Saturday, November 27, 2021

Report: Fenerbahce chasing January Ozil deal

According to Turkish publication Fotomac, Mesut Ozil is close to agreeing a January move to Fenerbahce.

Before we go any further, we’ll add our usual disclaimer that most reports out of Istanbul turn out to be nonsense.

That said, it’s fair to say the midfielder – Arsenal’s former record signing and current highest earner – hasn’t been flavour of the month at the Emirates for quite some time and it’s not wholly out of the question.

Fuelling the rumour is the fact the 31-year-old aggravated relations with the club’s owners this week when his comments about the alleged persecution of the Uighur Muslim minority in Xinjiang sparked a backlash from China; a lucrative commercial market for the club.

The report, relayed by Sport Witness, claims that Fenerbahce’s sporting director Damien Comolli, once of our parish, was in London last week to nail down the particulars of a deal that would be something of a coup for a side outside Europe’s big five leagues.

Ozil’s agent has said previously that he’d quite like to play for Fenerbahce. In 2015, he remarked: “If he were to leave, Fenerbahce would be an option. After all, they are one of Turkey’s biggest clubs.”

It’s not particularly clear whether Fener are chasing a permanent or loan move for Ozil. At this point, we doubt anyone in the corridors of power at Arsenal will care either way. They’d probably be happy to shuffle him and his wages elsewhere just to focus on other issues.

Anyway, one to watch when the transfer window opens in a couple of weeks. It’ll be curious to see how Prince Arteta treats his former teammate.

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Yes, please, Mesut, leave. You deserve better.


If anyone deserves better it’s Arsenal.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Why not both? Glass both halves full.

Fred Dubznah

Is that one full glass?

Glory Hunter

And who has the other empty glass? The fans as usual ?


I really do like Ozil, I think he has been good for us no matter what peoples opinions of him are now. We weren’t winning stuff before he showed up, so he definitely improved us in his first few seasons. His powers have no doubt weakened over the last two / three seasons. I think the big contract combined with Emery pushing him out the side definitely made him lose interest at Arsenal. I think a move away from us might be what he needs to find that spark again as he just hasn’t been the same player for quite… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

If we want to keep Lacazette and Aubameyang in one team, I don’t know who can use them both other than Ozil.


My biggest fear is that when Ozil’s and Mikhitaryan’s contracts are off the books, KSE will just look at it as a cost saving and wouldn’t look at a chance to reinvest. And that would mean the sale of Auba if the club has set a wage ceiling for the club.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Please, we’ve had Henry, Bergkamp, Fabregas, RVP so how long will it take to see a player who displays his talent week in, week out ?


A while because we signed all of those players with champions league football


Bergkamp was signed in Rioch tenure, pre CL. Fab and RVP both came through youth teams.


Bergkamp struggled because he was a play-maker who didn’t get the sort of protection/support required (Wenger’s first signing was Patrick 04) Problem fixed.

Fabregas had the luxury of playing initially alongside Gilberto and later Flamini (Problem fixed)

Ozil had great partnerships bith Sanchez and Giroud and we sold them both in the same season while loosing the pivot of Coquelin.


You need a good conductor to conduct the orchestra properly otherwise Bergkamp was great player struggling initially at Arsenal. Ozil needs the team to be set up around him. But right now we are like Real Madrid post Claude Makélélé. We don’t have anyone who can protect us without Coquelan-Santi pivot. We had Arteta doing the dirty work before but currently the players at our disposal are not being used with instruction to hold position while others are no good at maintaining position.


He lost interest when AW asked him to work a bit more, I think its called tackling and fighting for the ball


Even at his peak he was never a great tackler. However despite all the comments made about him I have never seen him not fighting for the ball or tracking back.


He retired in his head when he got that contract. Loser with a loser mentality.


You’re the loser mate.

Dave M

Özil did Some amazing things with arsenal and I’ll remember him fondly, He was a favourite of mine when he was in Germany. But he’s cooked as a big time player. He never evolved with modern football. Never wanted a part of the physical stuff and is useless in a press. He’s kinda like a luxury car. Look great, but in reality not that useful in making your life better.


That is a good assessment. He did try to increase his physicality to bring himself somewhat up to league standards, but ultimately he is a finesse player in a power league. More so, after all these years, he was not the dynamic player we thought we might be getting. He really has a “one trick pony” type of style. Can make the killer chance creating pass, but not a guy that can take on someone and beat him off the dribble, nor a very solid shooter/scorer that we really needed him to be. Sadly, it seems he never really thought… Read more »


Finally some (very) objective characterisation of him.


