Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Norwich 2-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal had Bernd Leno to thank for taking a point from a 2-2 draw with Norwich this afternoon, as well as two goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Freddie Ljungberg’s first game in charge did show some promise in the first half, but as ever defensive frailties cost us. Shkodran Mustafi was recalled to the team and reminded everyone why he hasn’t been in it all season, and but for second half heroics from the German keeper the home side would certainly have taken three points.

Read the Norwich 2-2 Arsenal report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated today.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Emi Martinez.

Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Off topic but talking about players – sad to hear about ex-Arsenal player Benik Afobe’s daughter death – tragic. Thoughts with him.

Le prof esional

Down votes?…..


I wonder. Real cunts here


Let’s hope it was fat fingers.

Post January Blip

Hopefully. I found out that you can actually cancel your vote by simply pressing the opposite option. Mind. Blown.


Hey that works.


Damn. Hadn’t a clue!


2-2 against all the teams in the bottom 3.

At least we’re consistent.


in addition to nigel winterburn, the BFG would have done better than his compatriot today


What a massive disappointment that lineup was. It’s almost as if Ljungberg hasn’t been watching the last year. No pepe again, a woeful back 5. Total anticlimax and a missed opportunity.


Yeah – I had high hopes for this game that at least he gets the personnel right. But FFS – Mustafi, Xhaka, Kolasinac in the starting lineup has disaster written all over on it. These are not players I’d want anywhere close to Arsenal. Let’s make them opponents in the Europa League (if we make it :D). Along with D. Luíz.


Back 5?

Gary Baldy

Including Leno ?


It was a terrible lineup and even worse than Emery would have chosen. I assume so many thumbs down being kind to Freddie who doesn’t deserve any sympathy


Almost as if the experienced managers at the team are watching the same players, imagine that?


It’s clear you didn’t see the game…what back five was there?? You people are comical beyond repair ???


Back 4 back 5 whatever
Truth is it included one centre back out of position and three clumsy, slow, error-prone blokes in the rest. Two of which havent put in a good performance in a year. Yes recruitment is largely to blame but pair that with Xhaka and Guendouzi again and that is 5-6 players with next to no athleticism in the heart of the team. The fact chambers was often the most forward player says it all. Wrong lineup.

Dave cee

I completely agree that the back 4 is horrendous, but perhaps they were the only ones available. Sokratis has also been garbage this season. Our defensive roster is just awful. Any team will struggle to win with these players. Add in a midfield lacking in technical ability and athleticism
Do we have any money or youth players to remedy this mess? It looks like no unfortunately


Tim Krul. What a cunt that bloke is. I hope a dog shits in his mouth.


I only saw highlights, why was he carrying on like a pork chop in goal?


A big dog that’s been eating horseshit all day.


Don’t be Krul.

Kroenke the Klown

To a Hart that’s true

The doors this way then?

Honey Badger

I remember he had previous with Van Persie at the Emirates – time wasting all game long UNTIL we scored – Van Persie did, I think, ACTUALLY shit in his mouth


Who sanctioned the signing of Luiz?

Is there a worse set of defenders than Mustafi, Sokratis, Luiz, Chambers, Kolasinac anywhere in world football?

That’s £76million worth of talent, and a reported £500,000 p/w, that we’re probably stuck with….

Leno saved us a point today, his reflexes and agility are on a different level.

But our problems run deep, if we move Xhaka on in January? We have to get his replacement right, apparently we’re looking at James Rodriguez.

Another flaky player with links to Jorge Mendes…..

