Arsenal remain top of their Europa League group after a soporific 1-1 draw with Vitoria in Portugal this afternoon.

Unai Emery’s side had just one shot on target – the 80th minute header from Shkodran Mustafi which gave them the lead – but once again let a lead slip, conceding in injury time to allow the home side a point.

It was as poor a game as we can remember, and considering how bad some of them have been recently, that’s saying a lot.

Read the Vitoria 1-1 Arsenal report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


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I know this isn’t the best environment for young players right now but am I missing something about Ceballos? I’ve yet to see what the fuss is about and it seems silly to keep playing him


He looked amazing in his first game. Not so much any more.

Oh No Nevery.

Even in the first game, I thought he wasn’t that great honestly. Sure, his ability on the ball looks nice, but he puts every move to a halt. With him in the center, we’ll never build up proper attacking speed (well, not under Emery anyway). He’s pretty mindless/reckless too sometimes.

Reality check

I kmow, a loan player must hit the ground running but Dani is not a seasoned professional. He’ll take time to adjust. He has raw ability and a lot of it but no experience or any good number of games under his belt.. it’s just one of those..


But then again, which of our players actually plays good football nowadays?

The way we play sucks life of everyone.

Optimistic Gooner

Our play is too slow, always looking for safe sideways and back pass. No player to take on defenders and drive forwards. There is no combination play which was the hallmark of Wenger era. It’s like players don’t have confidence on their defence and scared to commit to attacking. If you look at Liverpool, Chelsea, city and heck Leicester now, there passes are one touch and always looking to drive forward with pace. I thought Unai would be the manager to do that but he has made us a lot worse. Sack him now, his inefficient methods are dragging the… Read more »


He had one excellent game – the first one. Since then, he’s been useless. His skills are amazing, but he doesn’t do anything meaningful on the pitch. It perhaps has to do something with our “tactics”. He was roaming freely in that first game, maybe he’d do better if he were given more freedom (á la Özil).


Don’t think it’s that much of a coincidence that his first game was the best one. My ‘theory’ is that it’s something that was also true for the ‘late Wenger era:’

every new player that comes into the system looks amazing & as a breath of fresh air at first, only for him to lapse into the greyness around him. Think Iwobi.

None of the players is ‘in form,’ or even ‘gradually getting better.’


He already had all freedom against CP, for example… all freedom and enough games to show playing him each game means nothing.


The full stop situation in the player comments is getting worse by the week. I thought we’d turned a corner a few games back, only two comments ended without the required punctuation.

But since then it’s been like freeform jazz. One here, not one there. I can only assume like Bronte used the wildness of the moors to mirror Heathcliff’s character, Andrew uses the laissez faire approach to full stops to exemplify the chaotic and illogical management of the club.


i see that…no proper sentences and punctuation until we start playing cohesive football with every player in their proper position….until then, let’s find as much joy as possible in sentence fragments and torreira as an attacking midfielder….

Paul Roberts

Thanks for killing our dreams. 🙂


Makes sense, apart from the last bit.. he’s not a 10 I think, he doesn’t spot the pass that well, a few times tonight he could have released players on the wing but he held on too long and brought the ball back to traffic. We have so many 8s right now it’s ridiculous, that’s why we can’t penetrate teams in my opinion. I said it after the last game and I’ll say it again. Wenger in.. as caretaker till the end of the season, it would be 100 times better than this and a million times better than Mourhino.


None of our midfielders have been good this season. In fact none of our players (besides Aubameyang) have been good this season.


Özil has heen good, even great…

Paul Roberts

Is that you Unai??

Mesut O’Neill

We are talking football not Fortnite

SB Still

That probably says a lot about the head coach than the players.

Many new players like Saka, Tierney, Martinelli, Willock, Pepe, etc all started their respective seasons very well but have been brought down a few levels – Emery effect! No clarity of roles, tactics, formations, they must be more confused than us, after all they deal with Emery a lot more.

Paul Roberts

First team second team, whatever competition….we are really shit aren’t we?? Be honest folks? FS


The womens team is great!


Everyone is struggling now, not just Ceballos who did look very good in his first couple games.


Possibly because the whole team is devoid of any energy or tactics.