Yes please! Please santa make this happen. This is what I want for xmas.


He deserves better? There’s literally not a single top club in the top European leagues that would take him. He has no ambition whatsoever, that’s why he’s happy to sit out our games and get his wages. Alexis wasn’t working out at united to he went to inter Milan as quick as he could. Mesut ozil is the most talented person I’ve seen with literally 0 work ethic or ambition. His talent should have made him one of the best of all time, since Madrid, he’s been on a steady decline while his work ethic has gotten worse every year.… Read more »


So you ignore the fact that after he joined us he was a World Cup winner and was for the first few years the most creative player in the country and was the fastest ever to 50 assists. He also helped us win 3 FA Cups. Yes he has become inconsistent but his work ethic has never changed and even now still offers skills that no one else in the team possesses. He’s probably the most unfairly maligned player I can remember


I’m not sure you can really say Ozil has been unfairly maligned. He’s a player that plays a position the modern game has completely moved away from – the non scoring number 10 who’s entire job is to create. He was brilliant in moments and for one full season but has struggled for consistency for years now. He in a lot of ways represents unfulfilled promise as his signing was supposed to bring in our second era of competing for major trophies but instead has seen a steady decline. While he has immense talent, if you’re honest he really can’t… Read more »


I don’t think he should be compared to those greats either, but then nobody did. And they had a fairly handy defense and midfield if I recall correctly, and better quality over most of the pitch. That certainly helps a talented offensive player deliver. He’s not responsible for the club never building a defense and midfield that could compete. Was he single-handed supposed to be the one delivering our second era of competing for major trophies? Criticism of his actual performance problems and inconsistency is totally fair. Abusing him partially because the entire team never hit expectations is not. But… Read more »


In a lot of ways he was the ultimate late day Wenger purchase. We dithered around buying a striker – Higuain or Suarez both who went on to be two of the world’s best and instead bought a luxury player.


Haha, and you know Wenger just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring in the ‘artist’ type player – whether we had the ideal construct for him or not.


Can’t argue with that


I’m lucking forward so much to an end of this division too. I just don’t understand this view (not to say you’re dead wrong) but it looks like worship to me. This guy has been coasting for years and taking every penny. We’ve not mistreated him in any way apart from the China comments. It time for him to go and for us to look to the future.


I don’t think any Turkish club would be willing to pay his full wage. A loan transfer might be more logical option for any interested Turkish clubs and this might be good for gunners to save a fraction of 350k per week.


If the man city game showed anything, it’s that our midfield is just as flawed as our defence. Offloading Ozil and his wages could be the first step in a much needed rebuild and will maybe give Arteta more flexibility in how we approach games tactically.


Can’t disagree to be honest. And regarding his recent outburst I personally think that it is politically motivated. It’s no secret that the Chinese are mistreating some community, however Ozils criticism was quite selective just like our politicians’. This man dines & is best mates with a butcher called Erdogan who slaughtered 100s of Kurds recently, but never heard anything from ozil then. Smells like hypocrisy.

Anyway, I am glad that he is leaving not only for footballing reasons.


While I agree that Ozil has been hypocritical, I don’t think he’s wrong to point out what is happening in China. But what is scary is the lengths to which the Chinese seem willing to go to silence people who don’t even live in their country. Hopefully this is some kind of watershed moment in the UK where we wake up to attempts by foreign countries to curb our freedom of speech far beyond their own jurisdiction.


Ozil is useless at the Arsenal and now he has made himself unemployable. £350K per week wages and no shirt sales in China?
Fire him for non performance on the field and commercial damage caused off it.
I agree with his statements but he is a useless player who should play better football, stay off social media and pay a LOT more respect to The Arsenal on the field..

Eric Blair

I would give Özil more support on this if he wasn’t so tight with Erdogan. What is happening in China is an abomination and more people, especially governments, need to stand up and be counted. But I am suspicious of Özil’s motives. Erdogan is himself a serial human rights abuser, some of the things happening in Turkey and Syria under his orders are just as bad as China. Furthermore, Erdogan sees himself, and markets himself, as the new torch-bearer for Islamism and muslims around the world, and celebrities such as Özil are doing his propaganda campaign for him. He is… Read more »


We in the UK are no better than the Turks or the Chinese mate. Have you heard the term “useful idiot” by any chance?

