Date confirmed for Bournemouth FA Cup clash


Arsenal’s FA Cup 4th round clash with Bournemouth will be played on Monday 27th January at 8pm.

The game will be broadcast by BT Sport.

Obviously, it’s not ideal having to travel on a Monday night but at least it’s not too far from London.

As it’s the FA Cup, Arsenal will have a larger allocation of tickets than if it was a Premier League clash. The travelling fans are expected to be housed in the Ted MacDougall Stand – capacity 2,150 – at one end of the ground.


Arsenal have confirmed that subsidised travel will be available for supporters who are travelling to this match, due to the limited options of return public transport post-match.

Coach services will be offered at £10 per person, with multiple pick-up options available, including Emirates Stadium.

Full travel information, booking details and pick up point locations can be found here.

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I might be wrong but it looks like the last train to London is 10.15pm on a Monday night, which gets into Waterloo at 1.11am…



David Hillier's luggage

Three hour slow train too. With the half hour walk to the station, you’d have to miss the end to have a chance of making it


A jog through Kings Park to Pokesdown station should take 15 mins tops (if you’ve been eating your greens).


Doesn’t Ted MacDougall write a column on here


He got 9 goals v Margate 1972 FA Cup, I believe.

Abdirahman Abdullahi Salah

This game is 25th January as per Google


Who goes to Google for their footy news?

Petit's Handbag

I don’t like your last name

Jungu Beans

I don’t like YOUR last name. It reminds me of what happens every time we play Chelsea.

(Your first name is good – reminds me of the good old days)

Teryima Adi


Cygans Parting

I thought that the stand was named after the character from Hi de hi until I googled it and found that Paul Shane’s alter ego was Ted Bovis!!!


I thought it was named after that terrible channel 4 sitcom, Father Ted McDougall.

Toure Motors

Ted McDougall stand, with the final of the all priests over 75s five a side competition for half time entertainment


Not far from London? You sure!


I suspect the author of the article was thinking of Brighton instead of Bournemouth.


As the crow flies its about the same distance as Norwich or Leicester. Not local.


Wenger’s achievements 2013 on with 3 FA cups not to be belittled.

His critical error in that period of rebuild was not buying enough during the Cech purchase year when Leicester won it. Thereafter another FA cup but it went pear shape not least exacerbated further by fan discontent.

Arteta should still have sights on the CL spot with half a season to go.

But we are still in Europa and FA cup also remains a prize. One of them would be a positive season for us despite failings first half of season.


Our squad was stacked in that 2015-16 season. We were one player short – the front four at the time was Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, so perhaps if we had Aubameyang in that squad instead of one of the non-Sanchez forwards, we would have won the league.


Monday again… ffs. I think we played on Mondays more than anyone else this season