All our players are playing badly.

This is awful and the time is up. Please do something Arsenal board, surely surely surely you can see as much as fans how bad we have become.


Ceballos is a player who gets the ball running between players in transition. Without movement around him, we are are really not using his talents.

Cultured determination

Just because he’s spanish and has some footwork in that 1 game to remind us of santi. He aint no santi so far

Master G

We want to get rid Elneny because he only pass to sideways/back. Now, it seems that we play with 3 Elneny’s in the midfield.


Overrated Elneny..


He has to go. Quickly.

Dave M

Remember when the cups used to be fun… He’s even taken that from us. Surely it’s time for Simpson arsenal to deliver the “stop, stop, he’s already dead” gif now?


I think their expression after the Vitoria goal says it all. In words, What.The.Fuck.


I finished work early for that shite.

I can’t remember a less creative Arsenal team in the past 20 years. What the fuck is happening to us under this manager?

Hard to rate the players at the moment – I have to think they’re better than that.


I’m not convinced we are much better…. I’d take the majority of the Leicester first team over ours. Perreira, Chilwell, Evans, Soyuncu, Ndidi, Maddison, Tielemans, and there’s really not much between Vardy and Lacazette, and Schmeichel and Leno. I think we look pretty average, because we are pretty average. Our recruitment was poor for years, and this is just the result of the latter years of Wenger+Gazidis, whist we’ve picked gems for peanuts with Guendouzi+Martinelli, it’ll be a few years before we really see the benefits. Emery will likely get the sack in the break, I’m just not convinced that… Read more »

Dat guy

Don’t get ahead of yourself mate lol


Yea yea, it would still be AW & Ivan’s fault 10 seasons later. Ridiculous.


I am always getting my 9 year old to watch Arsenal games. Today he protested and confessed it was too boring and only does it to make me happy. He enjoys watching City instead. He came when we had the lead, sat down and by injury time he was all smiles because the game was fun to watch then. He celebrated the equaliser wildly and I joined in the fun for those near misses and post at the end.
We had a good ebening of sorts all things considered

Henry II

I always find these debates interesting. I view myself as fortunate as whilst I didn’t have a choice what club to support due to family influence at least it was a top tier team and not a Huddersfield etc. So I always admire fans of those so called lesser teams given the turgid football they are mostly exposed to. However I get the debate as for any team to be globally successful they need to build a fan base outside of the local areas and as such need to entice fans with attractive football, on pitch success, correct values etc.… Read more »

Henry II

Sorry replied to wrong thread, obviously meant for Tim’s post below!


Honest question: I guess a lot of current Arsenal fans fell in love with the club during the Wenger era. If things go on this way, can the love last? In other words, will there be a moment where we will ask ourself: am I a fan of Wenger era Arsenal, or a fan of Arsenal no matter what – I mean once the values, the style, the way of playing are gone and we are just another investment vehicle for some rich people with a coach that is just doing a job and a board that is just doing… Read more »

Dale Cooper

Arsenal, no matter what. What kind of fucking question is that?

Olivije Žirod

I am asking this myself too. Do I love Arsenal or Wenger’s Arsenal. I am feeling kind of bad because of it though. I still watch all of our games and favour Arsenal infront of other stuff but I just don’t feel the excitement anymore. Even in Wenger’s last season, no matter how tough it was I was looking forward to the every game and I was optimistic too!


Yeah! Me too! Its just like going to the movies. A lot of sequels, remakes and stupid movies about superheroes. The creativity and passion is gone long ago and the audience (me) doesnt care as much anymore. Sure, its a bit fun but no more than that.


I started following Arsenal in 2001 when I moved to London from the States and Arsenal happened to be the closest team to my flat geographically. First professional game I ever saw was when they beat United at Old Trafford in 2001. Watched every game I could over the next few years. I’m certainly much less enthusiastic about watching games and following the club than I had been a decade ago, but it’s hard to know how much of that is due to getting older, moving from London, etc. I believe it started when Kroenke took over and there was… Read more »

Paul Roberts

I started following The Arsenal in 1971 when we won the double and I was 6 years old. Help!!!! 🙂

Heavy Gunner

I became an Arsenal supporter when I was born- my surname is (believe it or not) GUNNER! When I was about 5 years old, my Dad said to me: If you don’t behave yourself boy, I’ll buy you a Sp*rs shirt for Christmas. All of our family have been Gooners- nothing you can change with that- but these are VERY TRYING TIMES! Bad times, good times, Arsenal have always been a class act, but these days I’m starting to wonder..

