Friday, August 19, 2022

Video: Arsenal 1-1 Wolves ‘On the whistle’

Another dismal day at the Emirates, Unai Emery’s side lost another lead drawing 1-1 with Wolves.

Read the report and see the goals here.

Here are James’ on the whistle thoughts on today’s game.

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Absolute bonkers that we are in this position. My fear is that we beat Leicester and then decide to hang on to Emery. It wouldn’t be too bad if there were signs that we were building something but there is none whatsoever. Get rid of Emery now then it will give the new manager the interlull to find his feet at the club.


I think you can feel comfortable about our prospects at Leicester.


James then stays up all night penning his article for the athletic entitled “The transfer window stops the Emery limbo” before waking to discover Unai went in the early hours of the morning, rumours rife that Edu invited him on a fishing excursion.

Naked Cygan

What I don’t get is why on earth he replaced Torreira with Saka????
20 minutes left, we are 1-0 up at home, we needed to shut tout and close the game. Torreira is a defensive minded player, could have sat back and helped the shit defence. But no, we needed Saka? He has great potential going forward, but defensively he is raw. This manager needs to go. The defence needs to go back to basics. The sooner we sack him, the less points we drop. He is not moving Arsenal forward with his clown tactics.


It’s easy to cast judgement but you’re not putting yourself in his shoes. They are massive, like size 25. And multicoloured too.


Besy comment ever HH! :)))

Dave M

His use of Torreira is infuriating. I mean do yourself a favour and watch some Uruguay games where he partols as a disciplined, defined DM. He is brilliant at it. Controls the pace of the game, positionally very strong and disciplined, and makes crisp passes to push the ball forward and excellent in the tackle and retaining possession – no nonsense DM that we are crying out for. But for Arsenal, he’s basically playing as a second striker (or third as it were today). And so we play Guendouzi as our DM. A player that is big, strong, fast, technically… Read more »

Dave M

I was waiting for the Scooby-doo moment when James pulled off his mask and it was really blogs making this video! James…he’s got you. There really is no way back from here. Just hurry up and make the change Arsenal.


We are all armchair mangers but how many of us on this forum have FIFA pro licenses? All mangers have to get these and are not easily awarded so all have a good understanding of the game so to say Emery doesn’t know what he’s doing is far from the truth. The real trick to management is to get your players working for you and each other. Unfortunately Emery has not been able to do this and I think his time at Arsenal is fast coming to an end. The reasons why it hasn’t worked maybe communication or lack of… Read more »


Very good analysis James, as always. I find myself more and more watching your videos after the matches, it’s a shame you don’t write on your blog anymore. I’ll have to subscribe to the Athletic I guess.


And it continues, finding a way to drop points from the jaws of victory. Lets just get use to it, wont change as long as “Unai allergic to winning a football match Emery” is in charge.

Martin Elliott

We have a top four squad. We should be winning these games. I cannot believe it is possibly for a coach to mess things up so badly. Yes, we should sack Emery, but Mourinho is not the answer.


If James has run out of patience with Emery, you know we are in trouble.

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