Naked Cygan

We are in the same boat as Man Utd. Our keepers will become player of the season with all the pressure and shots they face. We really need a manager who can sort out this defence. We also have to be realistic that no matter who comes in, some of our players are just below average. We need hungry players who fight for everyball with a brain. This BS backing off till the edge of the box and letting them shoot is getting fking annoying. Thank God we don’t play against the big teams in Europe with this defence.




we have an excellent keeper and striker, but the players filling the gap betseen the two are not so excellent


“We really need a manager who can sort out this defence.” I think Klopp i basically clueless about defence too, but after he bought Van Dyke he doesn’t have to worry about it. I think the defensive organisation is unsatisfying, yes. We have never sorted out what to do when the opponents attack in the space our offensive side backs leave behind. The basic division of labour between the central defenders too: Who tackles, who backtracks? Much of this would have been invisible, though, with a Van Dyke/Maguire central defence. Our players might not be individually terrible, but together, they… Read more »

Corona X

Agree with the jist of your post, but MAGUIRE? You do realise that Manure have conceded 17 goals this season – and that Leicester are actually playing better without him?

Honey Badger

Yes – and stat of the SEASON last year – Mustafi had better stats in ALL areas than Maguire. Tackles won, interceptions etc etc


I just want to see some ruthlessness and organisation. And oh for a solid defence and some counterattacking football. It’s going to take time…..


An ever so slightly better performance but one hell of a disappointing result – and make no mistake about it; we would’ve (and arguably should’ve) lost that match if it hadn’t been for Leno. I can’t hide my frustration at Freddie’s lineup & subs either. He probably couldn’t have wished for a better first game than against the team who’s 19th in the table and who’s striker hadn’t scored in 7 matches. We certainly showed more defiance and attacking intent but the players were put in yet another system that suits NONE of them. 7 points from the relegation zone…… Read more »


Why the f*do can’t we just pkay 4-3-3 already!


^Apologies was so fired up i was wasteful with my grammar


Think it will take Freddie time to undo the negative mindset that Emery instilled in the team, we can’t really judge him until the Spring. Even so, there were really encouraging signs with the attacking combinations in the first half, plus we out-shot the opposition for the first time in ages. The only slight issue I have is with Ozil playing out wide. He’s one of the best players in the world, we should give him a free role behind the striker and let him roam freely. Players of his calibre are too good to waste them tracking back –… Read more »


He was* one of the best players in the world. But otherwise I agree. He needs to be in the natural 10 position to perform anywhere close to where he did years back.


There is no way to let Ozil do that other than forcing Auba or Laca to the wing, or both, this is a big selection/formation/favoriting issue that has been going on since Wenger’s last season. Our possession stats were dwindling in Arsene’s final year, then Emery dropped our best way to hold onto anything that resembles decent attack minded possession, and then Xhaka… Now we look like a blank slate, a vague if not completely opposite team to the original Wengerball phase with Graham’s grit. Welcome to a new era people, shit gon’ get choppy


Which top team would ever have Mustafi and Luiz as first team CBs? The reality is that our team is filled with top team rejects.


I thought Kolasinac wasnt bad today honestly. Rating a tad harsh. What does Pepe have to do to play for Godsake??. I think we need a true imposing athletic CDM. We lack athleticism in the middle. Laca has been very subpar this year.


I honestly couldn’t see those two as the first choice centre back pairing in a relegation threatened team, let alone a top team.


Chelsea? Luiz was a first team CB that beat us in the Europa League final.


put Chambers in that equation as well. He’s the definition of average.


Chambers could be very good but is quite slow in his movement. He often makes up for it with his skill, but I don’t think he should be the guy at the opposition’s penalty area trying to cross. He’s much more suited to playing in the middle.


But he seems to be more skillful with the ball at his feet than Bellerin. Not saying he should replace Bell I just believe he has not been used in his best position- defense. He is make-shift right back and his ratings should be viewed as such


Worse than average. Thought Chambers was woeful


This is quibbling, but I thought Kolasinac was a decent option down the left, especially in the first half, and wasn’t to blame for any of the goals or big chances conceded. Not amazing but better than a 4.5.

My Arse-nal

I actually thought he had a fairly good game as well, and for the most part was pretty good on the ball.

Woolwich Shepherd

Agree. A bit harsh on Kolasinac, Blogs. He was pretty lively at times and seemed to defend fairly well (but the bar is low, I guess).

