Saturday, September 30, 2023

Arsenal 1-2 Brighton – player ratings

Arsenal’s dismal run continued this evening with a 2-1 defeat to Brighton at the Emirates.

Not even home advantage could help Freddie to a victory, but in truth we need to be looking higher up for the real culprits in this one.

Read the Arsenal 1-2 Brighton report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated today.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Emi Martinez.

Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Just want to add 10/10 to the Upper North Bank fans. Despite the utter shit show week in week out we were in good voice tonight as ever and genuinely had a laugh about our misfortune.


Still no luck for the gunners this ebening.


Rafa Benitez in. NOW.

Monkey Knees

Old (bad jokes) are old. Move on.


Good on you guys. The team need us more than ever.
This situation can’t be solve in a week it’s gonna take year. Dracula is gone so get behind the team nothing to lose. COYG


I was there too, it was pretty good I liked the smatterings of the “we’re fucking shit” chant instead of depressing groans when they scored haha.

Patty knight

We’ve lost to another one of our rivals.
Now we have to beat West ham on Monday to continue our battle against relegation


Forget the players, we know that we have a great forward line, an unbalanced midfield and a weak defence but more importantly all players are lacking confidence so getting any result at the moment feels completely out of reach. The real villains in this piece are never on the pitch. Raul played us well in the summer giving us what we wanted but not what we needed in the transfer market. He’s doing it again now; after delaying too long with Emery so that any chance of a top 4 place was gone, he’s promoted Freddie in a win-win scenario… Read more »


David Dein?

The Far Post

To add to this… I was confused why Arsenal took so long to let Emery go, but then I heard reports that the Emery appointment was mainly down to Sanllehi instead of Gazidis. Of course if it were his idea, he would try to give it as much time as possible… So much time until it became apparent to everyone, even the owner, that we’re in deep trouble. Am not saying that Sanllehi is purposely ruining the club. It’s just that he’s gathered so much power to himself and at the same time seems to make decisions that benefit himself… Read more »


Bonus: 10/10 to Mesut Ozil’s agent for absolutely fleecing us. Imagine if the shitty stars align and we get relegated and we’re paying him 350k a week in the championship.

On a positive note, hmmmm, can’t think of a positive.


What does Ozils salary have to do with tonight’s team performance? Is he the reason we lost the match? In fact scrap that … he’s made a few more appearances then Bellerin this season, what’s his excuse? A bad injury doesn’t stop you from closing someone down … their winning goal could easily have been avoided.


The Midfield butterfly is a fkn disgrace.

Hiiiii guys

No girl will ever break my heart the same way Arsenal have been doing since 2004. I love you and hate you Arsenal.


So you didn’t enjoy winning 4 FA Cups?


The whole “blame Ozil” ordeal is tiring now and doesn’t make sense.
Just like Auba was ineffective yesterday Ozil was the same because the team wasn’t playing to make use of their strengths

Pepe Le Pew

I know most of us disagree and all have an opinion on what the team should be but at this stage it is hard to care. Ozil pisses me off and I liked Torreira tonight before he faded. Just an idea but i’d like to see Laca play the number 10 role. Repositioning him as Wenger did with Cazorla. And also thanks blog for always be here for us.


In a similar role to firmino’ at Liverpool, do you mean.?

Pepe Le Pew

I would try him even deeper, number 10 in front of Torreira/Xhaka, behind Auba with Pepe on right wing and Martinelli Left . I remember Laca starting counter attacks last year from very deep position, with great ball retention and dribble skills, he also nicks balls every game. Whatever he does Freddie needs to make tough choices. He is not helped with our hopeless defence.

Cultured determination

Or even similar to wiltord. Out wide or behind with auba up top.

Naked Cygan

Ozil is a great luxury player suited for Barcelona, real Madrid, and other top teams. You play Ozil when you know there are people who will do the dirty work for him. In our case, our players can’t even pull their own weight. So when you combine the two, it is a recipe for disaster.


Right, lets start blaming Ozil for our problems again, we have been shite with or without him. Our problems go way beyond individual players. This is a team playing with no confidence. It is on the Kroenkes and Raul -for letting the situation deteriorate to the point that it is fucking crisis.


We can blame anyone, our scapegoats are ready. Xhaka, Özil, Mustafi, Luiz, Kola, Papa, for someone Auba or Laca, and do not forget Pepe, maybe Guendozzi and Chambers etc. 11 bad player??? Our team is in decline but the supporters often classless too.