Danger Mouse

The Chinese- a great bunch a lads !
Father Ted not a racist
Father Ted not a racist


Agree here- he knows the person responsible for the killing of the PKK personally… the man was best man at his wedding, and he could actually influence Erdogan through social pressure. Its nice that he’s taken up support for those being put into camps in China, but lets face it, the Uighurs are not the only ones being placed into these sorts of camps throughout the world. Authoritarians everywhere need to be called out for their actions- be this in China, the US, Turkey, Brazil, Kashmir, etc. These horrible people are using economic uncertainty (often created by their own garbage… Read more »


I have a feeling we could see quite a bit of transfer activity in January. Hopefully Ozil gone, Xhaka gone, and maybe one of Aubamayang or Lacazette. I know nobody wants to hear it but Aubamayang is gone by the end of the summer regardless and the money raised by selling him could be put to good use building a proper squad with a functioning midfield and defense. I’m worried that both Lacazette and Aubamayang seem unsettled, but am happy to see if Nketiah and Martinelli can step up.


Whole team needs rebuilding. Hire some hod carriers, butchers and candlestick makers from Uruguay and the Championship.
The lot we have are not capable of dealing with a relegation battle.


Ozil is such an Enigma !! For a guy who looks so stealth he really does over-speak his mind via instagram.


So drawing ones attention to the mass murder of innocent people is over speaking?


He underspeaks on the field and I suggest that while he is employed by the Arsenal he underspeak in public.
When he makes headlines for his outstanding performances then he can be stupid.
Until then he should try to apply himself to improving the standard of his work which has not been acceptable for years now


Yes Mesut, leave, we deserve better


Get out while you can Joel!

Toure Motors

Get out while you can Joezil


Ah this old story


If by some slim chance this turned out to be true, probably best for everyone involved.


I just hope we then make sure we bring in some reliable creativity (on top of all the other needs in CB and deep mid which are still more pressing).


Surely now would be the time for Ziyech, if he’d still come. Or I’d like to see Smith-Rowe tried out there but I worry about relying on these youngsters too much, for their sake as well as results


Same here. Maybe the kids potential talents will peak in a year or maybe two years, but in the meantime, we could use more support and experience there (devoid of Mr. Xhaka however.)


Yeah, if we can’t manage to turn some results soon I don’t know that I’d like to rely on a midfield with an average age of 20.5 years to weather us through a relegation dogfight. They’re all close and have shown good stuff, but I would be more comfortable with an experienced head with some stature mixed in there.


Yes please.. please leave


‘Alleged’ persecution? Holy moly. Google it, shit is real, these guys are stuck in forced labour camps, all the while their homes are forcibly removed for the exploitation of the precious material in the region.
Yes mesut ozil is not the most popular character at the moment, but I think it’s really sad that industries would rather distance themselves from it, especially this supposed ‘family-like” club, just to not miss out on a lucrative market. Where’s the humanity.


I agree that Ozil is right in what he says, and I am not his biggest fan as a player tbh. However, I totally disagree with people having a go at the club in not backing a player in his or her political views.

The club should remain neutral on international political matters. Only if the other clubs and indeed the federation jointly decided to take a position would it make sense in any way.


I don’t want Arsenal, the FA, UEFA, FIFA or anybody giving me political messages. I don’t want “awareness” from unconscious irrelevant people. Sport is irrelevant. Sport should not try to be relevant or “important” by embarking on social justice crusades or pandering to special interest groups. They are frivolous people involved in the entertainment industry. Would you let the TOWIE girls lecture your children on morality or ethics? I don’t want to watch sport and see words like “Racism” or crude violent metaphors like “kick it out”. If I were a hard core racist you can be sure…FIFA won’t change… Read more »

Shire Gooner

Well said, disappointed with the ‘alleged’ in the article Andrew.

A Different George

I am hoping that the “alleged” was more of a journalistic habit than a thought-through reflection of Andrew Allen’s view about the veracity of the claims. I hope that Andrew will confirm that.


I can’t speak for Andrew, but I would say that’s exactly what it was.


Read the New York Times about this issue, or any other really. At least they are still a news organization that fires their reporters when they print false stories.


Not saying it’s not happening, it clearly is, but saying “google it” as if that is some general truth seeker is quite funny 😛
I can google and find results saying it isn’t true.