Abdul Moeed

I am a little surprised to see the discontent online about our performance and the lineup. Maybe my bar is too low for Arsenal these days, but I thought this was a markedly improved performance from the team. It has been ages since I saw an urgency in the team to move the ball forward, there were no continuous spells of sideways passing between the center backs or midfielders passing the ball backwards towards the CBs rather then move forward. I saw the players releasing the ball quicker and driving forward . For the first time in a long time… Read more »


I agree that I don’t think we can fit Pepe, Lacazette, Ozil and Aubameyang in a single system that suits all of them. I would prioritise getting Ozil in a central role behind a single striker, as IMO he’s the best player in the squad and we should build around him.

We need to give Freddie time to impose his ideas on the squad, and even then there should be some leeway given the imbalance in the squad – he can only do so much.


Ozil has been given a couple of starts and clearly hasn’t shown that he is “world class” any more/again. There have been flashes, but he also fades out and doesn’t work to get the ball in big stretches. And defense…

That said, if you are playing a single striker and a CAM, then you play two wingers, which is what we bought Pepe for and what Aubameyang has done during some of his most profligate scoring runs.

Paul Roberts

Well said!


Finally some sense!


? Brendan Rodgers pretty much just admitted he has a release clause…


I’m a little surprised Xhaka and Guendouzi were rated so highly while Luiz and Mustafi got a drumming. Our backline didn’t get that much protection, the second goal and the chance that Leno saved being cases in point. We have as big an issue in midfield as we have in defence. And speaking of Leno, is he now one of the top keepers in the premier league? If De Gea made that save we wouldn’t hear the end of it! No keeper has made more saves in the league this season. Yes, that’s partly down to how bad our defence… Read more »


Apart from one terrible error I thought Xhaka had a good game and showed how good his passing range is. I agree however regarding Guendouzi who has been overplayed and clearly needs a rest


Xhaka had a good game for Xhaka but it was still too easy for Norwich to move the ball through our midfield and attack our goal, especially in the second half. The whole point of a DM is to protect the back 4, if they’re not being protected it’s fair to ask questions. Not saying it’s all on him though, Willock and Guendouzi were also culpable.

North Bank

@ Loose Cannon. We’re so quick to cover and defend Chambers in his failings on defensive duties “because he’s not a fullback”…
But when it comes to Xhaka, we don’t care about the fact that he plays (For Switzerland) as either NR10 or free roaming midfield playmaker.
He has been played out of position from the day 1, ever since he arrived at Arsenal because we had Rambo, Ozil and Jack W.
Now that’s hypocrisy and double standards.

SLC Gooner

Seems a bit generous to Guendouzi. He’s a solid young player who mostly works pretty hard. And he did get fouled hard. But too much of the forward play seems to need to go through him, and he’s not up to that level yet.

Olivije Žirod

I don’t want to be arrogant but most of fans apparently don’t understand football. Always blaming the same players based on the name, no matter of the performance. Blaming Mustafi again for the goals even though Luiz was at the fault for the both. Blaming Xhaka again but didn’t see he was integral part in our build up play. Willock role was actually much more defensively today and did a lot of dirty work. He dropped in the 2nd half though. First goal: Luiz should have closed Pukki down. Mustafi was covering him if he would be beaten 1 on… Read more »


Xhaka tried to tackle square on instead of side on where he can turn quickly if beaten. Slow to react,slow to turn, slow to run back speeds up at the end but too late. Agree with Luiz culpability due to not pressing the man once he had cover. Again Ozil was at Hogwarts in the week to pick up the cloak of invisibility. Chambers not a RB and Sead should only be the backup LB. Need investment but can’t see it happening in the next transfer window.

Mesut O’Neill

You can’t say anything bad about Ozil here, despite the fact he was god awful again!!


Or the rest just feel that you are a blind, stubborn numbskull.


Well put, all of it. I thought the lineup was strange at first glance, but once the first half started rolling could see why a couple of the decisions were made.