Pepe Le Pew

Yes Madrid fought hard to keep him!


No, let’s create toxic atmosphere over our overpaid, over-hyped “stars” when a coach decides to bench one.
So much creativity and shielding the back 4 going on.


Laca played that role in a few games too where Ozil was casted out. No point signaling him out. The team overall has a serious problem overall. They can’t transition from defense to midfield reliably. No matter who is in the team.


Was thinking the same thing after the match. Being wide really doesnt suit Auba, therefore he should be up top, making runs in behind and sometimes into channels, with Laca behind him, he has as good an eye for pass as anyone in this team, is constantly dropping deep anyway, and battles for every ball. Also I think that at least one of our wingers should be more of a playmaker thab dribler, cause at the moment we have noone looking to play our forwards throught on goal, Pepe and Willock just run with the ball as soon as they… Read more »


Luiz could be the worst signing we’ve made in a while

Naked Cygan

Do you remember Stephananov? He made Luiz look like maldini.

Reality check

You mean Squilach and Silvestre level ..


Squilachi is better than what Arsenal has at the moment.


no wonder we got him so cheaply 😀

Wilshere's Middle Finger

He’s only cost us about 10 opposition goals.


I disagree – put any top CB in our system right now and he would be exposed. He is our best CB at the moment even though that is not saying much. He has also scored some goals to make up for his penalty mistakes early in the season (and nearly got one today). The least of our issues for this season.


He was woeful tonight. None of them can sense the danger, just drift towards the ball and leave men free all over the place. It’s embarrassing how bad/thick some of these players are at defending!

Also, did anyone else notice that we now defend corners with all 11 men in the box. What the actual F**k?! You leave a player up and it takes at least two of their defenders away from your area and provides you with an out ball if you win the first header. Elementary stuff.

Sagebrush Farm

True, this Luiz is a whole loadful, I mean a guy heads in a goal in front of his nose.

Fireman Sam

Hang in there blogs. I still can’t read the ratings on Safari on my phone (won’t let me scroll more than halfway) but to be honest I don’t care tonight. Not bothered to think about individual players. The issue is systemic.

Sam Kelly

Try scrolling with your finger on the very far right edge of the screen…have the same problem where scrolling in the middle doesn’t but the edge does.

Group Captain Mandrake

I have the same problem with Chrome on my phone. It’s a pretty recent issue for me.


Try scrolling around on the floor. Waiting, hoping something with change


0/10 for browsers not allowing us to see how bad we are on our Smart phones, they’re the real problem

Spanish Gooner

Lacazette and Auba might be the best friends in the world, but they have 0 on pitch relationship. We’re playing our best player and only source of goals out wide, meaning we can’t play our only genuine winger (and record signing), just to fit in a guy who isn’t scoring, doesn’t hold the ball up and doesn’t run in behind. Martinelli – Auba – Pepe should be our front line, with Ozil/Ceballos (when fit) behind, as Willock needs time to recapture his best form


Do we have any good in pitch relationships? Just wondering



Pepe Le Pew

Can’t remember who scored tonight? Can you remind me? Also cannot remember Ozil contribution… Thanks


Lacazette scored, assisted *by Ozil* on the corner kick. There’s a two-for-one reminder that maybe some players’ contributions are overlooked.

Ozil also had a good chance on goal deflected wide. He closed down, worked hard, didn’t quit.

Do you remember any of our players’ contributions? Then probably no sense in singling out anyone, aside from the script.

A Different George

I understand not wanting to praise any player after a match like this. But, if we’re going to have ratings, let’s make an effort. Kolasinac was very good, surely our best player (like Blogs, I wanted Tierney to start; I was wrong). Ozil worked hard and did influence the game, but he should not play on the wing as he did in the first half. Bellerin–one of my favourites–was terrible. Willock was terrible. Torreira was dispossessed too easily and went down too easily, but finally got 90 minutes. Xhaka was pretty good.


I like Bellerin too. He’s just not up to speed and fully back yet. He lost match sharpness and fitness in the legs, and overall during ACL recovery you can tell. He seemed more mobile this match, but he’s got a ways to go to 100%.


Laca played down the middle and got the only goal. Aubameyang missed 2 that I could of put in… Laca had 2 chances all game, Aubameyang had 5 or 6. If Aubameyang can’t score a cross and we have Ozil, Pepe, and Tierney providing him with cross after cross then what’s the point of playing him down the middle? Laca and Martinelli both had better timing today than Aubameyang, obvious by the shots on target from crosses and chances.

