Thursday, July 7, 2022

Xhaka: I can’t accept what happened to me

Granit Xhaka’s future at Arsenal remains in doubt as he returned to the club after a successful Interlull with Switzerland.

The midfielder scored in a convincing win over Gibraltar earlier this week, which followed a 1-0 win over Georgia to see his country qualify for Euro 2020.

However, it doesn’t like time away has seen his mood grow in any way conciliatory, and the the removal of the captaincy from him after his outburst during the 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace appears to still burn.

Speaking to Swiss outlet SRF, he hinted strongly that he’s prepared to move on, saying, “I have a clear idea as to how things should proceed, and Arsenal know this as well.

“Although I still have a contract with them, I will be glad to return to the club so we can finally sort matters out.

“There will surely be a solution, as I can’t accept what has happened with me.”

Xhaka was fit for our last Premier League game against Leicester, but made it clear to Unai Emery that he was not in the right frame of mind to play.

It remains to be seen if he’ll be in the squad for the visit of Southampton on Saturday.

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Getting a bit ridiculous now. I was initially on his side when he made his statement. Not sure anymore.

Best thing would be for him to move elsewhere and not play for us again.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It’s like someone told him he made us play better.


Granit needs to be sold. It hasn’t worked out for him at Arsenal at all. He hasn’t be able to achieve the same things he did at Monchengladbach. That’s football. Sometimes that happens. Time for all parties to move on.

He should be sold in January.

Keeping him around would be grotesquely weak management from Emery and the superiors.


Yes he did perform well especially when Torreira was playing as a genuine DM and he was a deep lying midfielder which is his true position as he plays for his country. His passing range is also one of the best in the country. However Emery messed things up by moving Torreira forward and Xhaka was played as a DM which he is not suited

Martinellis belly

He’s got worse this year with Emery’s antics but he’s been below par for years. Don’t you remember the penalty against Brighton that cost us the top 4? One of the most brainless things I’ve seen on a pitch. Doesn’t matter about his passing when he’s that much of a defensive liability. You just can’t have someone with his immobility playing in the PL.

A Different George

I thought it was Mustaf against Palacei that cost us the top four? Or Aubamayang’s crappy missed penalty against Spurs. Or . . .


I dnt understand how everyone keeps thinking xhaka penalties cost us.. Like the whole defense isnt trash. Like sokratis dnt give aways stupid fouls.

Bodie CI5

Martin,, he makes to many mistakes and has been doing so for a few years now,, he’s just not good enough


“Granit, you make Arsenal play better with your poorly timed tackles, utter lack of positional awareness and unerring ability to lose the ball in the most compromising positions”. Said no one. Ever. I’ve been going for a long time. I have seen many players get poor treatment, not all deservedly. I think back to the early days of Paul Davis, essentially starting as a young player in the engine room of a poor team. He got his head down, rode the storm and became a fabulous player and one whose role in the late 80s resurgence was key. He was… Read more »


I felt sorry for him at a human level then, just like you. But his disregard for optics shows his idiocy. I’d give Burton a chance before I see this garbage of a character playing for my team anymore.


Calling him a “garbage of a character” is just plain wrong. He hasn’t been the most successful signing (nor has he been the worst), but he is respected by his fellow pros.

He might not have been good, but he did his best while he – and his family – were abused. Nobody warrants this, from fans or from people commenting BTL on blogs.

Get a grip


Put things into Perspective He has not been a good Signing for us he is too slow to play in Centre Midfield in the Premiership where the game is at a faster pace . Anyone who goes past him in Midfield will have their shirt pulled back yet aimless bookings . When he was Subbed v Palace he should of ran off the Pitch but how disrespectful to throw the Captain’s Armband at Aubameyangs direction on the floor then the booing got loud after Ironical Cheers because he hardly gets subbed and dont always perform. Then his actions let the… Read more »


I love this “I felt sorry for him but get over it” mentality. His wife received abuse, people told him they hoped his child dies, he got booed by his own fans and had the captaincy stripped off him, why on earth would he want to play for Arsenal again?