If you’re going to play out of the back or play a higher line, Luiz and Mustafi are our best available ball-playing and passing CB’s. But yes, of course this ignores their defensive characteristics .

Woolwich Shepherd

Bit harsh on Laca, Blogs. I thought he held the ball up well and made some defensive plays in midfield. Team looked sharp early. The goals were against the run of play (as usual).


You make a lot of good points here, but I do think Mustafi deserves more blame on the goals. Rewatching them, the problem I saw was he was too passive in his defending. On the first goal I thought he could have stepped up on Pukki initially, but instead he stepped back and that gave Pukki the chance to make his move (Mustafi wasn’t alone so it would have been a good time to be more aggressive). And then on the second, it wasn’t the reason for the goal, but Mustafi unnecessarily drifted back too deep into the right side… Read more »


So we have to come to reality. We are not even top 10 now. Struggled with watford, Southampton and now norwich. All relegation teams.
Couldn’t beat manu.
Let’s just target not to get relegated. And relieve auba and laca from us.


I’m under no illusions, winning would have been a false positive, a false positive we all would have loved no doubt. But still, we played better, passed the ball faster, and showed more adventure which were really nice to see. If he can sort our defence, we will win games. This game should have reminded him why we bench Mustafi for example. I can’t wait for Holding to be back. Onwards and upwards.


Very harsh comments about Freddie only 36 hours to prepare, players showed more enthusiasm and commitment,Thursday night will allow for a better assessment . After 60 years a supporter (on The North Bank ,first time at 7 years of age), the club suffer from supporters that think they know better than trainers and managers without seeing them in training and knowing their state of mind . We have lost knowledgeable supporters since Highbury and gained a lot of spineless, negative “know alls”. A bit like society in general. Reduce the price of season tickets and get genuine normal supporters back.


I think the same: The shitstorm.. do these people support Arsenal?


well said..


That’s a bit harsh on Laca, with him beeing the only player in attack playing in his natural position. If Freddy want’s the job he will have to tidy up his belt and pants for some big decisions!! If you want a strong back to goal type of Striker, than commit to it, and leave Auba out or vice versa if you want to go for speed in behind…but don’t force him into the 11 just because!!!


However popular Guenduzy is I think he is one reason the central midfield looks like a chicken coop. Torreira in for him imo.


He needs a rest.

Woolwich Shepherd

He’s a young player who I really enjoy. He plays with a Parlour-esque passion. Lacks some positional awareness and definitely needs a rest.


There are some unreasonable ratings and discussions here. Too generous for Willock and Matteo. First goal was due to willock losing the ball carelessly and he didn’t even make an attempt at tracking back. He offered neither the ball carrying ability nor finding Ramsey-esque combinations/shots in the final third and wasn’t even bothered to stay alert defensively. Kolasinac had a fair game and as much as we all like Tierney, a good performance should get its due recognition. Our central midfield is a disaster.


Mustafi’s gonna Mustafi.


Another Ozil invisibility masterclass. As bad Emery was he was right about him. Only toward the end Emery figured out that he can humiliate Ozil more by playing him than freezing him out.


Invisible? He created 4 chances, had 93% pass accuracy, won 75% of duels and 2 recoveries. It was an excellent display given he was having to do a job on the right.

Let him play in his best position, free him of defensive responsibilities and watch him destroy defences. Plus don’t forget that Emery’s mismanagement of him.has left him lacking match sharpness.

If we give him an extended run as an attacking midfielder we will shoot up the league.

Olivije Žirod

On the other day he would have 1 or 2 assists (Mustafi’s and Chambers’ headers). Him being at his worst is still 10 times better than all of our other midfielders when it comes to playing in the final third. He is doing as much as he can. How can he do something if there is not a single player infront of him who can exchange passes with. The days when we had 3 or 4 players in the final 3rd who had great passing ability and intelligence are over. We miss Iwobi a lot. Mkhitaryan would be valuable at… Read more »


Would’ve lost 2-0 today if he didn’t play.