Hiiiii guys

To be honest yesterday Auba was missing glut edge chances. Don’t get Lacas back so easy.
We should start atleast one winger EVERY GAME to dprovide balance to the attack. We are terrible back to front. Manager ain’t too great.


What games are you all watching? The two you claimed auba missed were over hit crosses. Bellerin and kolasinac fucked up what should’ve been easy tap-ins with rushes of blood to their heads. Auba was right to have a go at willock he’s young but his decision making isn’t showing sign of improving game by game. Arsenal has been babying our players for too long and we are a soft, fragile, baby team with a baby mindset and the most delusional entitled fans. Who ever bought luiz must feel real proud of themself he is one of the worst centre… Read more »


Sorry but Willock was awful today, great athlete and I rate him but not nearly technical enough for that position, so many misplaced passes in that first half and that through ball was never on, Auba made a completely different run, no point in passing for the run you want, you pass to the player, blindingly obvious we should’ve started with Ozil in that position and a proper winger. Also although before the game I would’ve agreed with you on Tierney Kola was one of our best today so can’t complain on that front


The team was bad today and made Kolasinac look good, who did put in an effort. But the difference in quality was blindingly obvious as soon as Tierney entered the pitch.


Tierney was wasteful and off the pace. Kolasinac gets infair stick on tinternet.


Sorry, I didn’t see that much difference in quality. Both played in dangerous crosses. Tierney played better combination and passing play, Kolasinac had more physical drive and energy when we were flat. Different styles, each brought something, but not enough because we couldn’t finish what they delivered.

Long term I do like what Tierney brings better, but Kola was one of our brighter spots in a dim first half.

My Arse-nal

Tierney had that great cross but other than that didn’t offer any more than Kola. I thought Kolasinac what playing well and you could see him trying to make things happen with some great runs and his passing/crossing was quite dangerous this game and I would go so far as to say he was our best outfield player yesterday (low bar I know). Even his defensive side that he gets stick for was good. I know Blogs doesn’t rate him and this is probably the only thing my opinion differs from his at the moment, but he’s getting picked ahead… Read more »


Agreed. I would add something. Players are now down, really down, many of them have never been so down for the whole football life. And under these circumstances, true leaders must raise. Brave players, fighters, no-way-lose players, grass-eaters, players who s* on the fact, they are mentally down, players who are willing to “brake my leg” no matter what for the team, players who are aware of the fact, that just only he himself can change the current dismal run of things. I think, you see what I mean. Still these must be in some kind of combo with one… Read more »

A Different George

Tierney is a better crosser of the ball; Kolasinac was much more influential driving their midfielders and defenders back, creating space for our attackers. He also surprised me with his recovery efforts, several times covering mistakes by our centre halfs.

Woolwich Shepherd

Freddie, bless his heart, doesn’t have a clue. Where was Willock playing exactly? What was the game plan?


I wouldn’t go so far as to say Freddie doesn’t have a clue, but starting Willock was not the right move.

A Different George

Didn’t see your post–said the same about Ozil. Play him as a 10, with Pepe or Matinelli playing on the wing. We should set up every match as if we expect to win 4-2.

Big fred

At least 5 to 7 years in the wilderness of mid table with this team i’m afraid people thanks to Ozil and all the other donkeys. Just think many so called supporters hounded Wenger out…….


Our worst run since 1977…..just take that in for a minute. Have had a season ticket since 1991, & have never seen a more spineless bunch than this current crop. Think we might be in bottom 3 by the time we play Utd on NYD ? What to do? I’m guessing Luiz, Ozil & Xhaka are absolute cancers, both in the dressing room & on the pitch. We need some nasty bastards in the team, especially in MF, to give the team a bit of an edge, a platform to play from. CBs play too deep, give our bog average… Read more »


Totally agree that it’s not the players or the manager’s fault – this result is on Emery, and the board for not sacking him earlier. It’s clear that the motivation has gone from the players, a consequence of Emery’s negative tactics stifling creativity at the start of the season and also because the players can see that Champions League qualification have all but disappeared. It’s going to take time for the players to “unlearn” Emeryball, so we can’t expect overnight success. On the ratings, I agree with all except Ozil. I thought he was very good, and took up excellent… Read more »

Mesut O’Neill

Fuck me mate this is 2019 not 2009.