Many fans cheered for him on his social medias and supported him. Xhaka has to grow up: they ALL receive unbearable attacks.


Can we not distort what happened on the day. He threw the armband to the floor. Slowly walked off when we needed to score which goaded the fans. What was said to his wife wasn’t right and those people should be rightly called idiots. But on that day which is the reason why we were here took exception to the cheers when he was being substituted then processed to throw out the toy from the pram. His wive wasn’t the object of anger that day which has led us to this point.


That’s not an Arsenal thing, that’s a social media thing. If he wants to play that card, fine, but he’ll need to keep his deck handy at the next club too.


Is it really about taking sides or is it about accepting that Xhaka is a human being and not a football robot? So many fans didn’t want him to play and he’s not playing and he’s probably going to leave and yet somehow this isn’t enough for people. They expect him to bow down and ingratiate himself. Personally I’ve never felt he should apologise especially if he didn’t mean it. Of course he can’t be captain anymore and he needs to leave, but the constant griping about this situation probably says more about our fan base than him IMO. Let… Read more »


Fans didn’t want Mustafi and yet Mustafi was willing to bow down and ingratiate himself. And because of that fans are starting to love Mustafi again. Xhaka should learn from Mustafi, cause even if he no longer cares about Arsenal FC he needs to care about his future in his next club. All he is doing now is to set himself up to get booed again in his next club.


I doubt he will get booked in his next club.not many club fans are like Arsenal’s


Lol booked for sure.meant bood if there’s such a word


Dude have you seen how Spanish and Italian fans treat their own players? Heck did you see how England fans booed Joe Gomez because of Sterling’s fault? Our fans are angels compared to fans from other places.

I'm 14 Again

It’s like a culture for English fans now wouldn’t you say?
“I lost my job today. Boo the cunt he earns more than I ever will in a month”

“I got paid today. Boo the cunt, he gets paid a King’s ransome and can’t even stop a player without getting a booking”

“My girlfriend left me today. Boo that cunt, he can’t even commit a cynical foul to stop a goal”

It’s getting all tedious now, even at the pubs

Jean Ralphio

Agreed. I still think all of this and now the thing with Torreira is on Emery.


And Emery moving elsewhere too

Joseph Odinga

What happened to Xhaka was wrong.

That said, he can fuck off.

Forest gooner

What happened to him was correct. People who did that had sensed his attitude, it is only now that it has come up vividly.
Even Ronaldo was jeered at Santiago Bernabéu.


Wishing his daughter gets cancer was correct? Instead of Xhaka leaving the club, you should leave it. Let’s get our banners to the stadium saying “Forest gooner out”.


we are here today because on that fateful day fans booed him and he goaded them by slowly walking off and throwing his armband to the floor he cupped his ears to all the fans and told them to F off… On reflection he hasn’t apologised or seen where he went wrong which explains why he makes the same mistakes in games committing similar infractions or not tracking runners, he is not humble enough to learn from his mistakes.


Go and support him – how many players got such treatment – big players received but didn’t do what he did – he can leave with immediate effect


This Granit still has that big mouth instead of accepting what he did ’ Arsenal will be better off without him – last season vs Brighton he’s the main reason we didn’t qualify what nonsense is he still talking – he can go and join new castle – he didn’t even apologize- he can leave immediately with his dad unai


Agreed. I initially thought that he was a chap who spat his dummy out like most of us would’ve at some point of our life at some incident. It seems with anger you lose your mind and when you calm down with time things starts to look normal and you start analyzing things with better maturity. But this bloke is becoming more insane with every passing day with his remarks.