Hopefully it’s a permanent deal. How many chances does Ozil need? The Ozilites excuses are running thin for their lightweight, inconsistent and by-standing hero….. He’s not looked interested since the ink dried on his new contract, and he’s not produced any consistent form since the first half of the 2015/16 season, which is 4 years ago now….. Getting him off the books permanently in January, would be a good start to clearing out our overpaid, disinterested and overrated deadwood. Apparently plenty are looking to jump ship? I’m not sure what Arteta can do? But I have a feeling things may… Read more »

Dave cee

If plenty are looking to jump ship I’ll be happy to give them a helping shove


If you believe rumors, Auba may be one. I try to avoid rumors but I don’t like the looks of the smoke. That would certainly put a dent in our goals tally. If we can replace him somewhat reasonably and he has that attitude, it might still be the right thing to do. I’m torn but I just can’t see how the club could sensibly keep him and lose his value on yet another free. With all the defensive and midfield fixing we need, losing Auba and possibly Lacazette in addition to Ozil would make for a massive mess of… Read more »


Losing Aubameyang + Ozil + Lacazette + Mkhitaryan, Xhaka would likely bring in £120 mill and get £1,000,000 p/w off the wage bill, and at 27,28,30,30 and 31, wouldn’t necessarily be a bad move. That would give us £390million to invest in wages and transfer fees over 5 years. That’s 5 x £50 million players, earning £100,000 p/w on 5 year contracts I think Pepe has the potential to come good, and Martinelli and Saka look like gems, these 3 look like they all have end product, we might suffer a bit more in the immediate? But I’m not sure… Read more »


Great points mpls I would be tempted to cash in on Auba even in January as he’s still eligible for the CL and given how tight some of the other leagues are there might be some real interest in him. That could go a long way to helping bring in a couple of younger players who fit how Arteta wants to play. That still leaves us with Lacazette & Martinelli who can both play up top. While it’s hard to imagine, if Arteta can come in and get us stabilized a run in the EL is still very possible. We… Read more »


Can really see that happening. Don’t want it, but if Auba doesn’t want to stay for CL reasons, or wants exorbitant money, then the club has to get as much as possible for him. True that the squad is imbalanced. The best assets are on the attacking side, so it seems sensible that any sales would come from up front to pay for better players in the mid and back.


The only reason Aubameyang would want to stay, would be because we offer him money nobody else would, and I’m not convinced that’s the correct way to motivate players, we need to create a new project We’re in a mess, and we have to learn from this Ozil mess we’re in, and also with many other players, our ability to shift players on, is linked to how much other clubs can afford to pay them… And the clubs that would potentially want our cast offs, can’t afford them, and ones than can afford them, wouldn’t go near them Our options… Read more »


Hope so. The saving in wages can be much better spent on players who have a genuine desire to wear the Arsenal shirt & not just pick up the ridiculous wages we pay him for so little work.

dr Strange

No one should leave without a replacement ready. And by that I mean a quality replacement. Not another permacrock loan.


This is the time to play youth. We have esr, ceballos, Torreira, gendouzi, willock who can make up a modern midfield. If we can clear out some of the older players who don’t fit where we’re headed then we should do that


We can replace Ozil with one of those statues at the stadium. Much lower wages, no sick notes (Ozil has been on “illness” leave for about half of the away matches since he’s been here)


Good idea Pearson. We’ll get more press from the statue too.

Waiting for Sebastian Frey being signed imminently story after this one…

Cultured determination

Ozil is the new elneny. Back in the gd ol days it was shabaan and frey and the likes. I must say the only constant link that actually happened was laca.


I must sacrifice a goat to Allah for good luck for Arsenal. So this ultimate waste of money is finally moved on.

Spanish moyes

How the hell that this comment got through? Come on blogs! This is disgusting.


Totally uncalled for. For your own good, I hope you were just clueless about what you just said.

Xhaka Kaka

Wishful thinking…


If true, this would be a great Christmas present for the club. Amazing how certain individual players can systematically destroy a club from within – here’s hoping Arteta won’t indulge this charlatan any longer.

DB10s Air Miles

Please explain exactly how Mesut Ozil has systematically destroyed Arsenal from within?


Do you think he knows what the word “systematically” means? But well done him for spelling it correctly – first step achieved.

DB10s Air Miles

Simply, no. Its a ridiculous comment.


11/10 poos? I mean, Turkish clubs sniffed around guys like Ospina and never pulled the trigger. Now we’re supposed to believe they’d take on 350k/week players?