“Ozil is one of the best players in the world”

Based on what exactly.

All the cunt is good at is bitching.


Bet if shit coaches played Mesut in CB that people would bitch about how bad he was there too. One of the best attacking midfielders in the world, the best number 10s in the world… let’s play him at striker or on the wing, he’s a winger right? FFS. What does a coach have to do to get credit for being an idiot. He played a talented youth prospect in the position that we have one of the highest paid players in the league… think about that. Why would anyone think that was a good idea? Leno should be our… Read more »


*was, not is.

SB Still

Oh man!

The first half was terrible.

he 2nd half was better but the usual failings – not scoring while on top, conceding when we inevitably eased up a bit!

Atleast the subs by Freddie made sense today

Roscommon arse

We are all in the same leaky boat in a sea of poo blogs! Hang in there


Not looking to criticise Freddie but was this the right time (these two games) to go full project Willock (nowhere near a 5 today IMO)? Agree on Luiz… and I admit I was actually OK with his signing. Oh boy…

Steven Morrow’s Arm Cast

I think we all were, it just hasn’t panned out the way we had hoped.

Anders Limpar

10/10 Freddie – For facing up and taking temporary charge of this shit show! He probably isn’t the man to unravel the hangover from the tail end of the Wenger era and the utter destructive rotting shite that the Kronkes and Unia Emery have inflicted in the last 18 months. We have a group of players who are collectively not good enough, lazy and coasting through their contracts. Not all as there are exceptions, but the ingrained malaise and rot through out the club will not be put right over the course of a few games. Thank you Freddie for… Read more »


I like Freddie but this is a massive opportunity for him as he wasn’t getting near a top 6 club otherwise. This is his chance to prove himself especially as I can’t see why an experienced manager is going to want to come here mid season. We’re going to be in a relegation scrap soon

Anders Limpar

Honestly don’t think he thinks he will be in the job permanently, genuinely believe he is taking a hit for The Arsenal. A night watchman kind of thing.


Getting your dream job isn’t exactly taking one for the team in my book. This isn’t going to be a highly attractive job so if he does well then Freddie has a real shot at keeping it


If this is Freddie’s dream job, I’d hate to think how bad his nightmares are…

Naked Cygan

I never thought this day would come, but sadly we have to except reality, stop talking about top 4, and try to get 38 points.

SLC Gooner

Honestly, at this point, I’d take not being relegated, and being out of Europa next year. The Thursday matches aren’t doing us any favors, and our chances of winning it are approaching nil.

Woolwich Shepherd

Exactly. It sank in as the minutes ticked to 94… This isn’t about top four any more. The mission now is a salvage operation. Pick up a player in January and fight to keep away from the relegation zone.


Read yesterday we only twice played with a 433, in the midfield, Xhaka, Matteo, Torreira, ( against spurs 2-2, away at old Trafford 1-1) at old Trafford we played well in midfield. Not caugly out in transition, in regular play their goal coming from our own corner. So that shape and tactic can work and we scored in them,

Why we only played it twice and unbeaten.

Martinelli in for ozil, also


I don’t believe that Sheffield, Brighton, Wolves or even Chelsea have much better players than ours… But they all play as one unit. They all know exactly what to do & how to do their jobs on the pitch. How did we get here? Is it all these months of mismanagement under Unai? Players don’t know how to position themselves? It drives me absolutely insane that one/ two passes through the middle leaves the opposition 1 on 1 with our so called ‘center backs’… On a positive note, Pepe brought some sort of spark to our attack.. I’m out, g’luck… Read more »

Dr. kNOw

The bottom has fallen out of the Wenger era. Time for the real work to begin. The question is, can they get it right? Edu has the biggest amount of work, doing something that no one other than Arsène has done for the last 25 years: a proper technical review that will change all about the players, particularly their recruitment. This used to be Arsène’s forte, and it became his Achilles. Not sure how much StatDNA played in that. I believe Edu can do it. He comes not just as an Invincible, but with pedigree as an administrator. Together with… Read more »


Individual ratings for a collective failure.


Poor substitution from Freddie, drawing 1-1 and he brings off Lacazette? Willock and Ozil were way off the pace again, I think I’d be inclined to go back to basics , 4-4-2, start Pepe and Martinelli as two wingers in the next game, with Aubameyang and Lacazette up front.