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

Your dad sounds like a top bloke


Me too, Charlies winner and celebration.

Now he is a gentleman guiding fans on stadium tours. This Club still has lot of class. Because of history and fans, NOT the owners


I think we all want our Arsenal back.


i watched my first arsenal game in 1999. for me arsene = arsenal = arsene. that beautiful football? that was arsene’s doing. those were his players and his management that brought it out of them. they did it in an arsenal kit for sure, and i’m of the opinion that once you’ve fallen in love with a team, it’s for life… but…it IS painful to watch now. and we’re not going to recover for quite a while i’d wager. arsenes don’t just grow on trees you know.

Sully Taylor

If Wenger goes back into the management I am definitely going to support his team as well as Arsenal. Miss that guy :'(


Arsenal fan always! A better question would be, how many young people starting to follow football now are going to choose to support Arsenal? We’re boring, and don’t challenge. If Aubameyang leaves, that’s really about it as far as us being an attractive club to support goes. Sad times on so many levels.


Literally raised this exact question around two years ago. Guess there are many young kids supporting City and Liverpool nowadays…

Paul Roberts

On the plus side Man U’s future home counties fan base is going to be non-existent! 🙂


I asked myself the same question. I (due to my age) became a fan during the early Wenger years. As long as the club represents my values to a certain degree I support this club. But there is a point where I would stop, not because of a few bad games but at some point I have to draw the line.


As a young child I followed the flavour of the month with football, but by time i was 10 or 11, i started watching Arsenal and grew to love them. I’m 34 now and would never look back. Arsenal til i die, which at this rate and the way my beloved club is being run/managed, will be very soon. Every minute watching the games, and the “banter” i get from my friends is slowly sucking the life out of me. Bring back the good times, the good football. I don’t even care if we don’t win silverware, just get the… Read more »


Well put mate. Reading through this entire thread of ‘stick or flip’ opinions, it strikes me that there is a type of ‘softer’ supporter – either latter-day entrants or simply those for whom it’s a pleasant diversion, but not too much more. And there’s nothing wrong with that – Arsenal is a classy enough club, certainly, to be able to tolerate varying views and levels of support. However… the true ‘fan’, as I respectfully see it, is the one who, at some point and for some (often arcane) reason – decides that they’re a Gooner, and that this decision is… Read more »


I guess I should have phrased the question better: no doubt one will remain a fan, but there are several degrees of fandom. Can you still feel as strongly, as a fan coming from that era, under those conditions? What happens if and when the fire and the passion are not there anymore?


I still feel as strongly about the club! What i dont like is how its being run and managed. Classy club to classless. The poisonous fans, the poor tactics, bottling the big decisions (manager and higher).

‘Victoria Concordia Cresit’

Nothing Harmonious anymore


I still do, too. I was just wondering about the long run and was curious to hear what other people thought. I guess my problem is I always considered Arsenal as a sort of bastion, a refuge against what I didn’t like in other teams and in football in general (I know, idealistic, right?).


At present i can’t really answer the fire and passion portion of you question. I still have the fire and passion, and my points are really what’s keeping the fire stoked. I want to see the team back how they were (also idealistic 🙁 ). I will always be passionate about Arsenal, however, its up to the club to keep that fire and passion going on the pitch, in the board room etc, to ensure the fans keep the same.


See my post just above… When the ‘fire and passion’ aren’t there, you’re not truly a Gooner… and perhaps you never were. More of a casual fan.
For whom there is a space in the Arsenal universe. Casual fan is OK, if you like soggy Cornflakes.