Find it funny how we didn’t turn the game around after he was substituted and we were still humiliated without him in the squad in the subsequent games. Maybe, just maybe Granit Xhaka isn’t the problem. Equally funny how we blame one half of a midfield pivot when only one of them has started every single premier league games this season. And we’ve been terrible in midfield every single time – with or without Xhaka. They both have equal number of assists, both made errors leading to goals, but we only blame one of them. By the way, the only… Read more »


Errm have you been watching the games? Xhaka is part of the problem but the manager fielding square pegs in round holes isn’t going to make the team play any better. So I think that argument falls down on its own


About the auba thing. It was directed at the media. I’m sure the club wouldn’t have endorsed that story going out via a non official channels. Fake news, the truth is out there if you haven’t had a chance to read it. With regards to xhaka. My personal opinion is that it’s Unai’s fault. The paint was on the walls already and he let the situation developed over the last few months. Wrong choice as captain regardless if the players voted him or not. Playing him as the deepest lying midfielder and torreira no where near him just highlighted xhaka’s… Read more »


There’s a difference between granit and Auba – if you feel that he has been treated unfairly go and stay with him and stop talking unfounded stories – Most was expected from him but couldn’t deliver only his big mouth – he’s a liability


Rubbish. U got pulled out and u stroll off like a walk in the park showing no urgency and expect applause despite playing like a stiff legged toddler. Pls sell him and get us much more mobility in the midfield. He can’t take pressing or dribble out of tight corners.


You real made my day – well said K9ine – this brainless guy must just leave he’s getting bored still talking rubbish instead of accepting his wrongs – – he needs to be sold new castle wants him and he can cost them there – he’s too much liability to us –

Dad Guy

Some might consider this an overreaction by Xhaka, but I think his refusal to placate a fanbase he felt was abusive is refreshing and even necessary. Especially given the extent to which we’ve seen fans abuse players across Europe. A correction is needed. Professional athletes are still human beings. I wish him well


Nobody should be forced to work in an environment where one feels abused or unsafe. In a normal job, you could just quit and walk away. Unfortunately for both sides he has a long term contract at Arsenal and the club invested heavily in him. Best solution would be to suspend him without pay and relieve him from all duties for the club. He should agree to this and he should also be told an amount for which Arsenal would be willing to let him go in January. Then his agent should get going and find a club that pays… Read more »


Problem is Xhaka is not whining about being abused by his fanbase, he’s whining about his fans being happy to see him get substituted. With this attitude it’s inevitable that he’s going to get booed in his next club, cause he’s in denial that he’s not that good of a player.


Yes I agree to an extent but to put the WHOLE fanbase, club and other teammates under the bus is not the right way. It’s in hindsight but I really wish it played out like this. After the whole incident being subbed off. Come out and address it head on. Say what you need to say but doing it from a higher ground. “I’m sorry I let my emotions get the better of me. My team deserves better. There is something very unhealthy in football now and I’m extremely disappointed with where it’s headed. What has been said to me… Read more »


Sigh. He is still portraying this as if his performances are unrelated to this whole situation. Seems like the only solution is for Xhaka to move on in January. It will be the best thing for all parties IMO.


I’m not sure there is a way back for him. I thought as soon as he stormed off swearing, that’s it, he’s not playing for Arsenal again. He’s never developed the way Wenger wanted him to and he has a limited skill set, not suited to the premier league.

I think it’s best for all concerned he finds a new challenge in January.

Santi's Smile

So frustrating that such a mediocre player has caused so much division within Arsenal. Sell him abroad to spare us all any more chat about him on this site.


Ok, bye


my thoughts exactly.




Exactly…he doesn’t want to stay and we don’t want him to stay…so let him leave and let’s stop talking about this.

Both sides were wrong and yet somehow some fans don’t want to take any responsibility…that’s shocking to me!


Not sure why he’s still banging the drum on this seeing as it’s already been discussed to death. It happened, it was one big shit show and we know what’s coming in January. Can he drop it now?


Well we don’t know if Xhaka is ‘still banging the drum’ on this, or if this story it’s just a rehash of the original interview he gave to SRF 10 days ago. But all the usual clickbait scum websites are running with this story today; The Sun Mirror, Metro, Daily Mail, it sounds like they’re stirring up shit and need a story with our next game 48 hours away.