SLC Gooner

Unfortunately, that would get us slaughtered even more than we already are in mid-field. I’m not sure what the answer is, but playing 4 forwards from the start isn’t it.

Pepe Le Pew



I just don’t get it and it saddens me to see Arsenal like this. I think Torreira played well but again hes not being played as a CDM and I don’t understand why he’s being played out of position. Xhaka actually showed heart and I’d like to see him play ahead of Torreira so that Xhaka can play those through balls. Pepe came on and added a spark and he really needs to start next game. Maybe try Auba up top and Martinelli and Pepe on the wings with Laca playing the number 10 role. I don’t get the hate… Read more »

Pepe Le Pew

You blew my mind! Exactly the line up I would love to see.


I mean I’m pretty sure we have not had the same lineup start 2 matches in a row so might as well try a different one. I just miss my Arsenal

Woolwich Shepherd

Hell yes. Why not? Love the lineup.


When you are on some arsenal fans’ good books you never do anything wrong. Tierney needs to play far much better than he has been doing over the last couple of weeks to be a starter. Kolasinic currently deserves to start over Tierney on the strength of his performances in the last couple of games. Tierney cannot just start because somebody has a soft spot for him. I am not disputing his quality. He is a good footballer but lately he has not been showing it.


I have been impressed with Kolasinac lately but the games Tierney has played he has demonstrated better crosses in the final third. Kolasinac drives well but the end product isn’t there.

SLC Gooner

I’m roughly in agreement with the ratings, but at a complete loss as to a way forward. Bellerin does look far from being back. But dropping him means Chambers out there, which isn’t ideal either. The midfield is completely broken, Ozil is the best creative option, but is looking like a shadow of his former self. And we need to have Auba in middle, even if that means dropping Laca. Laca wasn’t very good, and the goal today was a fluke more than anything.


Tonight confirmed what a lot of us already know.Bang average team being shown up by Brighton joining the likes of Southampton Watford etc.The club is in a mess.Terrible recruitment in recent years with the only positive being Leno.


I’m sure most of us will disagree on whether player x is good enough or not but one glaring issue from watching the game tonight was the complete lack of on field partnerships. Pepe didn’t know if he’d have an overlap or ignored it if he did etc. In the short term we need to decide on an 11 and a system and let them try and develop some chemistry. We’ve seen that constant tinkering doesn’t work.


To anyone with a stronger constitution and will to live than me, it would be fascinating to do an autopsy of this club and see just what kind of diabolical sequence of events and misguided decisions have brought us to the doorsteps of a relegation battle. I’m afraid the amount of ketamine I’d need to take to look through our recent history without feeling the urge to kill myself, would ironically kill me.


We Fucking love you Blogs and all the other contributors. It would be so much more difficult without you guys and this site.

Medium Mozart

‘ Thanks for being here through thick and thin.’

Blogs, if only our team were half as good at their jobs as some of those of you who write, and blog and cast about them,we’d be Champions fucking League contenders every fucking season.

Unfortunately they are all Peirs Morgans.


Thanks for the bonus rating, Blogs, and the same right back at you.

I was taught that if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all. So I’m going to stop now.


We must have had the same mother! Ha.


The really frightening thing….. Besides Willock, these are all experienced internationals, their stock couldn’t be lower, they’re earning too much money to want to go anywhere, even if we could find anyone crazy enough to make an offer. Leno 27 Bellerin 24 Kolasinac 26 Luiz 32 Sokratis 31 Xhaka 27 Torreira 23 Willock 20 Ozil 31 Lacazette 28 Aubameyang 30 And to top it off…. we have an owner with short arms, and long pockets, who you just know is going to replace Emery on the cheap. We’re in big big trouble, there’s no easy way back from here, and… Read more »


Thought kola sonic played well 7/10 , and tienry 7/10, play both ! , juventus’ fc do it two full back on one side to over load and extra defensive cover. A major change but


Wenger did that on occasion too – would play both Gibbs and Monreal on the left. Might’ve had as much to do with lacking other quality players for the left side, but there you go.

Monreal in his peak was quietly quite good. He would step up late on in matches like this and force the issue.


Okay, so I know Football Manager is silly, but bear with me a minute (I watched the game today with a near-migraine that only started to improve once the final whistle blew). So yes, I got in and started playing FM20 with Arsenal last month, and I’ll say that taking charge of that squad, basically as is (no real transfer budget left to make my own changes), helped reveal just how and why this season has been so challenging–especially since in the game I like to think I actually had a consistent identity, unlike Emery. The simple fact is that… Read more »


Fuck you Stan Kronke this is your mess. Grow a pair and appoint a Fucking permanent manager that is half decent or watch your asset value cut to half after we’re relegated.


