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Arteta: Nelson can be a top player for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta says that Reiss Nelson’s prodigious talent at youth levels contributed a period in his career when he became ‘confused’, but insists the 20 year old has the potential to become a first team regular at Arsenal.

Having spent time with him when he was a youngster at the club, the manager knows what he’s capable of, and believes he’s now ready to kick on and show that he can make the next step.

Nelson spent last season on loan at Hoffenheim, and while he did well in the beginning, there was no question of him being indulged there. However, since Arteta’s arrival he’s played a part in every game, an illustration of how the new boss views him.

“I know Reiss because I coached him when he was 16 and straightaway he caught my eye,” said Arteta.

“He is a boy that is willing to learn and loves the game but I think he has been a little bit confused in the last few years – what direction he had to take, some of the decisions that he made.

“Now I can see he really wants it and I think he has the potential to do whatever he wants.

“He needs guidance, he needs a little bit of a stick and he’s up for it. I put him in to play and I trust him, because he wants it and I think he can deliver.”

At youth levels, Arteta said Nelson was ‘that good when he was young that everything was a bit too easy for him’, but he’s now demanding more from him.

“If he wants to do it, wants to learn and wants to challenge himself he can be a top, top player for this football club,” he said.

“At the moment I think he is on the right path, with the right attitude and then there are a lot of factors, he needs to deal with pressure, deliver every three days, score more goals and make the difference more for the team because he has the quality to do that.”

Tomorrow against Sheffield United would be a good place to start.

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I love that Arteta has come straight in and shown faith in Reiss. To be honest, this season has been extremely disappointing up until now, given how excited we all were about him going into it.

Without Mikel showing faith his career could have begun a downward trajectory. We’ve seen it before. But I get the impression Arteta respects the pecking order. Saka is behind Martinelli who is behind Nelson based on experience and reputation. It can become confusing for the lads if coaches do what Emery did and keep playing around with the hierarchies.


I certainly hope Martinelli is NOT behind Nelson purely because of some pecker order. If he keeps scoring goals he should be ahead of those who don’t.

Right Across Sunderland!

Agreed. I’d put Martinelli ahead of the majority of our squad! I’d probably put him ahead of Lacazette right now. Laca is a top player, but if you were to ask fans whom they’d rather keep (Laca or Martinelli), I’m not sure it would just be a landslide win for Laca.


Martinelli looks wonderful and has all the hallmarks of being a spectacular player. But like all young players his performances will peak and trough and he’s totally inexperienced, relying heavily on his youthful abandon. When it comes to games like today’s and big ones against Chelsea, Arteta will likely pick Nelson because the lad has had that year in Germany and Arteta saw him as a special player back when he was at the club. It doesn’t mean pecking orders can’t be broken but Arteta has seen enough of Nelson to know he’s his first choice if he needs a… Read more »


Just because someone has a bigger pecker it doesn’t mean he should be in the team in front of a better player.


I had no optimism going into this season, I did try warning you…. but you all just said i was negative, I’d just say I’m perceptive….. We let go of a lot of experience, and our only goal threat from midfield. We signed an injury prone left back, off the back of a double hernia operation, who wasn’t going to be available until Nov, and had no Pre-season. Pepe who’d had no pre-season, and was likely to take 6-12 months to adjust. Luiz, who seems like a good egg, but he’s hit and miss Ceballos on loan without an option,… Read more »


Is that Santori using your moniker?

Bastogne DePitbull

I agree with the others who said you were “a bit negative”.


How could anyone suggest you’re focusing on the negative after that?


Try and find me some positives?

And don’t try selling me 1 win in 4, in which we produced small spells of decent pressure, I’m not buying it.


You are welcome to be miserable, and to carry a lingering sense of loss over Emery’s sacking and a cranky dislike for Ozil, and a wholehearted (and not misplaced) distrust for those in charge of running the club (something a lot of fans will share with you), but many of us see the cohesion that Arteta has put back into the side and the principles of his footballing philosophy in fits and starts — and after the last year of dismal football, that’s something positive, and I believe it is the beginning of a firm foundation on which to build… Read more »

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

We all were satisfied with the Kroenke after they spent 72 millions on Pépé.