Fair point, I can’t see any mention of this story on the SRF website. Seems like we have no idea how recent these comments are…


Getting heckled isn’t nice, getting booked after sulking isn’t nice, social media trolls aren’t nice (though to conflate that with the booing in a belated half apology is wrong). But Xhaka’s reaction to all this somewhat underlines our famous mental weakness. It might sound harsh but to be a top player, you need a much thicker skin than this. Even Ronaldo got booed at Madrid sometimes, crazy as that sounds. Baffling that someone with this attitude could have been captain. Combined with his lack of ability and inability to learn I have to say, he probably won’t be missed!

Medium Mozart

‘I will be glad to return to the club so we can finally sort matters out.’

Self awareness level still set to ZERO then?


Whose? Yours?

Cultured determination

This could just solve our midfield problem seeing that our midfield has been shit since he became a regular starter. I dont remember us controlling the midfield for a string of games since he came into the side.


He’s still going on about this? One minute he says about getting together to become united, then says this crap….how long can he stretch this out for? Sounds like he has told them he wants to leave which I think is best anyway…but only if we can get the money back that we paid ?


Again, we don’t know if this story is just a rehash of the original interview he gave to SRF 10 days ago. Clickbait scum publish this ‘shiny new’ story 48 hours before we play a game at home, the story fresh in Arsenal fans minds at the stadium, in order to fuel the fire and entice more hatred towards one of our own players. Don’t fall for the propaganda!!


It is propaganda, if he is in the squad or starting 11 tomorrow. Or if he communicates that he is ready to play on Saturday, just like he did for his country. (not that the club should pick him of course).
But in case he is ready to play and score for Switzerland, yet is not available for The Arsenal, this story – however old – is very relevant.


Oh cry me a river Xhaka…


Sounds good to me. Now get out.


He’s ill suited to the role Emery wants him to play but I admire his courage to continously speak his mind.
I think I now see why other players see him as a leader. No sense in giving him more grief while he remains an Arsenal player. It’s Unai we need to lose ASAP


Well yes, but no for Xhaka.


More toys out the pram ……

Ace Boogie

Get a grip.. while I don’t condone booing our own players we were down or tied when you were pulled off I believe? Instead of hustling off the field you decided to throw the arm band on the ground in the vicinity of Auba and slowly trudge off the field. You’re not free from blame nor are the fans that booed but you were and still are thinking of just yourself here. Put your head down and get back to work And the fans will surely accept you back. I for one think he’s a decent player but not suited… Read more »


His time with Arsenal is done, and ‘fans’ got what they wanted. I don’t think it will benefit us in anyway, but that’s how it is. Fine, he f-ed up on the day but had numerous opportunities to get some of the pressure of him (e.g. apologise) but didn’t take it. We will never know what happened behind the scene either…but he probably thinks the club should back him more. One think I can never blame him for is him working hard and trying his best, maybe caring too much. Overall it’s bad for everyone that it didn’t work out,… Read more »


You’re completely right, one of the few on here I’ve seen actually looking at the situation for what it is. So many others are acting as if their feelings have been hurt and they’ve not contributed in any way to what happened at Crystal Palace.

Even after he’s left there will be some going on about it because essentially they are petty small-minded people…something they seem to be accusing Xhaka of…


Totally agree with you both… what happened to him was a disgrace, I was embarrassed by it, and as fans we will get what we deserve. For all the faults in his game, he was durable and tough, and I think his stubbornness and betrayal that he feels reflects leadership quality and character that this club needs.

Glad to find other like minded fans here


The sarcastic cheering and booing was poor and you can’t defend it. But I’ll tell you what, if you can’t take some stick from the crowd (stick you yourself invited with your reaction to being subbed) then you have no business being a footballer, here or anywhere else. To react the way he has during the match and then afterwards… to be honest with you, we don’t need characters like that in the dressing room. What happened wasn’t nice but sometimes life isn’t nice, you need to grit your teeth and get on with it! Instead he’s chosen to bitch… Read more »


I see what you mean, but I dont see it that way. Xhaka could taken an easier path of having his communications advisors remedy the situation (doing a complete mea culpa), but instead he is confident in his convictions, and he is staying true to himself, and I respect that.