Group Captain Mandrake

I became a fan the second year Wenger got to Arsenal (just luck that they were showing a game on U.S. TV at the time). I was a fan through the good times and the bad. I am still a fan, and still watch, but mostly because the games are on early in the morning and there isn’t anything else to do yet. If they were on later in the day, I probably wouldn’t watch. I still would want them to win, but there are more enjoyable things to do with my day than slog through a game. Whether it… Read more »

Paul Roberts

I don’t mean to be rude, but if you only remain a fan if the team is doing well, then you are not a true fan in my opinion.


Sure, but it’s sort of like the Ship of Theseus. How many things need to be changed about the club before, despite all appearances to the contrary, it is no longer the same club. It’s not just about a poor run of results, but about abiding by a certain way of going about things, on the pitch and off. The more that changes the more you start to wonder what it actually is you’re spending precious hours of your life, and significant mental space, supporting. For me that’s not that linked to actual results. Every club will inevitable go through… Read more »


No it ain’t. The only thing that will truly ‘change’ Arsenal irrevocably is if we – all of us – change. Our support, our standards, our views on what Arsenal is. Form is temporary, as are Boards, Managers, players and tactics. Class is permanent. And we’ve been pretty classy for over 130 years.


I understand your train of thought. This is the conundrum I’m facing and I guess a whole lot of fans as well.


Although I admire the honesty in asking the question, I’m equally appalled by it. You’re an Arsenal fan, or You’re not, through the good and the bad. Imagine being a Middlesbrough fan? Those guys don’t just ditch and support city. I think you had better skip to the end and buy a Barca shirt., my old muckker


Read my rephrasing above, I hope it makes it less appalling. Also, it is not about the good and the bad, as we’ve had good and bad periods under Arsene too. As for Barca (or any other team) it’s a pass, thank you. My point implied that if and when the passion for Arsenal goes, the one for watching and following “high level” football will disappear with it.


I hopped on with the club early to mid noughties. The good times. Prior to that getting access to watching matches this side of the water where I live was a real challenge unless you had $$ which definitely excluded me. Yes, style was the draw for me. Grew up playing and always loved stylish play. The style is certainly gone. We’ve scored a few beauties this season, but it’s in spite of rather than a result of our direction, and down to simply having some quality players who can do it. You can tell it’s no longer cultured by… Read more »


I wont change team now. It doesnt feel right. Buton the other hand, i wont pay money to see arsenal anymore and even if todays game was on a channel i have i didnt watch the full game and i dont get angry anymore when we loose. it seems like the club doesnt care anymore so why should i? It has become a little boring.

Paul Roberts

“I wont change team now. It doesn’t seem right” Changing teams is not what fans do over the age of 14 years old! What is happening to our fanbase?? FS!


100% Paul. Here’ another perspective that may assist those who’re conflicted by the past few seasons:
are you truly going to allow Emery, or Kroenke, or anyone else… to tear away from you something that’s been around for more than a century?
How you answer that question depends on whether you see Arsenal as an entrenched sporting icon – a set of values, beliefs and ideals that stand way higher than any passing phase of ownership, management, players or tactics.


I hear you. I do think, however, that that set of values, beliefs and ideals must be kept alive or they will slowly fade away. I wish nothing more than seeing them be upheld again, regardless of results.

Martinellis belly

Depends you’ve got the Londoners whether born or who have lived there and those with family connections who will always support them. Then you’ve got the international fans who chose us for our style of play and success. I’m not someone who disses these fans though. They’re an important part of making us a big club and give us the income to try and compete with the best. I live in Vietnam at the moment and basically whoever plays the most exciting football, the kids will choose them as their team and probably stick to them for life. The important… Read more »

Paul Roberts

I fell in love in the Bertie Mee team era with the 1971 double and my love continued in the George Graham era with the famous title win at Anfield it continued in the Wenger era and it continuous to this day…


Do you mean ‘are we all really Chelsea fans ?’ I was there before Wenger and will be after Unai. Not sure what sort of fan you are. Born and raised in N London. Always arsenal !

Martinellis belly

Na read it again. I was born and raised in N London too. Im just saying what I observe living in Vietnam now. The kids here obviously pick the most fun/ exciting teams to support. That was us 15 years ago. It isn’t now.

Martinellis belly

Oh wait you were replying to someone else. Nvm then!