Maybe they think he is on 350k turkish lira per week. Performance wise it would be a plausible thought.


What everyone failed to notice is that the number of ball playing and third man running players we have lost since Ozil came to Arsenal. We lost Rosicky, Arteta, Cazorla,Wiltshire, Ramsey, even Giroud and ofcourse Sanchez. If you remember how we used to play is by playing quick passes to get beyond the midfield and defence of the opposition. Ozil is lethal when you have people moving around and creating angles so he could play key passes to affect the game. In the last 2 seasons our midfield is becoming too static and you don’t have someone like Giroud upfront… Read more »


Absolute rubbish.

You list:
“We lost Rosicky, Arteta, Cazorla,Wiltshire, Ramsey, even Giroud and ofcourse Sanchez.”
Rosicky retired.
Arteta retired
Cazorla with terrible injury.
Wilshere moved on.
Ramsey wouldn’t sign his new deal of over 200k/week.
Giroud needed playing time before the 2018 WC – and asked AW to let him go.
Sanchez threw a tantrum b/c he wanted to be the first ever Chilean to play at Manyoo (his words).

Your comment seems quite trollish.


I said we lost, meaning they don’t play for us anymore!!! Not how they left or under what circumstances. The intricate play is no longer as they were not replaced like for like. Cazorla, Sanchez and Giroud were special talents also Ramsey and Wilshire on their day, if fully fit. Just look at the contenders for goals of the decade, Wilshire’s and Giroud’ s goals were typical Arsenal goals.


I think this is just a misinterpretation. He said we ‘lost’ them. That can be by whatever means.


This is how some of us pushed Arsene Wenger out. Where are we now?


Gave you a thumbs up.
But make no mistake: neither a bunch of brainless supporters on some blog, nor the angry, babbling @nts over at aftv pushed out AW.

Where people get ideas….


Has anyone noticed how the less educated Arsenal fans tended to push Arsene Wenger out, whilst the Arsenal fans with an education tended to support him? Just look at and listen to the quality of English written and spoken in these comments sections and on phone-in shows, respectively, by the two sides of our fanbase. That just cannot be a coincidence. And now the same brainwashed thickos are trying to push Ozil out, whilst the more knowledgeable gooners are desperate for him to stay.


We probably don’t need more internal divisions.

Crash Fistfight

I’ve noticed how when the more educated commenters say exactly the same thing as the ‘brainwashed thickos’ but in nicer terms, it isn’t considered to be ‘ranting’ or ‘pushing out’ the manager. Not sure I’ve seen what you have.


What does “commenters” mean? Talk about walking straight into it! LOL!


If by “commenTATORs” you mean the likes of Martin Tyler and John Motson, then they certainly haven’t been saying the same thing. If you meant analysts rather than commenTATORs, then Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp, Danny Murphy, and co. cannot under any circumstances be described as “educated”. That would be an insult to every educated person who has ever lived.


I’ll personally fly him there in my private jet. Not cut out for the PL.


Autocorrect seems to have changed the word “documented” to “alleged”, I’m not sure why.


We live in hope


Was excited when he arrived and apart from a few flashes of excellence which feels like eons ago, I’ve never known a player with so much ability, not really give a shit. Would love this to be true. Anything to get him off the wage bill.


Agreed, massive disappointment of a player. Biggest waste of £350k a week ever.


Bloody hell “alleged persecution”????? I was hella proud of Ozil for speaking up (even if his politics are sometimes shit). Leaks from the Chinese government absolutely confirm that mass detentions/work camps/concentration camps for millions of people are occurring.


When has Fenerbahce ever NOT chased Ozil? Just take him and be done with it for fucks sake!

Stoploss city

I suspect he is forcing his move out of the club and at the same time ensuring the club will cover any shortfall in his wages at new club.


Arsenal and ozil are a toxic mix. It’s time they separated and start afresh. No hatred it’s just one of those things were the relationship is over and now we look to new pastures. Both will be better off. in time they can look back and remember what made them happy for a while and feel warm inside.


I totally agree, I only wish the ‘no hatred’ part were true.

Too much hate.

Merlin’s Panini

Whilst he is a very talented player I would be glad to see the back of him because his attitude is just terrible. I’m fed up of the Ozil conversation and would prefer we all just move on as I can’t see him suddenly hitting great form again. Certainly not for us. If we don’t have him we can move on from him.




If he does go to Turkey in January then it won’t be because he’s been shit for years, but because he’s just cost the club considerable money with his political comments.