TBH Xhaka played well tonight

Petit's Handbag

Can we all agree now that Ozil leaving the club is for the best? The guy doesn’t give one fuck about the badge, the shirt or the club. It shows how bad the leadership is at the club that this guy was given a new contract for £350,000.00 a week. Hes not the only one mind. From back to front I believe these people playing in an Arsenal shirt dont give two fucks about what that means: Kolasinac, Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis, Xhaka, Auba (I’ll take the heat), Ozil and again I hate to say it, Lacazette. That’s well over a… Read more »


Weve been trying to sell him for a year. No one wants him.


Alright, I’ll throw my thoughts at a few of those- and introduce us to the mirror for a bit. I would never say Kolasinac doesn’t care. He was back to his bulldozing in the match when everyone else was flat. He tried his arse off. I would also not say Sokratis doesn’t care. He just may not have the skillset we need, and that defensive organization is fucked right now. They should be trying to emulate Mertescielny. Luiz step up -and actually fucking step up- and Sokratis cover backup and stay at home. I don’t trust Luiz being sweeper. Xhaka… Read more »

Kolo Tourette’s

I am truly worried now. With Emery it wasn’t even worth the worry, but with Freddie we can find the motivation to see the team, having so many games left to turn things around. The 4-3-3 formation requires a lot of work, and it won’t work correctly having a slow a.f. central midfielder like Xakha, and an ageing center attacking midfielder on the wing. Those facts are pretty easy to see and figure out. Freddie seems unprepared. Putting Ozil on the wing, picking Kolasinac, not picking Chambers for CB him being the best option for that position right now ahead… Read more »

Wilshere's Middle Finger

Arsenal is broken, and the only way I can see it being fixed is with a proactive owner who genuinely cares.

Stan and Josh are reactive and full of bluster.

It’s utterly sickening that they have the future of this institution in their hands.


Do you think if we go down, KSE will sell? Cuz im game. Not a bit of a joke.

Yeah, me neither.


I have to admit that I was too depressed after watching that to rate the players. Of all the concerns I had going into this season, the possibility of relegation really didn’t register. Now, I am well and truly frightened that it is where we’re headed. If we can’t beat Brighton at home, who the hell are we beating?


love you mate

Tony Hall

I feel so sorry for Bern’d Leno right now, he feel like telling the defence or lack of to fuck right off


As a fanbase we should be ashamed at the moment. Some of the comments on here, even the snidey remarks within the arsblog ratings…. We think this helps how? Our fanbase wanted Ozil dropped upon Emerys arrival, then later praise Ozil as the solution. They boo our own players, for the 2nd time (eboue before?)! Criticise Mustafi to a personal level where his confidence is shot. We all then sit and wonder why the dressing room is miserable and underperforming???? Seriously? 3 of our first team squad were dropped and treated like offcasts just to satisfy a fickle neuva style… Read more »


Football was much more fun when freddie had red hair.


I did not think kolasinac was that bad, but I do question Ljungberg for staring him and changing him for another left back when we were tied. Seems a sub that could have been put to better use.


A great man once said, ” the biggest tragedy in life is wasted talent.” Believe that is what we are looking at now, so it is up to our pragmatic and reactionary owner to realize the potential disaster that is on their hands. We need some action now, and you better get this one right or your milk cow just might be tits up.


Although we lost, I saw improvement on was can only be 3.5 training sessions. We’re calling for someone to come in and instantly improve us, but whats to say they would. What I did see was passion from the players that I didn’t see before. Laca was obviously gutted to be brought off, but I feel if Freddie gets the keys for a bit then he needs Eddie back, which he seemed to hint at tbh. This season has long been a write off, but I’d give Freddie time as the problems run deeper than the manager at the moment


Phone typos. Still, fuck arsenal right now (type duck it will come up with fuck for us goons rn)


On Monday against West Ham I play Arsenal ladies They show more balls than the guys..


Freddie stop playing the same waste of Space defence.Bring in Stevie Winder he do a better job


No, thank you blogs. You are the only part of Arsenal worth any time at the moment.


The only one who was any good tonight was Leno, everyone else was average at best to awful.

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