Hasenhuttl confirms Soares to leave Southampton


Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl has confirmed that Cedric Soares is likely to leave the club before the transfer window, fueling speculation that he’ll join Arsenal before Friday’s 11pm deadline.

The Portuguese right back has been a surprise target over the last couple of days, and having signed Sp*rs defender Kyle-Walker-Peters-Walker-Kyle on loan, the Saints have already filled the gap in their squad.

Speaking today, the German Austrian was asked if he expected Soares to go, and said, “From our side, yes. The fact is that he’s out of contract in the summer.

“Sometimes things change quickly in football. Then for the club and for him, it is the best that we say ‘okay, if you want to leave, you have only two or three more months contract, then it’s better to go’.

“We are now concentrating on developing other players.”

Soares will arrive in North London to help the club push forward in the Premier League, as well as the Europa League and FA Cup.

However, he won’t be available until mid-February having picked up a knee ligament injury during Southampton’s clash with Crystal Palace on January 21st.

The Gunners have also added Spanish central defender Pablo Mari to the squad, paying Flamengo €5m for a loan deal with an option to buy.Hasenhuttl confirms Soares likely to leave Southampton

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Keeping it Monreal

Can anyone name a successful Arsenal load signing in the past 20 years??

Keeping it Monreal

Loan goddammit

Houston Gunner

Thierry Henry


Kim ‘the legend’ Kallstrom


Jokes aside, big clubs don’t loan in players much and the chances of the small sample-size turning into a success story are indeed slim.

Now, this prognosis goes on to confirm that Arsenal are indeed a big side 😉


Yossi Benayoun


Kim Kallstrom. He won the FA Cup after the drought. Scored a penalty vs. Wigan…lol


Julio Baptista did alright, 4 goals in one game


Yossi benayoun!


Alex Dimitri Song Billong


Royal Bank of Scotland ?


Denis “the menace” Suarez


Yossi benauyoun


Junichi Inamoto , purely for the Asian shirt sales.


Haven’t you asked this question before, and also received comments similar to the below. (not a question, actually).

Great avie name, btw!

Keeping it Monreal

Not that I remember but alcohol can do wonderful things to the memory

Johnny big potatoes


Okechukwu Jude

Lasagna Diarra


The beast .. at least for 4 goals at anfield (should have been 5 if not for the penalty)

Yossi too


Well I wouldn’t call this a loan like many others in the past, much like Maria’s loan too, it’s a loan with buy option changes the insentive for the loan player instantly, more like a trial than a loan, which sounds healthy to me.


Mari’s loan*

Venga bus

Ah yes….. buy another injured soul…… I’m kidding
its all positive , AND I’m convinced this move is to facilitate ANN to get back to his midfield position


As much as AMN is convinced that his favorable position is in central midfield, I think his lack of awareness and a casual attitude/general lethargy would make him a liability in the center from what I have noticed.

Full back is not a bad position at all and I think it suits AMN to the tee, albeit a back up to Bellerín at present.

Merlin’s Panini

AMN isn’t convinced he’s a central midfielder. He thinks he’s a winger. Wenger was the one talking him up as a DM.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Or we sell him perhaps. If (or when) we bring in Soares, amn is 3rd-4th choice at fullback, midfield and winger position. Not so sure he wants to stay on if that’s his role in the squad.


The more I look into this signing, the more clearer it actually becomes what we have tried to do – We needed to strengthen central defense due to injuries and we get Mari. We needed cover for Xhaka/Torreira axis and we find no one or get priced out in this window. So instead, we get Soares for initial 6 months meaning we move AMN as cover and see how he fares and learns in central midfield. We also get a chance to see if Soares fits in. At the end of the season, we will have enough clarity to make… Read more »

Venga bus



Makes sense to me. He is a decent player. If he works well we sign him permanently for free. Our defenders keep getting injured. More quality replacements allows rotation to maintain intensity and reduce the wear and tear.

tanned arse

Agreed and I’d actually suggest he’s an upgrade on bellerin


I’d actually argue he is not.

tanned arse

You’re not the only one. We’ll see.