Speak for yourself….

I predicted like Lacazette, Pepe would need a season to fully adjust, I’ve seen enough to think he has the potential to become a good player

His set pieces are very good, and he can move with the ball, something none of our midfielders can do, but he’s still very raw in a lot of areas.


Ornstein said a while back, that many at Arsenal and England, believe that Nelson has the same level of potential as Sancho.

Hopefully he reaches that potential, he’s been a fairly regular scorer at youth level, and bagged 7 in Germany last season, despite not getting regular minutes.

Will be interesting to see if it’s Nelson or Martinelli tomorrow.


I’m sure I read somewhere that Sancho said Nelson was always better when they used to play together. Nelson probably gonna start today, Martinelli probably gonna play some part though


He has massive potential a bit like Ronaldo maybe but if he doesn’t kick on and trust his ability and his coaching then he could be the next Walcott, hopefully not though. C’mon Reiss!

Ya Gooner

Say what you like about Walcott he still banged in over 100 goals for us.


Hmmm… perhaps this will be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think being the next Walcott would be that bad at all. Over 100 goals from the wing, regular CL football and almost 50 international appearances (plus a handful of medals). 95% of wingers in the league would kill for that career. I feel with Walcott people are so obsessed with what he didn’t achieve that they can’t see what he did. Hopefully Nelson will be even better of course, and the fact that he’s already playing in his preferred position is a good start.


Yes he was a lovely player in his good moments, went to a World Cup at 17, wore Thierry’s legendary 14 shirt and scored 100 goals (no he did not score all of them from the wing) but did he fulfill his massive potential?

No, clearly he did not. Hopefully Reiss will.

Why are people obsessed with fluffing up Theo’s Arsenal career? We all saw him play.


What was his massive potential exactly? Not every fast player is going to go on and be the next Henry. It’s easy to say this in retrospect but people’s expectations, that Walcott would become a once in a generation player apparently, were outrageous and totally out of synch with the youngster we had on our hands. Even then he still had a good career with us, and one which could have been even better if not for persistent injuries (and maybe better coaching/management). I wasn’t fluffing up his Arsenal career either imo, just putting up some facts and figures. Thought… Read more »


I just checked on Transfermarkt, Walcott had a goal/assist every 137 minutes in the PL, for Pires it was 144. And Walcott played in significantly inferior teams.


Watching Pires was worth the entrance fee alone, he was a joy to watch, and before his injury toward the end of 2001/02 season, he was the best player in the world.


Everytime i read something Arteta says about a player or the club I feel like crying, I’m so glad we got him. I was at his last game for Arsenal as a player and tomorrow I get to see him for the first time pace the technical area, i can’t wait. I hope the board back him and give him what he needs to get us back to the top. I sincerely believe he can do it.


I always liked him as a player, but as a manager/coach he just keeps saying all the right things, everything he says is encouraging but it’s also connected to hard work.
He could turn out to be the best signing this club has made since they brought some French guy in from Japan.


From Nagoya Grampus 08, to be precise.

Limpar from the halfway line

Grimandi was signed from Monaco dickhead


Positive! ?


He’s looked good under Arteta (and Freddie). Very good ball control at pace, positive and hard working off the ball. Been impressed with him, if he can work on his final ball (cliche I know) and maybe add some more strength to his game he could do big things here.


Arteta <3
I'm getting a mancrush. No wonder the players and fans have done a 180 under him. He manages to say just the right things. I feel like I've been in an abusive relationship for 18 months and he rode in on a white horse.


Having not been to a game for quite a long time I was there in Sydney for the pre-season tour and saw what I believe was his first ever first-team game. I was so excited by the prospect of seeing him and he really didn’t disappoint, and while yes it was only Sydney FC, he was a 17 year old kid running the right wing and he was the quickest player on the pitch. He looked exciting.. I knew that potential would turn into promise, and I wished it would be with Arsenal. I think his time has come, and… Read more »


Martinelli is unquestionably ahead of him right now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need two major talents in the same team. Nelson has shown more than any other time in his Arsenal career during the last month.


I think Martinelli starts today on the left-wing. Nelson and Pepe both appear more comfortable on the right side so I can’t see them both starting.

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