Ozil was prominent today and worked vet hard with some excellent passes. Did you write those comments before the match as you assumed he would play badly?

Mesut O’Neill

Man, these Ozil fanboys will defend him blindly.

Granted he played better today than he had on his last 32 outings but still waaaaay below what is expected of one of the highest paid players in Europe.

Yankee Gooner

Shifting goalpost fallacy, but whatevs.


Emery is no longer here for you to carry his balls, O’Neill.

Mrs barnes

Shame on u.. Emery kept him off the team cause Ozil complained about his tactics. He is a true midfielder. He should be a bridge between the defense and forward players. Instead, he is trying to get the ball by running back and forth,

Woolwich Shepherd

Disagree. Blogs rating was on the mark. Good cross deliveries. A little bit of creativity and I actually saw him make a few attempts to cover for Kola.


Guendouzi, our headless chicken, overrated every week.


I definitely saw a lot of thing I have not in quite sometime. Did you see all those one touch plays, the ease we kept possession for long spells? I thought that was really nice to see. Maybe a little more decisiveness In the final third and marking a late runners to the box would have been nice.

Paul Roberts

Really harsh ratings Blogs! Work in progress and a better performance on many levels imo.


Arseblog used to be quite a neutral and balanced blog, but it seems we’re getting cranky in our old age


Guendouzi is maybe promising, working hard, trying, blablabla.. but it comes to nothing decisive. Less waving, less running like a headless chicken would do him and the players good. Funny to notice that this guy has been by far the most used player for more than one year… a period that has seen the team become less and less stable…


a haircut would do him a world of good

Corona X

I wish someone could teach him how to make tactical fouls. I remember one moment where he had a golden opportunity to clip their winger, but instead he just let him brush past him. Not the first time I see this from him!


I watched their wingers go up and down the sides, attacking and defending. I think we’re setup up for a league that doesn’t exist anymore.


They’re second bottom. We may be doing poorly, but no way we should benchmark ourselves against that standard.

John C

I said the other day when Emery finally got the sack that i didn’t expect the results to change quickly and i was widely shouted down but today my suspicions were confirmed.

Until people accept that the job Wenger left was huge and will take years to fix the easier it will be for everyone.

Too many players at the club just aren’t of the quality we need and are on too high wages to get rid of


The switch in mentality was obvious enough.

Monkey Knees

I actually thought Kola had a decent game. Strong, got forward, made his presence felt against an “up for it” Norwich attack. Laca is starting to worry me… Should be fully fit by now, so that’s not the excuse!? Doesn’t seem to be trying at the minute…


About time people realize Chambers never has been and never will be good enough for Arsenal.

English players get loads more goodwill than foreign players. Chambers was dreadful and has been dreadful on several occasions. Please stop playing the guy or at least stop defending him. Sure he’s likable, but what is he actually good at? He’s not fast, not strong, not strong in the air, not good at positioning etc… he’s average at best and doesn’t belong in our first team.

Kanu Believe It

Chambers gets goodwill -at least from me- simply for giving a fuck when played so hideously out of position.

Agreed, he shouldnt be a first teamer, but Im happy for him to be a rotating CB for us.


that’s what I mean. It’s not about being played out of position. It really doesn’t matter if he plays CB or RB, he’s no better as a CB even if that’s his favoured position.

His best position is most likely as CM. Apparantly he did well as a CM loanee.

Long story short: Get rid of the guy. He’s had his chance one time too many and there are no signs of improvement.

Woolwich Shepherd

Where did Fulham play him last year? Defensive mid? He was player of the season, so he must have done something right.


Defensive mid yes, but since when did we buy him as a defensive mid? And how come City, Liverpool, Chelsea etc. aren’t all over him, because he’s really that good? Well because he ain’t that good. He might be a tiny Jebkinson upgrade, but that’s all. He’s not a player who’ll lift our standards, and it’s about time people start realizing that.


Let’s bring some facts to the table shall we. Chambers doesn’t have the recovery speed to get back into position after losing the ball, and was caught way upfield when possession was turned over for both of Norwich’s goals.