Arsenal all the way. Tough times right now but the club is in transition, this was always going to be tough. I feel a bit sorry for Unai to be honest but I hope he goes in the break, we’re horrible to watch and we are not getting champions league at this rate.


I’m just gonna put my humble pov here. I fell in love with arsenal during Wenger years indeed, we played amazing football, was fun to watch and loved the philosophy/principles that the team had. We might not have won many things during a long time, but it was always fun to watch the team play. Even today, and with Wenger gone, I’d like the team to continue with the ethos that made me fall in love with the team to start with. I won’t even ask of us to win every single thing out there, but at the very least… Read more »


I reckon that’s a natural reaction to having had a manager for so long. And especially one that was so likeable. I’m from the pre-Wenger era but he was here so long that I don’t feel connected to the club at all at the moment. I think that might be the case for the next few years. But at some point we’re going to stumble upon a great new manager who’ll reinvigorate our love for the club. It’s the times like these that you have to hang on in there. It’ll make the good times even sweeter when they come… Read more »


the free flowing creative style of Wenger is key to my fan hood. Will I ever cheer for another club? No never. Will I decrease my interest significantly if we keep being so hopeless and such a boring team to watch? Definitely.


i believe the word for what you’re describing is “plastic”


There were four managers before Wenger all with a year a piece or so. It’s not like managers that are that good come along instantly. If you thought emery was going to come in right away and boom 10-15 years your naive. He should have been gone last season to be fair with the great crumble that is continuing on now. It’s a sour time right now, but the club is still the arsenal now just like it was with Rioch. Hopefully the board has some sense and have watched a couple of the past few games.


Arsenal, no matter what. I don’t work my life around the games so I can watch them any more – I have three kids, family takes priority. I haven’t even been motivated to watch highlights in recent weeks, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care or that I won’t be back when we have a new manager. More that it’s kind of painful to watch…

(Started watching in early 1994, so I remember the 1994/95 season)


having read right through the thread that Tim’s question has provoked – I feel a large Thank You is in order:
for having the balls to ask that question and so, provoke so many of us to actually reflect on and articulate why Arsenal is ours… not Stan’s or Unai’s or anyone else’s


I also appreciated this discussion very much. Polite, informed and meaningful comments from everyone. Thanks to everyone for taking that time to share your opinion.

Martinellis belly

Another thing I forgot. As I said you’ve got the tribal fans ie locals who are stuck with Arsenal no matter what but the international wenger era fans are different. They fell in love with this mad team glued for 20+ years to this eccentric philosopher who refused to ever compromise on his attacking football principles. Thats such a clearly defined unique experience of fanship that its alien for us to adapt to anything else. At first it was glorious and then it was just almost glorious mixed with frustration so it kept us coming back for more. An unpredictable… Read more »


Terrible, turgid play. Even in the unlikely event we beat Leicester Emery needs to go during this international break. If there is no ready made successor then appoint Freddie interim manager. It is well past time.

dr Strange

That’s really high ratings for the rubbish they produced.


Because no one seemed to be lazy or error prone, just clearly seemed like tactically they were lost and confused. A team that is capable of so much can only be this collectively terrible if the tactics are wrong. This manager seems to have no clue and is incapable of motivating or instructing his players.


What about if you only briefly thought about jamming a fork in the wall socket, do I still get a 10?


The manager will be happy with the draw and that is the problem


No point rating individual players today, just rate the manager -10 and get on with it.
These players are not to blame for today.

Kentish Gooner

I literally just scroll down to look at the comments now because it’s so depressing reading how shit we are in the reports :'(

A Gorilla

Shhhh don’t give the game away


Our manager is making good players and great potential players look awful with his nonsense tactics. We play with the handbrake + the break peddle firmly on even against inferior opposition. Will he not get it that Arsenal are not Sevilla and that the prem is about imposing your influence on teams as opposed to be being the plucky little club that could?

It’s getting silly now. Time for a change. Whether that’s if tact or manager only Raul knows…


And Ceballos is being poorly man managed imho..


