Sunday, August 14, 2022

Arteta on Dubai trip: I want us to live together

Mikel Arteta has explained why Arsenal have planned a warm-weather training camp in Dubai despite concerns about tensions in the Middle East and the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Gunners will arrive in the Emirate on 7 February for four days of training before they return to London to tackle the final third of the season.

The boss is looking forward to giving his players a breather after a hectic month and also sees the trip as a chance to indulge in a bit of team bonding.

Asked about the reasons for the trip, Arteta explained: “There are two aspects. One is that since November they haven’t had two days off, so they need to relax their minds a little bit.

“I wanted to take them a little bit away from here and I want us to live together a little bit more. In the last few weeks we also haven’t had time to really prepare or train.”

All going well, the inaugural Premier League winter break should give us a chance to embed new boys Cedric Soares and Pablo Mari and for our injured players to work their way back to fitness.

After that we’ve got a season to rescue. On his hopes for the rest of the campaign, Arteta added: “A lot of the things that we’ve been doing in recent weeks, I’m starting to see some signs of it.

“The process and how long it takes for us to get where I want, it will dictate and results will bring more confidence and energy. But we are on the right path.

“The next two weeks after Dubai are going to help us as well to accelerate that process a little bit more.

“Hopefully we don’t lose any more players as well because injury-wise it’s been tricky. I’m happy where I am.”

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Alex Nagy



Explain again how this guy lost a job interview battle with Unai.

Pepe's Right Foot

I guess just like in any other industry, he would have lost out on the role based on a lack of job experience?‍♂️.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Because Unai had real on-the-job experience and achieved a couple of good things in a similar position whereas Arteta had great transferable skills and experience.


It was kinda rhetorical but good answer bruv.


Well Unai knew how say, “good ebening”. That might’ve impressed Gazidis


unai also knows how to say “its the fans fault”
whereas arteta is more “we are responsible for the fans”

Lack of Perspective

Stop being so entitled


Jurgen Klopp came to Liverpool, forged an enviable team spirit, and fostered a deep connection between fans and players. And look at them today.

Every time Arteta talks about his goals and vision, I see so much similarities with Jurgen Klopp (in respect of the aforementioned). I think if it can click for Arteta, then we are going to be having a special few years in the not-so-distant future.


They also bought well over several summers…not least Van Djik.


Klopp’s impact + excellent recruitment has been key. Salah, Mane, Robertson, van Dijk, Alisson etc are all first team regulars. You don’t see much deadwood in their squad


They do have some deadwood but they don’t play like deadwood or they have been upgraded such as Lallana or Origi.
Lets see how our depth strengthens over time.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

How in the world a young and improving player like Origi is a deadwood? Are you one of those who call Nelson deadwood?


Dead wood? Well, Milner’s a plank, does that count?


Agree. Said it before but since Mikel’s first presser everything I feel about this great club I have followed for 30+ years feels right. Maybe not the results at the moment, but I keep saying to my friends that in a year or two we will definately challenge and be top 2/3. I can’t stress how much I feel that Mikel is Pep—ish. When I see what he has done and the transformation in a few weeks…puhh! BUT the first pressconferance is the key. Wow. Go Gunners! ✌

Evang. Simon

God bless you Mr. Arteta


Season to rescue indeed. He knows despite improvements we are still 10th and unable to go past Sheffield or Palace in recent meetings… We need to finish in europa spots at very least. Regardless we will lose some key assets. How we finish may convince one or two to stay on but Auba likely will go and Laca is not a given even to stay. Rebuild thereafter with too many key outgoings will be very difficult and set us back further considering we have to factor in 20m backloaded on Saliba and pepe plus no CL. One plus is we… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Do you not get bored of yourself? Just repeating the same shit over and over again.


Wait for it…he’s gonna mention Emre Can again.



Benjamin Udom

Why are you guys like this?


Your right.New post on Sunday again mentioning Emre Can.???

Teryima Adi

??? That Santori guy is a strange one.


Yes, tough job ahead but putting so much pssimism in ur comment sounds so much like those aftv guys…. Arteta is in charge now, yes, the results have not been really imoressive, but what can we do? change a manager again? or santori be our next manager? Come on man, give the manager some time and we judge from there. As for now, give ur suppprt and stop spreading all these pessimism comment. seriously


I love that Santi posts now come with a “read more” setting – can we a “read less” too?

We were told by the press that PEA was definitely going to Barca, Laca off too, Eddie on loan and other negatives. Nice to have Mikki being positive.

Tasmanian God

Im happy where you are too Mikel!
Have total faith in this guy, and I think the players have too.


Curious to see which front four line-up against Burnley. Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli, Ozil, Pepe, and Willock to choose from but 6 into 4 won’t go.

Mesut O’Neill

Hopefully he brings all the players, even the injured. Would help immensely with team unity.

No Man City style Bunga-Bunga parties though.


If the skipper is happy, I am happy. In Mikel we trust!

Right Across Sunderland!

I’m just trusting MA to do his thing. I can see what he’s trying to do and so can the players. I’ve got a feeling we’ll not only win but that the bin dippers are in for a shock.

They must not surpass the 49 (or even equal it).


I’ve never wanted Citeh to win a game more than their upcoming match against Scousers to stop the 49.


Yeah, boys night. Cards and whiskey.


“ I want us to live together.” The last time I said that she ended up running away the next day.

Artetas Assistant

Was it the first time y’all were meeting ?


I can see him, Mari, Ceballos and Soares sharing their tips for keeping their hair standing up like that.

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