So we desperately need defensive reinforcements and we sign a CB and a FB? Where’s the lightweight pacy winger? Is this still Arsenal? Am I on the right fan site? Dumbfounded.


Yeah, it’s the ArTenal.
We are getting players in positions we need instead of getting players who are available in positions we don’t.

Smells of a strategy that Liverpool seem to have used until they paid over the top to get the final puzzles to their jigsaw such as Allison and VVD.
And I like this approach to be honest, feels more pragmatic and resonates with what the majority believe to be the right path to success.

Ted E.

Well, he is injured, so we haven’t completely lost our touch.


We can add him to our collection of injured full backs

Mesut O’Neill

I don’t get the fee. I have heard that we will pay £5m for his services including wages. Apparently Southampton are receiving £1m. Meaning the player/agent is receiving £4M.

There are 17 weeks until his contract runs out, meaning that he would earning the equivalent of £235,000 p/w.

surely that can’t be right.

Ordnance Dave

Welcome to the world of football agencies.

tanned arse

Depends if it leads us to getting his signniture in the summer as a free agent. We can look at him now then decide later. Of course he can decide to go elsewhere too. Either way we benefit from him now and no one else signs him so he’s no longer a cheap option in the summer. Sounds like an unusual but fairly uncostly gamble


There’s also surely agent fees in there.


I don’t think it’s that simple. lets say 1M for southampton; 1M for the player, then 1M for the agent, the remaining 2M buy us the option to sign him by a certain date for a certain wage for so many years with a range of bonuses and adds-on for player and team if certain conditions are met. If we don’t like it we walk away, then he can market himself on a free


Same for Pablo Mari, but in that case he returns to flamenco as he has time left on his contract

Teryima Adi



Really don’t understand all the negativity. He is such a quality signing. Portugese international. Experienced. PL proven. He will push Hector, maybe even stake his own RB claim. Versataile too. Don’t know about you guys but I have wanted this kind of signing/competition for years. Since Mikel’s first presser I have been impressed with EVERYTHING.


I wondered at first why we were doing this, but the more this rumour persisted the more it began to make sense. It reinforces an important position and puts a little pressure on Hector to return to his absolute best.

I don’t know what this means for AMN, but if he’s given a chance to earn some looks in the midfield or as a winger, I’m sure that will make him happy. I hope it doesn’t spell the end of his time at Arsenal, but we’ll have to see.


Good question and great comment.

But, alas: some Arsenal “supporters” just like to bitch. They think those twats on af-tv are to be emulated and aren’t happy unless they have something to whinge about.

Sad, really.

Public Elneny

Yes Arsenal have given us nothing to complain about recently, and we must always support our club’s decisions 100% to be considered a real fan


Sarcastic whinge, well done.

Public Elneny

People who whinge at people whingeing at people who whinge about people whingeing are even worse…

David Hilliers Arm Cast

When we got Debuchy initially he was exactly what we needed for a competitor at the RB position. Before his injury he was brill, I think this will make Bellerin better as well as having a solid back up.


The way it went with Debuchy was sad. Good solid player who was ruined by that utter cunt Arnautovic. I cheered when Holding broke his collar bone or wherever it was during that game where we spanked Stoke. I hope Debuchy landed well where he went.


Wait. Loan? If he’s out of contract in the Summer, why would they want to send him out on loan and not just cash in on him?


To ‘cash in’ they need a buyer, as we’ve found again and again and again and again. It also means he has to agree to leave permanently, probably turning his back on some lovely Bosman bonus signing cash.


they are doing both.

Kaycee kingsley

I have been thinking about that too


Because in the summer he will leave for nothing…the exact same scenario for Eriksen at Spurs which is why they cashed in.

