Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Video: Arsenal 2-2 Southampton ‘On the whistle’

Arsenal drew 2-2 with Southampton yesterday, another disappointing day and more points dropped.

Here are James’ ‘on the whistle’ thoughts.

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Arsenal 2-2 Southampton: Another dismal day, but the blame lies higher up than Unai Emery

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Kentish Gooner


Ennui ball

Common Raul, James is on his knees for goodness’s sake!

Upamecano but downalego

10years from now saying “I support Arsenal” will be a polite way of saying “I’m not really THAT into football”.

Post January Blip

Quality name, have an upvote.

Upamecano but downalego

Why thank you, Mr Coleman!


I can’t be bothered to watch the matches anymore. Instead I’m getting to know my girlfriend. She seems cool!

Upamecano but downalego

So proud of the club for grabbing a last minute equaliser against the daunting Southampton! What a game! This could propel us on to really big things, who knows, we might yet stay in the PL this season. FA Cup round the corner too, hopefully we’ll draw a big team at home, like Daggenham & Redbridge or Colchester, that’ll give us a boost on ticket sales even if we can’t beat them. Heard that if the weathers bad for the next away game then Raul and Vinai will hire and drive a couple of mini-buses for us fans, there’ll be… Read more »


It’s ppl like you who’s got no AMBITION & iron balls to back it up,..who call themselves goonerz and yet can’t see the realities of our predicament,..who still support the asshole called Emery despite the fact that he’s leading us into doom,..Are the problem with our club!???


erm, think you’ll find its called sarcasm;)

Upamecano but downalego

…You took that seriously? ??‍♂️ Luckily for you I carry a donor card and clearly live a dangerous lifestyle…

The internets a massive place, but you’ve definitely ’stood out’ on it today, well done!


does show how much anger there is atm though, and not going to blame anyone for being hacked off with how things are going, and not everyone ‘does’ sarcasm 🙂

Sanellhi out.

Reality check

Get outta’re a Dagenham or Colchester fan.. otherwise how could you know what it feels like to be a small club fan, and in such good detail too

Upamecano but downalego

… but, surely if you know how good the detail is… then you also must be!? ? Mind you, if things carry on, we all will be!

Reality check

True say..


cheers slappy, look forward to hearing the arsecast tomorrow.

I’m all emeryed out (hey, Emery Out;), don’t envy blogs having to write about this for however much longer they let it go, which at this point is anyone’s guess.

Zet Yeo

Arsenal fans will hate to admit it, but we are missing Xhaka. Until we are able to find a better replacement, it will be costly to leave him out of current midfield.

Paul Roberts

The Stan Kroenke “suck the life out of our club” thing is coming true isn’t it? Shit and Fuck!!


To me it’s not that simple as I don’t see a lack of resources being a massive barrier for whomever is in charge. Maybe the wrong appointments have been made, but our situation is not due to a lack of investment.

Basically, I don’t see why the right manager couldn’t do well with this squad. As for the current manager, it’s now up to those above him (and this is where I’d ultimately include the Kroenkes) to realise their mistake and fix it. If they don’t, then, yeah, it’s on them.

Paul Roberts

As an Arsenal fan of 50 years it worries me that I am beginning to think watching the Arsenal is not worth it anymore, it brings nothing to my life.
I don’t like the owners, I don’t like the board, I don’t like the manager and I don’t see anything changing much in the foreseeable future.
However watching my 6 year old grandchild play football for Clacton FC yellows is bloody brilliant and is helping with my pain.


Que Sara Sara, whatever will be will be, were fucked under emery, que Sara sara ?


Emery seems like a decent guy, and Spartak Moscow is the only job he’s previously been sacked from. He was successful at Lorca, Almeria, Valencia, Sevilla, PSG. I think our problems run much deeper than Emery, but it’s probably time for a change, and I’d like us to go all in for Pochettinho, if not I’d go for Rafa Benitez, just to get a safe pair of hands in to steady the ship. I think the reality is, the vast majority of our players really aren’t up to much, we lacked investment for a long time, and when we tried… Read more »


Why do people keep raising the prospect of Pochetino moving to Arsenal? He’s already ruled it out himself! Dollars to donuts the Board will opt for someone cheap (& inexperienced) – like Arteta (who has coached one game, when his team was thrashed!).

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