Martinelli not ruling out nationality switch


Gabriel Martinelli hasn’t ruled out playing for Italy in the future.

The 18-year-old striker counts Brazil as his homeland – he’d lived there all his life until the move to Arsenal – but holds an Italian passport through his father’s side of the family.

FIFA eligibility rules mean a player is only locked in by a country once he’s made a senior appearance. To date, that’s not happened.

Indeed, Martinelli has made just a single appearance at under-23 level in a 1-0 defeat to Argentina in November.

It sounds as though Italy have been sniffing around with national team coach Roberto Mancini namechecking the youngster in October. He didn’t sound overly optimistic.

Speaking about his options in an interview with DAZN Brazil, he said: “I am Brazilian and my dream, of course, is to play for Brazil.

“But I could also play for Italy and nothing has been decided. I haven’t received a call from Brazil yet.”

Martinelli, who has 8 goals in 19 games this season, was called up to play for the under-23s in this month’s pre-Olympic qualification tournament in Colombia but because the fixtures fall outside the usual international windows, Arsenal have been under no obligation to release the attacker.

Mikel Arteta promptly exercised that right, which, given the three-game suspension picked up by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, was a very sensible decision.

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Please apply for an English passport.


Haha. My thoughts too. When I read the headline I thought it was a switch to British nationality!! As if he’d magically already been resident for five years!! *facepalm

Although who wants the B.S. of playing for England and the hype/knocking down/press intrusion that comes along with it??


Exactly my first thought: hell no! As an Arsenal supporter the last thing I want is him getting ruined by that circus!

Only Came To See Eboue

As if it was any different in Brazil

Lack of Perspective

Italian passport > english passport


Arteta got the call from capello way back when!

The Voice of the Noise

As long as that’s the only switch you’re making, I’m fine with it.

Billy Bob

Stick with Brazil

Cliff Bastin

I feel he definitely wants to play for Brazil and is just showing a bit if leg to make it happen sooner.


Stay Brazilian.

Petit's Handbag

Gabriel O’Martin. Hope Mick McCarthy isn’t done for tapping up


There’s a lack of good CF for Brazil currently.

Gabriel Jesus is a potential maybe, possibly Gabriel Babossa.

The likes of Richarlison also potential but thus far better from wide area.

There’s also plenty of wide forwards like Neymar, Everton, Firmino, Vinicious Jr, Neres.

BUT in the CF role, precious few.

Martinelli can prosper in that position.

Teryima Adi



They could field a front 3 of Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Barbosa and Gabriel Martinelli jf they wanted to.


Hi Gabes!


I don’t think I could stomach the stupid ‘3G network’ or whatever other moronic tag got applied to that.


Slooooow ‘3G network’ bit more apropos.


I’m hoping Pepe seriously kicks on bc its been half a season already and he’s had flashes of brilliance but mostly anoymous showings and loses the ball far too easily does not make enough effort to hunt it back down. Contrast Martinelli for less appearances, he’s scored more and been a live wire for us. Not convinced by Edu’s appointment, to me he lacks experience we need to push in market and is there bc he’s easy to keep control under Sanlehi’s thumb, a convenient scape goat for Raul to point to if things go wrong. BUT at very least… Read more »


Man you’re exhausting


I almost complimented you on one of your posts earlier since it was bearable to read. Glad I decided not to after reading this one.

Teryima Adi



Please go away already jezz?

Mohd Hamid Hassan

We at Arsenal are just waiting for another gifted striker in the mould of Bergkamp or Wright to at least substitute or pair up with Aubameyang! He’s in the right direction and hopefully he’ll be the obe we’ve been waiting for!

Right Across Sunderland!

As an Arsenal fan, I hope he declares that international footy is rubbish and that he isn’t interested in it.

I hope he declares that he’s from ‘Arsenalshire’ and that he will only play for his homeland.

Right Across Sunderland!

A teenage player that is: 1. Very quick. 2. Two footed 3. Skillful 4. Able to dribble to a more advanced level than Harry Kane reciting ‘She sells sea shells on the sea shore’. 5. An excellent crosser of a ball 6. Technically sound 7. A good passer 8. Able to tackle and barge experienced defenders off the ball 9. Strong (see 8). 10. Good in the air. 11. Can shoot from outside or inside the box 12. Makes good runs to find space. At 18… My god, we’re going to have a job on our hands to keep him… Read more »