Friday, August 19, 2022

Video: Arsenal 1-2 Brighton ‘On the whistle’

Another disappointing result last night when we lost 2-1 to Brighton. Here are James’ thoughts just after the final whistle.

Read today’s Arseblog: Arsenal 1-2 Brighton: A team in disarray, a club broken from the top down

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This situation’s been almost a decade in the making, the malaise began to set in the summer of 2011, when we sold Cesc and Nasri, then went on a crazy mad trolley dash, from there on, all goodwill eroded, and a toxic atmosphere of distrust and disinterest began to emerge., which has just continued to grow. Our problems are unlikely to be fixed within the next 4-5 years. And things will likely get much worse, before it gets any better. The further we fall behind, the longer the journey back. The Kroenke’s need to invest in the club quickly, and… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

The biggest mistake was just after Wenger left. Most of the fanbase convinced themselves that finishing in the top 4 was just a bonus. Consequently the board, the manager and at last the players were ok with it too because fans didn’t expect better. At that point the path to the midtable started. The fear of not finishing in the top 4 was gone. Just imagine if Wenger stayed.. The objectives in 2018/19 would be to win the league at the start of the season. Not matter how bad it was a season before we would still expect from the… Read more »


I remember Wenger saying finishing in the top 4 every season wasn’t easy, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Wenger + Gazidis are largely to blame though, our scouting, recruitment, wage management, contract renewals, and our timing in knowing when to let players go, was absolutely awful in Arsene’s latter years.

This is a mess that’s been coming down the track for a long time, and it’s going to take exceptional governance over a long time to clean it up.

And I don’t have much faith in the people tasked with cleaning this mess up.


We got unlucky with the timing of paying for Ashburton Grove, and that the market skyrocket just a few years after we sold the likes of Cesc, Cole, Nasri, Adebayor, RVP and some other of our presumably best players if the market had have an normal inflation we would have been good with the period of top 4 and then started to invest to win PL and challenge for CL. At the same time the rest of the PL clubs got massive income which made us far less superior economical which has made it much more difficult to be better… Read more »

Vince O’Carroll

KSA Holdings 1 Brighton 2……We need The Arsenal back….problems are all the way to the owners…Winter is coming…….


We were spoilt over a long period of time (Sp*rs have won one League Cup in 22 years) but this is heading downwards fast. Drawing against the bottom three and losing at home to Brighton just outside the relegation zone is very poor.

We need to get behind the team in order to try avoid the drop (5 points away…) or mid-table mediocrity, though hard to do with these types of performance.

Duakeez Jay

Hello everyone! Pls listen! I want you to know that we the Arsenal sold The Arsenal when we sold fabregas, Rosicky (aged), Carzola, coqueline, Gnabry, giroud n Wilshire and more recently, Ramsey, koscielny, and iwobi and Arsene. Whatever you think about these men in the negative, you need to know they are the last of their kind when it comes to the tiki-taka style of play taught by Wenger. We may not bring back everyone but l would suggest we bring back Carzola n Ramsey if we really wanna start playing like The Arsenal of Wenger days. They are the… Read more »




OMFG. The past is gone. THIS sort of comment is exactly the problem. THIS sort of nonsense is holding people back. UNTIL people wake up and realize its a new year, time moves forward, all that … then its just sh$t. Like Liverpool. All those moaning, annoying twat liverpool fans for sooo long. They had their 70s/80s time of dominance. And they sucked. Forever. Until their new owners took over, stopped the silly nostalgia, and started over. And look at them now. Noone moaning for the old days. They’ve evolved. Changed with the times. THAT is what needs to happen… Read more »



Viva la prof

Gutted, I had the Christmas bender last night, and whilst totally fucked I saw the score as 2-1 Arsenal, lacca and luiz even when I got home I thought we won as I was still seeing a score of 2-1 through my squinted good eye. Fuck we lost again. I’ll try to remain upbeat but that’s a bummer. I was sad to read there was booing. I guess if you buy the ticket you can do as you wish, but can I just say that won’t help anyone ever.

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