Since Fabregas left, our midfield pivots havent even worked, and when they did, they were often injured or would go missing in games, or they might be consider ‘soft men.’ I see someone saying, “if you dont appreciate me, then you can F&*k off!” and I respect that.


Owning up to your mistakes, “being the bigger man” as it were, is not the easier path, it’s the harder path. The easy path is throwing a strop, refusing to play, never taking responsibility for your own actions, and then telling the club it’s all too much for you and you want to quit! As I said, we don’t need players with that kind of attitude here.


What exactly happened to you Xhaka? Victim generation strikes again. Own it and grow from it.


As David Spade said, “Buh-bye….”


Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.

Michael MIchael

And there was me thinking his lack of intelligence and awareness were restricted just to his on-field decision making!


His parents are regretting ever leaving their keys with this pussy. What a weak, weak man. Auba sees right through that fake “leader” personality of his. Thanks for nothing. Walk your way out.


You been hanging out in executive boxes with Auba too?


Pipe down there will ya?


Xhaka has always had a very strong personality and stands up for himself no matter what. He had this at a young age and has kept that up. He speaks up whenever he feels like its required and never really backs down to anyone or anything. Most great captains share that with him. Viera had it too, so did Adams. They didn’t really back down. I am surprised blogs, how have you not taken that into account ever? Nobody is getting an genuine apology out of this guy, ever. If actions are a little bit understandable, they are completely justifiable… Read more »


Sounds like he is ideally suited for individual sports or working in a self employed profession. Maybe he should try that. No wonder he is unhappy with being forced to play a team sport.
I remember Adams and Vieira not backing down…from opponents though.

Joe Kawooya

Blogs always described Xhaka as a Control Freak, obsessed with having authority
So Yea the likeness is there until it turns to obsession of control
You know what is a punch able face, well Xhaka looks like the one desirous of doing the punching 85% times……..


Yes he speaks his mind. But it always seems like it comes from a twisted version of events. From shrugging off giving away the penalty vs spurs as it could have happened to anyone(probably what he thinks every time he gives a cheap goal away). Then indirectly blaming our strikers to not taking their chances instead. Saying we were scared against watford of all teams. And now finally see zero correlation between his performances and statements leading up to being subbed off when we’re chasing a game. I’m not defending the booing and abuse he’s got but he’s speaking like… Read more »


Just leave.


Emery making him captain has caused this. Cowardly management led by delegation of his own responsibilities. They have to fire him.

Lower east

He is gone. A new manager may ask the fans to support him but I think time is up.
As a player , has he done anything that you will remember?
As a captain what has he done?
It’s very unusual for the fans not to have a song for the captain.


his name fits brilliantly with Chaka Khan and we’ve never made a song for him??? Just about sums him up, no one gives a #*#* about him as an arsenal player.


You’re a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and back in the saddle
You’re on the front line
Everyone’s watching
You know it’s serious we’re getting closer, this isn’t over
The pressure is on
You feel it
But you’ve got it all
Believe it
When you fall get up oh oh
And if you fall get up oh oh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
‘Cause this is Gran Xhaka
Tsamina mina eh eh
Xhaka Xhaka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Gran Xhaka

No need to modify much of the lyrics even.

Mentally Drained Gooner

Good riddance!


do we have to keep paying this guy’s salary until January if he can’t get back in the “right frame of mind” to play football?

if so, I might try this with my employer…


Getting heckled isn’t nice, getting booked after sulking isn’t nice, social media trolls aren’t nice (though to conflate that with the booing in a belated half apology is wrong). But Xhaka’s reaction to all this somewhat underlines our famous mental weakness. It might sound harsh but to be a top player, you need a much thicker skin than this. Even Ronaldo got booed at Madrid sometimes, crazy as that sounds. Baffling that someone with this attitude could have been captain. Combined with his lack of ability and inability to learn I have to say, he probably won’t be missed!