0/10 for Vitoria…

Didnt take the chance to put us out of our misery. A point and still top of the group. Had they of beaten us we may of seen the last of Emery, however, no we have to put with his droll and pathetic football “tactics” against Leicester


Never posted before, but as a (relatively) older fan that turns 50 tomorrow, thought I’d throw in my thoughts after reading Tim’s comment. As a pre-Wenger supporter, I’ve watched this sort of dire performance before – many times. But, given the new ground, these are worrying times. I imagine a significant proportion of the fanbase is there due to Wenger-ball. This is anything but. I too wonder if they will stay loyal to the club. I remember Highbury being 3/4 full when we were shit, so wonder how big the fanbase really is. I can cope with losing and bad… Read more »


To be honest, this match and result don’t really matter. It would have been nice to see bright, expansive football and to win by a sizeable margin, but we’re going to win this group no matter what transpired today. All eyes are on this weekend in our most consequential game of the season. Win, and we’re 3 points off the top 6. Lose, we’re 9 points adrift and for all intents and purposes, the Europa League is our only path back to Champions League football next year. Bearing in mind that Laca and Auba will likely want out this summer… Read more »


The (all too maleable)fans have made it worse. We will have to replace Laca. he or Auba likely gone in the summer. 2) We have midfield issues to deal with too. Granit likely gone as probably cebellos. That means we need another 3 additions of quality, not likely to happen. 3) We still have to resolve Cback. Saliba hopefully lives up to hype (as pepe has). BUT Luiz is panic measure. Mustafi likely gone so again plenty of shortfall to deal with. Meanwhile if we don’t make top 4 again, will be a big ask for the regime in charge… Read more »


Don’t you get it ? We are fudging improving. Way to go.


I watched the first half fully present, then switched to playing Modern Warfare with the game in my iPad in my field of view. Just terrible

Big Mad Andy

I watched on 6x fast forward

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

When a team concedes a last minute goal for the first time,the blame falls on the coach but when it happens more than twice then the players need to take a hard look at themselves…all accusations shouldn’t be put on Emery…that’s not fair at all

Exactly. Too many people like to find blame or fault with one scape goat. First it was Flamini many seasons back but when he was replaced by Coquelin (to popular approval) Francis and ramsey conspired to let in 14 goals in 7 straight matches subsequently. Then it was Wenger. Anyone will do even if 3 seasons out of CL was the cry. then Mustafi. Luiz celebrated (somehow) as an upgrade when in reality he is a panic buy. then recently another self inflicted problem with Granit. Our fans again prey to media crisis manufacture. As you can see midfield is… Read more »


Europa league used to be what brightened up my week after a Sunday or Monday night game. i am not sure what is left now that Emery has managed to mess that up also.


We never ever were a team with european pedigree. Europa is at best a distraction. Fans took it for granted when Wenger was able to sustain us every season for 15 or 16 seasons straight in the top 4. The ingrates complained it was boring, better to drop out of top four they said so we could win something. …be careful what you wish for. I mentioned even back then there was no guarantee of winning europa and that the competition was pale in comparison to the much derided top 4 pot. BUT fans 9as they are now) were prey… Read more »


Have been a gunners fan since 1986 when i was just 6 , this is probably the worst football i have ever witnessed


Hasten to add i never called for Wenger to leave as it super to watch even when we lost, however this manager must go!!!!!! couldnt run a bath
Our midfield is non existant, no shape , i want a solid bank of 4 with 1 winger on one side and a ray parlour type on the other, need 4-4-1-1 or else 4-2-3-1
Our tactics are comical, no shape, would love to have Patrick V back within the coaching setup

Paul Roberts

Thank you for the bonus rating it stopped me in my tracks! 🙂


Not sure what else to say. We are now a poorly coached side. Simple as that. Emery focuses more on the opposition than his own team and the players very obviously have no clue on how they should play.

Rambo scored in the CL tonight. Anyone blame him for leaving? (and I appreciate we could have got him to stay)

Sad state of affairs. We’ll bounce back but shouldn’t be like this

Paul Roberts

I don’t think bouncing back is anytime soon.


Wanted to jump out the window, but I’m on the ground floor so it would only be slightly more effective than this Arsenal side under Emery.