Toni. O

We’re not really loaning this guy, we’re basically signing him for free or close to nothing before his contract expires. Since hes a premier league player, hes not allowed to negotiate with other premier league clubs forbefore his contract expires in June without a transfer agreement with his current club, only non premier league clubs. This is just a smart way of working around that. I’m not sure why people are being so negative about this. This way, if he’s a player we really wanted to provide competition or backup to hector, we basically secure him before a non premier… Read more »


Yeah but if it is in fact just a loan with no strings attached, then the dude can just hang out until June and move to wherever the biggest salary is.

I’d be more excited if he wasn’t injured for a month and if it was a permanent switch.


Niles has been through a painful adaption, but I really like him, and was happy for him to continue to provide cover for Bellerin.

I don’t know anything about our two signings, but if we’re targeting another right back?

Then I really like the look of Max Aarons at Norwich City.

There’s some really good young British talent around at the moment.

Hopefully some oil rich country will buy us, then go and get us Sancho, Maddison and Aarons this summer, to add to the lads who’ve come out of Hale end.

Man Manny

Some aspects of Arseblog this morning was a little worrisome.
It made me want to question the sincerity of someone like Sanllehi when it comes to transfers.


I don’t feel this is a priority position for us unless Kolasinac’s injury is worse than thought which could be the case. At Rback we have Bellerin back in. AMN has performed admirably in his 3rd season as a fullback. At Lback Saka has filled in. Kolasinac has been very good when fit. The question would be if he is fit. Cedric Soares will come in on loan so no harm since it doesn’t load on a player we may have less need down the road particularly if he doesn’t perform. We don’t want another Debuchy. Where I feel we… Read more »


Liverpool seemed to do pretty well bringing in cheap, no-name (or known as a failure in PL) talent. Of course they got some known quantities at big money too, but every team needs a bit of both and we aren’t in a good position to go for big money right now.


Plus with the injury, it doesn’t quite make any sense.

I suppose one perspective is Arteta wants options on the wing.

If Kolasinac returns and Cedric can back him up, we can push Saka further forward into his “natural position”.

That would potentially give rotation to Aubameyang and allow us to deploy Martinelli right side in lieu of the (thus far) underwhelming Pepe.


Just to reiterate again though, United have signed Bruno Fernandes for 67m Spurs have brought in Bergwyn for 27m (plus likely a striker) They are reinforcing in strength. And these are the teams chasing 5th and 6th (possibly 4th) We are not even talking about Chelsea, City and Liverpool. For Arsenal fans to believe we can punch higher risking cheap solutions at the back (again) and hoping for the best, is a massive ask. Teams like Dortmund can afford to do so in far less competitive leagues. BUT we are in a league that features Klopp, Pep, Mourinho, even Ancelotti… Read more »

Romford Pele

The Arsenal of the past: We need to improve out defence, we can therefore approach this negotiation for a winger from a strong position because the other party can see we don’t actually need another winger, so we should get a good price for this player.
Current arsenal: We need to improve our defence, so let’s get some defenders in.


…again that said, this is a loan as is Mari so potentially less impact should it amount to nought at end of season.


Err injured? Err ligament damage? Hmmm?

Bodie CI5

Shit man,,, it be nice to have one window where we don’t buy an injured player, that’s if we get this Southampton player

Bai Blagoi

Right full-back, just when Bellerin returned? Are we doing a favor to the agent or what?

Right Across Sunderland!

I’m going to trust MA with any signings hemakes as his impact has impressed me somuch. However, I think we should ignore FFP and stop Stan and co using it as an excuse for them not to flash the cash. Look at City. They’ve been flouting the rules for years. What punishment have they faced. Same with Chelsea. Finally, they’ve been ‘done’ by being given a one window transfer ban. Bit in the meantime, look at the squad they bought! Kind of makes the ‘punishment’ worth it, no? Nah, let’s stop this crappy excuse of ‘FFP’ for the owner refusing… Read more »


We needed a cover for LB surely?
1) can Soares also play left back?
2) however, if I remember correctly, AMN’s defensive days started at LB