Patty knight

Quite sickening how these players have the smug to collect millions off the club whilst producing such disgraceful performances and showing such shameless attitudes off the pitch

Paul Roberts


Danger Mouse

And not a very good troll at that.


Thankfully we get your opinions for free. Imagine if we had paid for them!

Petit's Handbag

“You know the way Ozil gets a hard time for not turning up when we play away from home? It’s time to start asking questions of Lacazette in that regard. It’s an issue now.”
I’m sure it wasn’t intended, but this is poor Arseblogger. Let’s stop the negativity surrounding this squad and try get behind them. Even the one usually on his arse at the back. Might enjoy it more if we all become a bit more positive.

North Bank

At last!? Someone with an actual brain!
Someone that understands the definition of the word “supporter” and doesn’t translate it into “let’s goad all our players out of our club”.
I haven’t been on this site for sometime, but now I remember why. Constantly picking on Xhaka (until it boiled over)…. Now Blogs wants to turn on Laca(!)
Very very poor from Arseblog. Targeting who to pick on.
Disappointed Arsenal fan I am


What’s to say. Lousy center backs. Lousy midfield. Maybe Wenger was a good manager after all….

This team needs 2 center backs. Two holding mids and a winger. All need to be world class. So about a 500 million investment. Also need a striker because auba won’t hang around next season.

Sakai and willock are not ready yet.


Of course Wenger is a good manager and I still think it’s a crime against football that we got rid of him. With the resources we used last summer he would’ve made this team challenge for the title. Sure he was often stubborn and he had too much trust in his players, but a certain Mr Gazidis could’ve sorted that out.


I sometimes wondered if Ljunberg was instructed to showcase Mustafi and Xhaka ahead of the coming transfer window to let teams see that they are still alive and breathing.

As much good as we all hope Ljunberg will bring the fact is he is still saddled with a group of players that is way below the level needed to compete for the top four right now. We certainly have some talent, but we also have way too many holes in whatever lineup is put out there especially through the center of midfield and defense.

Patrik Ljungberg

His name is Ljungberg.


If you’re into spelling mistakes, you’re going to be very busy on this site Patrik!

Gerry Ryder


Woolwich Shepherd

That’s pretty cynical. If Freddie’s not playing to win, then he shouldn’t be managing. He put out what he thought was the best team. I disagree with the selections myself, but he makes the calls.

Ballack’s shot accuracy

Let’s be honest, Lampard got a whole pre season to prepare his team and lost 0-4 to the shitty United.. lets give Freddie a little more time than 1 1/2 training session

But i’m a Swede so maybe I want him as a coach therefore

Doug Smith

I have no idea how/why Saka got into the game. He and Willock lost or passed the ball away too easily too many times.

I wouldn’t judge the midfield too harsh until they get a chance to play in front of an EPL back four.


Defending is a real problem because of the players we have. I don’t care who the manager is. Mustafi turns away from the shooter and Luiz never gets close to attackers and gives them too much room to shoot


I’m surprised I keep seeing 2 points lost being branded around. Do people need a reminding of our away record over the last 2 seasons? I have no doubt we would of lost this under Unai. We are not the team that should go to Norwich and win easily anymore and some people need to wake up and realise this, as shite as it is. I have no doubt that if our home record didn’t plummet like it has over the last several weeks, Unai would still be in charge. If Freddie can get us winning at home and not… Read more »


I know Villa, Manure and Watford have all won at Norwich, but Man C were beaten there and they (Norwich) were confident after a win at Everton.

To play 4-3-3 like the Scousers, you need players organised defensively like them – that will take some time. Luiz is lazy and slow at the back, Guen is weak in the tackle and slow to cover his defence. We also need players who can remember defensive positions are as important as forward runs by covering for each other.

More heart was shown today but more coaching required – BFG required.