Wow………I meet negativity all day long and Jesus wept blogs your negativity is outstanding here. Away, in the wet, and the performance was plucky by all of our players…… general 6s is a lazy way of saying that you’re on the Emery out bandwagon. Nothing wrong with that, ( the Emery out bandwagon), but the site gets more toxic, with the majority here becoming like AFTV. Take your Tierney rating, 6! Not one bit of recognition he was outstanding tonight, defensively, attacking, touch and awareness……No, no, ignore that , give him a 6……..Jesus wept Blogs , do it properly and… Read more »


Not sure what game you were watching mate


Yup, spot on Ollie. I can’t wait to see Tierney tearing it up for us, but I thought he was pretty poor tonight. And I don’t think it’s toxic here, it has been some times in the past but generally it’s pretty reasonable conversation with a whole bunch of pissed off fans.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Instead of giving the job to Ljunberg…raul and edu should go tempt Eddie howe over.. He wi happily come and I’m sure Bournemouth would let him go,knowing fully well he has established the club and they want him to get a big job… I guess we should go for eddie howe right now


Rather Freddie than Eddie any day of the week…


I don’t like saying this. But I have to say it. WHEN IS UNAI LEAVING?


When you have Mustafi as close to MOTM, you know there’s something wrong with the team. 1) Martinez – kept us in this game with a number of important saves. Had to come out and claim things several times. Wanted to play the ball out quick but our front men were never in position to do so. 2) AMN – Too casual still. Tried to go down the line and crossed a few times but take ons were half hearted. Sometimes, he misses the ball and then goes down when he should be putting in the full shift. Not convinced… Read more »


I didn’t see the game, but these ratings are so typical of Arsenal under Unai Emery, i.e. no individual player was too bad, yet collectively we were terrible.


Lucky you…


Technical question: Is there a way to get the player ratings to show on iPhone or Safari?


Well that’s it for me really. I’ve got no ill will towards the manager and I’m sure he can do well elsewhere but… we’ve got to change it. The football is bad, the players look bereft of confidence, the manager has lost authority and looks bereft of ideas and confidence himself and I just can’t see how it can be turned around. I think some forget how bad the football was under wenger by the end but I guess in replacing him I was hoping for some rejuvenation and that we could rediscover ourselves somewhat as a club where things… Read more »


That was dog doo-doo. Insipid no creativity. Again no one linking with the attack. I’ll bright side this though; Willocks ability to ride a challenge especially is sublime, though he had few touches does Martinelli seem like he special? He seems to do something pretty nifty every time he is on the ball even when it doesn’t work. Though Pepe had a not so amazing game and looks devoid of confidence his dead ball work is pretty darn good. Well… I guess that’s the bright side. Oh maybe emery will be done soon?


Its beyond a joke. You can watch slapstick comedy but after the same guy makes the same mistakes over and over and over, it stops being funny and just becomes sad. This needs to change. For the fans, players and manager, alike.


Mustafi man of the match for me


why cant this team defend? every cross, corner or freekick was not cleared, they could have had 3 or 4 in the first half. they allow the opposition time and space to pepper our goal shots. team got no shape. no plan. Emery sucks- il take wenger back.


unai: 10. i like his strategy copying mourine. big payday ahead!


I’m not one for knee-jerk reactions, not to players nor (especially) managers. I wasn’t ever on the Wenger-out wagon and have been a voice for patience as regards Emery. That said, I have slowly reached the tipping point – and become incensed by what this small-minded, narrow-visioned, incommunicative (except his enviable vocabulary of platitudes and cliches), indecisive and frankly, cowardly man has done to our club in less than 2 seasons. Yes – he inherited a fragmented team with some deadwood. Yes, he needed time to first, undo the last year or two of Arsene and then refashion our style… Read more »


Terrifying times when Mustafi is our best player and we can’t break down a Portuguese 5th placed team in the Europa League (who finished 9th in primeira the year previous).. Willock passing the ball back to the keeper every time he got it, 3 at the back with Mustafi and Holding didn’t work.. zero creativity in the midfield and when things weren’t happening, nothing changed and it remained stagnant. Personally prefer to have Ozil trying the odd through ball and playing better football than getting run away with by that crowd.. maybe I should have just jumped haha

Tasmanian Jesus

Luckily, I didnt have time to watch it.