Belfast Gooner

Emery just said in the press conference that he will decide tomorrow if Xhaka plays on Saturday. My gut reaction is he should never pull on the shirt again. But, it will benefit the team if Xhaka can come back and put in good performances between now and January, however unlikely that may be, so I feel I need to get behind him if he plays. More ugly scenes will benefit no-one who wants the best for Arsenal.


Jesus Christ, talk about pouring fuel over fire.
Granit we all could have moved on if you had apologized and kept your gob shut.
Cant believe that he’s basically finished his Arsenal career by mouthing off.
This is coming from someone who had great sympathy for him.


Amusa, respectfully disagree. I like that he doesnt apologize if he is not sorry. These are the stubborn strong willed players that he need. I will miss him

John C

It’s amazing how much grief these late Wenger big money signings have given us. From Sanchez to Ozil to Mustafi and the latest being Xhaka, did no one at the club do any due diligence or reseach into their personalities before they were signed?

I have a lot of sympathy for Emery and the new technical team considering the culture which they found the club in, it’s an absolute mess!!

The Kolkata Gooner

Please, Emery is the one responsible for the Özil, Xhaka, and now the Torreira situation, the latter being his own buy. He plays a player he bought to play as a CDM (which is a role the said player performs well in for his national side), as a No. 10, while his No. 10 sits at home playing Fortnite. Meanwhile, the goods that he inherited, like Auba and Laca are playing off scraps, as Emery does not have a clue as how to work out a formation that would suit them. This is all on Emery, no one feels sorry… Read more »

John C

No it isn’t, the culture he inherited was rotten to the core!! The training ground has been referred to as the Colney Creche for over a decade for a reason and it’s not just because we had a lot of youngsters,. It’s because it lacked accountability, a winning attitude and a sense of entitlement had festered amongst the squad, this has been confirmed by third parties on Arseblog’s own podcast. It’s also been confirm that Wenger gave Ozil special treatment, days off etc, it’s perfectly understandable that ANY new manager would put a stop to that and to expect the… Read more »


Funny this thing with Özil special treatment. Never heard of it. Oh, yes, i remember Arsenalfan TV saying it. Or was it the Mail? Or the Sun ? Oh, yes, reliable sources!

John C

I don’t read or watch any of those so wouldn’t know.

And of course because YOU haven’t heard of it, it mustn’t be true!?!


Your views are very narrow. How much of the squad is left from wenger’s time? We’ve got torriera, guendouzi, ceballos, David luiz, sorkratis, pepe, leno, tierney in.
With mihki, iwobi, Ramsey, wilshere, elneny, welbeck, santi, kos,cech all out. I may have missed some.

In addition the back room staff are all new. So how much of this old rotten culture is still possibly present in the team? It seems to me that the further away we get from wenger (players, staff, culture), the worse the team becomes.

John C

That said I’d probably take Pochettino tomorrow if given the choice


What are Özil and Musti doing here? They behave very calmy and with dignity!

John C

They’re shit and have been a complete waste of money

Glen Helder’s Perm

And what about laca and auba. Those late Wenger signings are what Is keeping us out of the relegation zone. Emery is responsible here not Wenger

Kran stoenke

Piss off with your garbage opinions pal
And after being terrible for almost a year, emery is getting criticised now. That’s anything but kneejerk


I can understand the guy. Although he is not a player i want at Arsenal, he gives his best every game, i just don’t think it’s good enough. I don’t think the abuse and bullying is acceptable at any time and sooner or later people break under the strain.
I wish him the best for his future, wherever he lands, because i can’t see him staying with us.


Throwing away the armband and the jersey is not respectable. Not apologising to his teammates for letting them is not acceptable.


And he still going on and on. Be a man once and get over it…. Good luck somewhere else. No one gonna miss you….


I will miss him.