Don’t you love modern football?


I can’t see how this rumor is true Can they afford his wages? I can see that he would be motivated to move now that the club is absolutely no direction or I guess full on rebuild now with arteta. Rest of this season will be arteta learning how to manage and seeing what works. Big question will be how long it takes him to be a Manager and not someone trying to get experience. If he starts off badly I can see guys like auba and laca wanting to leave in Jan especially to a club that’s in CL… Read more »


Ozil will shine in an environment where football is played at a more leisurely pace.
English football is a little bit too intense for him.
Good riddance, please go right now and good luck with your endorsement income in the future. Not many Chinese citizens are walking around with “Ozil” shirts on and we have less chance of getting rid of him.
If you are a genius player who contributes then you are welcome to be political. If you are not Cantona or Muhammad Ali who had the power to pull such stunts it best to keep quiet


Ozil here’s people from fenerbache are chasing him , hops in his car and asks kolasinic to sort it out again ?


Its rather strange isnt it? We have players not fighting their hearts out for the club while most of us would if we were given the chance. And they get millions for doing it. Players just walking of the field when subbed as we chase a vital goal and so on. Im sorry that its not working out because i really like him. Talking about rebuilding the team. I dont buy that at all. The same thing has happened with the hockey team i support in sweden and now were fighting for relegation every season when we are not relegated.… Read more »


So much hate towards this man. I like to think Arsenal Fans are better then that, but clearly I am living some kind of deluded life.
I think Ozil moving on is probably the best thing for both him and the club at this point. He needs to do something to respark himself and get back to the player we saw the first couple of seasons at Arsenal. That Ozil was brilliant.


Spot on ?


Fenerbahce have dreamed about getting Mesut for ages, maybe they’re hoping that Arsenal will be so keen to get rid of him after the China issue that they’ll be able to get him for a loan or something they can afford. They’re probably the only club that could tempt Mesut to leave London.

girona gunner

where are the poos?


Aloha means goodbye.


Alleged persecution… Very sad and poor choice of words, nothing alleged about it. I’m very disappointed in the writer, and anyone who cares one bit about freedom should be too.


Turkish clubs forever linked but can never afford it. media will stoke the gullible…sadly all too many. Fact is we are more likely to lose Lacazette, Aubameyang than we are Mustafi, Granit Xhaka or Ozil. Too many people operate on an entirely wrong basis believing (out of fantasy) we will cull wholesale a bunch of players they do not desire and then have the money without CL (maybe Europa even) for a third season consecutive and with 20m back loaded on non performing Pepe, existential Saliba, to go out and buy a bunch of players. This when as is, we… Read more »


I would be delighted if Ozil leaves. No hate on identity or his comments on the inhumane cruelty enacted on Uighers and the silence surrounding it. But I think he isn’t doing it and he’s utterly toxic. We need a rebuild as the highest paid player who is underperforming and petulant, it starts with him Get as much of this guy’s contracts off the books as soon as possible and send a message to everyone else: Things are changing.

Yankee Gooner

At this point, the team needs to be stripped down to the studs, so moving Özil and selling Aubameyang would good business in January. Of course, selling Xhaka and any of the Inanimate Carbon Rods at CB would also be welcome.


Cazorla over Ozil every day. And twice on Sunday


Dear Mesut. I hope you leave to somewhere that suits you and your family better. I hope you find somewhere where half the fanbase isn’t constantly chasing scapegoats, berating every single player in turn, no matter how new, young, old or talented they might be. I’m ashamed of the treatment you’ve been given, no matter how you play your football. Your situation reminds me why I left social media behind before most people had ever heard of Facebook. It’s not “just you” or “just our fans” or “just football” – the most horrid people used to be left alone in… Read more »


Perfect start to the transfer Jan. Arteta looses Ozil and saves 350k pw. Perhaps they would like Mustafi also? Sell Auba while he has value. He will want and deserves Europe next year and that’s unlikely for us. Perhaps Zaka too if there’s a buyer. Buy in a solid defender. Since we have needed one for years, hopefully the scouting squad have some options in sight. We have strikers Lacca, Pepe and the young guns. There is the foundation of a defence. Holding Tieny and Belarin should be a start. Spend the rest of the season binding them in to… Read more »


I’m a cynical sort and the comments about China as valid as they were made me think he was trying to close off that avenue of departure.
Frankly he’s not impressed when he has played this year and with our defense we can’t afford a passenger like him.

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