were a supreme beast at the time. Turns out Emery is a complete mug of a tactician who is also a very… Read more »


To play the youngsters is a non-negotiable part of his job remit, I don’t think he would play them out of choice. He has no history of developing young players and the club ensured he has to play them by selling or loaning players like Mkhi and Iwobi and putting Freddie in place. The way he plays the youngsters shows no concern about their development.


the fans haven’t excepted him for the best part of 2 seasons, makes sense for him to leave,


Xhaka was finished with Arsenal the moment he went off. I think the club made him come up with that apology just to try settle things a little. I still believe he will head back to Borussia in January. Terrible sad because he is a much better player than many give him credit for.

I just hope this will end some of the toxicity towards our players, if not i see big trouble attracting players in the coming years.


Good to see some quick, decisive action being. To be honest, I’ve never rated nor liked him as a player. The truth be told; Xhaka has never performed well enough to hold a position in a club that (appears) to be trying to reach Top 4. He’s to slow physically and mentally, rash and in to be frank he’s a “dumb” footballer i.e. never seems to know what’s going on the field of play or how to position himself, think Hanson’s comment of Walcott’s brain. He should move back to Germany where they apparently rate him highly, as that is… Read more »


This is absolute stupidity from the board of directors to come to a conclusion of selling Xhaka. So if after all this years we as arsenal fan have been crying out for the purchase of world class players and we were never heard until recently, now suddenly same fans are unhappy and complaining about Xhaka’s attitude against Crystal Palace which has warranted the selling of Xhaka then I think there is so much stupidity and foolishness hovering round the fans and the club.. If we as fans could tolerate the bullshit Arsenal Club has brought to us over a period… Read more »

Kentish Gooner

If he leaves, he’ll go on loan. Nobody will pay for him after this absolute sh*tstorm.


Selling Xhaka for £35mill and Mustafi for £15mill, and going out and signing Isco for £50mill, would be a blinding January window.

Having an agile player who can beat the press at the base of our midfield would take us up a level, our best performances over the past 4 years were first half’s of the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons, when Cazorla was playing as our deep lying playmaker.

It was also Ozil’s best periods in an Arsenal shirt, it’s his only real consistent form he’s shown.


Pipe dream.


The stupidity of Arsenal fans knows no bounds. We are a joke. Putty in the hands of the media all too willing to stoke discontent with gullible Arsenal contingent. Here again we have done us zero favours now depriving the team of an important asset in midfield. the midfield has look no more balanced or in control 9if not worse) without Xhaka. Now we’ve alienated him and reduced our options further when we need every swinging dick on hand to rotate and run through an already flawed midfield. Likely he will go in the January window and we will not… Read more »


There will be enough teams besides Newcastle queuing up for Xhaka. Bayern for one may be a destination. …meanwhile I don’t think we will have as many players queuing up to join our shaky team with facile fan base. And the worse thing is the shite generated by fans with this whole sad Granit debacle is going to also potentially trickle down to the rest of the squad. Many players will feel they could be next, will be less invested in the team. Those hopeful we will add in january should pull their heads out of their arse. we have… Read more »


Although I’d like an upgrade to our midfield, I find it troubling that it is basically fan opinion that forces the club to sell its captain.


is this given to the journo by the club or by the agent?

methinks the agent (ie lets see if any suitors and teeny bit of pressure to play Xhaka soon)

Kevin Shrubsole

Hope your all proud hounding a player out of the club with death threats to him and his family we should all be ashamed but maybe I still have old fashioned respect for my fellow human beings


I am very surprised to read that I seem to have hounded a player out of Arsenal with death threats against him and even his family. I honestly can’t remember doing that, but if someone has evidence against me, please bring it forward or inform the proper authorities. I am very proud though, that the club seems to have decided that a player with the attitude and lack of respect for other Arsenal stakeholders as Xhaka showed has no future at the club, regardless if he can help us performance-wise or not. (I think he could as a valuable squad… Read more »


I personally think that Inter would be a great fit for him, and he can play the Anchor Man role there quite well.

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