Thursday, June 1, 2023

Arteta calls for Arsenal focus as he predicts more Premier League surprises

Mikel Arteta says the struggles of Arsenal’s rivals suggest there will be a few more Premier League twists and turns in the coming months as a raft of clubs battle it out for places in Europe.

Given our awful run of form this season, the Gunners chances of a top-four finish should be dead and buried by now but ridiculously, we’re still just five points off Manchester United who sit in fifth.

While our chances of catching fourth-placed Chelsea are minuscule – the Blues are 10 points ahead of us – it’s surprising that we’re not further adrift of other big-hitters. As things stand, we’re just five points shy of Manchester United, currently in fifth, and just two behind Sp*rs. It’s been a very weird season.

While Arteta might have a target league position in the back of his mind that could well depend on how we fair in the Europa League in the coming months. For the moment, his focus is on building foundations for a successful team in seasons to come.

Reflecting on the table ahead of Tuesday’s trip to Stamford Bridge, the Spaniard noted: “Everyone is having a lot of problems to put together back-to-back wins, he league has been very competitive this season and that is why the gaps aren’t that big.

“There are still four months to play and a lot of things can happen, a lot of games between the top teams as well so I think that will change.”

Asked if Europe might be our best way back to Europe’s top table, he continued: “We don’t know at the moment, for me the only way to do it is to work every single day to improve those players and to make them feel comfortable on the pitch and with the ideas that we are putting together.

“Get every performance as good as we can, and that will take us as closer to every game. To look further than that is difficult and unrealistic.”

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Amazing how one interview can provide five news stories.

Mikel Arteta – Content Provider.

Lord Bendnter

Badge earned: Conversation starter


Achievement unlocked: milking it for ad revenue.

Can we please just get transcripts in future?


I’d agree if they weren’t separate talking points.

But the articulate Arteta covers more in each conversation than Emery did so for us to discuss it properly means we can’t just lump it all together.

There are some proper ‘click-hungry’ sites out there, but this isn’t one…


If you just want a transcrip go on the site.


No disrespect to Unai, but a coach who communicates his ideas and thoughts coherently and openly provides a lot of talking points!


Stan – I’m sick of being criticised for my lack of communication. I don’t want to be the fall guy anymore.
Josh – So… we need someone whose communication skills are worse than not saying anything at all.
Raul – Gentlemen, please welcome Unai Emery.
Emery – Good ebening.
Stan, Josh and Raul in unison – Hired!


When you’ve made improvements played 5 games in and still see mostly draws, can’t get above 10th….

We are in the results business. He as well as anyone but Arsenal fans currently knows we are not getting anywhere at the moment.

tanned arse

How about we lay foundations first in order to put points on the board on a consistent bases and over a longer period of time


Its also a very difficult league. Lets just say Unai Emery wasn’t punching any worse recently with the same squad assets in hand. He was struggling IMO bc he had an issue with goals further forward (and opportunities created) He tinkered in midfield to try and get the right balance. As we’ve seen Torreira and Granit work the best together of current assets but neither is as adventurous as Guendouzi and we have missed Kolasinac plus Bellerin for large stretches of the season (never mind Tierney) We see the same issues at the moment as we try to push forward… Read more »


Clearly Emre can agent goes under the name of Santori.


Tolstoy called. He wants his word count back.


Blogs, what is the record for the most 1-1 draws in a PL season?


Even 5th and 6th spot is slipping away.

We don’t need any excuses. we need to be chalking points now not choking.


These spots slipped away a long time ago! A mid-table finish and preparing a sound foundation for the next five years is the best we can wish for in 2019-20. In Arteta I trust!


Some surprises I’d like to see: -correct usage of the VAR rules outlined by the FA -regular review of officials, particularly those who’s fitness and decision making have been called into question -Financial Fair Play either implemented or removed entirely Some wishful thinking: -Phil Dowd launched into a near-Earth orbit (I’d ask for outer space, but have you seen the size of this man? Impossible to get him too high). -Jose Mourinho deported and placed under house arrest because no one likes his stupid face or his useless voice- this would be a net benefit to all of humankind. -BT… Read more »

Paul Roberts

I think the Premier League has got more even, with a lot of teams within it getting to a higher standard. It’s not an excuse for us not winning all the time but it must be a factor?



Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But they’re not all losing to Liverpool. You can only do that twice in a season. We saw the result of a more even standard in the PL in our last game (and a whole bunch before that). Almost any team can beat almost any team, but the more common result seems to me to be a lot more draws shared around. Every PL team has the funds to buy themselves a decent player or three, and that closes the gap to the Big Six. So much so that over half of the Big Six has spent time slap bang… Read more »


Much of our issues concurrent with United’s…accept of course United are still gunning higher than us.

But its all about the recruitment management issue. Spend more worse off. Capability gaps in many key areas still. Get a good management team not Mslintat and now Sanlehi.

Neither Wenger late on nor emery nor now Arteta well served, all fighting with one arm tied behind the back.

If we had any ambition we would try and get Luis Campos off of LOSC.


An optimist would draw parallels between Arteta’s Arsenal start and Klopp’s. But the big difference is that Liverpool had Micheal Edwards and were happy to back Klopp in the transfer windows as he organised a clear out. And everyone at the club was aware of who wasn’t good enough and who they could build around. I don’t get that sense at Arsenal, through the fans to the boardroom. Serious investment needed but still found wanting. Deadwood we can’t clear. Targeting questionable left backs when we’re crying out for a top centre back. Our most creative player has 0 goals and… Read more »

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