No one

Gonna miss him


Losing a decent player there. Poorly managed by all parties. Our fan forums are a mess too. Arsenal fan tv has given too much oxygen to the angry mob. There’s a time and a place for hyperbole but as entertaining as it is, in a perverse kinda way, it ultimately is having a detrimental impact on the club. There has always been an alternate viewpoint amongst some fans who assume performances should never dip but they never had the platform to reach out and infect others with their mania as they do now. By all means be critical but keep… Read more »


Cry me a river. If we have ambitions then being “decent” isn’t good enough. Xhaka’s performance hasn’t dipped at all, he’s playing to his max potential. And that max potential is at best to be a Denilson tier player.

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

Shows how some fans’ standards have fallen if he’s a ‘decent player’.

No offence, but in our mid table days, Brian Talbot or Steve Williams were both 5x the player Xhaka will ever be. And they were not exactly midfield maestros either.

We can do far better than Xhaka.

He should be on his knees every single day, thanking the gods for even being employed by such a great club as the Arsenal. He should be pinching himself at such luck.


Then you can fuck off champ, this woe is me angle that he’s gone for is pathetic.

Flavoured Rice

Boo hoo. Get gone then. Listen mate, you’re nothing special and we won’t bat an eyelid when you go. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Preferably take that buffoon Emery with you too.


This guy needs a therapist.

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

He needs his dummy more like.


I’d imagine he’s in the right frame of mind for picking up his wages. This is not a mental health issue, this is a throwing a hissy fit issue.
Get him gone


Yes. How much abuse could you (sans your family) handle for $130,000 or whatever the denomination, per week? This whole situation is becoming mind numbing. All of us are wrong, okay fine, but please move him in January. We could use more help in the midfield and this is as good a place to start.

Pete Strong

If he leaves then Arsenal fans did a good job. It may have been a one-off tantrum by Xhaxa, but it wasn’t a one-off tantrum by fans. This has been building for three years. Wenger is to blame for his horrendous scouting, Emery didn’t have many midfield options but won’t miss Xhaka so we’re doing him a favour – the club will have to go out and buy a midfielder more suited to the PL.

When managers don’t act, fans do. They get paid but we pay for their decisions, literally.


This club is rotting to it’s core. I used to waste my weekend waiting for football, fortunately I don’t that anymore.


I am separating Xhaka the player from the man, what he did was petulant in response to how the crowd reacted to him getting subbed, but i am beginning to feel and it might be because its suits my #emeryout bias, that his slow walk was a protest, initially against emery, it subsequently morphed into something else as we all know. In fact the level of dissent that the players indirectly or directly through social media or through their agents are showing the manager speaks volumes and appears to look like he has lost some of the dressing room. Can… Read more »


People, don’t be fooled. This was all calculated, he wanted out and this was the easiest way to go about it. From the Villa game (I believe) when he got subbed and the fans reacted how they did, I personally think that seeded itself in the back of his mind. He knows what we think of him but I believe that he is such a weak human being (he’s merely pretending to be hard or possess the character of leadership), he wouldn’t be able to just quit because he ‘feels’ that a leader wouldn’t do so but like I always… Read more »


Now he’s just whinny. Get lost then.


I’ve always quite like Granit and what he brought to the team. Think the work he put in was always overshadowed by the stupid and sadly costly mistakes. But he was never as bad as a lot of people made out. There were times after seeing some of the player ratings Blogs had given him I went back and rewatched the game focusing on him specifically and he was no way as bad as the perception. That said, he is in an untenable situation, hasn’t really said sorry and it seems the wound for him hasn’t healed either. We can… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

He’ll be no big miss


I cant accept he was bought to play for Arsenal AND was made captain. So we’re even, now fuck off.

Q3 Technique

I told a friend that Xhaka is a poor man’s Xabi Alonso, he disagreed arguing that with his current form Xhaka is more of a poor man’s Jonjo Shelvey!


The social media attacks on Xhaka and his family are despicable and indefensible. But for God’s sake – don’t whine about getting booed for playing poorly and then stalking off the pitch and making it worse. Probably won’t even get fair value for him. Arrrgh…

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