The Spoon

Some of those ratings seem harsh. I thought first half at least we certainly controlled the game better than we have done in a year or so. They ducker punched us and with the confidence in the side currently probably thought here we go again. Definitely a bit more attacking than we have been. My only complaints are that Martinelli coming on in the 88th minute was too late, and Pepe should have come on over Saka. This is why Emery should have gone in the international break, now Freddie has a day or so to work with the players… Read more »

Corona X

Actually, we go again on Thursday. 3 full days to prepare the team!


Strange decisions for selection until you think maybe he has an eye cast on europa which is in no way secure. 1) Leno – Thought he kept us in it more than several times. distribution to either cback near 6 yard box abandoned thankfully too. 2) Chambers – OK going forward but his weakness/pace meant they targeted behind him and had most joy from that flank. Could have been better covering on second goal. 3) Surprisingly picked for match. I don’t think he was at fault first goal. He could have stepped up one step but with Luiz also slow… Read more »


Saka did absolutely nothing except lose the ball

Pepe Le Pew

Ozil was a 3 at best. Useless, losing possession easily, turning on his head on transition 350k a wee!. Laca was fighting and out best player forward. I love auba but he technically poor. Tough choices would have to be made such as drop auba and Ozil. Bring in Martinelli and Pepe.


We might envy their salaries, but I think it is irrelevant when rating players. He is here. He is a gunner. Now, did he have a good day?


I didn’t mind Mustafi starting the match based on some decent play in cup matches but he still couldn’t justify the decision. When he strays forward, he gets beaten like a rented mule by attackers. When he’s deeper, he backpedals like mad instead of closing down. Doesn’t stop him directing everyone else where to go though or shooting frustrated stares at others who don’t cover adequately for his mistakes.

Mrs barnes

I cannot believe how weak the defense is. They were so bad that they even had the poor goalie forgot which way the ball was coming. Ozil was moving all over to field to pass the ball to other players but when he was in the box he never got one pass back. His corners were amazing. They should have scored on those. David L is useless. He just doesnt care wether they win or loose. Im so sick of watching this defense. Im sorry but the defense of high school girls who won Pa state soccer championship this year… Read more »


On two separate occasions, Willock was caught high up the pitch in possession. Which lead to two goals on the counter-attack. Apart from Martinelli, our young players are not ready yet. This team at the moment need defenders. And if Ljungberg, thinks Chambers and Mustafi should play. What’s sort of manger is he. We just haven’t got good enough footballers.


We need to go back to basics. We are attacking with to many players and this leaves as vulnerable during turnovers. Let the back four stay compact with defensive midfielder to protect them, a line of four infront him and a lone striker upfront. We have enough firepower upfront, overloading the opponents defense is not working


Time for Mavropanos and Holding to be given a run in the side. Mav is doing well for the U23s and Holding has struggled for game time since his injury. They can’t do any worse than Sokaratis & Luiz and while both are young, they need games to build their experience. Van Dyke hasn’t always been a world class CB…..

Fred Kingma

Stan Kroenke is the biggest IDIOT on EARTH, get rid of him and our beloved team will be a team again and not a joke as it is right now.


wow. Torreira with a 6.5 had a standard game, only Auba excelling with a 7.5.

the rest of the squad, with a new manager to impress, had games on various scales of ‘not good enough’, with another shambles of a defensive performance.

very very bad times for arsenal fc.

assuming Arteta didn’t get a look in due to lack of experience, we’re already saying Freddie will get the rest of the season to prove himself?

sorry not good enough either.

North Bank

Blog. You’re off your trolley mate. Mustafi gets a 3 and Chambers and Luiz much higher score??? Gendouzi was same level with Xhaka and better than Willock??? What game were you watching????????? Chambers hasn’t got a clue how to defend, and that’s shocking considering he’s meant to be a CB. He just can’t be arsed to track back when our defense is in trouble. And David Luiz looks extremely indifferent and cannot get to the ball and put a tackle in. At least Mustafi tried. I’m not saying he’s a brilliant CB, but strangely enough, I’m old fashioned and I… Read more »

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